Make Stable Money On AdCombo And Taboola – Affiliate Marketing in 2022

In this short video I'm going to show You how to make consistent and stable Money from native ads using one of the Most well-known native ads platforms out There this is going to be quick and Information Rich so make sure you watch To the end so you know exactly what to Do now you might remember that yesterday I spoke about Native ads and that's Because native ads are great there Aren't a lot of restrictions on what you Can advertise and the scaling Opportunities are almost Limitless the Only problem with Native ads there are a Lot of moving Parts your landing pages Your creatives the offer the placements The widgets so as Affiliates our quest To get to a stable and consistent income Can seem impossible and if you'd like to Get that stable money coming in from Native ads then the answer is in this Video if you'd like a complete strategy For launching your campaign on Native Ads then here's how ad combo and taboola Are holding a free webinar on November 1st now if you've never heard of AD Combo or taboola ad combo is a CPA Affiliate Network and taboola is one of If not the largest Native ads platform In this free webinar they're going to Show Affiliates like us how to Efficiently manage campaigns within Taboola they have four speakers that Will talk about how to start earning

With the network and what US Affiliates Need to do to launch our first campaign In fact here's the webinar agenda find The right GEOS for your offer calculate Your ad budget what to do on your Landing pages how to optimize your Campaign and how taboola supports ad Combo Affiliates the four expert Speakers are Andre kravchenko from Taboola Mark kiner from tabula Ella Mack The head of the affiliate Department From ad combo and Uma simich's team lead In the affiliate department at ad combo And and you can ask any questions you Have about Native ads in the live q a at The end of the webinar so when is this It's November 1st 2022 at 12 p.m UTC That's 8 A.M in New York 9pm in Tokyo 1pm in the UK and 11 p.m in Sydney Personally I'm gonna join this webinar And I hope you will join with me click The first link in the description to go To the webinar registration page see you There and if you want more videos about Affiliate marketing and how to make your First sale today check out the video That's on the screen right now thanks For watching guys don't forget to click Like And subscribe and I'm looking Forward to seeing you in the next video

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