Make $400 a Day With Rumble & Affiliate Marketing Copying & Pasting Videos! (TAKES 2 MINUTES)

On this video today guys I want to show You how you can download and copy any Video from any sales page and paste it Onto websites like this websites like This and another website like this that Majority of their traffic comes from T1 Countries by doing this let me show you Some of my results today I have made a Hundred and forty one dollars and I'm Just going to reload this page to show You that this is 100 legit and if I come Over here to my payoneer account you can See that there is 403 dollars that I Just transferred over from jvzoo if I Click onto this you can see here 403 Dollars there's a few dollars in fees And what I'm going to do is I'm going to Withdraw this in front of you to show You that this is 100 legit I always get Told by people that I need to show that A lot of this stuff is legit as you can See I'm gonna get 577 Australian I'm Just gonna put a description in here I'm Going to hit review and I'm going to Withdraw this in to my bank account I'm Going to hit withdraw and as you can see This money is going straight into my Account if you want to also make money With affiliate marketing copying and Pasting these videos it's one of the Easiest ways that you can get started With affiliate marketing make sure you Watch this entire tutorial because I'm Going to walk you through everything

Step by step let's get into it now one Of the best things about this affiliate Marketing strategy isn't that you just Copy and paste this video but you can Also do this on Warrior plus digistore24 and even jvzoo Which I have done many times now before I get into this and show you how you're Going to get this video along with the Product what I want you to do is just Smash that like button in appreciation I've got something for you go down the Bottom click onto that first link in my Description and get my free ultimate Affiliate marketing guide which is going To show you many different ways that I Make money with affiliate marketing it's A little handbook that you can have for Yourself it's absolutely free it's got Different ways that I make money with Affiliate marketing highly recommend That you get that click on the link in My description so for the purpose of This video guys I'm going to show you How to do this with Warrior plus but Like I said you can do this with many Different affiliate networks now once You're on Warrior plus what you need to Do is you need to come up to the top go To Affiliates and click onto offers once You do that it's going to bring you over To a page that looks like this now this Is where you can find a range of Different products that you can promote

On Warrior plus again when you scroll Down you're going to be able to find all These are different products now with Warrior plus you need to request to get The link you can see that with this Particular product over here that I have The link for which I've done this with I'm going to show you exactly how you Can do the same now let's just say you Wanted to promote this product over here Called partner and profit what you will Do is you would click onto product the First thing that you want to do is come Over here and click onto the view sales Page once you click onto the view sales Page what we're looking to do is to make Sure that this sales page has a video Over here let me just pause this so this Is the video and this is the video that We can potentially take to promote but The other thing that you want to do is You want to scroll down to make sure That this is a product that you're happy To promote a lot of the time you're Going to find multiple videos that you Can potentially use with this product so Once you find a product that you're Happy to promote what you then need to Do is you need to come over to this Product now as you can see it says You Must be approved by the vendor of this Product in order to be able to promote This product so you can get that link The other thing that you can do guys is

Take a look at their funnel map and also The product so you can see how much Money you can potentially be making by Promoting this product so once you find A product that you're happy with what You can do from there is come over here Guys and click on to request approval And what you want to do type in Something like this let them know what Your name is and that you want to Promote their product via your email List and Via social media let them know That you are a new affiliate to Warrior Plus and that you're slowly building Your list now at the end of this video I'm going to show you a bonus strategy Of how you can build your list and Promote even more products more Affiliate marketing products to your List this is a super powerful strategy So make sure you stay to the end of this Video I'm going to show you exactly how You can do that absolutely for free from There you want to let them know that Most of your traffic comes from T1 Countries like I showed you at the start Of the video the traffic source that I'm Going to show you majority of it is all T1 traffic so you're not going to be Sending them rubbish traffic then just Write that you're looking forward to Working with them long term and say Thank you then click on to request that Offer once you send that off and you get

