Make Money Online With A.I Side Hustle For FREE In 2023! (Easy ChatGPT Guide)

What's going on guys in this video I'm Going to show you how to make money Online by using a specific strategy that I use every single day to make money on The internet I make a full-time living And this is one of the income streams That I have coming in every single day As you can see on the screen here I have Some payments every single month that Are occurring and coming in and we're Going to go over some more results in a Minute when we get into the actual Tutorial and I'll break everything down For you so you can see exactly what I'm Actually earning from this method now This method is completely free you will Not need any money to start this and There's only a few steps to actually Follow and I'm going to take you through Every single step so you don't miss any Steps and I'm going to give you all of The tools that you need to make this Method work so what can you expect from This tutorial I'm going to show you Exactly how this works step by step how To get started how to get the tools Needed for this and how you can do this For completely free and what I'm going To do in a minute is show you the exact Results take you through everything that You need and show you a complete Breakdown of what I have been making With this strategy and I'm going to Uncover everything so you're going to

Want to stay all the way to the end so You can see how you can make money Online using a strategy that I Personally use in my business every Single day but let's jump into this Tutorial don't forget to smash that like Button so my next video comes out and I'm going to show you right now how to Make money online for beginners using my Strategy alright guys so first of all Before we jump into the tutorial I want To actually show you some of the results That I've managed to get by promoting This particular product now as you can See this is a payment here for five Thousand eight hundred dollars in one Month however that was actually over Quite a few months because what happened Is I had an issue with a payment there Was something on my end that I actually Forgot to update my payment details and So I missed out on the commissions for That month for those months sorry but I Got paid out Um every single thing that I was owed For that particular a month in January 2023 so on average I own around about 1 200 sometimes a little bit more or 1 400 There from this affiliate marketing Program if we actually go back Um I've been doing this for some time Now We should be able to get you some more Details here

And you can see so they only do we're Going to display data in the last 365 Days so we were doing 1600 1600 1700 1600 13 uh sorry 1500 and it's gone down A little bit that's because I actually Um stopped putting a little bit of work Into this this is something that does Become very passive because it's Recurring commissions but you do have to Keep doing it over time just to keep it Bumping up a little bit but this is a Really good way to make money online and It's one of the ways that I make money Online and one of the programs that I Promote so what you're actually going to Be doing and oh sorry you can see how I've been paid over 76 000 US Dollars promoting this particular Program now what this is is you can Actually promote this in two ways you Can go ahead and get an affiliate Bounty Which gives you a hundred dollars One-off commission when somebody signs Up or you can do the 33 commission every Single month which is recurring if a Person signs up and stays on every Single month you get 33 of the price That they paid I recommend this one on The left it probably is the best one I've found this the best one and this is The one that I'm using and what we're Promoting here is a program called get Response let me show you exactly what This is and then we can actually dive

Into how you can start creating content So you can start making money by Promoting this particular platform so Get response is a platform where you can Do email marketing you can build Websites you can build funnels you can Do webinars so you can actually look Down here you can do paid ads Autoresponders pop-up forms sales Funnels so how can you actually go out And promote this particular product Right guys so we're going to do this in Steps and at the end I'm going to show You one of the things that I've done to Help me make way more money with this so The first step is you want to actually Head over to and you Want to choose something from here think Of it like a topic because we're going To be using this to get out traffic Later on in this tutorial so for example You could choose email marketing website Builder anything like that for just for This example we're going to um look at Email marketing so that's going to be Our topic for this tutorial the next Step is you want to head over to a Platform called open Ai and then click On try chat GPT and you're going to be Brought to a website like this where you Can use artificial intelligence to Create content now I actually didn't Have chat GPT when I was starting to Promote gitresponse this is how we do it

Now so what you want to do and get in Chat GPT you want to create some content Around email marketing and how to teach People how to do it I'm going to write Something out and I'll show you what I Mean right now I'm letting you check GPT To its thing I actually spout something Wrong so I said create a 2000 word ebook Well I actually missed that really bad But it doesn't matter if it's actually Still doing what we need it to do Um now what this is doing right now is It's creating an ebook that we can go Ahead and use to make money online and As you can see it's actually writing a Very good book about how to start an Email list using get response now keep In mind I'm keeping this basic for this Tutorial you'll probably want to do a Longer book than this but this is Actually not too bad what I'm going to Do it hasn't finished yet but I'm going To copy some of this and what you want To do now is you want to go to Google Documents and you want to paste it into Google Documents now what we have here Is a free document that we can go ahead And give away and in this document we're Going to put our affiliate link so I'm Going to go back to get response here I'm going to get my affiliate links make Sure it's the recurring program link and Copy this link And I'm going to do so it says sign up

