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And as you can see here these guys have Made over 247 thousand dollars doing This particular method and not only that This one here they have made over Fourteen thousand dollars and they've Just started doing this particular Method and what I want to do is show you Exactly how in this video I've been Making money online for many years it's My full-time job now and this is one of The best things that I've seen in a long Time it's absolutely insane and I'm Going to show you how to use this AI bot To go and make money with art online now This is brand new it's a big Trend right Now so you are going to want to get in On this quick so I do recommend you Watch this video all the way to the end To don't miss any information and more Importantly you can go and start doing This for free right now and I'm going to Show you exactly how to do it step by Step in this tutorial so let's jump into This tutorial right now and I'll show You how to make money with AI Art Online Alright guys so the first thing you want To do is you want to head over to two Websites now at the end of this video I'm going to show you a bonus method to Make money online with this but what I Want to do right now is show you the Main one that going to focus on in this Tutorial so first of all you want to Head over to website called Alura dot IO

So you can just put this into the Browser here and then put dot IO at the End and it will take you to this Particular website here now you can Start a free account all you want to do Is you want to go and sign up a brand New account there will be a sign up Button up here I'm already logged in Once you do that you'll be taken into The dashboard and that's all you need to Do for now the next step is you want to Go to and we're going to Actually start doing some research on How we can go ahead and make money with This method now I'm going to quickly Take you through this research you would Go and do your own and kind of figure Out what is going to work the best for You but after this you'll understand Exactly how this works so for example I'm going to go into Etsy right now and I'm going to put in something like space Canvas wall art and I'm going to go Ahead and I'm going to look through and I'm going to find a specific shop that Is selling space canvas wall art now This can work for anything like mugs T-shirts any you think that's sold on and I've just found one here I've actually found a few examples in This particular video and I'll take you Through them so what I did is I went to One of these ones here and I found this Space art right here and I thought to

Myself well I want to figure out how Much this store is making a bit of an Average estimation and we can actually Do that with the software that I showed You before so I clicked on the specific Store here went to the store and I took The store name and what I did is I put The store name into that app that I Showed you before and what it does is it Actually tells you exactly what these Guys are selling how many sales they've Had and then how much revenue they have Made and this is crazy because you can Actually go through and do this on every Single store and you can see what is Selling the most so this does all of the Research for you and I'm going to Explain to you exactly how this all Works in a second it might be a little Bit confusing fugues might be like well How can I actually get this stuff to Sell don't worry I'm going to explain All of that in a sec okay now we can go Down and we can see exactly how many of Each ones they have sold and stuff like That and then here's a couple of other Stores that I went to as well this one Is made 375 000 and then this one here has made 14 000 it's a relatively new store started Up selling these canvases now keep in Mind you can do this with all sorts of Stuff so we can put in like space mugs The limit the

Um limitations are endless like there is No limitations you can literally do this For any type of thing snow globes mugs You can do this for anything so I just Want to show you these as an example and You might be thinking right now well how Can I actually go ahead and make money Doing this well let's go ahead and get Out of these ones right here and let's Go and take this one for example right Here they sell all sorts of canvases Space and stuff like that now we know These guys are making well over two Hundred dollars per day most of the Stores are making over 150 200 per day Doing this we can just tell by going off The stats and what I want to do is show You exactly how you can go ahead and do This now you might be thinking to Yourself how can I go ahead and get Pictures like this it's actually very Easy what you want to do is you want to Go to a website called deli2 now this is This is I'm from a company called so go to and Scroll all the way to the bottom and You'll get taken to this website right Here now this website will create Digital art for you and what I'm going To do right now is I'm going to show you Some examples and show you some that I've already actually done and show you How cool this AI software is so you can Sign up your free account now there is a

