Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing – A conversation with Liam James Kay

It's like With sale it is generally in sales it's Probably like probably about seven okay Over the last two years that I was like Really going hard on it yeah yeah 700 000 in two years yeah yeah because I've Just been two years When it comes to making money online a Lot of guys do consider me as you see Ronaldo or Messi in this game and They're not wrong but I'm able to get to This point in my business because I paid Attention to people like Liam James K And actually practice what they teach And few days ago I was opportuned to Meet up with him in Manchester uh in the UK and we had an amazing conversation I'm going to be showing you guys that Conversation in a little while right but It's important that you pay very close Attention because you might pick a thing Or two that will actually help you if You're actually very serious about Making money on the internet now one of The things that we talked about is the Fact that he's going to be coming to Nigeria next year for a conference right When he's going to be teaching his Strategies physical training right here In Nigeria right that is something that We are still having now the detail so if You want to actually be informed about The particular event make sure you click The like button on this video subscribe

To my channel most importantly turn on The verification button so that you're Going to be informed the ones I will Drop that information on this channel Without wasting your time here is a Conversation enjoy so when he said he Was coming to see yourself It's a pleasure good to meet you buddy It's like it's like you know you know When I say it on YouTube I have a 141 000 subscribers right now yeah Okay yeah yeah so um and part of the Reason why we actually started was Because of you oh really yeah exactly You know so I saw your videos and uh you Know it was inspiring yeah and I said And it's it's interesting that I stand On Fiverr okay So when I go to YouTube I started Teaching what I've done on Fiverr okay Those ideas actually came from you oh Really yeah so you're in UK and you're Taking lives across your Athletics yeah It's crazy yeah yeah I've had a few People have said that like okay And that's like one of the best feelings As well We'll take him off shown so yeah it's Good it's good to hear that yeah yeah so What's the challenge you know like in Nigeria for instance we have um We have a government policies you know You have um people don't understand Business

Or like in Nigeria yeah and um you have Um Police arresting you because you're Making money online really so so they Think it's wrong They can literally stop you on the way Yeah you have a laptop you have this Phone they search your phone they see You transactions money transactions and The next thing you are in the jail cell Trying to get yourself but can you get Yourself out of it when you explain Where it's from yeah Pretty much nice You know and again Usually for people I think he's had an Experience but you know because he knows Was able to not even pay attention a lot Of times When you are when you are when you don't Understand yeah They they want to they want to get you To implicate yourself right okay yeah so If you understand how it works then of Course yeah I told you now since I um I Was I was arrested one time and it gave Me give me the right statements You know like the currency conversion if You're making money and it's not like Five which is the American company is That worth a way more in Africa yeah So so like right now a thousand pounds So it's an advantage for those of us So when when it comes to Africa it's a

Lot of money yeah right You haven't been to Africa no no I Actually went to it was not is it a Concert I went to Cape Verde it's an Island it's kind of you it's not real Africa yeah Yeah okay Okay Yeah Yeah Yeah Right so you're interested in businesses How long does it take to get there is it Fast That's kind of one of the main things But that's got a lot more difficult over The last few months so it's kind of like Scaled that down because at one point it Was like going crazy So there's about alongside like just the The usual that recurring products like Carpetual Builder okay So I think the main reason was it just Wasn't good enough so I was gonna launch My like coaching program training Program Builderall just wasn't good enough to do The job it had a few things that I Needed to kind of like pay for Additional software so I was like so I Moved on to like the Rival clickfalls so Good Um but yeah that was a bit of a crazy Time because obviously I was a top

Failure When you announced that you were moving I was I was surprised yeah it was you That made me actually join me the road I Think I made about sixteen thousand Dollars until the room yeah right okay Yeah yeah And it was it was you again yeah So yeah It takes me UK Um yes wow because I went in on builder Of like a few years and that was like Really good at like promoting it and it Was a good enough but when I started to Obviously get a bit more advanced and I Was getting a lot more like trying to Create my own courses and I needed like A hosting program the course because That builderall doesn't quite do that It's good for beginners if you're just Starting out and you need Like but as I was getting Music but I still do recommend Builder All to people starting out with it's Like cheap it's one of the cheapest Smartphones to get started and you can Build a website foreign [Music] So I was looking at your website and um You You define yourself as an award-winning Affiliate mind and a coach yeah but you Actually do a lot more than that yeah All right okay yeah you do yeah just oh

