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Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Strategies

World economy is on a decline and getting a steady stream of patients is continuously becoming a difficult task. In today’s “snatch each other’s patients” environment, there is an obligation to acquire more patients. Therefore, to attract more patients and convert potential patients into regular ones, it is mandatory to use ethical and proven cosmetic surgery marketing strategies.

Using Behavioral Science to Drive Engagement Strategy

A recent New York Times article featured an insightful commentary by Richard Thaler, co-author of Nudge. His piece related largely to government policy but has smart applications to how we can think differently and more creatively about guiding behavioral choice in health and well-being improvement.

Top Ten Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Without marketing your business could stagnate, or even worse, close. Identifying and correcting some basic marketing mistakes will help you to promote and grow your business.

Accomplish the Important Tasks You’re Putting Off – Stop Stressing

If you’ve been reading any of my work, then you’ve undoubtedly heard me talk about productivity and the mind games we play with ourselves. We’re our own worst critics – we can be very harsh and judgmental. I also talk about entrepreneurial business owners who do what they because they have a gift of talent to share.

Tips on Strategic Telemarketing

Strategy is essential in every marketing campaign. Thus having a good telemarketing strategy in place will surely give you the qualified business leads figures you are set to achieve.

Avoiding the Top Five Amateur Video Production Mistakes

Videos are a popular and effective way to promote your business, brand and offer instructions to your customers. With the proliferation of mobile electronics in this digital age, it’s never been easier to capture quality video and share with the world. However, the right equipment is not enough to ensure a high impact video result. Based on the most common mistakes novice video producers often make, here are five things to pay attention to when creating a professional video.

Do You Really Need A Voice Over Artist?

On the Web you can find voice over artists providing their services. They’re freelance pros who have the equipment, the abilities, and most of all the voice to record good quality audio content. Similar to site content authors, site designers, app developers and SEO specialists, they provide a valuable service that is in high demand.

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