Money Making Mistakes 83% People Make and Keep Them Poor Short

Have you ever looked at your bank Account and wondered wow where is all my Money gone well you're not the only one Facing the same Financial issues again And again you've sworn that you're gonna Look into ways to make more money well If it feels like it's hopeless then Please watch this video because it's not Today we're going to talk about five Money making mistakes that 83 percent of People are making and that are keeping Them poor number one is getting smart About money educating yourself now let's Move straight into number two which is Changing your attitude about money Number three on our list today is Knowing your wants versus your needs Number four on our list today is another Really critical one and that is staying Away from bad debt look number five is About having more sources of income hope It gave you at least some ideas of how You can be better with your money how You can generate more spend less and Overall be more diligent with your Finances

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