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Yeah yeah I do yeah no so why why are You emitting yourself to Affiliates Marketing and um And uh what's it called coaching yeah When you are different I think it's Because my main source of income from The start has been affiliate marketing I Think that's why I'm the best at you Know I mean that's maybe the most money And that's kind of been the main thing So I think I needed to specialize in Something and kind of have a niche okay But over the years I can't just keep on That content around and I need to kind Of mix it up a little bit even for my Own kind of like board because I get Bored quite easily so I'm like I might As well try print on demand or I might As well try some other stuff and so I've Tried a few different things and but Yeah I always keep going back to filling Marketing because I because I'm still Generating Something Free from Basis like all the recurring products That I'm Rolling It doesn't compare to any of the other Things that I've tried I I saw you tried there 25 yeah Yeah Okay so how has that been that's gone Really well actually yeah because the Bigger that is very small margins profit Margins okay it's quite hard to make

Profit Yeah so I was using that with Etsy like Getting free traffic and that's perfect But there's obviously a lot of Competition and I had a few designs that Actually went quite well like did you See the T-shirt without the queen yeah Yeah so you get like a if you jump on a Trend and you can get like a good design People will pay like 30 for a team But So you need a lot of traffic running to Convert I I kind of prefer software yeah like Utero and I have a current commission so If somebody gets in the person is going To be there for a very long time exactly You know so your business for like let's Say like a year and you're making money Every month So there is um Excuse me I think my affiliate marketing Journey started without me knowing that There's actually a business model called Affiliate marketing right okay yeah so Um I got to know that from you but when I was in India I scored in 25 for it So I started referring people I started repairing my friends yeah but I'll tell them about forever To get your money from Fiverr and leave So I'll send them my link is So they pay me 25 every month for Everybody that gets to I think 200 or so

Okay so I made a lot of money from Paying yeah but I didn't know that it Was actually a business model yeah So I like to call myself an accident By mistake until I got to know that Exactly this model from you yeah so I Jumped into a building and uh five uh You know at least for five five I use the ftpa Uh business model so you know how it Works which one's Fiverr when they just Pay one off yeah yeah So you buy something with my link I Register you you sign up with my name You buy something and I get a permission Yeah because you can choose to get Recurring I actually like one of yeah I Personally I prefer that one of you know Because if somebody buys something from Uh you get 150 dollars once okay yeah so That's that's a little money yeah you Know so many ways 150. That's a lot of money why is your YouTube doing He's going okay in a minute I kind of I I always kind of like Foreign [Music] It's impossible to do it all and so I Did get it it's a reason and he did help Understand a lot of more content but Then I went on holiday and I just kind Of not picked it back up against us Yeah that's probably one of the biggest

Issues how do you find it like staying Consistent Um Right what is a motivation and yeah There are times that you can you just Can't do it you just sit down I burn out To you I just want to sit down and watch Netflix In like a day or two or even like maybe Like three or four days You know but yeah I just and some of the Things I do is that it's easy sometimes Because most of what we teach is from Your personal experience yeah so it's Easy when you're talking about your Experience as opposed to what you're Trying to do research you know I see People do that a lot on YouTube Yeah because it's what you do as opposed To somebody learning about Native facts They're coming to teach it you have Never tried it before so it becomes Difficult for you that person works like People and the video I made I think Around March on YouTube So I I publish books on Amazon and I met A couple of things So I decided to Um On YouTube right so what I did was that I sat down I wrote a book on camera Right documented the whole process yeah And published on Amazon canopy and put It on Amazon