Paid version I think you get like 50 Credits or something on the free account That it runs out but let's go ahead and Put in some commands that I have right Here now because it's Christmas time We're going to put in uh this one here Now you kind of got to try to explain What you want okay so I put in realistic Digital image of Christmas dog wearing Glasses and then I go generate and what It's going to do is it's going to go Ahead and generate this for us and I'll Show you exactly what it looks like once It's done now I'm going to show you two Versions of this because I have two Versions of this so first of all we have This version here well it gave me these Four images and then we have this one Here where it gave me these four Images Where that these dogs have hats as well Now what you can actually do is once you Find one that you like you can click on It and then you can go to variations and It's going to give you four different Variations or three different variations And then the main image as well and You'll see how powerful this actually is So as you can see it's gone ahead and Given us these different types of Canvases now because it's Christmas time These would sell very well I actually Like the original one better than all of These we can actually go and download These and we can go and sell these on

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  • We Completely Set It Up For You Get Your Own Classified Ad Website - You Keep All The Money! Yes, Have Created For You A 6 Figure Business Running Free Advertising Websites!!>>CLICK HERE TO GET IT << now what I want to do is I want To give you a few couple more examples Here that are really really cool that we Can use so we can go ahead and put in This one here which is digital image of Dubai landscape okay And I'll come back once it's loaded so What this has done is given us four Insane digital landscape images of Dubai Now if we go to Etsy real quick and we Go um landscape Canvas We actually have landscape canvases Right here there's like paintings and Also here's some here some digital ones As well Oh here's a nice one here so we can Actually go and make money selling these Types of digital canvases now what I do Want to show you is a space one that I Did real quick here this is a space one That I did and this is the original one And then these are the four different Variations this one is really really Cool I actually really really like this And I think this would look amazing on a Canvas that we could sell on Now let's take a look at another one That I found that I really really liked This one as well And this one was Um the So a cyberpunk illusion of waves Crashing on beach with white sand Sunset

Now I don't know how I came up with this I just put a bunch of words together and Then we're going to do generate and see What comes up now it's going to be Different every time I have done this Before okay so this looks really really Cool and what we can actually do I Actually like this one right here and I Can go like this and I can go variations And it's going to give me different Types of variations but what I would Recommend you do is just stick to the Basics and the basics in this tutorial Is going to be things like space okay so The space stuff and all sorts of stuff Like that and I'll just do a space Example for you right now okay so I Actually did some spelling mistakes here And I was going to correct it but this Actually came out really really awesome I did fantasy space and so it's supposed To be fantasy space with the moon and Space station and we've got these four Awesome looking images now I actually Like this one so we're going to click on This one and we're going to go Variations And let's see what it comes up with I'm Actually excited for this one because it Looks really really cool okay that looks Sick so look at these ones right here I Like the original one probably the best But I like this one how it's got the I Guess red Moon or Sun or something

Coming out in the background here and Then these two look well actually these All look really really amazing so we you Can see that we've just got these Awesome digital images right here from Doing literally Nothing we we just put in some words Into a AI bot that spits out this stuff For us now I think this would look Amazing on a canvas especially this one Right here so how can we actually go Ahead and make money by selling these Canvases because you're probably Thinking to yourself Franklin I don't Have a canvas I can't make a canvas well You don't actually need to make the Canvas yourself what you can do Is you can go to a website called and they will actually Print it all on for you and what happens Is you can go down to the bottom here And you can see that it connects to what this means is that Everything is automated all you do is You go connect and then you connect it To your Etsy store and then what happens Is when someone places an order it all Gets done in the back end for you and The printify will send out the canvas to Your customer all you need to do is go On and put in the design and then Connect it to your store and that's it And they have heaps of tutorials on how You can actually go ahead and do that so

That is how you can make money with Digital Arts AI art and you do this on but what about another way I Have another way we can actually go Ahead and make money with this and I'll Show you that right now alright guys Another way you can make money with this Is you can go to a website called and you can actually make Gigs where you can create art so you use The bot the AI bot to create the art and You can actually sell it online now you Went through a bit of customization and Stuff like that it's going to take a While to get it right but this is Another way you can go ahead and make Money with AI Art Online so that's it For this video guys make sure you hit That subscribe button tap that Notification Bell I'll see you on the Next video but this is another great way You can make money online with AI art

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