Make 6-figures while helping people!

Hey guys in this video I want to show you how you 
can make six figures per year or even more than   That working part-time hours just by helping 
people I met Rosa Rodriguez at a conference   Recently and I found out that she was the one 
that's helping others make a ton of money just   By helping others so I I introduced myself and I 
said I have to have you on my YouTube channel just   To help my audience and myself kind of figure out 
how this all works so I brought her on and in this   Video we want to find out how you can make money 
by helping others and do it on your own terms you   Guys ready let's go hey Rosa thank you so much for 
joining us today thank you so much for having me   Whitney I really appreciate you taking the time 
to to do this yeah no I know this is going to be   A good one now before we get into the questions 
can you just give us a little bit of background   On yourself yeah so I have been helping people 
for the past six years and I really got into   This space after I lost my dad from cancer and 
he taught me a good lesson because he used to   Be an entrepreneur his entire life so um when 
he retired and decided to sell his business so   That he can then enjoy time with his family uh 
then he was diagnosed with cancer a couple of   Months after that and he passed about 45 days 
after he was diagnosed so it was a very like   Shocking experience for me but from that moment 
that was one of those like life-altering moments   That was like okay what are you really doing 
you know with your um with your life or what   Are you doing in corporate you know when you have 
these Big Dreams and so then I started to create   Like an exit strategy from my corporate job at 
that time um I stayed there and I continued to   Help people on the side to be able to build this 
brand and this business that I have right now so   Um the the most valuable thing that I learned from 
that experience was that if you're going to build   Something valuable it needs to be something that 
you can create around your time and not the other   Way around right so a lot of times we get consumed 
with you know working and busy work and making   Sure that we are doing all the things that we're 
taught to do but we forget to that that this is   The life that we're living right now this is the 
journey like the the it's not the destination but   The whole process so um that is why I started 
doing what I do now and and now we're here   Wow what a story okay so if someone wants to make 
money by helping others they do need to have some   Experience in something right is that how it works 
so and you know the word experience can be defined   By a lot you know a lot of different and things so 
it can be you know it depends on what you want to   Do sometimes we're at a job that we hate and we're 
like this is not the thing that I want to do if I   Were to you know do this for life I wouldn't I 
wouldn't want to do this so then in that case   I tell my clients okay so if you don't want to 
do that what is the what are other experiences   That or struggles that you've been through in your 
life that you can help someone and who is actually   Going through that right now so it's not just work 
experience but it's life experience and you know   Sometimes we're like oh I need a mentor for to 
teach me how to do this or to teach me you know  

Like let's say you wanted to learn how to fix a 
car um you are you are not going to hire a person   Who has read books about fixing cars you're going 
to want to hire a person who has actually been   Fixing cars right so you're gonna want to look 
for the person who has been through the thing   That you are looking to get through to be able to 
um you know to to be able to to teach that or to   Get through that experience yourself so if you if 
you are don't are not looking to create something   With your work experience you can create something 
with your life experience but you do need to focus   On that one thing what is the thing that you have 
been through the struggle that you have overcome   That you can now help someone else overcome right 
now some people struggle with finding their thing   Like they have it but they don't know it now is 
that something that you offer on your side of the   Business where you can actually help people find 
their things that one of the things that you do   So yes I do I I deal with a lot of people who 
are very confused with what is the thing that   They want um to help people with why because they 
have been through so many different struggles   Right they've been through so many different 
things and people might say well I have so   Many so many things that I can help people with 
I love doing this I love doing that you know like   I'm a I'm a multi-passionate individual and I 
hear that a lot especially with entrepreneurs   Like we have a creative mind we love to do so 
many things but in order for you to actually   Speak to the person that you're looking 
for you have to pick one thing right so we   Um and and I go through this with my clients like 
we we touch on all of the things that you like and   We build a brand from all of those things like 
you don't necessarily have to leave all those   Things behind but the person that you help has 
to be the version of you that went through one   Of those struggles not all of them right yeah 
so now okay so my next question is so when   That person finds their thing how do they find 
that ideal customer to say here I can help you   So once they know exactly who the who the person 
is who they're helping you have to literally like   Be have a picture of this person in your mind 
like this is the person that you're helping this   Is what they look like this is the things that 
they like that they don't like the things that   They're worried about the things that they enjoy 
um they're you know their the activities that that   They do with their families do they have kids you 
know not just the physical um and outside part but   Also the internal things that they go through so 
we go through an exercise that helps them you know   Once they have like they have an idea of who the 
person is now we get to know and drill down on the   Details of that person and if you have the details 
of that person that you know exactly what they're   Worried about you know exactly who they follow 
on social media because they like that person   You know they like that so Liberty they follow 
the the home edit on on on Pinterest like what   Are these things that that they like and they're 
looking for maybe they're looking for organization   Maybe they're looking for fun they're looking for 
to laugh they're looking to for people that are  

