Monday Stream – Live Ecom Research, AI Stuff, And More.

Very nice I'm gonna post about this quick for Everybody watching Yo yo yo Welcome in guys I'm just posting about This on Instagram so we can get more People to know about the Stream It will just take a second so don't Worry Be patient Patience is a virtue for a reason guys Hey Boston here love your stuff welcome Boston just kidding that's cool I want To go to Boston I've actually never been To Boston but I've always wanted to go Oh dope dope Um Okay so Where is everybody from we got Boston in The chat We got I don't even know what else in the chat Let me know let me know where you're From Okay time to put my phone away just post It on Twitter about this as well so People know what's going on Where's my favorite place to travel My favorite place to travel so far Um Well My favorite place to travel Costa Rica was beautiful I really want To go back to Costa Rica otherwise just California to be honest with you I love

California La Jolla that's been my Favorite place in the US so far Um what else Uh oh yeah it's four no no what's it Called Saint Petersburg Florida that's also a really really nice One Used your Ecom package to build my store 1K rev in one week what that's so dope Man Congrats that's actually really cool Oh oh Oh Um That's amazing man that's really cool to Hear I love seeing you guys succeed Ultimately you know we're over here to Help each other out so I love hearing that that's really really Cool Um Yeah Good morning good morning Morocco no way That's really cool man Um so yeah I got a shop pulled up here that I Wanted to look at because recently I Showed you guys a store I recently did a Video on this store right here This one 50 million Shopify store in a New market this video right here And the store was called rebello And it was out of Singapore but I Actually somebody commented in the video

A German version of that store called Refurbed and they're also they've also Raised like a ton of money and they're Also killing it so this is just one of Those interesting markets that It's just getting revamped and what I Mean by revamped is like it's getting Rebranded because It's not new to refurbish Electronics But Now the marketing angle is save waste As opposed to just saving money that was Kind of the thing before it was more About just saving money but now it's Saved the environment as well which is Pretty cool I love things like that Okay I think this is working fine Yeah so I'm just doing a little bit of Research I really love this store very sharp I Know I've reviewed it before but this is What I've been inspired by lately for Our challenge store Which by the way we've been setting Records for I don't know if you saw the New video that I posted maybe not but I posted about our new record And somebody said in there that it's not Helpful for me to share updates unless I Actually reveal the store I don't agree And it was a nice try Whoever said that that was very nice to Try to get me to reveal the store

Cheers from Mexico nice man we're Getting people worldwide this is great I Also wanted to watch some content today Because there's a lot of really Interesting videos that I wanted to see Like Jordan's new video With Luke Belmar I feel like that's a Good one for us to watch That's a really good one for us to watch And then there's also I think Noah Kagan Did another video that was really Interesting Yeah I had to start a million dollar Business with zero employees It's just a 10 minute video so I think We'll watch that as well see if we can Learn something So I want to watch this video that video And you know maybe you guys can let me Know any video you want me to watch Review my store please If you drop it in the chat I may may Review it Remember watching your vids when I first Started out I'm close to 200k revenue on My store now looking to go full-time Income by the end of the year dude that Is so cool Congrats man I'm gonna take a little Screenshot of these comments because you Guys are going crazy in the comments That's so cool man

Awesome Yeah I'm really happy you guys are finding Some success out there it's really cool To see I mean I would hope that the Future of the channel is More Broad Within the entrepreneurship realm and Maybe a little bit of investing because I like investing But not so much Centered around Drop Shipping because I Think that actually causes people to Think a little too small which is fine I Think It's okay but I think that uh I think What's his name Davey fogart he talked About it in the video He said that The Drop Shipping bug probably hinders a Lot of otherwise Brilliant entrepreneurs from actually Building some incredible businesses and I kind of see what he means by that I Think it was in this video Drop Shipping Is a scam And I see what he means by that I think It's kind of about it's this one right Here I think it's about you know like if You're just thinking too small I think If you're just thinking about Drop Shipping

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And not thinking about actually building A business I think that could hinder Your growth a lot And I see it a lot man and I know it's Like it's hard for me to even explain That because I've been in the e-commerce Space for so long and I study so many Brands like this for example right like Vera shop that have raised 70 million Dollars so it's like It's hard for me to pass down what I Know but I totally understand where he's coming From and that's why for the challenge Store You know I talked to my team about it I'm like we're building like a million Dollar dollar business here like Vera Shop like the goal is to build it in a Way that we could raise money and sell It if we wanted to you know not like a Just normal Drop Shipping winning Product Store you know that just sounds so small To me now Um and not small but it just sounds Hypey but it doesn't sound like building A real business I think you should your Frame of reference Should be I'm gonna build a business And started with Drop Shipping or use Drop Shipping to fulfill products you Know Drop Shipping is just a method A way to fulfill your orders nothing

More Thank you I agree man Drop Shipping Isn't the only way but a great vehicle To get your first dub exactly exactly That's a really really great way to look At it You should have done organic profit Margins are poop with that yeah I mean I Would do organic I agree I think organic Is great but I'm just lazy man and I'm Not lazy well I am a little lazy and I Just don't want to do that I don't want to make like organ I don't Want to make content like that every day I mean I'm already doing that for my YouTube channel I can't do it for a Brand too bro you know what I mean but Once we grow a little more maybe once we Have a little more profit to reinvest Like I could hire a Creator I would love To do that I mean hey maybe one of you Guys would love to make organic content For the challenge store that would be Really cool I'm open to it Just let me know I don't want to do anything trendy Exactly yeah that's a good way to put it Too it's just like building things that Are gonna last building things that are Going to compound over time that's That's the vibe I'm on right now Is I want to only build things that are Going to compound over time

Otherwise it feels a little bit like a Waste of time But I totally understand like that's Just my mindset I'm just being honest You know I don't wanna Portray some sort of Dream to people You know what I mean I just want to be Myself that's what I'm saying also That's a little tip for anybody watching I feel like if you're gonna build a Personal brand or something along those Lines or even for or even just like Posting content for your brand I think Keeping it authentic has It's a high Roi activity because first Of all people do appreciate authenticity Now especially now with AI and Everything being so perfect But also It's just a more sustainable approach Like if you're not being honest right With your brand even let's say Then that's going to come back to haunt You in the future And that's not good that that's not that Doesn't compound over time you see what I mean Hopefully that makes sense I I often remind myself that a lot of People like everyone is in a different Everyone has a different perspective Right so sometimes if I say something It just may not resonate with you