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For get response to get your account So what we can do is we can go click on Sign up button and we can actually Highlight this we can go and put our Link in here so when someone clicks on This link and sign up we get the Commission and we can actually do Something like this get your free Account here We'll say trial accounts it's a trial For 30 days and they can actually link It as well again And we now have a free book that we can Go ahead and we can go ahead and give This away for free okay so that's what We want to be doing here so we go to File we go to download and we can Download that as a PDF or you can Actually just send them straight to this Page if you want without just make it so They can't edit it they can only view it Or you can go ahead and upload that PDF To Google Drive and then we can actually Go ahead and use that to make money Online with affiliate marketing using Chat GPT now what I want to do is I want To show you another trick that you can Actually do before we get into the Traffic and what I do this is mine is I Give away a free email course showing People how to start an email marketing List for their business now this is Completely free and I give this away for Free you can even get a copy of yourself

Below but inside this free course it's Only like 10 videos I think is an Affiliate link and I tell people to go Ahead and sign up with my affiliate link To start their trial and that's how one Of the ways I'm making these commissions So that is another way you can can Either go ahead and do a free course I Do find a free course does convert Better or you can go ahead and create a Free ebook that we can now go and send Traffic to but I would recommend Creating a free course if you can it's Really easy to do you don't need to show Your face or anything like that but just Pick one of these topics to go ahead and Do some content about now you're going To be thinking to yourself how can you Actually go ahead and make money with Affiliate marketing using these links What you can do is you can go ahead and Start YouTube content based around Specific keywords so for example we have How to build email list or how to build A email list and what this does is it Brings up videos on YouTube where we can Actually go ahead and click on these Videos and there's probably going to be Some sort of affiliate Link in these Descriptions I haven't actually checked Um but there should be some affiliate Links in these descriptions here okay so She doesn't have any I don't think she's Just promoting her course let's try

Another one here Um we're connected well there goes mine So here we go there's mine right there How to build an affiliate marketing list And if we scroll down You'll see right here Best email Builder if we click on this It takes us to get response through my Affiliate link So that is how one of the ways that I'm Making money with this affiliate Marketing stuff so I did a video how to Build a hundred dollars a day affiliate Marketing email list for free okay And if we go down here a lot of other People are doing the same thing if we Click on these they will have links in Here to things see actually this guy has A cheat sheet on how to get free Subscribers and in there he probably has An affiliate link now remember I talked About these other types of topics right Here you could do something like this One as well so on get response they've Got a website built another website Builder is actually a full AI website Builder where you don't need to use code So I can go ahead and do a video on how To build a website without using code And as you can see there's actually Videos on this topic with millions of Views hundreds of thousands of views and People are looking for ways to go ahead And make a website without code so you

Can go ahead and promote get response as A platform for them to do that another One is you can do a get response review And if we scroll down you can actually See one of my videos I have two videos On this one three years ago and one two Years ago if we click on this it's going To go ahead and show you if we scroll Down I have a link here that tells them To get a free trial And then you have to put a disclaimer Standing affiliate links but once again If they click on this I get a commission Through get response now another one Here is how to start a webinar because Get response Uh where is it get response you can Actually start webinars as well as they Don't have it listed here or if we go Explore all features you can see they Have all the features down here and you Can do webinars I don't think they have It listed here oh there we go webinars So you can go ahead and show people how To do webinars as well and you can do That by using YouTube to send traffic to Those links I highly recommend YouTube Because it converts very well we all Start with zero subscribers so anybody Can do this I had zero subscribers Once Upon a Time as well but I highly Recommend you actually promote a free Course on YouTube based on the specific Topic and that could be anything like

Webinars how to build a website how to Do e-commerce marketing and you can Promote get response to people via YouTube or if you want to go and create A free book you can go ahead and use Chat GPT alright guys so that's one of The ways that I go ahead and I promote Get response to make affiliate marketing Commissions online where I get 33 per Month for each person that stays on the Ongit response under my link just wanted To quickly show you that and this is one Of the ways that I'm making money online With affiliate marketing don't forget to Subscribe tap that notification Bell Smash that like button and I'll see you On the next video

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