Make $1,000 Per Day With YouTube Shorts (STARTING FROM NOTHING)

Hey what's going on guys Chase friender Here and today we're going to be talking About making a thousand dollars per day Starting from nothing and if you have no Experience and you have no idea how to Make money online don't worry you're in The right place I'm going to show you Everything you need to do to get started For free and then I'm going to show you How to invest some money if you have a Few bucks to put into the system ideally You want to take the money that you Generate from this process and put it Back into growing the technique that I'm Going to share with you today so let's Talk about the first thing you want to Do we're going to go over to our free Checklist at I will Leave a link to this in the description Of this video as well but this is a Checklist of tools that you can use to Make money with promoting the tools so All these different tools have something Called a partner or affiliate program Meaning that you can promote the tools And you can get paid to do it okay so Choose any one of these tools we're just Going to start out by maybe using Jasper This is a great tool to promote I'm Going to use this tool instead of my own Tool for an example so I can actually Show you how much money I've made Promoting this tool We're going to scroll down at the bottom

Of the website click on affiliate Partners Login and obviously if you're not a Partner yet you would apply right there But here you can see I have 4 388 Dollars in unpaid earnings and if you Look at my payouts here month over month You can see I make about 2 800 to around Three thousand dollars okay Now again the coolest part about this is It's completely automated so all the Money I'm making over here let's say It's around I don't know three thousand Dollars a month I can put back into growing what is Making this system work in the first Place which is Emails okay and so ideally the way this Process works is you're going to be Promoting a tool like this one you're Going to be taking the emails you get Putting them into some sort of CRM And then you're going to promote other Tools that you can make money off of as Well and so what's really cool about This is that you're not just making Money promoting this tool or let's say This tool you can promote all of these Tools and you can make money off of Multiple tools or services at a time so I make about three thousand dollars a Month off of this tool I make a couple Hundred bucks off of these tools and a Lot of the other things that I promote I

Make money off of passively And I don't really have to do anything Besides the initial first push okay So let me show you how this works so What we're going to do is we're going to Take a couple of these tools let's take Let's say Jasper for example which we Know is an AI content robot we're going To head over to YouTube And we're going to enter in this as the Search term that we're going to be Looking up on YouTube now what I Recommend is you want to start with Something like short form content and The reason why is short form content is Extremely easy to get views with right Now if I go to filters up here and click On under four minutes I'm going to see All these different videos popping up For YouTube shorts meaning that they're Under one minute videos right So we got this one 439 000 views this One has 738 this one has 1.1 000 you can See a lot of these are actually from me Showing up but what you can do is you Can just copy these videos and if you Don't know how to make the video Yourself you can always hire people as Well obviously on somewhere like Fiverr And just have them go replicate the Video if I go over to Fiverr and type in Like Tick Tock video I can hand them the URL and I can have them make it now the Point here though is

You can automate anything you want right And that's why I was saying earlier if You want to do this for free you got to Do it yourself right you have to Replicate the video yourself you gotta Promote it with the link that I was Telling you about I'll show you how to Do that in a second you have to you have To do everything manually however if you Have some money to invest you can Outsource pretty much anything in this Process and that's what's really cool is Like I personally would rather put a few Bucks into a system and watch it grow And not have and not have to do It myself then have to spend a bunch of Manual time doing it but if you don't Have money coming in yet then obviously You would do it manually okay So one of the things you can do as well Is if you start getting these videos Published right you're basically Publishing a video that looks like this You're telling people about the tool and Then you're giving them your link right So they they give you a link that looks Like this and you can see this is your Affiliate code at the end right so when Somebody hits this link it will track a Click on that link and if somebody buys It'll track the sale right so that's how Many customers I got with 25 000 clicks Okay now how you use this link is pretty Simple you can either put it in the

Comments like right up here or you can Uh put a you can make something called a Redirect link I'm not going to go into Detail on how to do that because I have It in my course which I'll tell you About in a second but Ideally you can just promote these tools With the link okay Now What's going to happen though is you're Going to get to the point where you're Going to say okay I'm making some money You know I have a few bucks coming in I Want to reinvest this and so what I Would recommend is use something like YouTube ads so YouTube ads are really Cool because you can boost basically These posts let me show you what I've Been doing over here Go to my campaigns look at this I'm Spending two thousand dollars a day Right now I spent 800 already today but I'm getting tons of emails because The cost per click is so low with these Short form videos and the reason why is Because YouTube doesn't count the Play it doesn't count the video Until Somebody watches 30 seconds it's because These videos are so fast most the time People will either just leave or they'll Click on it and so the cost per click Look I'm paying 24 cents a click and I'm Paying around I don't have the Conversion rate set up correctly here