Because you just don't understand where I'm at in terms of like in my head let's Say But that's again why I'm just tell I'm Just saying these things for me right Because everyone is in a different stage Of their Journey so Value is pretty subjective Exactly yeah you guys you guys said it I love this database by the way Crunchbase I don't know if you guys know about Crunchbase but Pretty awesome man it's a pretty cool Uh Pretty cool tool Software rather well it's yeah I guess It is a software It's super powerful but it's really Expensive It's 500 a year I guess that's not Really expensive But it's pretty expensive And then I also use minia a lot Or Mania whatever you want to call it I'm not I'm not even sure the correct Pronunciation for it to be honest with You Let's see here But I'll pull it up and maybe go through It a little bit as well Hey Ari hey harry what's up man Nice to see you It will resonate with who it needs to I

Love that that's that's awesome that's Honestly how I view the abundance Mindset right it's like if you're Authentic to yourself at all times What's meant to come into your life will Come right it's the same thing with like Girls or whatever right like a lot of People online try to get you to be Something you're not and I feel like That's just not a good approach to life Personally Can you tell us a little bit more about Crunchbase what's it used for That's a good question so crunchbase is An an intelligence tool that's how I Like to describe it and basically it Just has advanced Data on all sorts of different companies And as you see here all these different Taps for example like investors it shows You the investors of different companies It shows you the funding rounds of Different companies that the latest Acquisitions or not even the latest Acquisitions but just all sorts of Acquisitions that have happened And you know the investors side free so This is a great tool for many different Things one Um for let's say you have an agency and You want a prospect you want to get some New clients this is a great tool because You can find investors right maybe you Can Outreach to some investors it shows

You their contact info things of that Nature Uh Acquisitions maybe you see that Somebody bought a brand and maybe They're not doing as well now and you Wanna maybe you can go in and make them An offer and buy a business for a little Bit for a better deal Um and then it's also really helpful for Just general research that's what I use It for I don't really I used to use it a Little bit for outreach for akemi the Agency But then Um Yeah I mean I don't really do Outreach For the agency now now I'm just using That abundance mindset to just let the Clients come to us Um and it's actually been working quite Well to be honest so that's been really Cool So now just use it strictly for research Purposes Um things for the channel things that Are interesting to me Like I said for example this shop to be Honest when I reviewed this shop this is This is kind of what sparked up the Challenge store idea because it I Realized like oh I don't know if you guys have seen the Shop I made a video about it but When I saw that I was like man

This is just like a general store right Like uh like a Drop Shipping General Store but it's actually it's not Drop Shipping entirely right like they have a Lot of different products they have a Lot like probably some sophisticated Logistics process but ultimately they Just sell a variety of products right so A variety of Lifestyle products so when I saw it it just reminded me of like a Drop Shipping Store but better so I was Like man why not just like have this as The example to strive for and let's just Create a challenge store to make a lot Of content around And then to also just build like a side Cash flow business that could grow into Something significant I mean they sell everything like Literally from sexual wellness products To Fitness Essentials to lighting and Mirrors to kitchen appliances you know What I mean so to me this is really cool I'll make myself a little smaller so That you guys can see the screen a Little better but we're getting some More people joining 37 people in the Chat that's amazing Maybe we can get to 100 today that'd be Really cool Hello hello My journal on Amazon is all about Manifesting the life you want I like that

I think I saw someone say that on Instagram recently Um they said there's Asymmetrical asymmetrical returns Asymmetrical asymmetrical Returns on Manifesting and visualizing what you Want out of your life because there's Literally zero downside to it you know What I mean There's only upside it's kind of like Praying as well I'm not very religious But Praying is another thing that really Does have asymmetrical returns because There's no downside to it like what's The downside of praying I mean maybe if It makes you lazy and not actually take Control of your life then maybe but And same with manifestation I think it's A it can be a double-edged sword if You're only let's say dreaming about What you want and not actually putting In the steps daily to get there then That could be a double-edged sword I think that can happen right like you Kind of get the dopamine hit just from Visualizing your life as opposed to Actually putting in the daily work but If you can do both that's a dream Scenario that's like the perfect formula Rather Let's see so by the way satyam Um he's Part of the akemi crew now

Our pirate crew so He's a very smart guy so don't be afraid To ask questions in the chat and he Also answers if I miss something Um I also tweeted this today real quick Because it's so true I've learned more About leadership and building a team From One Piece than I ever did in University Facts I love one piece but yeah this store Really inspired me a lot and that's I Found it through crunchbase so that's What I use crunchbase for Hi back to YouTube nice Let's see how easy is it to sell Ecom Brand that makes a few million a year I mean there's a lot of things that go Into it bro but I think it's easier if You have your fulfillment and operations Basically automated because I think what Most investors want I mean there's Different kinds of investors from what I've seen And this year I really want to get to Know more of them just to understand the Process more because I want to be an Investor in the future but Basically what it boils down to is Investors either want to invest in some Like super high growth potential Business with let's say some Technological innovation or something

Along those lines or Businesses that are just automated you Know what I mean so that they're buying Income so that's the other kind of Investing people that are buying income So If you have a business that's doing a Few million a year and it's fully Automated somebody could buy it and they Don't have to do anything and the store Continues to run That's going to be pretty easy to sell You know what I mean but if like you're The face like if without you the store Would die then that may be a like you Know that's going to be a lot harder to Sell Here I already love the content I'm Doing Tick Tock organic but I'm stuck at 500 views any tips yeah I would say I Mean from Tick Tock organic I think using trending sounds I think Recently on our Discord I posted Something kind of interesting Um Somebody So this is actually from the Kemi lab I posted this because somebody posted Their ad and it was like it was really Bad to be honest with you and then I Just posted I showed them this one Because this one is so good where has This been in my college Years

I can cook anywhere anytime that is dope So super quick 10 seconds long eight Seconds long not even 10 seconds long It's fast it's using viral sounds So these are the things that you need Or maybe not need maybe isn't the right Word but they're gonna really help You know So I also saw this ad today and I thought It was so good I saw someone post this on Twitter and I Thought it was so valuable a few reasons Why this style of converts it doesn't Look like an ad stops the scroll looks Authentic AF and it kind of goes along With what I was saying authenticity is Key man Um okay let me see Harry what's the first step to take with Drop Shipping where you're just getting Into it what videos on your channel Should I watch or what's the best First Steps from zero to first store Uh oh yeah I actually created by the way A playlist now finally Um I think I linked it somewhere here Where is it No never mind maybe it's not in here Um I don't know where oh yeah here So just go to this playlist man This playlist is kinda

Everything you need just go one by one On this This could be your first step but other Than that just obviously start your Shopify store you know like you're not Gonna get anywhere if you don't start so Just start it and mess around get to Know the the controls right get to know The dashboard get to know the Customization features Uh lucky for you we have a you can get Started with for a dollar a month with The link in the description And you know if you uh and that that Lasts for three months so you have to Spend three dollars in order to learn And then what you can do is just like Let's say you are still not ready after That time which I think would be a Mistake Then you could just start a new account Yes you can't just say you have to feel It you have to action it though action Guides the direction That's a very good way to put it Ari is Drop Shipping able to survive in Maybe the next 10 years and still thrive Yeah and here's why I'll give you a Simple explanation Business people are not going to stop Shopping online for products I think if Anything people are only gonna shop more Online And

