Make Money Using ChatGPT & YouTube Shorts ($6,000 Faceless Method)

Hello and welcome to today's video sir We're looking at making money with YouTube and chat GPT now don't worry if This is not available in your country Because I'll also share with you Alternative you know softwares that you Can use and again they are free and I'm Basically going to walk you through this Concept I'll also share with you some Results and we'll basically look at Different ways of monetizing this whole Method because believe it or not look This is just one way we can make money On YouTube there are a number of others So let me give you some information like A bit of a backstory to this so the idea For today's video came about because Over in the University which is this Over here this is my online training Community where I share all the Different methods of making money online That I'm doing myself and in examples Where I'm not doing it myself I'll bring It expats or other people who are making Money now I want to show you this really Quickly and then I will dive into this So if I come down here you can see This is on The Tick Tock products now The concept is the same whether we're Using YouTube shots or Tick Tock and We'll come back to that because this one Video that we're going to look at Getting created for us we can have this On multiple platforms and again we'll

Come back to this so if we come down Here to easy Tick Tock money okay so let Me just go ahead and make this a bit Bigger so you can see this okay so this Was going back to July of last year now The numbers on the screen here you can See these are seven days so in seven Days my friend who's whose account this Is and these are the results look six Million views in seven days and by the Way since then it's increased a hell of A lot okay and if I just move this along A little bit as well you can see the Number of you know likes and comments on His Tick Tock account I'm gonna scroll Along oh no let me go backwards we can See here on Shirley and it's because the Earnings on Tick Tock as you can see Yeah 983 pounds so that's a little about a Thousand dollars for uploading the sorts Of videos onto Tick Tock now when we Look at the monetary element of tick Tock versus YouTube YouTube you can have Firebase Tick Tock without a doubt and That's relying on paired advertisements There are other ways that you can make Money you can do this with shout outs You can do this with affiliate marketing And the potential with this is just huge Okay and the reason why I wanted to show You these numbers here on Tick Tock is Because if we're going to go ahead and Get AI to create these videos flowers

Why just limit ourselves to tick tock we Would not just do that we'd take that Same video we would put it onto YouTube Shots we'd put this onto Instagram reels Facebook even Pinterest believe it or Not you can start using as a traffic you Know as a driver of traffic okay but if We come over here I want to show you Some numbers okay So I'm on YouTube and you can see I've Just typed in the what this will be a Motivational speech hashtag shots that's The keyword that I am searching for look At this 2 900 people a month a search Involved this exact thing motivational Speech hashtag hashtag shorts now I went Through a few of these channels and I Came across this one here this this is Called the positive okay and all the way Is creating these really short videos Are they incredibly hard to do no do you Need skills expert no you don't Literally we use AI software to do all This for free okay now if the scroll Down here you can see I mean I've Literally filtered this via the most Popular I mean look at this seven nearly Seven million views 3.6 and when you see How simple these videos are to do I Think I think most of you or if you you Know if you're definitely thinking about Making money you should go down this Route because it's incredible it's Incredibly simple easy and quick to get

All of this set up and you know start Adding essentially a passive income So this is one channel locker but then I Thought I'll do a bit more research a Bit more digging around this so over Here I've just typed in psychological Facts so you can see on here 2 900 People a month for search and follow and It's not just this okay if I just click On that hit the space bar look we can See Psychological facts about love 720 this One here 390 and it doesn't matter right Whatever you type in whether it's Animal Boy facts girl facts love facts anything The the search volumes are huge for this But also as well because we're using YouTube we also have the benefit of Getting our videos shown in the browse Features we have this on the home page And many more ways so this is this is Why you know this method works really Well but again if I scroll down here we Can say Compass these long form videos scroll Down here look at these ones over here Look 3.9 million views this this And again it doesn't matter if we're Going to any one of these channels so Let me just click on this one And what is this called psychology Arcade what are they doing They've literally just got some text And a video and let's have a look at the

