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Welcome to today's video now in this Video we are looking at a method which Is passive once you have set this up now Each set is around the corner so we're Going to focus on Easter but you don't Have to you can well you could you Can focus on national holidays if you Want to so things like Easter five as Their Mother's Day Valentine's Day Halloween Etc or you can even expand on This so we'll look at the method I'll Share with you how this works we'll look At how you can actually speed up this Process and make more money and by the End of the video you'll have a clear Plan in place of literally how to set This up from stats finisher okay so Let's just dive right into it so for This method we are coming over on two Onto here so on here you can see oh this Is on Etsy by the way I have just typed In this up here the word each step Printables now here's the interesting Thing 5 400 people a month are searching For Easter printables now I'm guessing It's gone up a little bit because Obviously Easter is around the corner if I know the spirit this bar on here we Can also see we've got Easter printables For kids 310 people on one for searching For it so on here all I'm doing is I'm Just having a little nosy to see you Know what people are doing what are they Selling and you know how easy is it for

Us to do this So let's just scroll down so we've got Lots of different examples on here so We've got prints we have got look what Is that printable Egg Match so someone Selling a game of egg matching and Honestly these take minutes to go ahead And create these we have got an activity Bundle over here we've got finger card And then we've got one here with Different word searches on there hangman And lots more but here's the cool thing About this method okay even if we wasn't Focusing on you know the Easter category You could go into more day-to-day things Like Dairy checklists like Health Checklists you know like lots of Different things which people can print Off and start using but because it is a Digital product you can create this one So upload onto Etsy and be making money And and it doesn't take a long time Whatsoever it's like this one over here Look we've got Easter worksheets so Let's just click on this and have a look At this okay So this this shop here has had 2192 sales so again if I wanted to be a Bit more nosy I'd click on there and it Opens up into a new tab so I can see Their shop and all of the products They're selling so down here they've got All these different categories and if You just scroll down you can see

Everything that they're selling okay so You can see here look we have got a Valentine's Day wet like I was saying Valentine's Day Halloween Thanksgiving Christmas and the cool thing about this Method is all of these sorts of bundles Here that Christmas the Valentine's Day The Halloween essentially you can take One template and change around some Images on this and then you can Literally just tailor that product to The holiday or the season that you are You know creating this worksheet or this Bundle around So we can go through and have a look and All we're doing is we're just seeing What other people are selling so once You've got an idea for this we're going To use a free piece of software there Are many available but the one we want To be looking at is this one over here It is called canva now we need to create A custom size for this so this is what We do so we go over to canva and again I'll put links to everything down below For you we've come over to canva we Click on create a design if we don't Have an account you just sign up it's Free then we have got the width here and We've got the height and we click on Create a new design and this here is Drag and drop it's so simple okay So this is what it looks like inside of The software okay really and this here

Is your web called the the design that You're going to be working on so all I'm Doing on here is I'm just having a look At other things what people are selling So again let's just go and hear what is This Trace the lines color by number how many Eggs are there how many what's that SEC All the bees and you can just click on Here and screw I mean look at this one Here decorate your own Easter egg I mean That that would be incredible in fact I'll show you how simple it is and again You can just go ahead and have a look at You know what they are selling and then You can create your own and again like This here simple all of these are simple But if you go back here let's just go Back to this one here decorate your on Easter egg name in a day okay so we'll Do this really quickly and then I'll Share with you how you can take away all Of the hassle and headache of using this Yourself and just literally with a Couple of clicks have multiple Worksheets done fine well let's start at The beginning let's go down the slur Version and the free version so we're Going to be looking at creating Something similar to where the heck is It got this one over here let me move This up so I can see it next to each Other so decorate your awning strips so Really simple on the left hand side

We've got elements so what do I need Well I need some text aren't I so I'm Gonna come to sorry down here I'm gonna Go to text and I'm gonna just for the Time being I'm gonna go with a header Like so I'm going to move this up here I'm going to type in there And decorate your Own Easter egg Now obviously you'd want to change the Wording around so you're making this Unique but for the sake of the video I'm Just speeding this up so now we've got This here on here we can click on the Fonts we can change any of these fonts So if I click on that it change that and If you know if you're not happy with This this hundred of these inside of Here so you can just pick any one that You like look of and then you can go With this okay so for now I'm just going To leave it like that okay so decorate Your own Easter egg let's go back to the Listing I've got a name and a date up There so again I could put the name and The date up here using this text up here So let's go here I'm just gonna go text I'm going to click on add a subheading And I'm going to drag this up here and I'm going to put name And then they've got a few dots like so I haven't there let's just go back Really quickly and then they've got the Date so you do the same process for the