Drop Shipping is just a way to fulfill Your orders it's not like that's it you Know and that's how you have to think About it You shouldn't think about it as some Sort of like Um I don't know hack like it kind of it is Kind of a hack But I think it can be detrimental to think Of it like that instead just think of it As a business you know is business gonna Die in the next 10 years no is the Internet gonna die in the next 10 years I mean if it does if we have bigger Problems to worry about but So no it's I I think yeah it'll Definitely survive And It's just building a businessman and That that's part of the reason why I Want to start reaching a broader scope Of Entrepreneurship because I just Really want to like I really want to be Able to change the mindset around Drop Shipping I really think it's detrimental And I think it actually is harmful in Some ways I like what Noah Kagan does For example where he asks people like How to make a million dollars right Where he asked people You know passive income ideas and stuff Like that or what Jordan does as well

Where he just talks to different Entrepreneurs I think that's really cool Because it kind of changes how you think About Drop Shipping and it allows you to View Drop Shipping as a business model Rather than or not even as a business Model as like a method of fulfillment Rather than like some sort of get rich Quick scheme I think that's How you should view it okay let's see I do all organic without short form Content No one else is doing this method so I Think investors might be more interested And I can even charge more than 4X Multiple It's possible but again if it's not Automated it may be a bit more tricky Than you think Can you break down the numbers to Selling e-commerce I'm sure you've done The research yeah I mean I think it's All it all depends on your profitability But and again like I mentioned like You're gonna get a higher multiple if The business can run without you But you know I've seen I mean we can Even look at the Acquisitions for Example We can look at Ecom acquisitions Um That's why I love this tool it's so fun To just look at this stuff

Okay so let's see So for example Let's look for one So this brand this Platform got bought for 15 million out Of Panama Let's see what they do Order your watercraft so it's just a General store it's literally just a General store but In Panama specifically for Panama so I Guess they're kind of like the Amazon of Panama That's probably a bad way to describe it But I see this as a clear General Store And let's see the traffic distribution Okay they don't even have traffic data For the store but Point is This brand sold for fifth or got Acquired for 15 million dollars And their estimated revenue is one Million to 10 million so Yeah the multiples tend to be anywhere From 2x to 4X depending on all the Things that we mentioned And it also probably depends on the Market opportunity And things like that But let's see let's look for more Let's look for some more I'm sure there's a lot Yeah there's 6 000 different results Here

So okay wow Look at this one this is crazy 335 million This one got acquired for Namshi is an online e-commerce site Offering Footwear and apparel That's insane man so Footwear and Apparel out of Dubai okay this is weird This is suspicious it's almost like some Some Money Well okay I don't want to say money Laundering thing but Let's just pretend we're in Dubai and we Want to buy something here so this store Got acquired for 300 million in Dubai That's insane Um and it's again it's just like a General It's a general Niche store it's a Fashion brand Um they have cash on delivery I guess That's actually a big competitive Advantage if you're selling worldwide And you have cash on delivery like You're gonna win a lot of markets really Thrive off of cash on delivery people Just expect that for some reason It's weird But that's a really interesting one Let's continue Um 400 million yeah I actually showed this One recently in a video

This one got acquired for 400 million Dollars 400 million and they have 50 to 100 employees it's not even a huge Company They got bought by Victoria's Secret It's a really genius brand though I'm Not gonna lie it's like They just they know what they're doing And if we look at their traffic Distribution we see 6.2 million monthly visitors that's a Lot of visitors So 400 million kind of makes sense I Mean even if we think about gymshark They got acquired for a billion so That's pretty huge Have you been trying Cod no I haven't I Haven't Taken the time to really figure it out But I know people that have Um in other markets like Italy for Example I've heard of Italy being really good For cash on delivery Uh let me read some questions Um If you was just starting where would you Go and what would you do to meet Like-minded people I would just join Discord groups man I mean my Discord Like I I actually feel like I know the People in my Discord server especially You know the academy lab like We're in here talking every day

So and we have calls as well So yeah I feel like I know them really Well so Discord is a great place Um Facebook groups these are all things That I remember doing as well when I was First starting and just posting your Journey on Instagram and stuff like that Or Twitter I think Twitter is another Great place and it's good to be Transparent like that's what I'm saying Like I think if you just approach Posting on social media and just your Life in general with like full Authenticity not trying to be something You're not I don't like to fake it till you make it Mentality It just doesn't feel sustainable like I I feel like if you just for example post On Twitter knowing that like or saying That you don't really know what you're Doing but you're trying and then once You reach success people will really Respect you a lot and I feel like even For me personally you know again this is All my opinion like It's just what I feel I don't want to pretend to know Everything because I don't know everything so like I don't Know you'll get caught slipping if you Try to be something you're not Eventually right and I feel like that

Happens a lot and you you see these People that are like grandiose and then They fall from grace because they Pretended they knew everything when in Reality they didn't because nobody does Anyways what's your opinion on people Asking a lot of generic questions I.E What's the best product used to start Instead of just starting and learning From the get-go You said it bro you said it that's you Said it the solution and the best thing That you could possibly do It's just get started and learn from the Get-go a hundred percent agree I think People ask those questions because they Want a handout they want a shortcut I think everybody these days wants a Shortcut and I don't blame you like I'm Not I'm not saying you're like lazy or Dumb for wanting a shortcut or anything I get it it's actually not your fault It's probably more the fault of the People running ads pretending like you Can get rich overnight by creating a Drop Shipping business or an Amazon FBA Business or an smma business right like You're fighting against people that are Spending thousands of dollars on ads to Show you a dream That appeals to your psychological Triggers So I understand why people ask those

Questions and feel like they need this Shortcut Um and I think that's what Davey's point Is about Drop Shipping being a scam it's Not that Drop Shipping is a scam it's That this idea of like overnight riches And shortcuts is really detrimental to An entrepreneur's mindset because it Honestly takes a very long time to Actually See fruit like the fruits of your labor So yeah man I think that's that's not Good I think I think the only reason why I was able to find any sort of success Is because I had a genuine curiosity Like I didn't I wasn't even looking for Shortcuts I wasn't even looking for Getting rich I was just following my Curiosity I was doing things that I was Having fun doing really like a video Game you know Like That's what's like if you let's say you Start a video game like you wouldn't Just right away start looking up how do I You know beat the game like cheat codes Are not fun really Especially if you're just starting with The game so Yeah I think following your genuine Curiosity is probably the best thing you Can do to start a business as opposed to Trying to find shortcuts

