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What's going on guys Chase Reiner here And today we're going to be talking About how to make over five thousand Dollars per day with affiliate AI Bots And I'm going to give you a way to get Started for free And as you start to scale this system I'm going to show you how to reinvest Back into it and this is actually what I'm doing every single day to earn money On autopilot over the last year in fact I made over one million dollars actually 1.6 million dollars and this is just my Thrive cart let me show you the last Year here it's going to take a second to Load because Thrive cart takes a while But I earned 1.6 million dollars with The strategy I'm about to share with you Today and if you want me to keep Updating you with the tests that I'm Running because I'm running a ton of Different tests around AI tick tock Outsourcing automation all you have to Do is reply with the word yes in the Comments so again if you want me to Personally update you every time I find Out something new Just reply with the word yes and I will Keep updating you with the tests that I Am running So the way this strategy is going to Work is we're going to actually be Finding micro influencers and we're Going to be offering to partner with

Them because there's a big problem in The market right now that a lot of People don't realize see if this thing Ever updates And the big problem is that most people Who have followers these micro Influencers look at this 1.16 mil this Is just on Thrive cart A lot of these micro influencers Anywhere between 1 to 100K Subs They have no idea how to monetize okay What I mean by that is most of these People If they're lucky they're making a couple Grand a month right And so what we want to do is we want to Offer to help them monetize their Traffic this is what I'm actually doing Right now I have a few people that I'm working with I've created an Exclusive coaching program for people Within this range I don't even sell it It's just it's a it's a coaching program Where I bring people in and I basically Guarantee that I'm going to help them Make ten thousand dollars per month with This system and it's in and the reason Why is because I already have it all set Up so I can prove that it works and I'll Give you an example one of the people I'm working with Ryan Borden You have probably seen him on the Channel talking about you know Automation sending contact forms all

That stuff He's already at over ten thousand Dollars a month in the first couple Months working together So When I tell you this system really works It does but You have to either be the person that's Monetizing the back end for the people That you're going to be working with the Micro influencers or You're going to have to be a micro Influencer okay so the cool thing though Is you could be one or the other Doesn't matter if you already have Followers and you're not making money or If you have no followers and you're not Making money you can still make money And I'll show you how okay So what we're going to be doing is we're Going to be finding micro influencers That aren't monetizing well how do we Find a micro influencer We're going to head over to somewhere Like tick tock Type in something like I don't know make Money online With AI and and here's the cool thing About this by the way You can do this for any Niche it doesn't Matter if it's AI doesn't matter if it's Make money online doesn't matter if it's People that talk about diets As long as you can follow the process

I'm going to share with you here you can Monetize any sort of traffic But you have to have systems in place And the the problem is most people don't Have traffic but they have something to Sell or Maybe they have something to sell but They don't have traffic right so ideally You need to figure out How you can have both and sometimes it's Easier just to work with people That already have one or the other right If you have something that's really good To sell and it makes a lot of money then You just connect it to somebody who has Traffic or if you have a lot of traffic You just connect it to somebody who has Something really good to sell right So look at all these different people 90 000 views 4 200 views sixteen thousand Views now here's the interesting thing Here a lot of these people 64 000 followers A lot of these people chances are They're not making that much money okay Now some of them might some of them Could be making a lot of money Best thing you can do is reach out to Them Say hey I saw your videos saw you were Talking about making money with AI I would be interested in partnering with You on something do you have a second to Talk okay

Now the way it works is you're going to Basically reach out to these people and You're going to say Look I have a really good product that Already makes a ton of money right I Want to give you 50 of the sales so in Our case let me show you on my Thrive Cart here so I have this product that Makes a ton of money right I have my Shine ranker product I have my AI Profits course I have my fortune Bots Live boot camp I have all these Different things I've so many different Products that people can sell that make Money and I'll show you look at my Partners here I actually have data where I can show you How much money look 118 000 earned From different Affiliates that are Selling my products And so I can show These people I can say hey My Affiliates have made over like 120 000 in commissions they've sold over 240 000 in sales And I want to help you make your first Ten thousand dollars per month right And that's pretty easy to do if you're Getting a good amount of volume so like Even with a thousand views per video We can turn that into Cash pretty quick And and the idea is you can turn views Into cash if you understand the system About to share with you but most people

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Don't understand this system okay Now you might be saying well Chase I Don't have affiliate products that I can Give these people to sell I don't have My own products Well that's fine you can sell my Products as well like I have a whole Bunch of products that you can sell that You can get an affiliate for And I'll talk about that at the end but Ideally what you would do is you join my Boot camp and you'd learn about how to Do all this stuff step by step now one Thing I want to mention really quick Before I get back into this is this boot Camp we're doing a live class in about Two hours we do them Tuesdays Thursdays We have a bonus one today on Monday we Might even have a bonus one on Wednesday But the price is going up So you don't want to wait on this it Goes up every single week so right now It's 377 dollars by the time you're Watching this video in the future it'll Be more So don't wait for the price to go up It's going to keep going up it's going To keep getting higher and higher the AI Profits course went up to a hundred uh 600 dollars Just to get in And so some of these courses might end Up even being a thousand dollars in the Future so don't wait to get into these

