Make QUICK Affiliate Money As A Beginner

Okay so what happens if you're just Starting out with affiliate marketing And you don't have much budget if you're Starting from scratch with a very small Budget let's say 50 or 100 dollars what Can you do well in this video I'm going To show you exactly what you can do so If you're just getting started and You've got a small budget make sure you Watch this whole video before we get Started remember guys that I'm running a Black Friday sale at the moment and you Can get any of my affiliate marketing Courses for over 50 percent off all you Need to do is use the links in the Description and the coupon code BF 2022 I'm looking forward to seeing you on the Inside with that said let's get started Okay so if you're new to affiliate Marketing or you just haven't been able To make money with affiliate marketing I Know that you want to get started as Soon as possible even if you've got that Small budget and I'm going to show you Exactly what we need to do right now so The first thing that we need to do is we Need to go over to an affiliate Network Now if you've got a click bank account You can use that you can also use Something like digistore or jvzoo for Example in our example today I'm going To be using a site called Express Revenue now Express revenue is a great Site because Express Revenue will allow

Us to find products that are super easy To promote so there are only two parts To this right the first thing we need to Do is we need to go into Express revenue Or the affiliate network of your choice We need to find a product that we are Going to promote and then we need to Start promoting it's very simple simple Two-step process so let's get started Alright so let's go into our Express Revenue account like so and what we're Going to do in Express Revenue to have a Look at the products all we need to do Is go to the offers tab okay the offers Tab is like the marketplace in ClickBank All right now one of the nice things About Express revenue is you can filter Down on keywords really really simply Right if you've been with ClickBank for Any length of time you'll know in the ClickBank Marketplace the keyword search Is kind of a little bit weird and when You do a keyword search the um the Results are returning in a bit of a Strange order it's what they call Keyword relevance which is a bit weird Um and uh so with uh with Express Revenue it's real simple you put the Keywords in and as you start typing it Starts looking for what you are typing All right so what we're going to do is We want products that are going to be Easy to promote so we go simply into the Keyword search and we type in brand

Bidding now what that's going to do is That's going to show us products that Allow brand bidding all right now what Is brand bidding brand bidding is we bid On the product name and why would we Want to bid on the product name so when We have our Google ads campaign or our Microsoft ads campaign we want to bid on Particular keywords right and in this Case we want to actually bid on the name Of the product and what that's going to Do is it's going to send to our Affiliate link visitors who already know About the product now why would we want To send visitors that already know about The product we would want to send them Because the people who already know About the product and are searching for It again are likely to buy the product They are warm leads they are interested In the product for example someone might Have seen the sales page yesterday and They read through the sales page or they Watched the video and thought you know What this is an interesting product but I'm not sure I don't have money right Now so I'm going to leave it for a Moment I'm going to think about it Overnight the next day they remember That product and they think you know What I have to do something about my XYZ Problem and they go back to Google or They go to Bing and they type in the Name of the product because they don't

Remember the domain it was right no one Types in the domain these days right so They go back to Google or Bing and they Type in the name of the product XYZ diet Right and of course what happens is the Search listings come up with the ads at The top and if you're at is at the top The likelihood is your ad is going to Get clicked and that means your ad was Clicked by someone who's got a buying Intention someone who's ready to put Their credit card down for that Particular product that's why we want a Brand bid right so it's very easy in Express Revenue to find out the products That allow this just by typing brand Bidding into the keyword search and You'll see here Greenhouse pure CBD gummies SEO has Allowed brand bidding is allowed Searches allowed anti-min dietary Supplements brand bidding allowed okay All of these products brand bidding is Allowed right and we'll have a look at The payouts here now the payout is CPA Which means you just get a fixed Commission and it's uh not clawbackable So you know whether the customer refunds Charges back or whatever they do doesn't Matter you'll get to keep your Commission all right and for this one For example Amaro skin tag remover 130 CPA pretty good all all right so let's Say we're going to promote Adam in

Dietary supplement all right let's just Click through onto this right okay and What we need to do let's just have a Look at the offer okay And uh there we go add him in powerful Weight loss formula now the you might Think oh this sales page looks pretty Bland you know I want to send it to the Video sales page but think about what You're doing here right you are sending People who already know about the Product to the sales page right you want Them to find the order Button as soon as Possible right and the order buttons Right at the top of the page right here Very easy to see if you send them to a Vsl a video sales letter what's going to Happen is they have to watch the video Sales letter again before they see the Uh order buttons right or at the very Most the order buttons are going to Appear at the bottom of the video and They might miss those order buttons Because the video is taking up the whole Screen right and so if someone's already Seen that video then I want to watch it Again right so they might just click off If you send them to the text sales page And the order button is here already They know about the product they just go Oh yeah that's the product I was Interested in Click order now job's done All right so text sales page is good in This case okay so what we want to do is

