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Foreign Let's go we are live again I know some people watch these You know days after we do them which is Pretty cool Shout out to you guys Very much appreciated Appreciate all the support and we'll be Getting into it here pretty soon It's about five o'clock here I'm having some a little bit of coffee We'll see how this works out I think I Actually figured out the chat feature so We'll be able to see the chat Which is awesome Yo yo yo Yo Ari your name is Lion in Hebrew yep It is Big Flex I love I love that about my name And now I got two kitties So I'm the king of the Lions oh okay so Look at the it actually does work that's Amazing the chat What's up what's up 17 year old 17 year Old entrepreneur networking advice Question mark well unfortunately if You're just 17 it's gonna be tough to Network I think just because You know you're not going to be able to Travel as much perhaps people may not Take you as seriously but That doesn't mean you can't put yourself Out online and I feel like that's Probably the best way to network

Honestly that's the only way I network Is just making videos and then people Find me and they want to you know Network with me I guess Yo what's up Zach Can't lie that's actually fire Thanks bro yeah it's a little known fact My name does mean lion And it's pretty cool So we'll get some more people popping in Here Um I got oh wait I had something pulled Up Boom My we're going to be doing some More research today or tonight rather It's kind of night time over here now And yeah I'm gonna be getting some store I want to find some more stores get some More research going I got a little bit of work to do I gotta Some people to potentially hire you know Yesterday on stream it was nice because I was able to talk about like how I want To expand and stuff like that and some People were actually able to apply to Akemi through that and you know now We're getting things moving Um so it's kind of cool I'm able to sort Of build things in public now especially With this business that I'm running a Chemi it's great because I can really Build it in public and you guys can help Me out

Discord and Twitter good places to find Econ people facts so actually that That's probably a better answer Is just go on Discord in Twitter that is A really solid piece of advice that's How you're going to be able to network a Lot but yeah overall just putting Content out I think that's a great way To network like if you don't have much Going for yourself you haven't had many Results to share Um it might be tough to get people to Take you seriously but still Put yourself out there more Can we watch the new five-minute Luke Belmar video together yeah for sure That's a good idea I'll pull it up Luke Belmar I actually watched it already but I'll Watch it I'll watch it with you guys Again I watched it already because I Watch every Luke Belmar video I just Like supporting Luke I mean he gave me a Lot of advice in our conversation that We had Uh that I recorded after it we talked For like an hour off camera and he just Gave me such good advice that I was like Okay this guy is definitely someone I Want to continue to support because he Clearly believes in me so It only makes sense for me to believe in Him and obviously I think

It's he's proven himself countless times And he provides great value for people So Yeah I'm pretty dope Um If I want to Market stylish slippers With fur on Tick Tock what are some Example hooks I can use You know what I'll copy your question And we'll go to chatgpt And we'll see what chat GPT says Um Luke is a g yep Ari how much would a Sponsor cost for a YouTuber in the E-commerce Niche at around 75 to 175k so That's basically me right there I'm in That range and I'm happy like I haven't Taken any sponsors but Uh my range is really between like two To three k for a video but again I Haven't really done that in a long time At least a couple months Maybe it's just because people are not Really spending money on that right now But it's also probably because I just Haven't really had the time to go Through All the brands that hit me up Um so let's see here's some Some hooks for tick tock for marketing Slippers with fur there are a few Different angles you could take when Marketing style slippers

Foreign how does this look okay yeah Comfort fashion practicality Sustainability special occasions All right these are not bad I love these Sunday live streams keep Doing them thanks bro yeah we're gonna Be streaming a whole lot more now so Be ready for more streams that's Definitely How I want to continue to that's how I Want to go into 2023 is getting very Comfortable with streaming and then just Making a lot of content from them Come on guys press the like button yep If you guys can press the like button That would be amazing you know just Getting the stream going for more people So more people can see okay this Actually looks terrible on the screen This chat I'll move it Yeah I don't know I don't know if this Is actually a good idea to have the chat On here I'm just gonna get rid of it for Now Okay Chat gbt has been a huge help for me With YouTube and getting the best SEO For your video descriptions yeah bro Chad gbt is awesome I think it's such Revolutionary technology it's replaced Google for a lot of my search queries Lately Um it's obviously not perfect but it's

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Pretty impressive what you can do with It So yeah guys if you can like if you can Hit the like button all you guys that Are watching just hit a quick like on The video that's really going to help Out Can you do any videos on clothing brands At Dropship clothes like Boutique feel Yeah definitely I love I think clothing Brands are really interesting What's good Ari Life is Beautiful Welcome Gregorio oh yeah shout out to Argentina by the way Pretty amazing win today that was a Crazy crazy game And also shout out to France I can't Believe they came back that was crazy That was a huge comeback What is this Whoa save up to 700 each year on your Pet illnesses oh wow so this is a pet Uh supplement store wow I've never seen something like this Before this is like brand new to me Pet supplements Respect from New Zealand a shout out to New Zealand that's so cool you're Halfway across the world that's amazing Yeah shout out to everybody that's Joining If you can hit a quick like on the video That would be really nice Chat gbt oh yeah you already said that