Okay drop shipping will never die your Ability to sell the product via meta or Other platforms might become difficult And more expensive if you're not up to Date with the knowledge facts that's a Good way to put it the methods will Change Online business will never go away Unless the internet goes away How do you optimize website for best Conversions Get the Shopify brand Builder template That's what we built it for so that People can just Import An optimized template from the get-go But otherwise just you know analyze what Successful shops are doing that's why I Do that so much on YouTube because I think there's no real reason why you Shouldn't copy some of these stores that Spend millions and millions on Conversion rate optimization I mean this store is not the best Example because this is a nugget of a Description to be honest But look at how many products they have Like this is literally a general Niche Store and they braced 70 million dollars So this store inspires me a lot I'm not already people looking for the Perfect time to start or wasting their Time facts There is no such thing as a perfect time

Great way to put it man Um how about Twitter ads Reddit ads I Haven't tried either actually that's a Lie I've tried Reddit ads for one of our Clients Um at a chemi And it wasn't good it wasn't good it was Like losing a lot of money Um and this brand was like perfect for Reddit ads I don't think Reddit apps are A bad idea but I feel like Reddit is better to just try To build organically How do I find a niche watch my playlists I have a playlist of 200 videos breaking Down like 200 plus million dollar Shopify brands in a variety of niches so Just watch that and once you find one That strikes curiosity for you follow That I think that's really good advice Actually just follow your curiosity man The amount of men I see out there for Example is showing me their beauty Brands that they're trying to make their First sale on is astounding I'm not Saying it's a bad Niche it's a great Niche but I just I just couldn't do that At this point anymore man I I can't do Something anymore that I don't actually Have fun building like I can't build Something that I don't have fun building And building a beauty brand to me right Now sounds not fun But if it sounds fun to you do it that's

Kind of my point it's like just I think If you if you just follow your curiosity A little more You will actually find a lot more Success and you will be able to Capitalize on compound interest over Time because you're probably going to Stick to that thing for a while As opposed to trying to just like you Know do something new every month and Like you drop whatever you were trying To do before This for this shiny new thing That's why like the academy lab for Example for me it's it's so fun Um and this like the reason we started This was out of genuine curiosity and You know I just love building this Community YouTube for me has never been Work for me YouTube has always been Super easy to do and fun but to other People it looks like work I actually That's that's fun man This is all coming out of this book that I recently read by Naval Ravicant you guys probably know him from Twitter And that's what he talks about man he's Like find your specific knowledge and Your specific knowledge is that thing That you do that you've probably done Since you were a kid that to other People it may look like work but to you Feels like play

And I thought that was a really genius Way to put it Yo G yo what up Nice we're about to get 60 viewers on the stream that's awesome I remember when I streamed about Andrew Tate going to jail we got 700 viewers That was insane I'm watching you while also being at the Gym oh hopefully you get a good pump bro Wishing you the best pump possible Um Fake it till you make it for me seems Like it will eventually show cracks Because the short term High it gets Exactly Who should I follow to learn more about Website conversions Um probably Carl weish that guy is a Beast I actually want to watch some of His content too I will pull up this Video soon because I want to make a Video just react like I want to post a Video of me reacting to it because it Looks good and I haven't watched it yet So it's like You know watching viral videos on the Internet it's something I would do on my Own time so why not do it with you guys Right Do you think AI has the possibility to Overturn capitalism no more jobs and a Basic Universal income oh that's a Really good question because that's

Exactly I was talking to my parents About this recently I was telling them That I see That we will probably revert back to Some sort of communist Capitalism And you know what I was saying I mean This might sound dumb and it might be But I was saying that we we have been seeing This like socialist capitalism already Present I don't hear me out okay let me Cook so If you go I don't know if this is the Same in the rest of the world but in the U.S at least you go any to any service Based You know company or business let's say Any restaurant you go to Anything you buy now you get the option Of tipping any anything literally like You go anywhere and they'll hit you with The iPad with the different tipping Options to me that's like a socialist Capitalist Thing right because it's we now we have This like social like we're giving Ourselves the social responsibility to Pay more to help people to like kind of Distribute the wealth a little bit Better It's really interesting and yeah I think AI will definitely Over time like not in the near future

But I'm talking like 10 20 years maybe More probably more down the line I Definitely think we'll get Universal Basic income out of it And It'll be pretty cool I mean I think It'll be great I think that's awesome You know if people didn't If people Could have their basic needs met imagine The time that they could use to actually Pursue their passions right or pursue The things that they want to pursue I think the world would be a better Place If that happened and we would have a lot More people That could actually Provide or be functioning members of Society You know if they had their basic meet Needs met but we'll see bro I definitely Think so personally I think that could Happen I don't think it will overturn Capitalism and like I still think Capitalism will continue to be a thing But it'll be changed it'll be a blend of Different Things you know it'll be like like I Said like a capitalist communism I don't Know if that makes sense it sounds silly But I was thinking a lot about that Recently So it's funny you ask that The good conversion wise Carl Weiss are

All good candidates but all with their Own methods yeah facts Twitter ads is Hidden Gem of 10 rows off The get-go but you have to find a way to Get around the platform randomly Banning Every account after a few days Interesting I'll have to check it out I Mean I haven't tried it but Sounds pretty sick I have been seeing an insane amount of Drop Shipping ads on Twitter though so You're probably right All right how does one run a Drop Shipping business with an Amazon like Theme where they sell multiple niches on A single site just like this bro Just like this brand right here just Have a congruent theme to your store And create different categories that's Really it But I would still advise you to pick Some sort of like have some constraints So what I mean by that is Have A general Niche store I sound like a Broken record I say that in like every Video but that's my preferred method of Building A business through Drop Shipping is by Creating a general Niche store so like This store for example like They have all these different categories But they're still sort of within this

Like lifestyle niche I think this is genius I love it or Maybe not genius it's just like smart It's a smart way to build your business Because then you can Drop new products and then you know sell Those to your existing audience but if You have if it's too General then it Won't make sense for people to shop Again on your store you know what I mean Twitter app placements are really good Where's the best product to sell Um Passion on any level propels your goals True oh hey what up What up Tommy Love the videos already keep them they Always Keep them up they always provide Great Value thanks man Appreciate that Hi hablas espanol greetings from Argentina yes I do speak Spanish that's My first language actually Little fun fact I learned English by watching linking Park lyric videos and Zack and Cody and Suite Life of Zach and Cody Thank you Boxing in Thailand oh that sounds fun I've been doing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Lately and You know I'm becoming Lethal

Um Let me let me see what do you think About so playful it's a supplier that Sells supplements vitamins and coffee They allow you to put your own label on The product and offer on demand shipping Um Subway full Sounds a little sus I will say but It also sounds really cool at the same Time the reason I say sus is because if They're doing this for everyone then how Can they ensure a quality standard and I Would say I mean yeah this looks actually pretty Pretty dope damn But yeah I don't know it's a little Suspicious I guess but It seems like they've done their Research at a first glance but I would Be a little bit concerned about actual Quality of the products and I think when It comes to supplements that's really Important right you don't want to be Taking something every day that's Killing you uh without you knowing so That's what I would be a little bit Nervous about With something like this Um but The Branding does look pretty Awesome I will admit this does look Really intriguing and appealing Lunch a six figure brand nice yeah maybe We'll launch some like Hemi supplements Through this

