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The Simple Reason Customers Don’t Understand You

When customers fail to understand or get confused about what a business can offer, managers typically blame those customers for their perceived ignorance. But the real problem can be found in a mirror. Here’s why.

Insider Look: Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014

Some important social media marketing trends for 2014. Social media marketing changes and impact it can have on your business.

How to Effectively Market a Pharmaceutical Brand?

In order for a pharmaceutical organization to market its offerings, it is extremely important to understand who the target consumer is. In other words, it means that you need to understand the needs of future patient-doctor community and find ways to improve your interaction with them at the grass-root level. Pharmaceutical companies are under constant pressure to provide better medicines while embracing innovations in the field of medicine gracefully. The ever increasing use of the internet as a source of information is a trend that only seems to grow. Therefore, it is very important that an effective marketing strategy should be in place to make optimum use of the internet to promote a brand.

Do I Have to Use Hype in Marketing My Business?

Many of my clients say to me, marketing just feels so unnatural to me, so much like hype. Do I really have to do that to get people to learn about my products and services?

Marketing: It’s All About Communication

Most businesses have a marketing strategy. Unfortunately, this is often focused on attracting new customers and businesses totally overlook the clients they already have. Shouldn’t you develop a marketing strategy for them too? When you think about it, this has to be a better plan, because you’re dealing with individuals who already understand what your business is all about.

Clinical Research In India – Will It Survive

The Indian Clinical Research Industry is going through a tough phase. Business in the industry is competitive because of a price war and a very stringent regulatory environment. The market was expected to reach a $ 1 billion in 2010 with a predicted growth rate of 15-20% but because of the prevailing recession and above mentioned factors, the market has yet to reach a size of $800 million in the year 2012-2013. The Industry desperately needs a growth booster. Experts of the industry also need to change the way they think about moving forward.

How to Make a Wedding Show Booth Successful

Before you print out that show badge make sure you plan, plan and then plan some more. Set proper expectations for the event, including training for staff, review messaging, and do your research on the other exhibitors prior to arriving. Details matter!

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