Making Money With ChatGPT on Fiverr (AI Fiverr Gig Creation)

I just did something that a lot of you Probably thought I would never do I just Created a fiber gig for AI generated Content services but don't worry I Didn't just sell out against myself how Funny would that be I literally have Created so many videos talking about how AI is not going to totally replace Copywriters and then I go ahead and make A gig where I'm selling services which Is writing services generated by AI kind Of would it make a lot of sense that's Not what I did what I did do was create A gig where I'm offering to edit People's AI generated sales and Marketing emails because AI is here to Stay so imagine people use AI to Generate an email for them I take that Email rework it so it sounds like a Human wrote it write it in a way where It's conversational yeah bring me your Vanilla AI generated copy and I'll spice It up a little bit maybe even throw in a Grammatical error or two but yeah that's Been my biggest problem problem with AI Since I I started playing around with Chat gbt just doesn't sound like a human So I figured if ai's here to stay I'm a Copywriter why not offer a gig where I Help people who are leaning into AI to Generate copy for them by helping them Brush up on the copy and make it sound a Little bit more warm and human so that's What I did big part of why I did this

Was although I'm constantly trying to Help people get started down the path of Becoming copywriters I'm reading a lot About people really leaning heavily into Using AI to just 100 automate the copy That they're writing and I'm reading Things that you know they're not passing Plagiarism detectors or search engines Or penalizing AI generated copy whole Bunch of stuff so I figured it'd be an Opportunity for me to use my skills or Whatever skill I do have as a copywriter To help people who are using AI just by Helping them bridge that Gap and kind of Work on the thing that I I most dislike About AI copy which is the fact that it Doesn't sound like a human wrote the Copy and yeah I figured I'd hit two Birds with one stone with this I Actually recorded the whole process of Me creating this gig I figured it'd be a Good opportunity because I haven't Created a new gig in a little while to Walk you through the actual process of Me creating a gig so I'll show that on The screen I'll pause and voice over Parts of the video where I think there's Something that I should you know add Some clarity to and you can use it as a Guide to see how someone like me might Go about creating a new gig on their Fiverr profile really hope it helps Here's the screen share All right so first step you know you

Gotta go and create a new gig [Music] When it comes to making subject lines I I really just kind of Riff on it in this Field right here see what sounds good in This case AI generated emails is kind of The focus keyword I'm going for [Music] So this this part here selecting the Right category and subcategory this is Where reviewing other gigs that are Already doing it comes in handy big time So the category I was looking for was a New one and I was having trouble Figuring out you know what category and Subcategory it would fall under so in Just a second you'll see I went and Checked out another guy who is doing a Similar type of gig Oh [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign And then when it comes to keywords you Really want to include you know the tags That you think are going to appear in What people are searching for when They're looking for this type of gig That helps you You know give yourself a better chance Of appearing in search among all the Competition if you use gig tags that are

Actually relevant to what people are Searching for Thank you [Music] All right so when it comes to you know Setting up packages I kind of look to See what others in the market are doing That's what I'm showing here you kind of Browse other people's gigs see how they Compare to what you might want to offer And then use that to kind of build the Baseline of what you're going to start Your gig packages at so I say Baseline Because this should change over time so Once you start getting a feel for the Traffic you're getting the orders you're Getting It's very regular and very common for me To occasionally switch up my gig Packages how much they cost what's Included to see what works best for the The type of customer that's coming to me On a platform like Fiverr that's really Important Thank you [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music]

Thank you [Music] Thank you Foreign [Music] At this point is just based on what I Think makes sense but this is very Likely going to change over time once I Figure out how well or not so well this Gig performs Notice how I don't include any revisions I'm not a big fan of revisions [Music] Foreign [Music] Next up is descriptions this is arguably One of the most important parts of a gig So You know For me I I just sit here and kind of let It flow based on what I kind of Envisioned this gig representing how I Envision people searching for this gig But again just like the title just like The packages just like the pricing it's Very common for me to tweak a gig Description After a gig goes live so I'm just Writing this there's no kind of Structure to how I'm writing this one This is all by feel if you need help Writing gig descriptions I do have some Videos about that on the channel you can Check out

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Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] I usually like to bold or highlight Things in my gig description that I want To draw people's attention to Um Fau's definitely should take some time To fill these out I'm just firing Through these because I've created so Many gigs I kind of have it in my head What I want to be in the FAQ section But if you don't know either review this Video review other gigs in your category It's really important to think about What your FAQs are and how they're going To affect how you interact with your

Clients should a question come up after They place an order [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Fiverr Flags gig descriptions that use The same word too repetitively it's just The way they combat keyword spam so you Might have to you know after you've Written this out go back and change a Couple words that's what I'm doing here Requirement questions really really Important so these three at the top are The new ones that Fiverr puts in by Default Um highly recommended that you create Your own for every gig you have even if You require someone Speaks to you before hiring you it's Good to have some questions here so you Can start collecting information before You have a chance to speak with the Person

[Music] Thank you [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] Thank you [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] And last up is your gig image so I've Already gotten this one created uh kind Of YouTube thumbnail style if you need Help learning how to build good gig Images or gig thumbnails I have a couple Different tutorials on the channel you Can check out for free Foreign

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