Just kidding well maybe who knows But anyway if uh humans will need to get Smarter yeah I mean AI is definitely Gonna make us a bit smarter I think That's why it's good to start grinding Now because before it takes over yeah I've been really getting into the Longevity Community I don't know if you Guys like know a little bit about that But like Brian Johnson I also saw Vitalik butter in it in a interview last Year that he did on up only I don't know If you guys watched that podcast vitalik Is the founder of ethereum And he they asked them yo so With the advances in biotech do you Think like Who do you do you think what's the Oldest somebody alive now is probably Gonna live and he's like I think someone Alive today will see the year 3000 I was Like What it just blew my mind when he said That And it just I fell down a rabbit hole After that Um what would you say is the best way to Advertise a product store meta ads and Tick Tock organic And the reason I say tick tock organic When I say tick tock organic I really mean short form organic content Because if you're not reposting your Tick tocks on Instagram reels YouTube

Shorts Um you're doing yourself a huge Disservice I will say R is the gift that keeps on giving Thanks man What's going on with your canvas store I Don't have a canvas store What are you drinking I'm drinking gamer Subs I don't know if you know that brand It's pretty cool I bought some recently Um They just sell it's kind of like G fuel But Anime themed so I they got me with that But yeah they're pretty good It's just like caffeine it's like a yeah Nootropic kind of vibe it's just Caffeine though and some antioxidants But I don't drink a lot of it I just figured if I'm gonna stream I Should probably have more energy It's awesome my kid learned Spanish from Dora the Explorer that's awesome I'm About to launch a 95 CBO based on your Previous video five access one percent That's set up 100 budget yeah that Sounds good Okay let's watch this video Um I really want to see what they talked About you know I actually I'm gonna pull this card out again I did this with the Bia has a video but Jordan is a good friend of mine and Luke

We've had multiple interviews now So I'm interesting I'm interested to see How they interact in this video and Hopefully we can learn something from it I'm sure we will I mean you know both of These gads are are goaded right like These guys are awesome so Let's see What's good y'all I just made it all the Way out here let me see how the volume Is first Switzerland to meet up with my Boy Luke Belmar if you don't already Know him he's generated tens of millions Of dollars on the internet what's good Y'all I just made it all the way out Here to Switzerland to meet up with my Boy Luke Belmar if you don't already Know him he's generated tens of millions Of dollars on the internet in his 20s And I got him one of the craziest gifts I've ever gotten for anybody on this Channel today's gonna be insane stay Tuned this one's gonna be a banger let's Get it my boy Luke it's good to see you Jordan welcome to Switzerland brother The first thing I want to get into I Want to make your money I made my money Initially through Drop Shipping or E-commerce we had branded stores General Stores we also had social media Arbitrage and then how we went into Multiplying our money was through crypto So we got into Crypt in 2016. I was Buying Bitcoin for a couple hundred

Bucks so you took all the money you had Made from Drop Shipping correct and put It into the crypto Market correct around 2017. did 160x but we lost it all Because we did not understand mark Cycles the cycle will repeat itself the Moment the FED starts printing what more Money yeah so we were like let's go make Some more money in Drop Shipping and E-commerce because we're experiencing The space yeah so we did a 16 million Dollars dropped all the profits into Crypto in 2020. but you took a risk on Yourself it worked damn that's actually Pretty interesting because I see a Parallel between what he's talking about Back then to where we're at now I feel Like right now is an amazing time to be Having a cash flow business that you can Then Reinvest profits into High risk assets like crypto but also Low risk assets like stocks right There's so many companies that went on Sale this year And hopefully you guys got to buy some I Definitely did And you know I'm going to continue to do So because we're still pretty low Compared to the Peaks well that's really Interesting bro because life is all About calculated risk right there is a Factor of luck in everything that you do But you can position yourself to get

Lucky or to increase your odds of Success so I was like let me instead of Making more money in Drop Shipping or More money in e-commerce you multiply What I already why would I already have And increase the time that I spend Enjoying the things of life and less Time working trying to figure out how am I going to make it so that's that was The move and now we're here bro it's a Blessing and you came a long way you Didn't start as an entrepreneur right Brother I started in a small village in Argentina at the age of 16 I was Fortunate enough to have the ability to Come to the United States with 200 in a Suitcase you know what's funny though I Feel like back then Luke I mean there wasn't any information About Drop Shipping back then right so I Understand but I feel like now the Opportunity is presenting itself to be Able to Also let's say like he said like Not Uh necessarily Stop Drop Shipping like He did but sell your assets like sell That asset for a huge multiple and then You know get even more leverage to Invest and create more passive income or Create multiply your wealth right so I'm Very excited to see and learn more about Acquisitions and Deals of that nature Because I think that's also a hack to

Multiplying your wealth is just to exit Your businesses especially if you're Building an e-commerce brand that you Know you're not necessarily attached to Like obviously I'm not going to be able To sell my YouTube channel right but I Can sell the challenge store that we're Building and especially if we get it to A million dollars this year maybe we Could sell it for a million you know That would be really cool and That's something that I guess they don't Really talk about a lot because back Then when Luke was doing Ecom I don't think as many people really Thought about the potential of exits When it came to Ecom Brands but let's Continue started pressure washing Basketball court started cleaning uh Dishes and restaurants and cooking doing Whatever I could to make a quick Buck my Biggest thing was self-education it was Realizing that I could become a Different person and if I educated Myself into a different person because The only difference between the viewer And me is this right that's the only Difference because this gives more Confidence this allows more connections This allows more money so I realized That I just had to transform this and Everything else would lay itself According to plan instead of hustling I Just had to become that which I wanted

To be and I did it so I went from the Kid washing the dishes to now the Retired multi-millionaire in my 20s in Switzerland because I became the person That had the ability to do that by Inserting the right information it Worked it definitely worked everybody [Music] Are not the safest place to leave your Money I know you're big on investing What are your favorite places to invest And what do you think are some of the Safest Investments people should be Making So when you buy dollars or you Receive dollars for your time yeah you Are receiving an investment the reason Banks are not safe is because they don't Hold on to your money they're doing what You should be doing for yourself which Is investing and multiplying your money So these guys they come take your money They fractionalize it they lose it all They go on a bank run they say say oops Well your FDIC insured coverage but then You actually read what FDIC insurance is And it's based on the faith and good Credit of the United States of America That's what your money is insured by the is that it makes no funny enough we Just saw this ad play with the Silicon Valley Bank and you saw how people Reacted to that especially startup Founders that actually banked there and I'm pretty sure a lot of them are still