Approved what's going to happen is You're going to be able to get this Affiliate link as you can see your Affiliate link is this this is the link That I got once I requested to promote This product over here called Webelo so What happens from here when you have This link before you before you get any Videos or anything like that what I want To show you is you need to come over Here you want to highlight this link so You just want to copy this link and then What you want to do is you want to come Over to bitly bitly is a shortening Service it's a site where you can Shorten that link say it doesn't look Long you want it to be obviously a lot Shorter you want to paste that in there Guys and you want to hit shorten okay Once you shorten this link you can copy That this is the link that we're going To be using to promote this product Really important the other thing that I Wanted to add guys when you're on this Page and you're looking to request for This link you can obviously do it by Requesting the link like we did over Here the other thing that you can do is You can search for these people as you Can see here affiliate information you Can click onto contact vendor via Amar You can also send them an email you can Also look for their name on Facebook and Request to get that link as well so the

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More times you contact these people the More chance you have of getting approved For that offer now what we want to do is We want to take a look at this sales Page so you come over here you click Onto view sales page once you do that It's going to bring you over to a page That looks like this and this is the Sales page for that offer that I'm Looking to promote now what we're going To be doing is we're going to be using This video over here to promote this Product on three different free traffic Sources and I'm going to show you Exactly how you can do that there's a Few tricks to this one of them we're Going to be using the whole video and Some of them we're only going to be Using parts of the video now as you can See here when I hover over this top bit It says wistia video downloader and this Is because I have this extension if I've Come up to the top up here and I click Onto this you can see I've got this Download around over here and in order To get this downloader all you need to Do is come over to Google Chrome and you Want to download this you can see for me It says remove from chrome for you it's Going to say add and the way you get This all you need to do is go to Google Type in wistio video downloader click Onto this first extension click onto or That first link and then from there all

You need to do is add this to Chrome Once you do that and you come over to These different sales Pages you're going To be able to see this now you can see If you click onto this it's going to Allow you to view and watch these videos On different types of ratings but also What you want to do is you want to click Onto 1080p once you do that then you Just want to click onto that and as you Can see down the bottom this is now Downloading this video on to our Computer once this downloads onto our Computer then we can take this video and We can promote this video to these Different types of free traffic software But what I want to do first is I want to Show you you where you can customize This video so if we come over to this Site over here called what you Want to do is you want to come over you Guys and you want to select video Once You select the video you then want to Come over here on the first option over Here which says video you can see it Says 1920 by 1080 create blank click Onto that and what's going to happen You're going to have this free video Editing tool okay I like to call it but This is where you can upload that video So you can see I can just grab and drop This in here and this is not whatever You're doing right now I'm just going to Pause that and we're going to stretch

This out okay so you can see here if we Stretch that out this is that video now You can see that this video is three Minutes and 58 seconds long there's Going to be two parts to using this Video one of them we're going to be Using the entire video okay guys so you Can very easily either download this Straight away or just use the exact Video that we downloaded you don't even Need to come over to canva but second Way that we're going to do this is we're Going to take only about a minute of This video okay so what you want to do Is you want to stretch this out to about A minute so very easily you can see here That you can move this from the front or You can very easily move it from the Back so you want to come over you're Going to grab this and you want to drag This all the way back until you get to About a minute or 40 seconds 30 seconds It doesn't matter but you want to get to A part where it's very very interesting And then you want to add a different Call to action so let's just say you Wanted to stop over here so Siri says But before that let me ask you this and Then what you want to do is you want to Stop that there once you stop that there Then what we want to do is you want to Come over here guys to this section and You want to click onto add a page once You click on to add a page quite simply

Come over here to text once you click Onto text you'll want to click onto any One of these different types of fonts so Let's just use this font over here and You want to type in something like to Watch the rest of this Video Click on the link in the description Okay now what we can do guys is we can Move this over here put that in there Then we can click on double click onto All of this go to animate and then you Can maybe do something like typewriter Okay and then what's going to happen as They're watching this okay so now come Over let me just play it towards the end Of this let me just play this guys today But before that let me ask you this And then it's going to go to this so It's it's intriguing people want to know What's happening and I want to get to The next bit of the video in order to Watch that then you're going to tell Them to click onto the link in that Description the link in that description Is going to send them to the sales page Okay so what you want to do from here is You want to click onto the top up here Go to share and then what you want to do Guys we're going to download this as you Can see all you need to do is come over And click on to download now once you Click on to download you want to make Sure that you select MP4 video and just

