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Hi everyone welcome back today I want to Show you how you can make between 40 to 75 an hour or upwards of a hundred Thousand dollars per year as a data Analyst with these free Google tools and Training I'm gonna show you exactly how To master some of the most in-demand Google tools and trainings out there so You can start working from home and You're going to be able to do that for Free no matter where you live because You're gonna be able to learn this Through e-learning courses that have Been developed by Google product Specialists so if we take a quick look At Google Trends you will see that the Demand for Google certifications as well As the demand for data analysts has Truly skyrocketed over the last couple Of years and this is for multiple Reasons it is because the number of data Points that every company works with has Increased tremendously in the last five To ten years and companies are looking For skilled people like you who have the Training and the expertise to be able to Help them Leverage all of that data State and make sense of the data that They have already not only that but Google is a very well renowned company That trains people like you in this kind Of skills so they can take advantage of This demand in the market as well so Stay tuned till the end because not only

Am I going to show you how to take Advantage of these e-learning courses But also I'm going to show you where you Can go and find jobs that are online Jobs or remote job opportunities that Are hiring right now where you can Leverage these skills so what you want To do next is go to that is Their Digital Garage as they call it and It's the space where they host all of The online trainings and certifications That they offer for free so let me show You around when you come to Google's Digital Garage as you can see you have Multiple options either you go at the Top here online courses certification Live training and remote working you can Check those out or you can click on the Button here here that says find your Course however my suggestion to you Instead of trying to figure out which Course you want to take is to scroll a Little bit lower and then here you will See that they have three main categories Of courses that they offer one is Focused on digital marketing another one On Career Development and the third one Is around data if you're interested in Digital marketing then I'm gonna link Down below a video that I made about a Year ago where I was talking about these Google certifications and tradings that They offer for free around digital

Marketing so you can go and check that Out as soon as this video is over the Career development path is basically Applicable to anybody who wants to go And get hired and find a job so I Suggest you check that out no matter Which path you're on but for today's Video let's take a look at the data Courses Go ahead and click on that and then It'll take you here where you will see 61 different courses related to data now The distinction that you need to Understand is that data courses are not Only related to data analytics and data Science but also related to data Analytics from a coding and Cloud Technology perspective so you need to be Mindful of which courses you are taking And the easiest path that I have found Is for you to go ahead and load all of Them let me show you how to do that At the bottom of the page you have the Load more and you want to keep loading Until you have all of them there We go Now we go back to the top And what you want to do is go and find Either search for analysis And you'll find two courses SQL for data analysis which is a six Module course about 30 hours of study or Python basics for data analysis and that Is a four modules course with about 12

Hours of study if you want to stop here That will be a good foundation for you To get started as a data analyst however If you want to be able to make even more Money and get even more interesting Projects to work on maybe you want to Consider the data science path as well So again you just go to your search bar And type science and you'll see here They have a few different trainings but The ones that I encourage you to get Started with are SQL for data science Which is a four modules training about 20 hours of study data science Foundations which is a six modules Course one and a half hour of study very Very quick and for this one you can get A free certification as well or data Science with python this one is a 13 Modules eight hours of study these will Be let say the five courses that you can Take whenever you want you can start Today on Google's website and you will Be able to really learn much more than Just the basics of data analysis and Even data science as you've seen you can Even get certified because when you get The certification you are able to have Much higher chances of getting hired no Matter what kind of job you're thinking Of applying for that could be online Jobs it could be remote jobs it could be Face-to-face full-time jobs for that Matter you will have much higher chances

Of success when you also have the Certification speaking of which if you Are serious about pursuing this path Then I recommend you go and check out Datacamp because they also have Certifications related to data science And data analytics let me show you so at you'll find that you have an Option to become a certified data Professional and this is a very Well-renowned certification that is Acknowledged by Forbes and will give you A lot of credibility with anyone that You will be applying at they have two Different types of certifications one For data scientists and the other one For data analysts but both of them will Be very very helpful for you in your Pursuit of getting hired now if you want To get hired for a full-time job as a Data analyst or data scientist the Easiest most safe place to go and look For a job is LinkedIn in my opinion and If you guys are interested let me know In the comments down below and I can Make a dedicated video about how to use LinkedIn to get hired that is probably One of the videos that I've been Thinking about making for a very long Time so let me know if you want me to do That however if you're interested in Online jobs or remote jobs or even if You want to work as a freelancer then You can go and take a look to Upward and