Channel see how big they are sir 255 000 subscribers 3.8k video so if we Look at this and we'll look at this one Over here we can see on here the Potential with this is pretty big so Let's have a look at roughly how much They're making then I'll walk you Through the process of setting this up Because it's it's so simple okay so I'm Going to come over to this tool up here This is called socialblad again this is Free you can just go on any browser type In Social blade and then up here on the Top right hand corner you type in the Channel of the username and it will tell You some information about the channel So I can see here I mean look at this One here this channel was created the 4th of February so just over a year ago They've uploaded 400 videos so scroll Down here let me know let's get to the Part we're interested in so that country Is that that is sorry that channel Earner is from India Scroll down here I mean look at this Estimated monthly edit up to 6K a month Yearly earnings nearly 80 000 pounds now Obviously this is socialblood it takes a Rough estimate so even even if it was to Go you know conservatively and put the Figure in the middle the potential Earning 40 000 pounds a year so about About 48 000 a year from uploading these Videos for scroll down we can see the

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Date the number of subscribers number of Video reviews and estimated energy so You can see on here they're doing pretty Well from uploading Ridiculously simple short videos and Then if we wanted to you know go ahead And have a look at this channel you'd Simply just copy the name over here go Back over to socialblade and just put The name up here and hit on enter and Then you can search the numbers looks Like so so basically you can see you can Spy on any channel but you know how do We go ahead and do this method whether We're looking at these sorts of videos Whether we are looking at I mean what is This True facts sad facts love facts you know Just facts basically so we're going to Use some technology AI so when I come Here when I go over to chat GPT Now when you first got over here you Need to create an account for free okay And all you have to do is just um put in From memory I think it was just um phone Numbers so you have to verify your phone Number okay so if I come on here we just Click on try chat cheap pizza after you Have signed up okay once you've signed Up it's pretty straightforward and Simple so okay we go so I'm just going To quickly log into here okay so once You are logged into here this is the Free account by the way this is what it

Looks like now down here this text box Here this is where we literally ask it To create something for us so we can say Um something like please Give me five quarts About Motivation Okay sorry let me just change that spell It wrong terrible at spelling then I hit On enter okay and then it will take Second and then it will write these Quotes on here for me Hopefully So it's thinking about this still Thinking about this And finally here we go so the um what The only way to do great work is to love What you do Steve Jobs number two and It's just creating this for me now what You could do is you could literally just Take that coil there and literally and You know just take it over to the video Software or you could even ask it to Expand upon one of these quotes Sir all I would do there is I would type Down here I would say please Expand on this And then I'm just going to come up here And I'm going to copy this over here Like so So please expand on this I'm gonna paste That into here and again I'm going to Hit on enter now all I'm doing here is You know if I wanted to make my short

Video a bit longer I could literally Take this so This Here could be on slide One and literally I'll walk you through This in a second okay but it's it's Speeding up now Blaming set Hey enough going to tell them on this in There so Still going So whilst this is you know running away In the back like it's finished so there We go so now I've got all this here I Could put that into a shot I could take Little bits from this and then I could Expand on number two etc etc okay so It's giving me this script essentially Now we need some video software now There are many of these the simplest and The easy one and three one is this one Over here it's called And don't worry I'll put links to Everything down below for you so you Know if I'm jumping from a website to Website you can go ahead and check this Out for yourself so let me get rid of That and close this down so now on here We've got all of these options and you Can see I've been doing literally doing This method myself so I'm going to come Over here to create blank and this is Tick Tock video it's the same dimensions For YouTube so I'm just going to click On here Then what happens here is it opens up

Into into this new tab let's get rid of This now on the left hand side here we Have got templates okay so if I wanted To use any of these templates we can go Ahead and do this and literally I'd Recommend it because the simple the easy And they're pretty much done for you so You can go through pick any one of these Let's just go with this one okay it's a Template so click on that let's click on That and it goes over here now this is The video basically sir if I come back Over to chatgpt and get our script where The heck is it gone this one no this one Here we go Bring this over here so let's scroll up So if we're going with this the only way To do great work is to love what you do And if we'll go back over here and look At this they've just got a little bit of Text on here so first of all we need a Background okay so let's just go with Let's go with this someone run it so Let's just come over here so we've got Our background now I need an element so A video basically so I'm going to come Over here and I'm going to scroll across Oh no sorry I'm going to type in let's Just type in running like so And then I can click on videos And it's going to bring up any one of These videos where someone is running Now the thing to not hear it inside of Camera it's free wherever it's got this