Hit download this is now downloading to Our computer and from here I'm going to Show you these three different traffic Sources that you can use to make some Really good money with affiliate Marketing quite simply by copying this Video and now we're going to paste this Video using that affiliate link that we Downloaded now before that comes up guys Just remember go down the bottom and Download my free affiliate marketing Guide which is going to help you make Money with affiliate marketing with so Many different ways I share different Traffic methods as well and things that I've done in my business that are Helping me make six figures a year and If you're enjoying the video don't Forget to smash that like button in Appreciation so as we can see this video Has just downloaded onto my computer so What we need to do now is we need to get Access to the first free traffic Source Remember I'm going to show you three the First one that we're going to use is This one over here called This is one of the easiest platforms That you can go to to upload these Different types of videos absolutely for Free and drive traffic to these links Remember at the end of this video I'm Going to show you how you can also build An email list so don't miss that now When you come over to rumble guys let me

Just show you very very quickly that Rumble gets a lot of traffic we're Talking hundreds of millions of visitors Every single month and when we scroll Down you can see that the countries are From the United States Canada Brazil United Kingdom Australia so so many T1 Countries which means this is good Traffic and if you're building a list on The back of this you can make some Really good money with affiliate Marketing so what you want to do now Once you sign up to an account on rum on Rumble you want to come up to the top Over here see where you've got this plus Sign you want to click onto that plus Sign and hit the upload video button From here guys you can very easily grab This video that you just downloaded and Just drag it onto there and as you can See this video is downloading very very Quickly now what you can do is here you Need to come up with a video title now For the video title guys you can get a Lot of inspiration from the sales page If you come over to the sales page and You scroll up you can very easily copy Something like this I mean look at this Just grab this copy that the vendor is Never going to have an issue with this Because if you make money they make Money as well then what you want to do Is come over to rumble guys and paste That title inside here now for the video

Description this is also very easy all You need to do is come straight over to The sales page you can see that there's A lot of information that you can grab From these sales Pages you can also go Over to the JV document inside any one Of these different types of products or The Affiliates resources page and get a Lot of this information so quite simply Grab this but most of you can find in The sales page so we can copy this Straight over to this section and guys Paste this in there this is the video Description so you can put that in there You can also tab down you can see Something else that you can put in there So you can scroll down over here you Will find a lot of information guys I Just want to show you very quickly how This works I'm also going to show you How you're going to add your call to Action so they can click onto that link Okay so you can come down here here's Some information here as well okay so This talks about what this is about so We can come over here and we can grab This as well so we're going to copy this So grab that and then come straight back Over to you and paste that in there so As you can see there's a lot of Information on this product but what you Want to do because we've told them as You can see to watch the rest of this Video click on the link in the

Description what you want is you want to Tap this down And then the first thing that you want To put in here To watch the Rest of the video Click here now okay so you want to do That if you want to fix this up make Sure that this is a capital guys then What you want to do is come straight Back over to that link you want to copy That link guys come back over to here And paste that in there okay so this is The link then it's going to tell them a Little bit more about this particular Product okay so I'm going to move this Up make it look pretty cool now when it Comes to the thumbnail over here you can Create something if you want but you can Very easily just click onto one of these Okay so if you click onto that that's Going to become your thumbnail or if you Want to click onto that it's entirely up To you choose one that stands out then For tags very easy guys you can type in Something like Let me just come over here type in Something like make money Online And just separate it by commas Affiliate marketing okay so you can add A little bit more work from home Online business Etc so affiliate marketing so we need to