Right I'm not surprised that video Actually did very well yeah because it Was very detailed yeah part of my YouTube Was what I learned from you again you Know how to you know do your keyword Research find out what people are Searching for yeah All those things I learned from you you Know the thumbnail all those things so It's just like I tell people that if you Want to actually be successful here Just need to look at people that have Come before you yeah success live close Yeah right if you do the exact same Thing you're going to get the exact same Results And that was pretty busy at the time Because I just started my PhD program Yeah Then something happened I think I was Somebody right that came through my box Or something like his account okay yeah I was I started doing ClickBank so ClickBank paid me my first one I think It's always about five thousand dollars Then after the next we had the money was Sent to him because I'm in Nigeria Big Bang and there we have this other One that mythical yeah okay My video on that was number one all Right so how is she doing it was it YouTube Organics No the funny thing is uh most of the

Monies we met from a film are getting is Purely organic yeah [Music] [Music] After a while I think it was um people started Reporting You know We don't lock my account and you know Like all the articles I wrote because Um you know I the thing about me is that I pay attention just like I said I'm Successfully so if I want to study you And look at what you've done try to Understand what you're doing so I can do The exact same thing if I do it right I'm gonna get the same results simple Right so I paid attention and understood The fact that Two articles to rank on Google There are certain criterias that is Needed right something like the length Of the article you know stuff like that Or how you go into it So I I wrote that article those articles Like I'll check what's ranking number One two thousand words and I'll go to Arise at 6 000 words okay yeah or seven Thousand or something like so there's no Comparison between the one there right Now at myself because the whole idea for Me is actually do better than what is There right now yeah you know so the way I think is uh

Who is Google's customer all right you Want to bring the best answer for every Keyword every keyword should be written Like a question so Google wants to bring The best answer for those particular That is how they stay on top so the Question now is what you have done is it The best answer for that particular Keyword yeah you know so that's the Question I asked myself these are some Of the things that I picked from Watching your videos And personal research and stuff so yeah It's been amazing so 2020 was a very Beautiful forget it yes [Laughter] So for us in Nigeria we have a lot of Challenges I'm part of the challenges that we have Is the ClickBank keeps blocking our Account performance yeah so there was One time that I got a friend of mine who Lives in the US Ing it from feedback Was blocked They contacted them they said that we Are logging in from another country So they don't allow people from Nigeria So Um And stuff like that so these are Constant challenges that we've been Having yeah so um Not really I hear a lot of people saying

That they can't open a council I got really it's I'm quite lucky quite Very related from the UK and we don't Have these issues through the judge you Know what I mean anything like that so Really not I can think of like what dude Do you think is right for them to do That no not at all no it's not there is It because if you can at the end of the Day their business model is if someone Can drive traffic and generate sales They're going to benefit from it and the Best you mean that you're not going to Be driving traffic or you're going to be It's not Jimmy because you're from a Certain country which is obviously it's Not fair I think it's I think I think I Think it's racist yeah well yeah it is Actually I think it is because this is They're assuming based on where you're From yeah So what would you say the greatest Challenge is for you Greatest challenges Took one because nothing already Compares like my challenges don't come Out to your channel that's what I'm Asking yeah and Um I think Personally getting distracted is my Biggest challenge yeah so because I do The because I've create YouTube videos About different business models I

Actually find myself getting dragged From one thing to another where I don't Actually go in fully on the world like Put it on the van I was doing well with That like that's a video and I've kind Of done that it's worked quite well if I Focused on that I probably could upscale That to a massive business if I really Tried but then I'm like I need to think About a word of a video I need to put a Different content so then I'll go on to Something else so I think one of the Biggest issues is that there's too many Options Yeah that's really yeah Yeah I don't really have any challenges That in the same way it's your Challenges that I can think of Wait wait sorry I'm going to like try Having it Yeah well I think I have ever a perfectionist okay and I Really find it hard to delegate like I've had tried to highlight va's I Virtual assistants Try and help me out like you just never Get it right and I think it's easy for Me to do myself And but I do think that's kind of held Me back probably is like if I would have Just spent the time to train someone up That is competent and that actually Outsource it and delegate some tasks I Probably could have reached 10 times my

