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Welcome to today's video and I'll just Say this straight from the beginning if You want to make money online then this Is the video for you I know this method Works I'm doing this myself Anna people Personally who are making money with This and the idea for today's video came About because I've just finished Recording another one and I thought I Know I'm gonna get people asking me to You know share more in depth with this How to set this up and basically how you Can start earning money with this from Scratch with zero skills zero knowledge Or any money okay so let me show you This really quickly So this over here was an article I read About this lady over here made 184 Grand In one month sounds insane doesn't it Well let's scroll down here so basically This lady was a single mom and she was Looking at making some money and the Short version of that story is she went To a car she paid for a course about Flipping property decided it wasn't for Hair so you can see it on here I knew it wasn't for me but there was a Marketing and PR segment which I found Mind blowing I learned all about the Power of PR and promotional marketing And then this is the important part okay I learned about the different ways small Unknown businesses could raise their Profile and gain clients with these if

They had someone who could help them so You're probably thinking well I need Skills I need knowledge I need Experience get done come down here the Mum of teenager and two young children Had zero no marketing rpr experience When she started out zero scroll down Here fast yes you made 11 Grand fast Forward two today a hundred and eighty Four thousand dollars a hundred sorry 184 000 pounds in sales in one month so I know this method works you know I do This myself this is some this is someone Who's absolutely destroying it online But let's bring it back down to reality Over in the University here I share with Members of the community lots of Different methods for making money Online and from home and you can see Here I have a full section in here for Starting an online agency and I'll share What I do in my own business people who Are inside of the University can go Through this training and when they take Action guess what they see results I'll Share an example of this with you now so If I come over here this was on March The second on the agency front we now Have two contracts ongoing with a total Value of 1 500 per month From scratch That's one example and I've also just Searched for this over in the first in The group this is Lucy okay so she came

Over to the university in September and You can see she started going through The agency section this was in October And then again asking more questions About this and if scroll up here we can See 7th of October started contacting Local companies And then we can see here look I got a Local bistro asking me to make a video For them and then after they finish the Refurb Okay and look look thank you everyone For your tips and advice because people Are in there sharing their advice and Tips that was the 7th of October she got Her first customer scroll further on the Page here this was a month about six Weeks later saying a huge congrats to Lucy look London my second paying Customer then look on here Third Customer a few days ago and today my Fourth customer signed up to a monthly Thing and when you see how simple and Easy this method is I think many of you Will try this okay so what do you need Well We need this sir we need Google Maps now I've just left this on what the screen It was on from the last video whereby I Typed in restaurants in Beverly and I'll Show you this as well So you can see all of the numbers on Here everything I'm sharing with you is A hundred percent true okay so

Restaurants in Beverly let me just hit On enter So I can see 5 400 people a month are Searching for restaurants around here Now you don't just have to focus on Restaurants you can do bars you can do Bistros you can go completely the Opposite way you can do hairdressers Barbers dentists lawyers accountants Anything you want any category owners You can think of think of one in a Certain town or in a certain country you Can even do it in different countries Wherever basically all we're doing is we Come over onto Google and I'll share With you two two different simple Methods okay So on here type in restaurants in Beverly now this here is show me the Restaurants in Beverly and all while We're doing is we're going through these Different profiles to see if we can Offer a service to them now personally I Don't focus on the ones that are up here At the top because you know they're Already doing well we want to focus on The ones that have they have it down to Try and get up on the rankings and also Improve their online presence because Look if 5 400 people a month are Searching for a restaurant do you think People who are further down here near The bottom will want some help Absolutely so let's just go down and

Have a look at some of these now so I'm Going to come down here I'm going to Find a couple live so let's have a look At this one what is this Rodeo Bar and Grill let's click on this One And let's have a look Let's scroll down here I'll do it is I'm Just going to click on here so first of All I'm scrolling down here You know I'm looking at that profile I've got a lot of good stuff going on on Here they're getting reviews so that Looks okay let's scroll back up they've Got a website they've got a menu Okay I'm gonna very quickly look at the Website Go over here And we'll see if there's anything on There whereby we could offer something To them So they've got links over to Facebook Instagram And what uh TripAdvisor okay so at this Point in time because I'm trying to do This quickly for the sake of the video I'm just going to skip over that one Let's come down here what is this one Here L Wells Restaurant So this is the restaurant let's scroll Down here dining Athens And okay so this is a perfect example

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There are Down here in position number Well they one two three four five six Seven they're currently in position Number eight first of all we could offer To say to them look we know you're in Position eight over on Google Maps do You know there are 5 400 people a month Searching for a restaurant in Beverly But this morning in time you're in Position hey we can help you go up the Rankers there's a few things you can do And I mean literally these are really Basics number one is we noticed you Haven't claimed your business on Google Would you like us to claim the business It's a very straightforward process you Click on claim the business and then You've got to fill in some information About you know about the company here Adding a phone number adding a website And some things like I mean that is Ridiculous but let's look at something Whereby we can make some money right off The bat so they don't have a website Why they don't have a website I don't Know okay well you could say to them Look we will create a website for you And you're probably thinking well I Don't know how to create a website I Don't have any skills or experience you Don't need experience or skills you can Use free websites one being Let's think of one a really simple one