Do just space that there and then guys You come down here and as you can see You've got upload so this is pretty much It you've got everything in there now a Lot of the time this is going to get you A lot of user can remember there are so Many different products that you can do This with scroll down here guys and Click on to upload once you click on to Upload it's going to bring you over to This section where you need to add your Licensing option all you need to do guys Is leave it on Rumble only now as you Can see this is all additional Information you can very quickly fill This out so who recorded the video or Who appears in the video you can leave All this stuff out when and where when And where was this video recorded Etc Now you can see you provide either the YouTube Instagram or Tick Tock Snapchat Username you don't have to do any of That guys all you need to do is come Down here and click on this you have not Signed an exclusive agreement with any Other party so you click onto that and Check you for any terms and conditions You select that guys and then just come Down here and click on submit you can Very easily click onto this and just Come over here and write that you do Have permission for this video and then Just hit submit once you hit submit guys What's going to happen is it's going to

Go into the submitting mode and then It's going to bring you over to a page That looks like this now these are all Your direct links to this video this Video has now been uploaded now if we Grab this direct link so if we copy this Come straight over to here and paste This inside this URL you can see that This video is just downloading at the Moment but there are no issues with this As you can see the videos encoding once This is complete people will be able to Come over here they're going to be able To see this link if they click onto this Link it's going to take them straight Over to watch the rest of this video Which is over here but more importantly It's going to bring them over to this Sales page and this is going to allow You to make a lot of money with Affiliate marketing okay guys and as you Can see this video has finalized oh it Hasn't actually it's only 33 but it's About to be finalized this is the first Free traffic way that you can make money With affiliate marketing the second free Traffic source that you can use guys is This one over here called this is another amazing Platform where you can go guys this Platform gets a little bit less views Which is why I wanted to show you how to Do this with Rumble when you come over To bit shoot and we click onto similar

Web you can see they get about 40 to About 30 million views every single Month but again United States Canada United Kingdom Australia they get a lot Of T1 traffic as well and the great Thing about this site guys you upload it Pretty much the exact same weight that I Showed you on Rumble so I'm not going to Walk you through the entire process but It's pretty much identical as you can See all you need to do is come up to you And click on to upload new video grab That video Drop it into there and fill Out the exact same way that I showed you To do it over here on Rumble as well so Bichu is the second way the Third Way Guys that you can do this to make money With affiliate marketing and potentially Get a lot of traffic is to upload these Different videos on to YouTube okay and YouTube is a Powerhouse when it comes to Affiliate marketing as an example I'm Going to show you a trick to this where You can get a lot more traffic for People that are looking To get a free website or to build a Website or to seal or to sell websites Say what a lot of people are doing at The moment is they're creating reviews On these different products when the Product is launched as you can see if You type in Webelo review which is the Product that I promoted you can see that A lot of people are creating these

Different types of videos but these Reviews will only get a little bit of Traffic they're not going to get a whole Heap of traffic because people are going To be going and receiving a lot of these Different emails a lot of these Affiliates are going to be contacting Them which is going to make them come Over to do a review to check out this Product and you can see that they're Getting some good views 414 views 192 Views 143 views and this is good because A lot of this is buyer traffic and They're going to be getting a lot of Purchases so one of the things that you Want to be adding in your title is Webelo review but this product is a Product where it allows you to create a Website it helps you build the website So if you come over to something like Vid IQ and you take a look at Webelo Review you can see that that's going to Get about 934 searches maybe 1 700 searches if Somebody types in Webelo review and Bonus but if you put something in the Title like how to build a website all of A sudden or how to make a website you've Got 316 000 people searching for stuff like that And they're searching for easy ways to Do this which is what I want to show you On this video because you can really Take this to the next level by promoting