Screwed like a lot of these companies Are You know missing payroll because of it And it's just messed up because you put Your money in a bank probably invest Your money too for them thinking that It's so safe when in reality it's You know very risky still and you're Relying on the good faith of the American government like they said which In this case they actually did come Through and back a lot of the deposits But I'm not exactly sure how that ended Up I haven't really heard about the Silicon Valley Bank news Cycles these Days they only last about a week and Then it's on to the next issue No sense whatsoever yeah so I like to Build a basket of assets that keeps me Well protected in times of turmoil we Can clearly tell that this is a time of Turmoil absolutely so a basket of assets That's very reliable is one kilo of gold One kilo of silver you're gonna have 10 000 Swiss Francs because Switzerland is The banking capital of the world you're Going to have 10 000 US dollars because The United States is the military Superpower of the world and you're gonna Have ten thousand sick Emporium dollars Because Singaporean dollars are the Least inflated currency and have some Bitcoin and I think that's a good basket Of assets if world war three hits don't

Leave it here hell no bro these are fire Basket of assets gold My friend Gabe always says this there's A song called gold guns and girls That's kind of what the world revolves Around to be honest it's interesting bro [Music] I actually got you something oh for real Hey you've been a good friend to me over The last couple years bro you actually Changed my life in many different ways So it's only right that I repaid a favor I appreciate it bro all right so check This out all right let's do it Nah bro My boy got me a board bro it's not just Any board this it's not just any board My friend I want you to open this up is this what I You deserve it bro for real and I Wrapped the whole thing with your logo Nah bro you tripping bro you're a animal bro when you know you Know when you understand you understand There are things in this world that Cannot be explained words Jordan's a Real one With a visual representation of Greatness Capital Club that looks clean and Actually damn bro that looks like a Designer brand I'm sure let's do it bro [Music]

Everybody's leaving the slopes and we Are on our way to the say a prayer for This one Oh So we've both done pretty well for Ourselves in our 20s why do you think We've been able to reach this level While many other people are struggling To see any success in their life well It's very much like the gondola right You have to climb the top of the Mountain to achieve success but people Think that they have to grind their way To the top that they have to put on a Pair of hiking boots and go Trail a Trail that's never been walked before Because there's an ego attached to doing Something difficult or you can just Figure out what other people have Engineered beforehand to achieve the top Of the mountain just ride the gondola to The top that's how we do it find Glitches in the system hacks ways that Money can be made and you utilize those Vehicles I mean make money online to me Is the greatest glitch right now so yeah It's the gone to love money so when it Comes to making money online such a good Analogy actually the gondola of money is Making money online it's true I'll add This though You know let's say if you are hiking to The top of the mountain the hike Is arguably

More fun than actually reaching the Summit a lot of people say that and it's True I feel like if you can fall in love With the journey your likelihood of Success is probably way higher Fine what is the gondola what do you Think is the best route for people to Take if they're just getting started or Want to make some money on the internet Tick Tock ugc running an e-commerce Store something branded getting your Foot in the game understanding how to Brand a product how to make viral Content how to make consistent content How to manage supply chain how to manage Product how to manage fulfillment how to Manage customer expectations and Customer service and you learn all these Uh interchangeable skills that then can Be translated into building bigger Businesses but it's a really good Business to start money up front so my Objective is to find those glitches and I hope people find them too yeah look Around real quick I can't see anything Bro if you're new to the channel make Sure to hit that subscribe button I'm Meeting the most interested people in The world and having a pretty good time Doing it and hit that like Oh man snowboarding's so fun All right bro as we sit on top of this Mountain wow you're so beautiful my Question for you is what was the lowest

Moment in your life the lowest point in My life brother was when I decided to Endeavor into entrepreneurship and my Family kind of rejected it my parents Kind of uh Went away my family kind of went away And I was in it for myself you know they Said go get a job do the nine to five do The traditional stuff and if you don't Do that it felt kind of uh like they Isolated me alone it was about a year And a half but I realized that it was The necessary thing in order to get to The next level and I know a ton of People go through it bro that the having Your family uh hold you back it was a Low point but now They know the truth they realize that I Was right and we're moving forward how Did you push past that proving them not With my words but with my actions you Need to teach people by example to Somebody at their lowest moment right Now watching this video what do you say To them there's only one way One Direction if you're at the bottom There's only one way but you got to look Up and when you look up there's somebody There waiting for you his name is God He's there with a hand reaching out Waiting for you to take control of your Life because I learned one very Important lesson Your relationship with God

Is like that of a captain and a crew Member one rose the other one steers But it's very interesting because many Times in our life we want to get Confident and cocky and arrogant and God Says I steer but I do not row we need to Put in the work and God will guide and That's the greatest lesson I've learned That's amazing brother you know that Piece of wisdom right there might change Somebody's life somebody at home Watching that right now They might have to control bro you just Got to put in the hours you just got to Clock in gotta do you and he loves all Of us absolutely no matter what stage You're at and he will forgive you for The mistakes that you've made in your Life 100 bro we're all prodigal children We're all at his Mercy but he gives us This Matrix to really level up and and Get to know him his Beauty Davie looks Crazy bro look at that Those mountains look awesome and what Else is there bro I definitely don't Want the Excel spreadsheets and the big Bank accounts under fluorescent lights I I want to live a life of Freedom a life Of impact and a life that will leave Change and I know you did too brother That's right we're on that path together My boy love you g love you too bro you Always talk about aspiring to become a Billionaire what is your plan to achieve

That I will build the largest decentralized Entrepreneurial Network in the world Known as Capital Club my goal is to have A million entrepreneurs from all over The world Focused on creating multiplying and Preserving wealth and opportunity for All the members you know so many people Are isolated and alone this is my Favorite band I don't understand that The indoctrination that they have in Their mind it comes from the school System which is what that you need to Solve all the problems in your life by Yourself when you work in community when You try to solve problems together what Is it called cheating they don't let you Work together they don't let you Collaborate but we're going to change That together we're stronger together We're better there's power in people There's power in numbers and that's what We're in the mission on and if there's Enough there is power in numbers will Come but I'm not worried on the money I'm just here to build value and make an Impact brother what's the name of the Game okay you're well on your way we Should ride down to the bottom what do You say let's do it get it [Music] My brother it's been a pleasure today Man good week huh I got one last

Question for you before we wrap this up When it's all said and done what do you Want people to remember Luke Belmar for I don't care if they remember me It's not that big of a deal I just want people to have a good life And I like that good decisions and when It's all said and done that they look at Their own lives and be like I did well you helping a lot of people On that Journey brother you're helping Me as well so I appreciate you Appreciate you bro you need to Understand ladies and gentlemen that There are very few people that move the Way that Jordan moves and that do what Jordan is doing so hit that subscribe Button make sure you like drop a comment Below leave some motivation for this man This man is actually putting in work and Remember Jordan is to go your fullest Potential you got this see you guys in The next one peace [Music] Shout out to Jordan I like what Luke Said there I mean I think he talked About that a little bit in our interview But I feel like Legacy is I mean not to each their own right but I Agree with the concept of Legacy being Kind of pointless it's probably better To just live your life To the fullest and like do good now