Courses again if you Want to join all of the live classes So anyways you're going to find a micro Influencer you're going to reach out Okay so I can reach out to this guy Reach out to the other person like all These other people reach out to them on Instagram pretty easy to get in contact With people uh just find their website Find their Instagram send a message Right leave them a comment say hey I Sent you a message Now when they start responding they're Going to say hey You have a second to talk you're going To offer to help them make money now Here's the thing maybe you don't have a Backend yet that's going to make them Ten thousand dollars right But you could offer to make them their First thousand dollars With an automated sequence because all You're really doing here's here's what You're doing okay You're hooking their traffic into an Automated back-end system okay so let me Give you an example here so with let's Say this person Go click on them 11 000 followers right They have this right here Let me go over here become the Discover a different way of Living blah blah blah right chances are This is an affiliate that they have

They're probably not making that much Money So what you're going to do Is you're going to say look I'm going to Set up a full back end for you And this back end is going to make you Let's say a thousand bucks or ten Thousand bucks whatever it is you know Maybe start with a low number if you've Never worked with an influencer before Just so that you can make sure that You're going to make them enough money And they're going to be happy right But the cool thing is like a lot of These people what they're doing is They're promoting other people's offers They're not actually working with anyone Right so what do I mean by that this Person here Bobby He's probably sending traffic to some Random affiliate That's just going into some sort of Autoresponder and then let's say he's Making a couple hundred bucks a month or Something right maybe a little bit more Instead what you're going to do is You're going to be offering a custom Managed solution So the difference here is you'd be Sending his traffic into A back end that you're not going to just Be automating but you're going to be Manually Closing people for them right and that's

What I'm actually I'm actually doing Okay so let me give you an example I have let's say Five people right now that I'm doing This with right five people that I'm Coaching and I said to them look all you Have to do is send me your traffic I Create them their own custom domain Right so let's say instead of they're sending traffic To AI It's still going to redirect to the same Opt-in And then what happens is when they send Traffic to a custom domain of mine What's going to happen is I'm going to Get the email it's going to redirect to Their affiliate link that I give them Right it's going to cookie that visitor What that means is When somebody hits that page that they Send if I go and start emailing that Person and I sell that person I close Them on all the stuff that I'm doing They get credited Okay And so ideally what you want to do is You want to offer a custom closing Service because again remember this is Going to be all automated whoever's Doing this most most likely this is Going to be all automated And they're not going to make as much Money

So let me just draw this out because I It might sound confusing right now so Let's say I get a guy named uh Joe okay I I reach out to Joe let's say he's on Here or let's say it's Bobby right I Reach out to Bobby I say Bobby I'm gonna hook you up with 50 of the Sales on this thing I'm gonna pretty Much guarantee you a certain amount of Money I could even tell him if he Doesn't make that much money with Affiliate I'll even pay him the rest That I I told you told him I would make Him But I'm gonna give him 50 percent And all he has to do is send traffic to Me right I give him a custom domain here's the Domain AI profits or you know Fortune Bots that's the redirect it's Going to redirect to my opt-in And then I'm going to close the traffic Form how do I close the traffic well I Do videos like the one that I'm sharing With you right now so all the emails He's getting they're all cookied right They're they're assigned to his name And then now they're on my email list Right so these people that he's sending In they're on my email list and then I'm Sending them videos like the one that We're doing right here and then I'm Sending them emails with testimonials And I'm spending all this time closing

These people Manually and automated because I've Automated systems in place as well but All of a sudden he's making more money Because I'm an expert at closing traffic right I'm making this much money not because I Suck at closing traffic is because That's what I'm good at I'm good at Monetizing right if I was bad at Monetizing I wouldn't be making this Much money with only a few views right I'm only getting like if you look at my Videos 5000 views five thousand views Seven thousand views might sound like a Lot to you but it's actually not that Much there's people out there that are Getting way more traffic than me you Know uh let's say 427 000 views here That aren't making anything it's because They don't know how to monetize okay So Let's talk about what happens once we Close the traffic okay so as you Probably know Because I've I talk about this all the Time or if you're new here and you don't Know I have a a class These are live classes right we have a Ton of people in these classes right now So all these people in these classes are Watching training right we're bringing People in we're saying hey here's how You do this here's how you do that in