This product to this audience over here And making a lot of money online so all You need to do very easily once you've Downloaded that video over here to your Computer is come over to your YouTube Channel and up here as you can see so You want to create a YouTube channel it Could be a review type Channel and then You want to click on to create as an Example and then you want to go to Upload video Once you click onto upload Video what you want to do from here is You want to upload that entire video so Not just the one that we change you want To upload the entire video because if You watch this entire video if I just Click onto play here and I move this all The way to the end what happens at the End of this video is it actually tells You to click onto the link in the Description it tells you that if you Want to get access to this to click onto The link and that link is going to be in The description of your video so once You're over here guys you just want to Grab that file drop it in here and as You can see this video is now being Downloaded onto my computer so you want To get rid of all this okay so let me Just click on today you want to get rid Of anything you probably won't have Anything on your YouTube channel then Over here for the file guys what you Want to type in is something like

How to make a free Website as an example and then what you Want to do is you want to come over here And type in something like Webelo review okay and then what you're Doing is you're targeting two types of Audiences you're telling YouTube that You're going to be pushing this video to People that want to create a website and Also Webelo review then what you want to Do guys again To get access To where below Click on this link Right now Something like this Okay and then what you want to do guys Is come over to bitly remember we Downloaded that link you want to copy That come straight over to you guys Paste that in there then again what you Want to do is tell people a little bit More about this product exact same Process guys come straight over to the Sales page you can very easily grab this So you can copy that come straight over To here paste that in there and then What you can do is also come back over Here but you can also write something up Yourself guys you can copy all of this As well if you wanted to so you can grab This come straight over to YouTube guys Paste that in here you're going to see You're going to have all this in here as

Well you can write it up yourself make It look a little bit more professional Okay and then what you want to do is you Want to quiet simply upload this onto YouTube in order to create a thumbnail For this guys very very simple again you Can come straight over to canva you can Type in something like Thumbnail YouTube as an example so hit Enter what this is going to do is it's Going to give you all these different Templates that you can use absolutely For free and to create those videos you Can very easily come over to YouTube Guys and take inspiration from some of These other thumbnails that people have Created you can see that I need to be Too creative all you need to do is put Weblo review or Webelo review website Creator Etc and then just create a very Very simple thumbnail once you create That thumbnail all you need to do is Come over here to YouTube guys and Upload that thumbnail over here or you Can choose any one of these it's up to You let's just say you wanted to click Onto one of those or one of these it's Entirely up to you the other thing you Do is you scroll down over here guys and This is where you're going to add these Tags and with the tags you can very Easily like I showed you with this vid IQ software if you wanted to download it Or you could use it you can see here you

Can very easily grab that so we can copy That tag come straight over to YouTube And we can paste that now we can type That in there or you can very easily Come over here and grab some of these Which are how to make a website make a Website build a website how to build a Website uh maybe not for free because This one's not free but how to create a Website you'd grab these and then all You need to do is quite simply come Straight over to your channel guys and Just paste that in there now from here Guys all you need to do is Click over to Next next and upload this video the Other thing that you can do guys is if I Click on to say this video over here as An example with this vid IQ software if You download it you're going to get this Extension and you can very easily just Grab all these tags once you download This extension so if I was to copy all These tags as an example and come Straight over to my channel I could very Easily just paste all of them and then As you can see you've got all these tags Now I've just gone a little bit over the 500 so I just have to delete delete some Of these and as you can see that's not Red anymore and this is how you would Upload this video on to YouTube so now You've got the video up onto Rumble You've got it up onto shoot you've got It up onto YouTube guys this is super

Powerful now what you need to do is you Need to collect leads but before I show You how to collect leads one thing that You need to do is make sure that you Till the vendor as well once you're Approved just email them contact them And say hey is it okay for me to use Your video in promoting your product I've never had a vendor say no to me and There's no reason why they'll say no to You now I've told you at the start of This video I was going to show you how You can collect leads to do this build a Very simple landing page so you can make Even more money with affiliate marketing But before I do that if you enjoyed this Video don't forget to smash that like Button in appreciation go down the Bottom and get my ultimate affiliate Marketing guide now from there I want You to click onto this video over here Which is going to show you how you can Build free landing pages collect leads And then use that inside the description Of these videos guys and people click Onto it you're going to collect that Lead and then you can promote even more Products to make even more money with Affiliate marketing

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