Crown here where it says Pro this is the Paired version it's incredibly cheap It's about a hundred dollars for I think It's a year and you can split that Between five people but you know if you Don't want to go down that route and Still use canva as the free version We're looking for something like this Wait doesn't have the crown marker so Scroll through and find a video that you Like and it doesn't just have to be Running you can see on here we've got Jogging we're gonna other bits but if I Want this one okay I just drag this like So And I put it on here Like that okay And then the video goes behind that it Doesn't matter which one of these you Pick you can extend them over here so You can see it's six seconds if I Want It That longer I can just drag it along Like so Or if I wanted it shorter I can move it Down like this if I wanted to copy it Literally have the same slide I'd just Click on duplicate this and it's the Same okay so on here we need a bit of Text on here so go back over to chat to PT and we take this the other way to do That Protect this okay so I'm gonna copy that Like so I'm gonna go back in here I'm Going to double click and I'm going to

Paste So that's that bit done Now I can move it down so you'll notice Here this template has got these two Little lines let's move that one up and Let's move that one down to here click On there and then I just move it back There okay And if I don't want this little element Down here you know this thing you can Keep in you can delete it you can move It you can basically put it wherever you Like so we just play around with this Like so then what we can do is to Preview this and just come up here and I Click on play And it goes like that now in terms of This over on canva there's lots of Things you can do with this if I click On the video like this I can animate This I can change it around and you know You can play around with this until it Has content you you genuinely can though It doesn't really matter whatever we're Doing on any of these you can add in More text if I come over here to text I've got lots of headings I can add in Here that I can play around with it if I Click on the text here I can make it Bigger I can make it smaller I can Change the color of this so if I wanted That instead of yellow I click on that And then if I wanted that stand out I've Come over to elements and I would get

Rid of this and I'd go to the lines and Shapes like so and I would take this and Put this in now remember this here is Just the template once you've done this Once as your template the next time you Make these they'll literally take you a Few literally about a minute I'm gonna Click on there put that to Black As I know I can see it's standing out Now if I want this to be a bit bigger or The text like this I just click on here And I'm going to make the text a bit Smaller like so okay Bye now And I can move these around like this on The bottom if I want to but if I come Back over here let's click on this one I've added it on the wrong one click on Here I'm gonna put this On here like this move it across Like this you can see it's just drop and Drop simple and then if I want the text In Black I just click on that and change The text to Black so you can see you can Have it whichever way you want it's Really not hard to do this okay so this Here would be slide one The only way to did it right okay and Then if you wanted to expand on that you Could come back over to chat GPT here And go down and take this Take that and then that would go into Your next slide so this is slide one Over here

And then we're going to slide two So if I wanted this text here I'll just Right click and paste it and it goes in Now obviously that's a bit too big in it So it's going to make it smaller so it Fits on the page Like so and then if I wanted to the Background here I'd come up here and Literally do this And all I'm doing is just get it to fit Go all the way down like this and again Look I'm doing this really quickly for The sake of the video just to give you An example of this But that that is it basically and if I Come over here now and I click on player You can see how you video actually looks Okay So it's like this And then it moves into the next one like This okay And as I've mentioned look if you want To play around with this and you know Change Parts add in additional bits you Can even upload your own videos but what Happens here is once you're happy with This you can see at the top at the top Here it will give you a total running Time then you just come over here to Share and you download this as an MP4 Video and then we can upload it onto YouTube and be earning money from YouTube AdSense but before you get to That point obviously you need to hit

