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Where Is the “Why” of Well-Being?

The other day one of my customers sent me a newsletter with an article on strategy that featured the following section: “Businesses are realizing the importance of developing a compelling Purpose that resonates to its consumers – indeed, not just being about the “What You Sell” or the “How You Do It” but the “Why.” Sounds smart, right? Well, Simon’s TED Talk is worth viewing.

Tips for Running an Association on a Small Budget

Board members of small associations become leaders due to a deep knowledge of their industry, and unless that industry is finance, budget time may be a sore subject. Here are six tips for association presidents struggling with a small budget.

Freight Audit Reduces Extra Costs for Companies

Freight audit is the new way of analyzing the bills of the goods sent through transport. Mostly it is the ocean freight which requires the freight bill auditing. The calculations are done through three ways of which outsourcing is the best one. Ocean freight rates vary from customer to customer which makes manual calculation almost impossible for the employees.

6 Reasons To Employ A Content ">Marketing Adviser

Content (or pull) ">marketing is now employed by more and more businesses in B2B markets. This article examines if there is any value in employing a B2B content ">marketing adviser to help with specific parts of the process.

Chris Farrell Explained Me 3 Steps To Earn Money On The Internet

I have applied these steps to all my online businesses once I understood them completely at Chris Farrell Membership Site. On this site Chris Farrell Explains the three steps to earn money on the internet.

The B2B Story – Stages That Take You From B2B Novice to Expert

Traditionally, the primary spot of inspiration, the little nudge that gets the mental cogs moving, is to hear a good review from your peer group. Business to Business (B2B) trading is one such concept that has caught on in India thanks to the good chatter it has received. The average business directory is a straight forward, trader centric platform that helps you take your business to the world, explore new markets and enlist reliable trade partners.

Beyond Online Survey, How Qualitative Research Gives You More Insights

With qualitative research, it doesn’t focus on the numbers or percentages. It digs deeper in to what creates those numbers or percentages.

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