Will go with a drag and drop one it's Called Duda Websites okay This isn't anyone can do this look the Professional website builder click on Here You can call your now on here there were Three a free trial so you can go ahead And play around with this but Essentially this is like a plug and play And they have these up here which in Known as templates okay so look choose From our Rich selection customize easily And build the beautiful websites for Your customers and believe me people are Doing this doing this method So if I scroll down here you can have a Look at all these different you know Yoga teachers insurance company Etc but basically obviously we want to Be looking for let me click on there we Want to be looking for a restaurant sir Restaurant There we go simple Let's come down here now look at all These beautiful looking websites you can See how it looks on a laptop on a tablet And also on a phone and all you do on Here it's like this one here you can Click on preview you can have a look at This and see how it looks now you can Click on start building and it's Literally just drag and drop you can Just change any elements that you like

Of this but you can go through and have A look at these look this is how it Looks Looks awesome doesn't it and they're They're gonna think it's taking you ages To go ahead and create this website done We just use the template so I've gone Click on the back button you come Through pick a template and then all you Do is once you go into this once you Click on start building on any one of These so if I click on start building It takes here look try and do the free For 14 days and then there are different Prices for this but it genuinely is drag And drop simple you can upload photos And lots more but let me click on the Back button so I'll show you the prices For this so if I come up here to plunge You can see like scroll further down the Page here this is build pair Monfort Castle basic by parasite one site with Hurston and email support this will cost You 14 a month and it's billed annually sir If it's going to cost you 14 a month you Want to obviously make profit on this so You could say to them for 25 a month I Will build this website for you I will Host it and I will make any amnes that You want Don't get simpler than that does it it Really doesn't how long will it take you To set up the website

Realistically with no skills no Experience I'd say about 30 minutes from Start to finish literally 30 minutes and You can even Take screenshots on here so if I go back You can take some different screenshots On on here and you can see it to them Look I could create something like this For you or like this and literally you Know what it says preview you can click On the preview and guess what you can go In here and take screenshots as well and Say I could create something like this For you I could scroll down you could Screenshot this or screenshot Etc but as You've seen on here this will not take You a lot of time or effort and it's Relatively easy money because obviously You're getting paid up front you then Pay a Duda and then literally any edits Guess what any edits you could charge a Fee for making edit but the other thing What you could do is so you create the Website for them that's all great come Back over here Obviously this example here they've got No social media so then you can create a Different package for them where you can Say look you are you haven't got any Socials you need to be on social media Nowadays I could create a Facebook Business page for you I could create an Instagram page for you a tick tock a Pinterest Etc and you can do it as a

One-off fee whereby you charge them to Set it all up or what you could do and What I recommend you do is you can say I'll set it all up for you for free and Then moving forward I will charge you 25 Pounds a month to do you know a couple Of posts a week or whatever that there Is another option for you is to create Social media you know so manage people's Social medias but it's not difficult as You've seen here in this example I mean That's just unreal let's scroll a bit Further now we've got some other ones on Here yeah let's have a look at this one Really quickly down in the delivery Let's just click on here Let's go ahead and have a look at this Uh scroll down here Suggest that it's Actually I'm just looking on here okay So let me go over two let's go over to The website And all I'm doing is I'm just having a Look at this so award-winning Italian Restaurant in Beverly sounds great no Links are theater social Scroll further down look at the bottom No no links to social media so this Company over here again you could go Down the process I will create a Facebook profile Facebook business page For you then you could also offer things Like video creation for them so create Videos that they put on their website

And also on their Facebook page and Again you don't need skills you don't Need experience you can use free Software you can use canva you can use Nvidia there are lots and lots of ways You can do this it's just the case of Going out your comfort zone and Contacting these different companies and As you've seen in this live example here 5 400 people a month are looking for Restaurants in Beverly a lot of the Restaurants in Beverly on here they Don't have social media they're not Using videos within their social media This example here they don't even have a Website so you can see and this is a Beverly by the way it's a very small Village very small I could then move Over to the next Village and the next Village and the next Etc it literally Isn't hard to get this method of and run It and if you want you know if you want To look at this go read this article Over here 184 000 pounds of sales in a Month this one over here literally up to Two and a half Grand a month starting From scratch for that over here fifteen Hundred dollars a month and all it takes Is some time effort and consistency so Look if you have any of uh by that if You are in the if you are in the University just go over to the online Agency and go through here lots of stuff In here for you getting started how we

Do with this deciding who to work with I Share with you everything inside of here There's lots of content in here I'll Share with you more live examples how to Contact with businesses But ultimately It's down to you it doesn't take a lot Of work to get you know get this up and Running and you can use free tools and Free resources so what do you think you Like it are you gonna give it a go let Me know in the comments down below so That is today's video thanks for Watching have a great day and I'll see You soon Thank you [Music]

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