Some requirements to become a YouTube Partner now that's one of the reasons Why many people you know give up on this Whole method because they don't start Earning money for you know right out of The gear so they give up so what you can Do in the beginning is you can actually Make money with affiliate marketing Straightforward and simple so in this Example we've gone into like motivation And things like that we're just going Past some affiliate products so for this You can go onto platforms like Warrior Plus share a sale ClickBank JV any of These it doesn't really matter so let's Go let's go to now we'll go to let's go To click back really quickly and the Reason why we use ClickBank is it's free It's available in lots of different Countries so we're just going to create And again it's free so if you don't have An account you come on here create an Account for free then we go over to it's Known as the marketplace which is where Basically all of the products are listed So we come over here to Marketplace and Then what we do is inside of here you Can search for a product or on the left Hand side here you've got all of these Different categories so basically you'd Find products on here which are related To your Niche so if I come on here and I Just type in motivation Let me change this there we go let me

Right click on here And then it's going to bring up any Products related to that so look Affirmation software 42 come down here Look if nurses to change your life Twenty dollars fifty one dollars a Hundred and I mean look at this goal Setting software this is a hundred and Fourteen dollars so you can come through Here and find products which are related To the niche or the category that you're Creating these YouTube shots about and Then what we can do is in our comment Section we can put these on there we can Also put them in the description box on YouTube and then once we've uploaded our Video we've put our link to these Different products over here so let me Show you how you do this so if you Wanted this a little goal setting Software if I click on that It opens up in a new page and it takes Me over to the actual product so look You could say look goal setting and goal Management software for high Achievers Scroll down here you can see what the Product is you know what it's all about If you wanted to promote that product Like sir you click on promote And then you just click on create hop Link And then what happens here is let me Click on oh it's here look you can see This long link down here this is your

Link now obviously you wouldn't want to Leave it like that so you would go over To a link shortener which basically Takes it from this long thing over here Into a shorter link now there's lots of Link shorteners but you can just go with Again this one's free it's called So you would come over to here create an Account for free then what you do is on Here you click on create new Like sir create a link and then you Paste that long Link in there oh not That one We'll go back over to here this is our Long link We copy this like so go back Into bitly and we've paste it in there And then scroll down and you can Customize the back half of this if you Really want to but once you're happy With this you click on create And then it will create a link for you So you can see here now instead of Having that long ugly link we've now got This link over here this and That's it so the whole process of using This is we use the chat GPT over here to Create the video as far as all the text For us then once it's done this we can Go over to canva and create a video like This and then once we've done this we Download this video we upload it onto YouTube shots and we include our Affiliate link and also the other thing That as well is what I would say is if

You are going to do with this method I Would come along here in fact what I Would do is let me just do this really Quickly I'll click on duplicate page I'm Going to move that over here like so No like that in the middle And then over here I would literally Have a call to action over here so the Software or whatever products you are Promoting over on ClickBank I would you Know reference it at the in the call to Action server come on here look girls on Track goal setting and goal management So goal setting and goal management I'm gonna click on here I'm just going To go back into the software I'm just Going to paste that into here really Quickly goal setting and goal management For high cheap so all I'm going to do Here is I'm going to give someone a reason to You know go ahead and check out that Link sir girlfriend and goal management For high achievers Let me get rid of this And I'm trying to figure out where I'm Going to put this on here set up Goal setting and goal management for High Achievers is May oh Achievers Is mad simple using the link below and Again I'm doing this really quickly You'd want it to be a bit better than This so this here would be our call to

Action on our last slide of this I'm Gonna make that a bit bigger make it a Bit bigger drag it down like so and I'm Gonna put that on here And again you could add different Elements on here different graphics and Other bits but the whole purpose is at The end of the video we're giving them a Reason to you know click the link down Below but that's it So you can see on here we've got this Video here looks pretty good we've got Our text on here and then we have our Affiliate link over here and that's the Whole process it's simple it's easy and More importantly it's absolutely free so Look I know we've jumped from one Website to another but all we're using Is chat GPT which is free we are using Canva which is free we are using ClickBank to find an affiliate products Again it's free and then we're using Bitly which is a link chart again it's Free there's no excuses with this as You've seen over here this channel Started a year over is adding some very Good money so you know what what's Stopping people just time and effort Well using this software as that we've Looked at today it makes the whole Process incredibly simple so look if You've got any comments or questions Please leave them down below but overall I think we can agree it's an awesome

Method so have a great day and I'll see You tomorrow All right [Music]

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