Potential job I mean but that has helped Me back and I've started to realize Recently like hiring an editor and it Took me like so long to find someone That could actually edit the videos on a Page for like Thousands of dollars out to different People to edit the same video over and Over again just to find someone that Could do a good job and so I need to Kind of push through that initial stage To get to the other side then it's going To make obviously a lot easier but I'm just a bit perfectionists [Music] Yeah and nowhere in the world but yeah And for most times it's better to hire People that have an idea and train them Or whatever you want yeah that's it yeah And is that is willing to learn that is Teachable yeah so you can actually Change the best thing and say this is What I want person to understand how to Think the way you think yeah yeah and of Course [Music] Of somebody that was right now he was Writing articles on fibers at that time But this is like 2015. so you had Somebody that he gives the article to Write so this guy does the right thing To submits right so it's more like um Foreign [Music]

[Music] Foreign [Music] I pretty much You know so I I it was you that actually Gave me the idea and you know I I made a Lot of money Yeah doing that um What's the name again and the funny Thing is that I put that course on udemy Also students you know by myself like on My own website yeah yeah you know and I Made a lot of money for that Know that selling courses alone did you Make much money from you tonight Uh the first month I I promoted Aggressively so I think I did about four Thousand dollars Because I was watching aggressively and Of course ClickBank was Then and everybody was at home of course To do to make money and stuff so I Understood that but the effect was came Out about four thousand uh Yeah until yeah and um I also also come to understand the fact That a lot of persons most times they Prefer to pay for things people value Things when they pay oh definitely yeah A friend of mine said that people pay When people pay attention when they pay Yeah you know so um there's a course Like there's a train in Nigeria YouTube SEO you watch that video on YouTube

Yesterday so I sat down and explained What I've learned about how to rank Videos on YouTube and put it on my Channel the video was doing well I still Took that same video I went to a product Foreign It's crazy Some people they have on YouTube you Know so most times people just like to Buy the paper things and it's like when I am like run some competitions I'm not Trying to like give away like my passes For free you can look at the retention That they don't even watch it like they Get free they'll watch it someone will Pay like yeah If you pay a thousand dollars you want To watch it you want to understand yeah You know this thing that I paid for Because you actually spent money for us Yeah as opposed to when you get it for Free people don't value when they get it For free yeah so that that is where Coaching actually actually becomes Interesting because when they pay they Actually pay attention right so how what Has been your Your experience with the coaching Business it's going well um I'm not Doing it at the moment in because it Just takes too much time so it's kind of Like it does pay a lot of money and it Is it's a great business but you need to Kind of be dedicated to that like all

The time and it takes a lot of time and A lot of energy as well I did do for a stage yes okay I had my Course and then I did like part of like That bundle I would do like telegram Support and then I also did like My two more calls coaching but that just Like zaps all of your energy Yeah sitting that I'm talking to people Like how many people How many people yeah I can't remember How many it was it's probably like 20 People that did yeah how many minutes Um Probably like 20 minutes half an hour But yeah not too long ago but they're Mostly with those who watch your YouTube Videos University Like I get so many comments I share how To do things on YouTube try and give as Much detail as possible and someone will Try and do it in the first day like not Value resources like it takes a bit more Time but this is just to show you how it Works you need to go yeah to kind of get The results [Music] Yeah Definitely yeah [Music] You don't get results from watching my Video I get resolved by black pressing What I teach in the videos

And sometimes people come and tell you That they've tried everything and it Doesn't work in that same comment Section I will tell you what happened Right Watch YouTube videos have you made what Blogs have you written have you have you Started you know what I did let me see What you do I know the person will not Respond again Right there was this guy that um I was I Was free yeah He said that he started the Vlog after You watch my videos Let me look at the blog and I saw Something something very interesting and Funny at the same time this guy wrote a Blog post I saw the blog post it was she Was long I was like what keyword were you trying To rank this logo you're gonna give me About 28 keywords [Music] He was ready It's not working yeah You've not done the right thing you know Because for every blog post it is you're Trying to answer one question of course There's going to be the door hanging Fruits just like we're calling I did Yeah Um [Music]

[Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] But then again it was worth it If I think anyone if you're okay If you're okay with you know being able To do If you're okay with the writing part I'm Okay Celebrities Seven thousand subscribers right Um Right and 90 of the traffic is U.S of Course It's coming from there and my face is Faces So I have a video editor just like you Yeah so what the guy does is that Somebody writes his scripts somebody Does the voice so this guy just puts What's the cpm's like on like an Entertainment I can't remember You need to get like quite a lot of Views to get like um okay so what Happens is that when there's a scandal About this celebrity Spike that happens Yeah you know like I think my big my Biggest content on that channel is uh is That the American rapper all right yeah Yeah I think that's my biggest button on That on that channel right now but um When DMX died for me Documentary yeah so you make a lot of

Money there was one time that one Particular video That's one video Because there's a spike about us and Does that pay for the cost of like the Editor Look so here's the thing here in my Country that is the advantage that we Have that you guys are which is why he Mentioned that business is good yeah Right so our label is cheap right so Um you can pay somebody 100 pounds [Music] So that's an advantage Foreign Five naira forward so that would be like If you are writing a thousand words that Would be five thousand five times about Five five pounds In the UK right now Most of those articles that make me a Lot of money [Music] Um [Music] Like websites like Fiverr Change that because if people start to Realize they can make more money in your Country by selling their services online For a higher price it's not going to It's not increasing the prices over There you know Fiverr account 10 times That's part of what I teach yeah I don't

Have a cause of favor you can be favored Off so um Yeah right so if you put all it pays you Ten dollars to do something for them ten Dollars is about The moment around You know so that's like a lot of money Yeah so imagine okay when I started There was a time my goal was to do one Thousand dollars Right on Fiverr no that was my goal and When I hit it up like happy like happy That I made it You know at the time it was like 100 100 Every day so when we hit that markets Every day London Is yeah Yeah Usually you didn't expect me yeah you Know for them of course you know I took I took Uber from the airport to Cairns When I got into the UK and I paid the 122 pounds in Nigeria that's 120 000 Yeah For me to pay them I'm buying the flight Ticket yeah to to to meet in Canada Yeah right so it's it's it's it's um It's expensive yeah you know for us when We come in like that so that's why the Labels are too cheap over there right Yeah So that's an advantage that we have yeah Yeah so everybody has Advantage so this

Is Um do you think entrepreneurs are Actually born Entrepreneurs Because you are not an entrepreneur yeah I think I actually think I said California I Thought about that before but I think Probably maybe they are born I did like To think that anyone could kind of do it But I do feed any kind of like some Inner kind of drive maybe it's not that You're born with it or maybe it's like Your brain you know like early like when You're first start out in life okay like Some things that happen might drive you To So maybe it is kind of more like nurture But I I think it probably happens at an Early stage I don't think someone could Just randomly like age but he got I want To be coming up there after I'm not Doing any films So I think like even me that I was like I was still trying to hold some of the Stuff like I really engaged that I try To sell businesses when I was like 10 And so so I think it's definitely been There since the early days but I don't Know if I was born Okay To be honest just like I'm saying you know I think see I I think you know in

Science in the photos that the mind of a Child is what they call Which means a clean slate okay right so It's the impression that you imprint on It Is going to be so um Um and I also believe that that uh Practice It's it's talents at any point in time So I think it's more or less The practice they're not just you know Just like you said if if Beyonce had Never tried singing in her life before I Tell you she said she wants to me to Start singing It's Gonna be difficult For her you know so I think I think it's It's more or less like my job And I think He literally Yeah but then again uh The Outfits may Still be different because we all still Have different level of The crystals No matter how I want to learn yeah Um Oh a lot of things to do I may not be Able to change my voice right but I can Learn the technicalities Questions [Music] But then again for you to succeed Either To accept I remember Michael Jackson was in an

Attempt he practices like six days [Music] I believe that you Can understand the world is that how it Works Yeah yeah Interesting so so you mentioned that you Saw business is a thing yeah Like selling things in school and stuff And like just like buying and telling Like okay random things and yeah yeah I Just started a few few different things I remember one time I was a friend we Had like five pounds I don't know what We're doing but we basically um let's Bought some cakes it's like a multi pack Of cakes then it was going around Selling in the ceramic coffee like Palm Beach Probably around about 10 yeah Hustling away wow Just a few seconds okay okay So Um Do you know our final exams we Have to worship and best Right so I remember I was taking me just There and then also took them in my Church Yeah You know they were happy to speak I Think about 15 or something like that at The time I