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Day now I need an image here for the egg Sir come out of here And I'm going to go to element and I'm Going to type in Easter egg so now I've got all of these Different elements so we can click on Graphics if you wanted to play in Graphics you could go with photos but You can see in here there's lots of Things that we can do now when you are Using canva there's a few things to know Here where you see a crown this is the Pro version which means it costs money Now what I would recommend is when you First starting up with this method go With the free option once you start to Make some money then upgrade to the pro Version because it's from memory it's About a hundred dollars for the year or You can split out between five people so I'll pay twenty dollars and get access To it that way but basically you're Looking for an Easter egg so one without The crown so if I just go with this one Here let's just pull this in and put it Down here now here I can make it as big Or as small as I like so if I wanted to Put this up here and make this a bit Smaller like so this is what I would do I just take down the actual Size of the text now here is the egg so Obviously I want this to be a bit bigger Because once this is done this here that You're looking at will be in A4 so I'm

Going to move this over here now up here You've got different colors so you could Leave this you know in these colors or If you want to change it we could just Come over here click on white this one Over here click on white as well as it's Gone the whole thing's gone so you Wouldn't do that so let me go back on Here and let me just go with black well That one's too black so we'll change That one back to this one here we'll go To Black and this one over here we will Click on here and change it to White NOW Obviously that there isn't going to do Is it but this is the great thing about Canva it's just playing around with it So let me get rid of that and then I'm Going to go back over here and I'm going To find one you know which we could use In this example over here so I mean for The sake of the video I could just go With that one there the pro one and it Is done but I'll tell you what I am Going to do I'm going to you know work Around it there's always a way I'm gonna Take an egg There's an egg Move that down Like sir And I could use That that if I wanted to so that there Could be page one of a bundle over here Decorate your own Easter egg so let's go Back over here so that could be page one

Done it's a little bit different to the One that's selling over on Etsy over Here but again you could make it exactly Like that if you wanted to it's like This one here so let me get rid of that Egg there let's get rid of that let's go With this one here that's free I'm just Going to make that a bit smile like sir And I'm going to drag that further here Like so and then that's that one done And then I would move on to the next one And the next one and again you've got Lots of different options in here so Like that I mean look at that one that Was three so let's get rid of that one Let's put that Easter egg in And I'm going to do that so just in this Example here we could create numerous Work pages like this so all I do here is I click on duplicate so I've got the Same down there so now if I didn't want That I'd click on delete and I would go Over here and then I could add in Different things so I could put in this One If I wanted to so I could create 10 of These really quickly inside of here Whereby someone could create their own Easter egg and all I'm doing here is I'm Just going over and having a look at you Know different things what they're doing It's like this one over here draw a line To the correct number again simple Process all we're doing is we're just

Dragging and dropping different elements Over here on canva once you're happy With it you come over here to where it Says share and we download this as we Want all of the pages and we download This not as a PNG we download this as a PDF so you've got two options you've got Standard and you've also got print we're Going to go for print because obviously People would be getting this digital Download and printing it off okay Well this is literally the process we Find products which are already selling We create similar ones ourselves using Free software like canva and then we Come over to Etsy and we list them for Ourself sorry excuse me and the cool Thing about this is because it's a Digital file you can see I hear like Digital download digital file type Literally you upload this onto Etsy you Put some pictures on here like sir you Give this a title as well And then what happens is your work is Essentially done because you've created This we've uploaded this you know Someone buys it they get an instant Downloads to go ahead and you know get Access to this you can then move on to The next is that and the next is now Pretty much like what they've done over Here with this okay it's not difficult The only part to this is it just takes Time and effort you know going into

Canva playing around with the different Elements dragging and dropping them Changing them and other bits if you want To speed up the whole process whereby You can just literally take away all of The you know all of the hard work as Such you can use a piece of software now I've written an article about this one I Will drop a link to it down below it's This one over here it's called crispy Prints I'll show you inside of it and Just how quick this software works so Inside of here let me go to here Let me close this this is what it looks Like inside of the software now there's Lots inside of here you can see there's A welcome in here there's a case study How to find your Niche creative Backgrounds on here creating bundles and Then also taking those items and selling Them I might say creating your designs Even I could Ikea visit this is the Creator it shows you how you can Actually set up your own website with This it then shows you how you can take Elements of that and drive traffic from Pinterest over to your website and also To your ASC shop now that's all great Okay that this is like a trend the cool Thing about this software over here is This So down here you've got all of these Different bundles so what you can see we Have a shower bundle a couple's bundle