Dancing on social media like who are who is the 
person that that really attracts their attention   So then you can with those details create content 
that is going to attract them to you and that is   Very important because you know we we have we have 
kids we we we have we don't have a lot of time so   We don't have time to be chasing people around to 
go after people and you know trying to tell them   Hey I want to help you now you want them to come 
to you and say hey I feel like you can help me   Because the things that you say relate so much to 
me it feels like you're in my head you want people   To be able to say that like everything that you 
say touches me everything that you say it's like   You're speaking to me and when you hear that it's 
like you're speaking to me then you're creating   The right content and then everything that you do 
you will not only create clients but you will have   Like long-term fans people that are always going 
to support you no matter what you do well I love   That and I feel like too A lot of people have that 
fear of having to put themselves out there to sell   And try and say well I can help you and then this 
is what I charge and all this kind of stuff but it   Seems like the way that you teach is that where 
they come to you which is so much more ideal and   Then cost is not even a factor as much as it would 
be if you're trying to just pull them into you so   How can you get paid to help people so there are 
a number of ways that you can do that uh that you   Can start making money just by helping people 
online right and one of the ways that I teach   My clients is first to put enough effort into 
creating a high ticket offer and a high ticket   Offer can be life-changing because you only need 
you know one or two clients a month or depending   On your offer then you could you if you have 
just five customers a month at your price point   At a price point of about twenty five hundred 
dollars let's say you could have um reached six   Figures for the year so let's say uh one of the 
the things that you could do if you don't have   A mentorship or you have no idea where to start 
is you can start off by creating something that   Can be passively that can create passive income so 
along an online course is one of those things and   You know about this with me because you have your 
own online course right um so if you don't have a   Lot of time if you don't have you know uh hours to 
spend on creating a course and then figuring out   Like what people want you first throw out the idea 
of what type of topic would you like to um have a   Virtual event on so you ask your audience like 
hey you know which one of these topics would be   So would be important for you to solve like these 
problems um which ones would be great for you to   Solve so the one that people raise their hand and 
say I love this topic all right perfect so then   You create like a one day workshop around not a 
one day whole day workshop but like a one hour   Workshop that you could knock out by doing maybe 
a PowerPoint presentation right so you create your   PowerPoint presentation around that topic that 
year people picked out like okay this um this   Topic like getting out of my own way for example 
right getting out of my own way really like how   Many of us haven't gotten in our own way like 
that's really popular okay I would choose that  

Um so you're like okay perfect so a lot of people 
in my audience picked that they want to hear about   How they can get unstuck how can they get out 
of their own way um so you create that one-time   Workshop and they could be one or two hours 
depending on how much content you want to cover   Um so you have now you invite everybody you 
send them a zoom link okay I'm gonna be here   Um according to the topic that you guys picked I'm 
going to be covering this topic so you go and you   Record this topic um this workshop for an hour 
or two hours uh and then once you have that and   People have asked all the questions um then you 
have this content uh edited so now you it comes in   Your area right Wendy this is like okay perfect 
what are the things that we can use from this   Um small Workshop that I did and how can I turn 
that into modules for a course right here's   Um and then you go Slide by slide where you cover 
all the different things that will help them get   Unstuck or help them get out of their own way um 
and then you have that you know those those five   Or six modules that you know maybe 10 minutes each 
and you know a lot of us don't have time so we   Want to be we don't want to spend an hour looking 
at uh at one module of a course we want it to be   Straight to the point and we want to get from 
point A to point B as quickly as possible right   So we do that we have someone edit and cut it into 
different pieces maybe six modules of a course   That you can now self right your price point could 
be uh whatever it is that you want it to be but it   Can be if it's for example 997 if you're going 
to include maybe a worksheet to make it better   Um if you don't want to include anything you 
can make it for 4.97 right but if you include   More things to make it easier for them to get 
unstuck then you can charge them let's say 9.97   For a quarters okay what are the things that 
are going to help them get unstuck well here   Are some of the things that I did for example if 
that's the journey that you want to get on stuck   I had to change my habits so you can give them a 
PDF all the things that you're going to provide   Are automated so you won't have to do anything 
it can be a worksheet that goes along with the   Module it can be um it can be like what are the 
habits that you need to start changing so that   You can you know like a daily checklist that you 
can have and these things are going to increase   The price so you're going to keep it at a price 
that you feel comfortable with it could be 99   87 right so let's say you have that automated 
you have it on thinkific or you have it on   Teachable and these are um paid softwares but 
you can also have it on Facebook which is free   Um if you have it on Facebook you can just give 
access to the people to that to like a Facebook   Group or something like that where they don't 
have to pay anything but they pay you so that   They can get into that group so they have access 
to the recordings they have access to the PDFs   Um and all you're doing is giving people access 
to a group right so they have the qualifying   Question is what email did you use to purchase 
so you know they they send you the money through   Stripe or PayPal and then you give them access 
to a Facebook group and that's your 997 course  