Okay so my I think my story is kind of Interesting You know I Want to finish it on this thing I had Somebody on the radio talking about web Design training and you he was doing So me I got interested So I uh I remember I went I think it was About 1 500 naira little money yeah then They have it so I what I did was uh I Called him on phone Because he gave out his number yeah I Called him on the phone I told him that Uh I have a job What did I enjoy That's what we need to make her have an Agreement I'll bring the job today he Will take the money that he will now Teach me I'll just need to sit down with Him and watch him to include the job Right he agreed I went to my choice Pastor [Music] [Music] [Music] That was my first introduction to what I Designed To do myself yeah so for a very long Time I did website design When I go to the fibers that was the First time right before I started Selling I started selling a video Spokesperson on Fiverr too oh yeah oh You did that too

So I said this person it was interesting So it was easy for me to transition to YouTube because I was already making Videos you know so transition to YouTube Was always [Music] So yeah that was it so um that was my First testing and it's uh yeah we were Designed of course later in school and When I was in uni I now moved to work to See what was when I found WordPress I Now left I forgot because it was easier and Faster the website and today I see the Website it was you know you pay me good Morning to us yeah you know because it's A skill that I have and yeah so that's What it is so that is the Entrepreneurship thing I never I didn't Think I really wanted to work I was always I had a nine to five But when I was in Memphis I was building My own business okay I was going on Fiverr and still do my father take my Clients and put this and when I grew my Business to where I felt I was I could It could take care of me I resigned from Nine to five and focused right now yeah Yeah so it was a service Yeah so I used to work um in like TV Production oh okay you don't like the BBC like yeah behind the scenes it's Like a runner so it's like a trade hero That I got um that was when I left

School like making tea you know like Just like being an Aaron but That was kind of my job and then after That ended I was kind of doing freelance Work for that I thought they would be Like I would work for like two months And then I would have the time off like I couldn't find a job in between jobs So in between all those little times off That's when I was kind of like be Hustling and trying to sell businesses And things like that yeah so the first One that I did I think I was like Probably about 18 or something like the First real bit of success that I had was I had no money like leaving my mom we Had like zero and won it Um Found that it was a website there was Like some sort of program where they Were giving away like free domains and Like I found a free website a little Girl and so I basically created a Drop Shipping Store but this was before like Drop Shipping obviously everyone's Talking about now this is before anyone Even like wasn't in call Drop Shipping Then Um so all I did is I just sat on the Store I found like you know onesies like Winter kind of all-in-one outfits they Were kind of people it was trending at The time so I just found like another Shop like we went onto their

Website took all of their photographs Put it onto my my website and just added Like 10 000 to everything and if someone Did it for me I just ordered it from the Retailer like in the same country just Boohoo down the road and it actually Really started going well and I had no Traffic so I just did like a competition On Facebook like do you want to win a One to share this and it started going Viral and then people going to the side And I was making like I did it's only Like a few hundred pounds in profit but It was going really well I've actually Made it like this is like you know Um and that was going well for like a Little bit of time and then I got a Knock on the door one day like this Woman in a suit ignored the door she Posted this thing through basically To like tried to sue me I was like I'm Only a kid like It sounds like you can't see me like I'm Not really made that much money in that Um and then basically made me pay them All the profit that I made it wasn't That much money in the end is that you Made a few mistakes with like shipping And things like that but I have to pay Them all that I'll take the website down And yeah that was my and then from there And I thought oh my God this is not for Me this online business like it's scary

