Make EASY Money On TikTok (Faceless Video’s)

So now I'm going to share with you how To make money on Tick Tock in an Incredibly quick and simple way you Don't need money you don't need Experience you don't need any skills you Don't have to talk you don't have to be On camera there's a long list of things You don't need there's a list of maybe Two different things that you do need And by the end of this video you'll know Exactly how all of this works and how to Get this all set up yourself because Once you see the potential I think a Number of you will actually give this Method a go you know try and make money With this because it's incredibly simple So let's dive into it so So we're on Tick Tock and I've just Typed in the word facts now don't worry I'm not going to tell you it's good on This Niche or category if you don't want To what we can see on here look we've Got every everyday things you know Whilst that may generate a lot of views Like it does down here not potentially Going to earning lots of money we've got This one over here random facts again Not something we're going to focus on Come down here weird facts come down Here we've got this one over here and Then we've got this one sex facts sir Relationship okay now you can go down This road so let me do this so we could Look at facts like this but ultimately

What we would be focusing on is Something known as Evergreen content and What that means is we are looking for Topics and categories which are Evergreen which means people will always Be interested in these topics and Subjects this is always the same thing It's health wealth Fitness and Relationships okay so all those those Things are what people are always Interested in people are always Interested to a degree in becoming Healthier obviously becoming wealthier Making money online and from home or in A business set that's not sex Relationships as well that again is a Huge thing for people so if we're Focusing on content around this Evergreen you know category we can be Generating not only a lot of views and Potential views we can also be earning Money now the great thing about this Whole method is as I've mentioned you Don't need a lot of time for this you Don't skill or experience and you can Set this all up really really quickly so Up here let me just do this so we've got Facts now we can come on here and see Different you know different facts so We've got facts about the girl facts About psychology or let's let's just Click on this one here okay And let's just scroll down and again Look seven truths about girls come down

Here we've got exposing uh what I don't Know what that would be but ultimately This concept here is this concept of Making money is we decide on a category Or a niche in one of those popular Topics now if I come over here I'll show You where you can you know break this Down even firm so this is over on a Website called ClickBank street sign up To by the way so we'll come over here Create a free account and we'll go to The marketplace Now over here on the left hand side if I Click on this these are categories as You can see and you can go into any one Of these and find different products That you can become an affiliate for When I say become an affiliate for don't Worry you don't have to pay any money You don't have to spend a lot of time For this you find something around that Category and you click on promote and Then you can get your own affiliate link Because with the method we are looking At today we can actually end in two Different well potentially more ways but We're going to focus on two different Ways so if I come down here and we're Going to health and fitness we can see That category has sub niches so we could Go in here look we have got we've got Addiction we've got Beauty we've got Dental dietary diet Etc

Etc so you could go into any one of These different categories over here so If I click on sleep and dreams Let's have a look to stop snoring okay How much is this 39 come down here Sleepy fat what's that sleep like 70 Dollars confirm it on the page 33. 11 Etc okay so this here potentially falls Into that Evergreen topic okay but again You can go into lots of these different Categories and just have a look at you Know the different products and also the Different amounts of money that you can Make from this but let's go into let's Try and found something about Relationships So when I come down here we've got Hermann Garden reference self-help let's Go in here so let's have a look survival Success time management personal and Again you see all these things here These here are all Different categories but let's go with Dating guys okay and we'll have a look At this let's scroll down look at this One over here starting to jump up eighty Seven dollars come down here forty seven Dollars come down here we've got this One over here sixty four dollars these Things are so we can see there's lots of Potential in here look irresistible text Women's dating offer so that click on There it's going to open up in a new tab And I can see what this product is all

