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When New Tools Mean New Products: Energy Business Lessons For Product Managers

As product managers we’d like to think that the new product creation process and its product development definition process are a neat, orderly process. However, the reality is often quite different. New products have a nasty habit of popping up all of a sudden and as product managers, we need to be able to react to this and deal with it. The energy generation and distribution business is currently providing us with a very good example of this…

Every Successful Small Business Should Have a ">Marketing Plan

If your small business does not yet have a ">marketing plan it should. A ">marketing plan doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be fairly easy to do put a clear plan together and it will help you crystallize your thinking. Planning ahead for your business is the smart way to out think and out compete your competition.

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Banners, and File Extension and Resolution for Banner Printing

Question: Is there any difference between outdoor and indoor banners? Answer: Generally, a banner that can be used indoors can also be used out-of-doors. However, there are some differences in construction that should be noted if you know that your banner is going to be used out-of-doors. With an indoor banner, we generally assume that there will be very little wind to affect the banner, so finishing can be done fairly simply, or not at all in the case of fabric banners. With dye sublimation printed cloth banners, the polyester can be hot knife cut to seal the edges so that the threads don’t fray. Then, either grommets along the edges or in the corners or a pole pocket on the top and bottom should be good enough for most indoor environments.

Child Care ">Marketing: One Quick and Easy Step For Better Tours – Get Your Teachers Involved!

One key element to finding success at your child care center or program is to involve your teachers in your parent tours in order to really integrate them into your enrollment building machine! Read more to learn how.

Web Copywriting – SEO Post Google Penguin 2.0

In this era, when the internet has been one of the most important inventions of the last few decades, web copywriting has proven to be indispensable. It has been utilized by different communities, businesses, organizations and even political personalities to move their agenda forward and disseminate information to the public. Search engines play a great part in this process.

External B2B ">Marketing Support Resources

There are many B2B ">marketing support services available. Once the decision is taken to bring in external support to assist an in house team it is important to choose the most appropriate source of ">marketing support for the situation. This article considers the options available.

What Does Quality Mean to You?

Quality is something that is missing in many companies today. The just-enough attitude to keep costs down has become the new normal. Then you wonder why you have to compete on price and fight to retain customers. Read why it’s more profitable to provide quality.

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