Okay Well that was kind of like the first Thing where I actually saw a lot it was A little bit of a success until they Tried to wow this is the Som First real introduction was was I quit My job I was working again at the BBC And I didn't like my boss at the time so I was like I just quit the job so I went Home so that's um at the same time I Started to realize what affiliate Marketing was And then I looked into Um Click funnels because I was going to Create a funnel to promote Um so yeah the the match betting off or I'm like collecting emails and not like It's a bigger scale and then I realized That clickfalls had a really good Affiliate program And they had a free affiliate marketing Course if you join their affiliate Program so I watched that and I was like Click funnels is quite oversaturated Well there's a new new program on the Block called builderall that's way Cheaper and I can use all the stuff I've Learned from this click funnels free Course I kind of did that and then That's crazy I can't raise they're close like 300K I Think yeah yeah

US dollars with some euros in there so It's probably about 300 000 yeah dollars Or something like that well in the first Like first year I think it's like 200k I Like that Yeah yeah quite early on so it's kind of Like obviously I stopped so it's kind of Like well that still brings me in life Up even though I cancel that it still Brings me like passes that lost every Month So um what's the platform that you made The most money And ClickBank doing like native as to ClickBank instead of the name thing the Builderall is Independence [Music] Well I'm like the second top affiliator On capture oh yeah yeah okay okay yeah I Know I know you moved to Katra yeah yeah So how much have you made on ClickBank Today It's like With sale if you're generating sales It's probably like probably about seven Okay over the last two years that I was Like really going hard on it yeah yeah Seven hundred thousand dollars in two Years yeah yeah because I've just been Two years Yeah Yeah

Oh nice nice but the crazy thing is it's Like I actually appreciate the world I Don't appreciate them more than the Money but like there's something quite Excited about receiving an award yeah Because the money after a while you get A bit used to it it's coming in it's Coming in and then little shiny Waters So if I ever like lost my own affiliate Program I'm gonna make sure there's an Award system in place because that does Motivate people yeah yeah yeah yeah All YouTube is doing you know um um uh The Youtube Awards you see I was going To get to 100K And get the YouTube black you know and The next thing you are going to go to a Million yeah so you can get them you Know like then 10 million you know Because Place you want to get there yeah there's A whole lot of young people you know Watching this video right now yeah if You just want to watch this video yeah You know and who are looking to make Money online so you just said that You've made about 700 000 on each one Five thousand dollars computer and their Sculpture and the other product that you Promote right you need to we need to Explore okay yeah So there is Elephants you know I have pictures on my Phone maybe

I'll always finds when trade where you Can actually start to see some good Results from that and but I personally Would say like what I did it was nice And sad goal make sure you've got a Golden Place whatever you want to make 100K or whatever it is A bit or Freedom or whatever set a goal That you want to go for and then I Personally would say just document it on Social media because that's obviously Helps me grow my business it's help me Stay accountable and it's helped me Time because there's been times over the Years I mean because I said that goal once Before millionaire and then I documented It on my YouTube channel that's awesome To keep making sure I was put the action In general I mean so I would say even if Someone doesn't want to necessarily Create a personal brand they could just Maybe just made a sub couple on their on Their social media just just uh like Local friends like I'm gonna be do this By this point just put it out there even If no one cares like you've kind of got A point to prove that and that will kind Of help you kind of hit your [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Right so I think

Um we are happy and anyone that really Wants to learn about being on their own Like it's a It's you you are the questions This is proof that actually works yeah Right so your goal of a million dollars Do you get it yeah well I think it's Really a gray area because when I set That goal I was like I want like a Million in the back like oh okay and Then when I got surprised But actually based on like all of the Income winning like the revenue it used To value that as a business if it was to Sell it like well then it would Definitely be worth a million so I think I definitely hit it like on paper but in My head that I was imagining like okay Yeah yeah so I think that's just my Naivety of what a millionaire was but I Said like I think for me I think it's about Networks yeah you know I think about it You know your assets you know what you Have not not really the cash you have This is it yeah so I did but I still Feels weird saying it because again when I said that goal I was like a Millionaire is gonna be like private Jets like So if I learned something and I'm able To tell him to do the exact same thing Right I have helped him as my friend you Know so a lot of our friends are coming

Into this thing because we actually Really good that it works before you Know what so everybody is happy and Independently financially it's okay yeah Right so that's the the Um the beauty of this thing that we came To people watch you and you do the same Thing and they get results from it and Everybody is happy yeah so yeah thank You very much that's right yeah

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