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We want to get our affiliate link Remember this is going to work for any Affiliate Network I'm using Express Revenue as an example because Express Revenue is just easy to use and find Products where you can brand bid all Right so we're going to go down here and We're going to go to creatives and we're Going to go to text creatives and there Is our tracking URL we're going to copy That out like so okay so let's just Check this offer out I'm going to go Through a proxy here because uh I'm in Japan so it would redirect me to another Offer if I didn't okay so we're going to Paste in our affiliate link there we're Going to go yeah I'm in New York and Then we're going to go down agree and Connect And the green connect Okay and that takes us through to the Offer all right okay all we do is we go To Microsoft ads now if you don't have a Microsoft ads account really easy to set Up go to and once You've got that account set up you're Going to go create We're gonna have visits to my website Search ads and next and we're going to Give it a campaign name let's call it Admin D Min okay like that and you can Set a daily budget of anything you want Let's say you've got a hundred dollars I Would set maybe a 50 daily budget all

Right remember conversions are going to Be much simpler with this because you Are sending warm traffic to the offer All right and we're going to go let me Choose specific locations we're going to Go United States it's the country we're Going to Target we're going to go Target This country we're going to go down here We're going to turn off this second Option here because we only want people In the United States to see around we're Going to go down we're going to go save And go to the next step I'm going Through this very quickly you can watch This back again so it's okay ad group Name is adymen we'll just keep it the Same as the campaign name and then for The name of the product we're just going To put square brackets like so and we're Going to put Adam in in the square Bracket now what that's doing is that Saying I only want people who are Searching on the exact name to find my Product right so this is a blood sugar Related product so you don't want if Someone types in blood sugar you don't Want your ad to randomly show up for That because they could be typing blood Sugar for any reason right they could be Typing I've got high blood sugar what do I do or my blood sugar suddenly got out Of control and they could be taking Other medication and they don't want What you're selling right so we want

Someone who's looking for the product Specifically so we can go add him in in Square brackets that means exact match Let me go down here we go save and go to Next step and we're going to create an Ad okay and then our final URL we're Going to go back up here and we're going To go and have a look and it's all right so that's our Final URL now we're going to put our Affiliate Link in later right we're Going to get at the okay and Then we're going to go add him in What does it say it's a headline on this Powerful weight loss formula okay so It's weight loss not blood sugar okay Um any men weight loss Control something like that okay and we Want people to click on our ad as soon As possible let's give me some Suggestions here but what I'm going to Say is Um get special discounts today something Like that okay we're going to pin these Because we don't want the headlines to Move around okay and we'll give this a Third one just in case Um let's just go 100 satisfaction Guaranteed all right All right so we go three there and then For our description we'll say order Add email Today And get exclusive say bonuses I'm not

Exactly sure I haven't investigated the Product enough but let's say there are Bonuses Okay order any men today and get Exclusive bonuses And uh A massive discounts And free shipping it's a bit too long to Me and but this this is just example Right pin that to position one pin that Position two so they don't move around Then what we want to do is go add URL Options and in our tracking template We're going to paste in our affiliate Link right now ordinarily I would have Tracking here but remember if you're Starting with just say 50 bucks or 100 Bucks right you don't want money to go To tracking and to this and to that and To the next thing right you want your Money to be spent on the ad budget Because that's where you can potentially Make money once you start getting money In the door that's when you can worry About tracking right okay so we've got Our tracking template in there so even Though we've got our URL up here what Microsoft ads is going to do and someone Clicks on their ad they're going to send Them through this link to get to this URL okay so that's how it works it's so That you can you can add tracking Through the tracking template if you've Got it all right so we're going to test This

Okay landing page found so that means That the affiliate link is sending them Through to the landing page that we put In the final URL field so we can go save We can go save and go to next step And our individual daily budget is 50 Bucks right so it's suggesting two Dollars and five cents uh per click all Right I think that's pretty reasonable As a suggestion right usually you're Paying more for brand bitty clicks but I'd say if it's suggesting to the list Five we could maybe start there Especially if you've got a low budget to Start with you can increase it if you Need to if you find that your ads not Showing or maybe it's in position three And you want to get a little bit higher All right don't rely on these numbers Here these estimates estimated monthly Clicks and monthly Impressions right Zero and one when you're brand bidding It's very hard for Microsoft ads to Accurately project what uh what you're Going to see as results and that's Because when you're brand bidding Um they don't have a lot of data all Right because there's less brand bending Searches simply because there's less People searching specifically for Products but that means the ones that do Are likely to buy from your link if You're showing your ad okay and so the Last thing we need to do is just say

Advanced campaign settings and go down Here go to add distribution and we want Only Bing AOL and Yahoo And then we're going to click save and Job's done thanks for joining me today Guys this is the fastest way you can get Set up with affiliate marketing and Start getting money in the door if you Want to join any of my affiliate Marketing courses then I'm running a Black Friday sale right now all you need To do is use coupon code BF 2022 click The links in the description and I'll See you on the inside and if you want More videos about affiliate marketing And how to make your first sale today Check out the video that's on the screen Right now thanks for watching guys don't Forget to click like And subscribe and I'm looking forward to seeing you in the Next video

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