While you're here as opposed to worrying About your legacy because like at the End of it all No One's Gonna remember you Us you know anyone really even the People like That are have been remembered across History will probably be forgotten in The end too so it's like what are you You know just live free now you know and Live do good things now as opposed to Waiting I really with that but Yeah shout out to Jordan as always I Mean this guy's just making insane Videos every single time And Yeah what did you guys think of this Video I mean I thought it was somebody Said it was too short I thought it was Perfect length personally I I thought if It was longer it may have been dragged Out I thought they covered everything step By step step by step in true Jordan Fashion it was entertaining is good I like it I also like Noah kagan's videos this guy Actually makes some insane videos he Interviews a lot of different Entrepreneurs too and I actually really Love his approach because it's like a He just interviews a lot of different People so you get a lot of different Perspectives and that's always really

Interesting to me Because I say that a lot like there's Not really a blueprint and people who Look for These Blueprints are like the Blueprints are out there I guess like You can see how somebody else made it And there that's their blueprint but Your journey even if you reach that same Success is not going to be even close to Identical right so just follow your own Journey man It's true though First time on your live oh welcome Yeah I want to check out one of these as Well But I gotta go to the bathroom So I'll probably pull up a video here For you guys while you so you don't Leave Um let's see what's a good one Maybe oh wait we already watched this One on stream once Uh maybe this three hour Shopify Tutorial what do you guys think I'm just Kidding Okay well let's see Um This one looks good how to start a Million dollar business with zero Employees let's check it out I did about 550 000 it was just me you can like make My first Okay you guys ready Let's see how to make a million dollars

Or how to start a million dollar Business with zero employees first of Your business I did about five this Guy's from my first million I don't know If you guys have seen that podcast But it's a really good one it was just Me you can like make a lot of money just By yourself with a phone there are like A whole bunch of people that don't Openly talk about their business that Turn out a couple million dollars a year They don't really talk about it they Have very small teams and they have very Good lives my business does 1.7 million In Revenue per year every day on social Media someone tells me you could add Five more million if you did why I don't Give a sh I don't want to worry about Anybody else other than myself and my Wife what if I told you you could make More money than a Fortune 500 CEO with a Zero employee business I wanted to find Out how the heck this is even possible So I interviewed three entrepreneurs who Are making over a million dollars a year With no employees to ask them how Exactly they're able to do it and advice For people like you and me what's your Business we run copywriting course we Basically optimize emails homepages Newsletters for companies so they make More a profit and we're sending through Your company and so how did you go from Idea to making your first ten thousand

Dollars with this idea I was originally Running a rave company and then I was Actually working with you on appsumo and You were sending out really bad emails I Just learned how to do copywriting which Is like writing better emails and I was Like let me try it on appsumo emails and That was like one of the highest revenue Days copywriting tried it again I wonder How Copywriting will Thrive with AI now like I wonder if It'll be enhanced or if it'll just die Again and we're like okay this works and So what happened was a lot of people Reply to those appsumo emails saying how Are you doing this why am I reading an Email where you're trying to sell me Something what are you doing why is it So good and I'd be like oh it's actually This thing copywriting and by the fifth Time I had to respond to one of those Emails I was like maybe I could just Record this and make it a course and I Tried selling that and it did really Well it just kind of took out from there So I'm Sam par I'm most known for the Hustle which is a daily email that's Read by close to three million people Today I got it to eight years in Revenue Sold it for multiple eight figures I'm Also known for this podcast my first Million it gets like between 5 and 10 Million downloads a month when you were

Bootstrapping like your conferences the Hustle it was really just you for a lot Of it yeah so the our my first year Business I did about 550 000 in Revenue I believe it was just me but basically What I would do is I would Get speakers write content promote the Content which would sell tickets and I Would do that for like eight weeks at a Time take like three or four months off Do it again and each time I would make Like quarter million dollars so my name Is Justin Welsh and my business does About 1.7 million uh in Revenue per year So how did you go from zero dollars I Think that's a lot of the audience out There wants to have the solopreneur one Person business that's doing seven What's interesting is that none of these Are like Ecom so I know that it's not entirely Relevant to a lot of you guys but I Think it's interesting to see how Different people build businesses and Like having a wider or a eagle-eye view On entrepreneurship for me has been Really helpful it allows me to be a Little more creative in my business Personally through that so I did what a Lot of people do when they become Solopreneurs is I did Consulting so I Said okay I've worked in healthcare Tech On the sales and marketing side for a Decade both companies that I've been in

Have been you know valued at over a Billion dollars I'll just roll right Into sort of uh Consulting and Advising For other Healthcare technology Companies that want to grow their sales And marketing Revenue the way that I Make money now and what I talk about now In solopreneurship and social media that Was never the intention so I went from Being SAS advisor and consultant and Fast forward four years I kind of walked Away from that life and the course that You have that's the the majority of the Revenue what is the course for people Don't know it's called the operating System and it's essentially a two-hour Course on how to to use LinkedIn Effectively and so I just basically walk People through in two hours like how do I how do I think two-hour course Following that matters how do you build A business on the platform that's my That my major course so how did you go From idea to like quarter million Dollars in this first event the first Conference I went in an event business Would be kind of hectic people and I Said hey uh you're the 10th person all The other nine are gonna come and speak Are you in in reality none of them had Said yes but I kind of like pulled a Fast one thank God they all said yes and I started blogging it's a good story About each speaker I would post it on

Hacker News get traffic they would sign Up and give me their email because I Would say like you know if you're Interested in more content like this Sign up I'm hosting an event by the way Damn that's like the definition of being Scrappy right there that's crazy because I made like 65 000 on the first event What was the cost to you of running this Business and my business costs about 623 a month I run it about I think I Have to do the math but I think it's Something like 94 95 margins can you Break down the 1.7 million I'll do about 1.3 million in courses I'll do about 144 To 150 000 in coaching 108 to 120 in Sponsorships about 100 to 103 in Subscriptions and then around 24 to 30k And if that pie chart didn't make any Sense Ships about a hundred to a hundred and Three that's not proportional and then Around 24 to 30k in Affiliates if after Watching this video you want to get Started with your own zero employee Business but you're not quite sure how To get started I put together a course a Couple years back to help you go from no Business ideas wow so courses in 60 days It is not a get rich quick scheme it Will take some work but it is only ten Dollars to join for a really great Business model digital products I mean That's no secret right well that's