About the boring girls guide to have him Wrapped around you I think And you can scroll through you can Scroll down and have a look at the sales Page and you know find out more Information about it and I wouldn't Spending a great deal amount a great Amount of time on this I would literally Decide on a category so in this example Here we are going to go into the dating Category which works in very simple yeah It works awesome Now in here we can find different Products we can find products for Females for men and other bits and Literally I'd maybe find a couple and Then go with this so let's just click With this one And what is this Video starts so basically this over here Is what makes girls perfect her sleeper Honestly some of these products are just Crazy but find one once you're happy With this one you'd click on promote Over here then you click on generate hop Link down here now that that is your Long link okay so you've got a link so We've decided on the category we've Found a product or products that we want To you know and become an affiliate for Which basically means we're sharing a Link online whether that's Tick Tock or YouTube or it doesn't really matter Once we've got this link over here and

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We've got our category we move on to the Next part which is over here as you can See we have got these different videos On here so let's just go I'm just going To take this I'm just going to type in And let's just type in body facts And it doesn't matter you can check out Any category or any Niche and then look At this one over here 2.3 million views And it's literally just a background Video says by facts and it's got some Text over the top 2.3 million views Let's look at the channel And you can see on here Yes exactly as I thought Background video a little bit of text Over the top and that's it done okay but That's there uh in this category let's Look at something else let's look at Woodworking Woodwork let's go with that because Again I know people will be doing this Method because it works and you can make Money with this so people over here Sharing different videos about Woodworking let's just click on account So let me just move my mouse out let's Just get rid of this and let's click on Accounts let's see if the actual Accounts with the name woodworking so Look at this one here so 328 000 followers and all they're doing here Is uploading videos around Woodworking And again if I was to go over here onto

This one I'll still go over here onto The marketplace and just type in Woodworking Like sir I can find products for this so Look eleven dollars that's not Particularly good Ted's Woodworking Fifty four dollars it's been around for Years it constantly converts so Basically you could create videos around This and again these videos are not hard To do by any stretch of the imagination But you can go I mean look at this one Here 198 000 followers let's go into the Account and just very quickly look at This And again it literally just looks like Stock images Which it is It's crazy it really is so how do you Create these sorts of videos without Being on camera yourself without talking Or anything well you could use a free Piece of software it's called Canberra We've looked at this in the past Numerous times and it's incredibly Simple to use this So we're coming here and we'd come over Here to where it says Tick Tock video so We click on that opens up into a new tab And then all we have to do on here is Over on the left hand side we've got These here these are different video Templates okay so you can come in here And pick any one of these that you like

Block of okay and they're all bearing Amount these are all templates so you Can edit any part of these but look at This one this looks pretty cool And also it looks very similar to the One that we saw a minute ago in the Facts category okay but in this example We are going with woodworking so on here I'm going to go to elements and I'm Going to type in woodworking like so And then it's going to bring up videos Around that so if I come over here to Videos look here's a woodworking video Here's a woodwork all of these okay Straightforward and simple so if I click On here now and bring this over here That goes on there so I have now got a Video of someone doing Woodworking and All I'm all I would do here is now Okay so we need some sort of text to go Over the top of this so facts about Woodworking so for this you could use Different pieces of software like chat Gbt or you can use this one over here This is called Jasper I use this it's Awesome and it's free so in here all I Do is once I'm inside of the software I Come down here and I'm just going to say Please write Three tips for Woodworking like so And it goes on there takes a second and Then it's going to give me funny enough Three tips for woodworking okay look

Always little item so we've got these Ones over here finish with some paper Two at the time so I'm gonna come on Here I'm gonna copy this look and then I'm gonna go back into the software over Here and I'm going to double click on Here and I'm gonna paste that into here So that would go down here okay and Don't worry the minute it doesn't stand Out too much because we're going to Change that so I'm going to come over Here to text and click on here And drag this like sir up to the top And I'm gonna type in Wood Working tips Like this okay and now all I'm doing Here is I'm just playing around with This so like now it looks a bit too big So if I want to make it smaller I just Make it smaller like so okay that goes That then I need an element so I'm gonna Click off here and I need some salt box Maybe so I'm gonna come over here and Get rid of this and I'm going to click On this over here I'm going to change The color of that to Black Like sir I'm gonna drag that over here Like this watch oh click on this and Then move it up to here so now I'm Making my text stand out a bit more I'm Going to drag it across here like so and Then basically you can just format it Like this like this