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But I can track it on the back end I'm Paying around 80 cents an email And if you're not familiar with how Email marketing works every email you Get is worth around a dollar per month Okay so if I get a hundred emails on my Email list I can usually make around a Hundred dollars per month on average I'm not going to break down the full Formula for that because I did that in Yesterday's video on my live stream and It took me like an hour to do because it Takes a while to break it down but Again it's around a dollar per email Okay and and sometimes it's even more if You're in a really good Niche like the AI Niche you know automation software All that stuff okay So Alex Accelerating this with ads is up to you But it does work extremely well but at The end of the day all you're really Looking for is emails okay and so a lot Of these partner programs will Um give you the ability I'm not going to Click on it but if you go to referrals It'll give you the ability to download The list of people who have signed up so Right now I got 5862 referrals those are all emails that I can upload to an email list and if you Go into the spreadsheet here the one That I gave you for free at you can click on one

Of these I think it's convertkit let's See if I can find it There we go convertkit and you can get a Free account by clicking on this And you can get up to 500 emails for Free that you can start sending off Without spending any money okay so you Can see 14 day free trial no credit card Required this is one of the email crms It doesn't really matter what you use You can use MailChimp you can use there's all kinds of different Things you can use But again the point here is your Siphoning the referrals that you get Into your own email CRM and every week Or every day depending on how often you Want to do this you can start promoting Other tools and so you can start Building up your list of of websites and Tools that are paying you right if let's Say you get 100 a month from this tool You know 100 a month from another tool Eventually it's gonna start adding up And you're gonna start making way over a Thousand dollars per day if you really Start to charge this now that's up to You whether or not you want to scale Your affiliate system all the way I Chose to stop scaling affiliate and Start building my own products So within Shine ranker I actually sell My own software uh you know I make Around five hundred thousand dollars a

Year with this tool and you can see I Have 1247 people actually paying for the Tool right now But that's more of a personal preference Um When you start out you probably want to Promote other people's products just Because you can take a cut like Jasper Gives you a 30 cut and you don't have to Do any of the Fulfillment you don't have To do the support for the tool you don't Have to talk to any of the customers Right all you have to do is just promote The link and you get paid 30 however if You want a hundred percent then Obviously you would build your own Products which I'm not going to talk About that today because again this is a Whole other discussion and you can Really go deep into this stuff I just Wanted to show you what's possible and I Actually forgot to show you this at the Beginning because Um I do like to show anytime I claim Something I like to show proof there's a Lot of people who are new in these Videos they've never seen me before and Again I think it really is important to Show what's possible so look at this in The last 12 months I made 900 000 on Stripe I'm ate around 600 000 on PayPal as well Um I think I'm close to like 1.6 million This year and this wasn't always the

Case you can see back here I wasn't Really making that much money at all Back in 2017. I mean I was making a Little bit but I didn't really have Anybody help me I didn't have a bunch of Um opportunity you know I I dropped out Of high school I dropped out of college And I had to figure all all this stuff Out on my own and so what I'd recommend Is if you're starting out and you have No idea what you're doing jump into our Live classes we have a full step-by-step System that shows you how to automate Your income with Bots at I'll leave that in the link in the Description as well but this is real Time classes where you can join me and My partner Ryan and ask questions you Can see we actually have a video here if You click on it it'll tell you how this Works you know you get into the classes You can see people are getting leads They're selling services they're doing Affiliate there's all kinds of different Ways you can monetize but the biggest Goal that I have for you is to help you Make your first dollar and eventually if You're working like a nine to five job Or you're looking to do this stuff full Time I want to help you do that and so the Best thing that you can do is get Started you know if you if you want to Make a dollar and you've never done it

Before you have to get started if you Want to make two dollars and you already Made a dollar and you don't know how to Get to the next level You have to get started no matter where You're at you're going to have to get to The next level if you want your life to Become easier and so again I found a way To make money very easily but it took a Lot of work and I want to show you what I've done to do that okay so in the Classes again they're live classes we're Meeting actually on Tuesday the price is Going to go up soon so I wouldn't wait On this if you're waiting the price has Already gone up once and it's going to Skyrocket in the next day or so so I hope to see in the live classes we Have homework assignments we have it Done for you service that we're setting Up so we'll do a lot of this stuff for You if you want to uh get something like That done you know we're trying to give You as many options as possible so when You get into these classes you're really Set up to win okay and you're going to Be in an environment where again you can Ask questions you can participate with Other students we have a group that you Can join we have so much available to You but you have to be willing to put in The work and get started so I hope this Video was helpful for you if it was

Please let me know in the comments if You have any questions uh yeah let us Know in the comments as well I have a Full-time support team anything you need A day or night just email us support but that's it for today We'll see in the next one till we do Happy money making see you guys bye

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