Fact today what we're going to be Covering is the strategy I'm sharing With you here except I'm going to be Showing step by step you know how to get Set up with an affiliate link how to Sign up for uh the swipe files right Because I'm going to be showing how to Get automated emails loaded into your Crms so all these classes are step by Step but the cool thing is we're Actually having the influencers we're Partnering with the ones that are Helping us bring in people Where having them help teach the classes Right so today is going to be partially On Tick Tock how to make a tick tock Video how to sign up for your affiliate Links how to start getting traffic How to become a micro influencer and so As we start to get people learning about This right they're going to say well you Know I want to book a Time With Bobby Okay So all these people that are buying and Watching the training now Have a chance to buy help as well on the Back end and so now we're not just Monetizing on the front end for 50 all These sales coming in we're also Monetizing on the back end for Bobby To make money as well I'll give you an Example with the AI with the uh what is It uh profit digital profits

Marketplaces the new Marketplace we Created Look at how many sales we got for Ryan Eighteen thousand dollars in sales and I'm splitting those with right 50 50. Okay And so What we can do is we're offering more Incentive for our Affiliates we're not Just doing a 50 split on the front end Like most Affiliates are doing we're Also doing a 50 on the back end and We're putting them into a private Coaching program where I personally Coach them On how to become better right so By the way if you're a micro influencer Or you're in the fortune bot classes Already and you are starting to get some Traffic feel free to message me You know reach out support and let us know if you Think you have what it takes to join and Become a coach Okay this isn't something we're selling This is like a private thing that we're Doing to uh all expand together Now one thing that you can do by the way Besides the Bots that are going to Follow up through email and do all the Automated sequences Because again you can load in all these Uh swipe files which are basically Automated emails that close people

If you haven't seen what those look like Check it out you go to something like Convertkit or you know Anything that you like to send emails With and you can load people into these Automated sequences right and this is What we're going to be showing people How to set up today in today's class Um it's taking a second to load here Just wanted to show you what this looks Like here's a bunch of emails But these are the automated ones and Usually I combine the automated ones With also the uh The manual ones I I usually do a mix of Both okay But you can also boost your traffic so If you start making some money and you Start uh doing well you can start Reinvesting right because the idea here Is that you just want to break even And so what do we mean by that if we can Bring in a customer And it costs us 150 to acquire the Customer but we make 150 or maybe we Even lose some maybe we lose twenty Dollars We're not going to just make money right On the front end so if to cost us 150 on The front end to bring in a customer but We can monetize them on the back and With these trainings and all these Affiliates right because we're making Money within the training as well we're

Monetizing through affiliate right when Somebody goes and follows our training We're telling them hey use this type of Virtual private server or use this type Of proxy look at this on our proxy Website sorry I'm on another screen let Me I just wanna I like to give you as Many visual examples as possible so you Know that I'm well what I'm doing is Legit And that I'm not just like coming up With random numbers But look at this uh 202 signups 2 500 commissions this is Like every month from people that are Signing up through the trainings Learning how to do this stuff and so you Can monetize in so many different ways You can monetize with Affiliates Monetize with Training you can monetize on the back End selling it done for you service But It just really depends on where you're At And so ideally You're probably going to not start You're not going to start making this Much money right out the gate you're Going to have to put in some work but One of the quickest ways To start really becoming familiar with What we're doing is to join Fortune Bots Fortune Bots is a done with you program

If you're not interested in a done with You you don't want to take live classes You could always also join AI profits we Have a course called That's do it yourself it's a hundred Videos it shows you everything you have To do here or you could do both you Could you could do the do it yourself go Through those go join the live trainings With us on Zoom It's completely up to you but The thing is is that if you're not Willing to invest in yourself it's going To be a lot harder to grow because I've Spent over six years learning this stuff And I've spent so much money and time Hiring and and networking with people That are smarter than me way smarter Than me And the reason why is because they Showed me all of the shortcuts They showed me what I had to do To level up So go join our classes you know get the Spreadsheet this is Fortune Bots right Here it shows all the previous trainings Shows you all the apps you need to use So it shows you the assignments shows it Shows you the class schedule what what Zoom calls you need to join So it's all step by step but you don't Want to wait you want to get in now Because the price is going up tonight And once the price goes up it doesn't go

Back down so what's the point in paying More for something you could have gotten For Less Now you can see as well you know if you Don't have any money start with Something for free watch this video go And start doing some of the stuff I'm Talking about watch my previous video The one that I did on the actual Fortune Bots uh website you'll you can go watch The free training where I show you how I Make a million dollars a year with AI And Automation and all the stuff we're Talking about You can start making money with the free Trainings once you have some money Reinvest it reinvest it back in yourself Learn Grow level up it's the brand new year It's time for you to level up it's time For you to take charge of what you want It's not going to happen overnight You're going to have to put in some work But guess what This is one of the best things you can Do right now ai is about to replace Everybody and so what's the point in Waiting for AI to replace you why not be Ahead of it Why not take advantage of it now while You can So again head over to I'll see you in class today and until I Do happy money making we'll see you next

Time bye

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