And then that's still a bit too big Isn't it so now I need to make it a bit Smaller like so so I've got woodworking Tips now the video Behind is a bit too Bright so now I'll click on here because That's transparency and I take it down Like so okay and then you'll notice this Text you know it's still not Particularly standing out too good is it Sir I could change the text color up Here click on here and glow with it in Black or blue or red or any of these Different colors like this you can also Click on this and expand it like this So it's there but again it doesn't Particularly stand out too great does it So you've got a couple of options I Could change the video behind this or I Could even change the font of this Because the font I can click on here and Just change the font and go through Different font sizes I can also make the Font but I can make the text bold using This button here and I can also you know Underline it and lots more but the Concept is we literally use AI to create These tips and we also use the AI Software on camber to create the videos And then what happens is at the end so This here would be an example of slide One you can see it's 14 seconds now if I Click on here and I click on duplicate Page I can say

Now if I go back over to let's just go Back over to cam Where is it gone this website over here I'll come back onto ClickBank and I can Go to this Ted's Woodworking I'm going To open this up into a new tab And I'm going to process the world's Largest woodworking plans So here look so I'm going to scroll up Here And get this And all I'm doing is copy and paste it So I'm going to copy that and look it Says here wait get your free wood Plan Diet I'll understand Absolutely free so that could Potentially use that in the video as a Call to action sir I could just paste it In here like this Who else collage is collection of 16 Woodworking plums And I'm just going to come up here and I'm going to click on here and type in Again Access To the world's largest collection of 16 000 woodworking plans And I'm going to say it simply Click the link enter Comment section Because obviously when you first start This method over on Tick Tock you don't Get clickable link in your buyer and in Your buyer until you have a thousand

Followers so if you say you know click The link in the comments you can copy Our affiliate link and you can put it in The comment section this here is known As a call to action okay so this is how It would look now obviously I'm still Not happy with this text so I want to Make it stand out a bit more so again I've got a few different options I could Get a different background video I could Change the font of this or I can just do This Change this to Black like sir And then I'm going to drag this over Here and drag it down Drag it up And do this and then I'm going to come Up here where it says position and send It backwards and now obviously it's Standing out so if I just click on here Now So we can now see how it looks so we can See in the background we've got someone Working away we've also got our text Over the top and once you're happy with This okay so once you're actually happy With the video you can go ahead and Download this video and then we can Upload it onto Tick Tock and then we Include our affiliate Link in the Comment sections but here's a cool thing Okay how long did these videos take they Don't take a lot of time to buy any Stretch of the imagination and literally

What you can do is so this would be Video one you could then use the same Background and the same tip up here this Woodworking tips and then you would put In tip two and then you would put in tip Three but then you always include your Call to action down here because Obviously if people are watching videos About woodworking they are interested in Woodworking it's the same concepts with Health wealth Fitness all these sorts of Things you decide on the category you Find some different products that you Can become an affiliate for then you Create content around that and using Software like Jasper like convert canva Here these are AI tools make the whole Process incredibly simple and fast to Them and literally once you've done a Few videos with this background out here I'll just come over here to an element And I would type in something else here So again so if I come back over here and I type in woodworking like so I could then use a different image I Could use a photo or I could just use a Different video it's really simple to do So again scroll down here find one that You like the lookups like this one here For example I'll click on there I'll Bring it over here and there we go let Me get rid of the previous one like sir And then I just dragged this one like Sir just dragging it to fit I'm going to

Move it over here so you can see the Work going on and I click on position Backwards like sir And then that is that one done and again It's not it's not as you can see here It's not a hard process by any stretch Of the imagination then what happened is Over time in terms of tick tock you can Get accepted into the tick tock create Fund whereby you can be earning money From those videos and then here's the Thing what I'll do I would also take the Same video I would put it onto YouTube Shots I would put it onto Facebook I'd Put it onto Instagram it takes an Additional few minutes but you can be Earning money from multiple different Platforms for literally a few minutes of Work so look that's today's video if You've got any questions please let me Know down below as always thanks for Watching have a great day and I'll see You soon [Music]

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