Right so you if you have at least five people that 
buy your course every month then that is already a   Five thousand dollar per month passively because 
you won't have to touch that it's a course that's   Already recorded and you request recorded 
it just one time one virtual event and you   Can sell it forever right how many times can you 
sell it forever infinite amount of times right so   Um eventually you know you can continue to improve 
on this course depending on the questions that   People drop for you on the Facebook group you can 
make make it even more um expensive because you   Can continue to add on the things that will help 
them get better um and and decrease the amount   Of time that will help them get from point A 
to point B so the better you get the more you   Improve this course the more you can charge for it 
okay um so now that's just a passive way of making   Um income of making that five thousand dollars a 
month in income so now if you want to then turn   That into a mentorship or um uh or a mentorship 
that has the same information let's say you have   That same course that you're that you're hosting 
on Facebook then you can now add create that uh   Separate a separate Facebook group for the people 
that are in the more expensive mentorship and   Then that could be your inner circle you can 
call it your inner circle right you have your   Um get unstuck Inner Circle for example and 
once those people are in there uh then the the   Information that you are going to provide has to 
be worth a bigger amount right now we want we're   Going to put more of our time so that means it's 
going to be worth more but we don't want to put   To put too much of our time because obviously we 
have kids we have all these things to do um and we   Want to make sure that we can for example check in 
with these people check in with the Inner Circle   Once a week and have them come together in a group 
call so that they can ask you questions directly   So now at this point they have access to you and 
because they have access to you the price point   Changes okay so let's say you want to do that you 
want to create an inner circle and you're going to   Provide the same information that you provided 
to your course that is at 9.97 now you're going   To put the same course the same modules in the 
Inner Circle however because you are providing   Them more of your time then the price point is 
going to start changing okay so now you can charge   For example instead of 997 for your course because 
you're adding more of your time now you can charge   2500. all right and if you know if that feels like 
it's too high for you then maybe you need to start   Adding more things that feel like it is valuable 
for you and a lot of things that I talked about to   My clients about is the mindset right because 
you know um Whitney we've spent um it doesn't   Matter the price point doesn't matter as long as 
the value is there and uh you know and and we have   Spent thousands of dollars you know to make sure 
that we get to the point where we are right now so   That we can charge those five figures for um the 
the stuff that we offer or it you know it's like   Something that if you are offering enough value 
it doesn't matter if how much you you ask for it   How much the price point is because you know that 
you're giving them more value than you're asking  

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No I love this so much so I feel like you know 
people who are watching this video today if you   Guys are wondering you know what's my thing or 
how do I actually go about executing this Rosa   Is offering you guys a free consultation to go 
through this to kind of see what is your Niche   How to do go all about this and to see if this 
is right for you so I'm going to leave her uh   Is this okay yeah of course of course I'm gonna 
leave her information in the description below   So you guys can go ahead and set up an appointment 
with her through her calendly and then this will   Really see if this is something you guys want to 
do you know we want to make sure that you guys are   Becoming better and this is a way to do that is 
by taking this as an opportunity to see if this is   Right for you so I want you guys to check that out 
and let me know in the comment section below too   If it's something that you want to check out all 
right thank you guys for watching and I hope you   Enjoyed this video if you have any other questions 
just put them in the comment section Rosa and I   Are happy to answer any other questions and I hope 
you guys have a great day thanks guys for watching

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