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Expand Your Business Globally Through B2B Marketplace

Advantages of B2B marketplace – In the era of globalization, every businessman wants to reach to extreme destinations in the world to show off products and services. They want to expand their company, so that they search for large number of buyers and sellers. B2B marketplace is a platform to fulfill their wishes to meet various buyers and sellers offering significant trade deals and business opportunities.

Are You Perfect for Pinterest?

Google+ continues to be a controversial subject but I think this year’s biggest social media buzz so far has been surrounding the amazing rate of growth of Pinterest. Why is everyone so excited about it and could it be a platform that is perfect for your business to use?

Is Your B2B Firm REALLY Marketing, Or Simply Making Tactical Soup?

If your company is frustrated with the disconnect between marketing activity and measurable business results, it may be time to take a hard look at what’s really cooking in the marketing kitchen. Is it a balanced meal, or a hodge podge of tactics?

Leveraging Your Book and Platform Strategically – Part 2

Here are few more ideas to think about when contemplating how to best leverage your content and your book. Obviously not every option is a viable one for everyone but the more you consider the more you will ultimately be able to use.

The Hidden Dangers Of A Discount

What if it’s not the economy that killed your business? While this drastic discounting may provide salons, spas and medical spas with short term cash flow because of the volume of services and items sold at the discounted price, in reality this business practice is like putting a band aid on a gunshot wound. The result? Without a proper fix, sooner or later your business will die.

Magnetic Web Copy – Are These 3 Mistakes Killing Your Website Traffic?

Are you making these 3 website copy mistakes? If so, they are driving your traffic right into the arms of your competition. But there’s something you can do about it. That’s right, learn what to do instead.

Affiliate Marketing – Your Way To Riches

The goal of this article is to bring more awareness to internet affiliate marketing and help you be successful at it. If you are just starting out, getting traffic can be a bit of a problem, so paid advertising is an option. If you use your ads properly, you can boost your internet affiliate marketing efforts, but you must keep track of what you are doing.

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