Busy books certificates Bibles road Trips Easter birthday Hull Etc okay There's lots in here and it's always Getting updated So if we want an Easter bundle I'll go Into these the bundle category now in Here you've got three steps okay so step One is you can see on here you've got to Upload an image so in every one of these Bundles you have this down here so if I Click on here You've got BG temps and the answer key So you need this here which is BG temps Which is this okay now what you're doing Here is you just need to put a theme Character in here inside of canva so let Me show you how that works so I am going To come in to come back and click on Create a new design same process but You're going to see the output of this In a second okay Now I am going to go to upwards and I am Going to click on here this is the Template okay then all I do is drag it Here And drag it here Like so and I need to put a theme Character in here something related to Easter so I'm going to come over here to Elements and um well we've got some down Here so for the speed of the video I'm Just going to go with this and I'm going To drag this down here now it needs to Fit inside of the box

So I'm just going to put that that I Like so now once I've done that I click On here click on delete that's that I've Got so now I'm going to give this a name Really quickly sir I am going to come up Here and I'm going to type in Easter bundle like sir and I'm going to Download this really straightforward and Simple that's all of our work done Inside of Canberra okay so I'm gonna Click on that and I'm going to click on Download Now inside of convert this text normally About 30 seconds as you can see it's Done so now I've come back over into the Crispy print software So first of all I need to upload an Image so that image down there I put That onto that okay That is my image done then I need to Choose a color so you've got lots of Options for color but let's just go with Something I don't know let's go with that soft And then select jar print so which one Of these do you want do you want an Easter Mayors doctor dot color the Easter chick Trace all of these so you Can cut you can literally pick on all of Them or you can pick a couple so I'm Just going to go with an Easter Mayors And I'm dot it up and we'll go with Color the chip then you click on create Bundle then what happens is it normally

Takes about a minute to two minutes for This to literally create these bundles For you and then it opens up into and You pop up as you can see over here Enable pop-ups on this browser and all That's doing is at this moment to have It it's just working away in the Background and then it's going to give Us these down here it's going to give us An Easter Theme Miss it's going to give Us a dotted up it's going to give us an Easter chip so if I go with Meza dot Whilst that's working let's go over here And we are going to type in Like sir And have a look and block people are Selling lock doctor dots on here and Easter ones look Lost okay so these here are our three Different options from down here our Estimates our doctor Dot and our color The chick so let's have a look at this And we've got an Easter Mayors down here With our lovely Easter egg here we have Got a complete doctor Dom and then we Have got a color the chip now the other Thing as well about this is inside of Over here on canva I'll take back the Element so if I bring this back over Here you see this here where's this Theme character in here so obviously This goes here then you'll notice it has A border around here so if you didn't Want you know it so all be white around

Here you can simply inside of canva over Here you can add in a border but Basically anything inside of this Section over here this is where obvious All of the content here like the mares Like the doctor dot it goes inside of Here so you could upload a bundle like This this would be at a Easter Mass Bundle one you could then come back into Canva over here and you could make Another bundle so if I just come over Here to element so let's just type in Something I don't know I'm just going to Go for around let's go with zigzags Zigzag lines or something like this And you can see we've got these Different photos so if I'll add this one Like sir I can do this And I can drag it out up here And all I'm doing is I'm just getting it To there and again if I want to change This around so something like that I could do that and then I could stretch It out all the way down here and I'm Happy with that so then I just literally Do that copy it go over here and put That over on this side over here and all I'm doing is I'm just filling in the Border up here so again copier drag it Oh no Let me just move this over here like so And I'm just rotating it like this And then again all I'm doing here is I'm Going to put this up here so it

Basically so it matches and I'm going to Copy that last one I'm going to move That down And then that would go there and then if I wanted to change you know the theme Here I can do that but let me just Delete that put that back down there and Then that there would be my next theme So if I wanted to go with I don't know Let's just go with something like that So we're taking funny That down here look I've got a bunny so I'm going to get rid of this Easter egg Delete that put a bunny in and shrink it To make sure it fit in there come down Here and then I would upload that and Then I would have the software and I Would have a new Easter you know bundle With different colors and different Options inside of here this software Over here it's awesome it's incredibly Fast as you've seen over here and it Comes with case studies and lots more You can see we have all of these Different options for creating these Bundles and there's even sticker prints Inside of here so look I will leave a Link to this article over here for you You can read through this about you know Everything that's included what's not Included and all the good stuff but this Method that we have looked at today it's Awesome because anyone can do this you Can use free software like canva or you

Can use paired software like crispy Prints you can start to earn a passive Income because we create these files and We put them onto Etsy you can expand it You can even take these sorts of things And put them onto the Amazon Marketplace You could put on your own website you Can sell them on Gumtree and lots small Different places it's just I love this Method for making money online because Of the passive element to this so look That's today's video all of the links Down below if you have any questions Please let me know but thanks for Watching and I'll see you soon Foreign [Music]

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