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In today's video I'm going to show you How you can make money with affiliate Marketing by promoting very Niche Products this may not be a very beginner Friendly method so if you are absolute Beginner to affiliate marketing you may Want to stay away from this method or if You are a courageous enough you can try Your hand with this one but it's Actually going to require some knowledge How to promote affiliate offers Efficiently so you can make some money With this too now you may be thinking to Yourself why will you try promoting These Niche offers that nobody else Wants to deal with it laws or make money Or health but they tend to get saturated Real quick so if you're going to follow This video through I'm going to show you A strategy that you can use to promote Niche offers and you can apply this Strategy to many many different niches That nobody almost nobody is going to Promote and there's a huge chance that You're going to strike gold with some of These offers because there's not that High of a competition so you can make Some pretty decent income but before we Get into all of that I would kindly like To ask you to make sure to smash that Like button under this video to help me With the YouTube algorithm and also to Stay tuned for more money making content That I I post multiple times every

Single week just make sure to hit the Subscribe button and the notification Bell as well so as soon as I release a Brand new money making video you'll get Notified immediately and you get to Watch it right away so the first thing What you want to do is just go to some Affiliate Marketplace in this video I'm Going to show you how to do this on Digistore24 if you want to use a Different affiliate Marketplace you just Go right ahead because I'm not going to Show you the exact effort to go for what I'm going to do is more like show you The strategy that you can use to promote This very Niche offers so you can choose Offer that you want to go with and Replicate these steps and make some Money with it so if you're going to use Digistore24 after all what you want to Do if you're new here just obviously you Need to sign up for your account as with Any other website or affiliate Marketplace all you need to do is just Simply put in your username email Address choose a password and if you're Going to be promoting other products you Want you want to select I mainly promote Products of other providers then just Agree to this privacy policy and accept It then just click on continue then it Will take into this site where you need To fill in all your personal information Then just click on register for free now

And you will get your account once you Do that what you want to do is just Simply log in and just head straight to The affiliate marketplace right here at The top and you will get taken to the Site where you get to choose all the Affiliate offers but you can notice There's a bunch of different issues Right here on the left side and most of These niches aren't being promoted Enough some of these are over promoted For example if you're going to go into The fitness and health section you can See all these diet plans and weight loss Systems that are being promoted very Often by a huge number of people but if You're going to go for example into this Section let's go with let's see Photography in motion picture you can Find products right here that are paying Pretty decent commission for example This one's paying 12.93 for promoting This program right here and if you're Going to scroll through all of this you Will find some very interesting offers For example this one right here that's Going to teach you how to edit videos on IPhone this is something that's pretty Highly popular right now because even if You've been to Instagram or Tick Tock or Any other short format content website For example YouTube shorts you can see That you can start such a page from Scratch with 90 thing by your iPhone but

If you don't know how to edit videos on IPhone something like this could go very Handy so for example if I go to their Sales page you can see right here that This program will teach you just for 37 Dollars how to create high quality Videos with nothing but your iPhone now Not exactly everybody is going to go for This type of offer but if you can Promote this in the right places where People will be actually looking for this Type of offers you can make some easy Money promoting something very Niche Like this and if you check this out you Will get paid 13 and some change so it's Basically 40 Commission on this product But because this product doesn't cost That much if you have a couple hundred Dollars for an iPhone or even a thousand Dollars for an iPhone there's a huge Chance that the same person who's going To drop that amount of money for an IPhone is going to find thirty seven Dollars for a single course that's going To greatly improve their video editing Skills so for that reason if you want to Go for example with something Niche like This all you need to do is just promote Now as you can see I've been promoting This one already and I had some great Results with it all I want to do to Start promoting is just click on promote Now copy your affiliate link and save it Somewhere where you will be able to

Access it later for example into this Notepad I'm going to save it into a Notepad then what you want to do you Need to find a way how to promote this Very efficiently among the right people Now before we leave this affiliate Marketplace I'm going to show you a Bunch of other Niche products that you Can do this for for example if you're Going to go into languages this could Work very well for the languages courses As well if you go to languages you can See you can get paid around twelve Dollars twelve dollars all the way to 53 Dollars for every single sale you're Going to make using this exact method But instead of promoting the photography Course I was showing you earlier you Just go for one of these language Courses other courses that you can use This for are for example in the Hobby And handcraft Niche and as you can see Right here these products do not tend to Pay huge amounts of money for example For each sale of this one you will get Just like 91 dollars but with this Method that I'm going to show you in Today's video you will have no problem Looking for the right people to promote These two so you can get a lot of Traffic to your affiliate link and make Some decent sales now if you go to a Website like this one right here here I'm pretty sure everybody knows this

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Website even if you haven't been here You may heard of it before at this time It's probably one of the most popular Short format content websites out there It's called Tick Tock and if you haven't Heard of tick tock yet you will find About it in today's video so what you Want to do is if you go to tick tock Just go to the search bar and look for Something like iPhone photography you Can see you get multiple recommendations But you can search for and I highly Recommend going for something like Tricks iPhone photography tricks and you Can find many videos that are going to Teach you how to take better photos with Your iPhone or shoot better videos with Your iPhone and as you can see by the Viewer numbers these are hugely popular Millions of people around the world own An iPhone and out of everybody who owns An iPhone in the world millions of People are actually interested in Learning how to take better photos how To create better videos so they can Improve their social media game for that Reason you can see for example this one Right here is 16.5 million views and if You're going to check this Tick Tock out You can see it's just a simple video of This guy showing you how to take a Better photo with your iPhone in a Changing room and I'm actually having Very hard time not to start watching