Actually a big Trend right now is Digital Drop Shipping too like people Selling Information from other places and Drop Shipping it on their own Shopify stores And doing like a digital product it's Possible to get started on your own Entrepreneurial Journey head over to to sign up so someone Wants to copy your blueprint they want To make a million dollars just like You're doing yeah like what advice would You have for them uh one sell a digital Product first I'm not I'm not a big I Used to sell physical products and I Think there's a lot of margin a lot of The like you know shipping containers Get lost all sorts of that kind of stuff If you sell a digital product about Something that you're good at then you Can replicate that for a lot of Different people and I think the margins On a business like mine are extremely High because there's not a lot of costs A lot of things can be done by a Computer rather than a human so you Don't have a lot of hiring costs and Also uh doing something especially with AI nowadays it's something that people Already pay you for so a lot of people Will come to our course and be like I Want to be a copywriter I'm like have You ever written copy and they go no and I'm like well what if people paid you

For in the past and they're like well I'm a bookkeeper I'm like is there a way To make money off of your bookkeeping Skills so sometimes people try to go Into like a whole different industry Without any experience at all true I was Talking about that earlier about like Just following your curiosity because People were asking me how do I find a Niche I'm like well I don't know just What are you interested in right that's A good place to start a little Perplexing to me it's like the universe Will tell you what you're good at what Have people paid you for in the past What advice do you have for someone Who's just getting started uh to be an Entrepreneur and they want to make a Million dollars newsletter just go and Learn a topic and be like two or three Weeks ahead of your users and just write About what you're learning and become Like a quote expert on it and just Aggregate information out there and send It to people and monetize through Advertising or through something like Like that it's a very sellable asset do You think this is replical today and by It again dude not only is it replicable I tell people to do this all the time so Listen to this my partner Sean in the Podcast he was like Hey I need something To do maybe I'll do a newsletter will That still work and this was 10 months

Ago I go yeah dude just copy exactly What the hustle did I'll show you he Just sold it the milk thing the milk Road so he sold it you go with the 250 000 subscribers in 10 months and he just Sold it for millions of dollars with a Newsletter one person subscribes and It's the same amount of work to service One person as as it is 10 million people And so after hustle we for a long time There was nine months where we had 1.5 Million subscribers we had one person Write it for people out there that are Saying Hey I want a one million dollar Solar printer business how would you Explore that today building an audience Right I think that's the that's a Recommendation audience is not a bad Idea that's for sure and reverse Engineer their Journey go back in time Using what's great is that if you make Enough content Soon enough AI will allow you to just Farm content while you don't do anything So I feel like now I probably have an AI Re out there that's like You you'll probably see them at some Point in the near future making content For me advanced Twitter search and find Their Journey watch their writing see When they got their first piece that Started to resonate and so I just broke It all apart and started using it in my Early journey and then over time your

Style will change it'll evolve and You'll find your own voice and pretty Soon people will follow you for your own Voice and then when you have an audience You have leverage you have optionality You have so many different things that You can do with that attention your Business is almost fully automated like Walking through your systems or how Things are built to allows you to have That one of our ways is through social Media and by SEO so people search like How to become a copywriter they find Like posts and they sign up to my emails My only fan does 600k a month yeah I Only fans is probably the easiest way to Get rich six months we'll send them an Email every couple of days and then some Of those people will see uh sales Promotions for our stuff and buy it and So theoretically I don't have to be Involved for any of that what are the Pros and cons of building solopreneur Type business you can do whatever the Hell you want like some days I literally Don't do anything and it's not even it's Not a joke or I'm trying to exaggerate I Don't do anything certain days I just Scroll social media I browse Reddit and That is kind of like part of my job to Just like browse the internet and stuff Like that and get ideas but at the same Time there are days where I'm like I Literally don't know what I did why did

You choose not to hire full-time people I don't want anything that puts me out Of control I am the owner of every part Of my business I don't want to publisher Involved I don't want a partner involved I don't give a sh I'm the owner of every Part of my business I'm accountable to Myself I can go on vacation when I want I don't answer to anybody and I no Longer have the fear of losing that Control and that's what solopreneurship To me is all about when someone's Starting a new business do you think Everyone should do the solopreneur way Like you've been doing which is like get It going make the money validate it and Then you start maybe thinking about Hiring Freelancers or full-time so if You don't want to raise money then yeah I think you should you can like make a Lot of money just by yourself with a Phone I know a bunch of people you Probably know too who are doing two Three four million in Revenue with just Them in an assistant by selling Information on like gumroad and using Twitter to get popular that's incredibly Common I could name five people doing North of two million in Revenue already On that the face of the company their Job is to build an audience And then create something once that they Can sell twice then all they do is just Constantly like create content to

Promote facts making two million dollars A year is a ton of money that's like What a banker makes and they're working Like 100 a week you know what I mean What's your take on the Silicon Valley Super growth hire people fundraise Everything versus like the solopreneur Growth I do think there is kind of like The middle of the road ground where it's Like you can have like a business just Spitting out a bunch of cash that Doesn't take like a ton of effort to do But if you are trying to change the World and make some sort of like Tesla-like company yeah it's uh you're Probably gonna have to go that route Yeah but there are like a whole bunch of People that don't openly talk about Their business that turn out a couple Million dollars a year they don't really Talk about it they have very small teams And they have very good lives If you like this that's actually so true There's like I saw this on Twitter Actually today here I'll go on my Twitter Um This guy like there's so many people out There that you've never heard about that Are just printing money like this random Guy I think he's from Singapore that I Follow on Twitter and it's posted he's Like short of projected goal making Improvements to make it happen bigger

Challenges and lots of gaps to work on Short keep in mind short of projected Goal And short of projected goal means 9.2 Million a month Just take that in for a second That is insane So yeah man that is wild okay I'm gonna Go to the bathroom quick Um But I might have to end this here Because I have a call very soon With my team Um but Oh yeah I know what you're talking about Ricardo it's the Um yeah I know you're talking about That's a sick brand I'll maybe review it On YouTube soon actually that's a really Great idea That's a good video idea so thanks for The video idea and yeah bro Or Bros and ladies I know there's some Ladies as well So ladies and gentlemen I appreciate you joining this was a Really fun time you'll be seeing some of These stream Clips on my channel here Soon And That's really it though I had a great time we got a lot of stuff Done we watched a lot of great content That I've been meaning to watch for some

Time so got to kill two birds with one Stone there And hopefully you guys were able to Enjoy my commentary on it we answered a Lot of questions we talked about a lot Of different stores a lot of Acquisitions different fundraise or Companies raising money Um for example this one We went through a lot of crunch-based Data which is very valuable you know That's a 500 a year subscription that I Pay so that you guys can also Get some of it for free I'm just kidding well I'm not kidding That is what's going on but I am getting A lot of benefit from it myself so Yeah I love this tool actually it's Pretty cool But yeah See you guys tomorrow or maybe even Later today

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