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Fiverr so let me show you because there Are some really nice opportunities there Already so as you come to upwork you can Simply go in the search bar and type Data analyst my recommendation is that You use the quotation marks because this Way the upwork algorithm will know to Show you all of the job opportunities That are open right now where they look For a data analyst if you search data Analysts without the quotation marks That it'll show you all the job Opportunities where they look for Something related to analysts or Something related to data as well so You're going to be wasting your time Looking through jobs that are not so Relevant to you once you do that at this Point in time when I'm filming this Video there are 307 jobs found and you Can see here there's one looking for a Part-time or full-time data analyst that Is offering between 31 and 41 dollars Per hour and it's a long-term project so It's something that you probably would Be able to work on for at least a few Months even as you get started it says They're looking for a highly skilled Motivated and reliable data analyst to Join the team it's a fast based and Dynamic environment successful candidate Will be proactive Problem Solver with Strong organizational and communication Skills ability to multitask and

Prioritize tasks at excellent time Management skills so you see it's Nothing out of the ordinary that they're Looking for you have another one looking For a data analyst which is paying only Upwards of 15 an hour and then you have This one Advanced Data analysts to Analyze a large set of data and come up With new strategies which is probably What you will see most of the time this One pays between 40 and 75 dollars per Hour and it says I run a little side Project which is using machine learning Models in Python to make predictions on Horse races and if you've done the Python course on Google then you will be Able to help this person there are Marketing related jobs so content Marketing manager who is going to work With data analysts you have an Opportunity if you are experienced with Keyword research as well to combine that Research expertise with data and Analysis This one pays 75 an hour data analysts With Excel experience this one pays About thirty dollars an hour and Excel Is probably the easiest way you can get Started with data analysis SQL would be The next one and python would be let's Say the most complex tool that you can Use in your work now let's take a look At Fiverr so on Fiverr you can go ahead And check out what other data analysts

Are there and how are they doing so Simply go search for data analyst and That could be either related to business And financial analytics or to data Visualization dashboards and you will See here there are people charging 50 Dollars approximately it shows me in France because I'm based in Switzerland And this person has 36 five-star reviews And if we know anything about Fiverr and The way people leave reviews we can Assume that he's probably made at least 200 sales for this type of service and He says I will be your data analyst and Visualization expert somebody else Offering pretty much the same thing I'll Be your data analyst and visualization Expert data science and so forth with 10 5 Star reviews for about 80 Franks then We have him with only one review Um I'll be your personal data analyst And visualization expert he charges About 60 francs we have somebody who Charges starting at 20 I'd say about Dollars I'll be your Excel expert data Analyst and statistician let's take a Look at him because he only has 12 Reviews that are 5 Stars so that's Already amazing but it says starting at 20. so I'm curious how much can you Actually make So you see for standard which is simple Formula tables charts simple reports Pivot tables cleaning data three days

Delivery that's the twenty dollars Approximately but he has an advanced Option where he charges about fifty Dollars for more advanced Excel let's Take a look at somebody else so you see Here we have well I'm not going to Attempt to pronounce your name because I Know I will get it wrong by the way I've Had this before where people whose Profiles I was showing in my videos Ended up watching my video so if you see Yourself here please comment down below And let me know how to pronounce your Name okay so for basic type of service He's charging about fifty dollars for a Standard about a hundred dollars and for Premium 250 dollars so you see there is A lot of opportunity if you get skilled And trained and ideally certified in Data analysis if you have python under Your belt or at least SQL you will be Able to over deliver and with time be Able to charge so much more alrighty Guys that was it for today thank you so So much for watching I do hope that this Was helpful and that you are excited to Get started with data analysis trainings From Google's tools and let me know in The comments down below if you enjoyed It and if you want more videos like this Until next time I suggest you go ahead And watch this video over here thank you So much again for watching and I'll see You next week bye

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