These tick tocks how to create better Photos because this is actually Something that I'm interested in and Videos like this are a great attention Grabber for the people who are actually Interested in this stuff and they can be Used to great success in promoting such Type such type of Niche affiliate offers And actually guys you can start Promoting this content with using these Types of videos without having to create One yourself so just keep watching Because I'm going to show you how to do That right now all you need to do is Just go to Google and you want to look For tick tock download or just hit Search on that and go to one of these Sites but I highly recommend using this First right here that's called just go to this website and Basically what you want to do is just go To this Tick Tock copy its link pasted Into this field right here then just Click on download and you'll get this Option it's going to pop up in just a Couple of seconds that is going to give You these options to download The Tick Tock without the watermark and also Download it as a MP3 you want to go for This option without a watermark there Just click on that and the video is Going to get downloaded to your computer Now what you want to do is just go to Another website where you can start

Posting these videos for free one of Those I highly recommend is called I'm pretty sure many of You know what Pinterest is and this is Actually one of the best places to be Promoting such type of offers because if You're going to check this website out I'm going to show you all the data using This extension right here that's called Similar web you can see right here that This website is getting over 1 billion Views every single month that's not Million that's a billion which means Thousand Millions okay and as you can See right here most of this traffic is Coming from United States over over 40 Percent of the traffic coming to Pinterest is coming from United States Which means that's over 400 million People come to this website monthly from United States and out of those 400 Million people how many do own an iPhone So based on the numbers alone this is The great place for promoting such Products and if you're going to search For for example iPhone photo shoot ideas On Pinterest you can see that there are Already hundreds of videos out here Doing the exact same thing for example If I'm going to open this one right here You can see it's the exact same thing It's a short video about somebody Teaching you how to take better photos Or videos with an iPhone and pretty much

What you want to do is the exact same Thing if you don't have an Pinterest Account just sign up for one real quick Then what you want to do is click on Create and create a pin and you want to Basically upload the video that you have Grabbed from Tick Tock using the Downloader to Pinterest but you gotta do One important step right here and let's Go back to tick tock and you want to Copy the name of the author of The Tick Tock you just simply go to their profile Drop them a follow if you're interested In the content and also make sure to Copy the name then you just have back to Pinterest and in this title you want to Run something like original video credit Add and paste the name of the creator of The original video then what you want to Do is just simply go to the description And then simply write something like Want to learn how to take better videos With your iPhone check the destination Link then just pretty much scroll all The way down here where it says Destination link and you want to paste The link to your affiliate offer for Example in this case it's for this Product right here on digistore edit Videos on your iPhone this is important Because you need to match the content of The video with the offer you're going to Be promoting such as place your Affiliate linking to destination field

And also you need to add a couple of Hashtags so these three so this Pinterest video is going to get shared You need to put in relevant hashtags for Example like photography video editing IPhone let's try something for iPhone For example iPhone photography and I Just go ahead and add a bunch of Hashtags that is going to make sure that This pin will reach the right people Then pretty much all you need to do is Just publish this and it's going to get Out there and it's going to get some Real traffic to your affiliate link now You can do this exact same thing for Pinterest but you can also do it for This website right here that you may Very well know it's called Instagram you Just log into your Instagram and then Just go to create click on select from Computer upload the same video and you Can just copy this description right Here paste it on Instagram and also make Sure to change this part to say the link In BIO because Instagram doesn't have Destination links it has bio links then What you want to do is just simply add a Couple of hashtags to make sure that This rail is going to reach the right People too for that I highly recommend This website right here that's called Best you just search for a Hashtag that you want for example this Time I went with iPhone photography and

It's going to give you a couple of Hashtags that are ready to be copied and Pasted to Instagram so just simply click On copy go back to Instagram paste the Hashtags right there and then just Simply click on share now your post is Going to get shared it's going to start Driving traffic to your affiliate link And if people are actually interested in Purchasing the product that you're Promoted it's going to get sales and You're going to get paid money now Remember guys this is not exact about This affiliate offer that I have shown You this is about the traffic method That you can use to promote very Niche Offers to the right people then you can Just go basically to all of these Sections on digistore24 and you can find A product that you want to be promoting For example if I'm going to go to Survival right here you can see there's Some offers that are going to pay you a Pretty nice commission for example 30 Dollars for promoting this product right Here and it's called backyard Miracle Farm this offer will drop like a bomb Okay a and if I'm going to go to their Sales page I'm not going to be watching This entire video right now but I'm Pretty sure it's something to do with The creating Farm in your backyard for Example if you want to grow your own Food and vegetables all you need to do

Is just simply go back to tick tock and Look for farming backyard tips then just Use one of these videos that you want to Use do this exact process for this niche As well but guys make sure to credit the Original author because you always want To provide credit to somebody who's Creating this content unless you want to Be creating this content yourself if You're going to be using somebody else's Videos you need to put credit to the Original Creator because that's the Right thing to do and that way you will Not get into trouble doing this method And that's pretty much it guys this is How easy is to promote very Niche Affiliate offers to the right people and Make some money selling products that Nobody else is promoting now if you Enjoyed this method make sure to hit the Like button under this video if you Haven't already then just go ahead put This method to work make some money with It and after you return to this video And do let me know down in the comments As per usual how much money you have Made using this other than that if You're hungry for some more money making Content try checking out this video Right here other than that I just hope You have a fantastic day and I'm going To see you in the next video

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