Um What's the best advice you can give for Beginning drop shippers well One of the things I would say is like Try to learn as much as you can from Brands as well and try to build a brand Really don't try to just get lucky and You know Build something super short term try to Have a business approach I know it's Hard at the beginning but That's really going to go a long way I think you want to try to put your time Into something that's gonna be able to Produce long-term results and you can do You can absolutely do that with Drop Shipping so You know Inspire if you just need the Mindset really good night y'all from Israel good night man Very few videos on Dropship clothing Brands saw a couple guys on Twitter Making bank Drop Shipping fat well the Reason why is because it's hard to Actually get good suppliers like the Only like true brand that I know there's Actually a couple this brand I know this Brand drop ships a lot of their uh stuff White Market dot info this is a pretty Cool brand actually they are a fashion Drop Shipping brand and they just have Like a ton of products they do a lot of Facebook ads and organic content but They're driving a lot of traffic and

Then the other one is Um hakai which is varun's brand shout Out to Varun I interviewed him on the Channel You know this is like an anime clothing Brand And this is the only other one that I Know that is you know Drop Shipping but They have a very nice supplier set up And everything so that's kind of your Goal I guess as a as an e-commerce brand Should probably be to set up a really Good supplier Do you have a car yes I do have a car I Have a 2014 Ford Fusion Titanium Edition It's pretty dope Um bought it in cash big Flex And I've had it that was actually Probably the first thing that I ever Bought with some of my Ecom money Um It was like 14k and I still have it till This day Pretty dope Where can we find the best suppliers With Shopify honestly Alibaba bro like Alibaba I don't know why more people don't just Go on Alibaba Alibaba is like the Biggest manufacturer Marketplace in the World and you can start talking to Brands get familiar with brands Through here But yeah uh we're getting some more

People in here everybody that's joining Make sure you like the video that's very Much appreciated I always really Appreciate when you guys like the videos Um I think it helps it maybe get seen by More people I'm not really sure exactly How that works but That would make sense to me Man I really love this new setup it Feels so much better than before I used To have just a laptop I had two laptops Do you do any leverage crypto trading no I don't I don't do any I don't do any Trading at all really I just buy Investments but I don't really do any Trading right now I'm just really Focused on business and YouTube that's Really it I don't want to split my focus Anymore I've done that a lot in the past But it's hindered a lot of my growth I Used to think that having like all these Sources of income was The dream right like I want to be you Know trading and killing it in trading I Want to be having like five different Stores I want to have like affiliate Income passive income but now I believe More so that the true dream is just Building a massive business with the Least resources possible that's my new Dream is to build like the biggest Business I can with the smallest crew And like you know like kind of kind of Like a family kind of like a pirate crew

That's how I view it I'm very inspired By one piece And the straw hat Pirates because They're like the strongest pirates in The world and it's like a small crew and Each member of the crew is worth like a Hundred people that's Sort of my new dream Um okay yo Ari how's it going G is it South American did you see the football Earlier what a game I did so that was an Insane game shout out to Argentina I Can't believe uh that was such a Satisfying End of the World Cup to me I haven't Tweeted about it so if you guys could Also follow my Twitter I'm definitely Trying to grow on Twitter Um I tweeted about this and it's actually People resonated with it I said Argentina winning is very satisfying Messi is the greatest of all time no Debate Honestly I don't really I'm pretty sure He is though I don't know much about football Um to be honest with you but that wasn't An insane game that was crazy and a very Satisfying end to the World Cup if you Ask me This is so interesting I've never really Seen Any sort of supplement brand for pets

Take the guesswork out of pet parenting Vet and nutritionist approve Head of that is Rory the vet oh yeah This is a good idea for Brands it's just Like straight up hiring a professional Um or partnering with professionals If it makes sense for your brand But yeah we will watch this Luke Belmar Video together you guys wanted me to Watch it and we'll definitely do that We're just still waiting for you know People to get in here and For you guys to like the video just Kidding Uh but that would be nice bro and French Never seen a match like this roller Coaster of emotions for real that's what I'm saying shout out to Argentina but Also shout out to France I cannot but Like up until halftime Argentina was 2-0 And I was like oh wow that was pretty Anti-climactic like I I thought Argentina had it in the bag and then all Of a sudden I like go to the bathroom Come back and France is tied it up I Cannot believe that that was insane Foreign Do you have a tip on how to get first Sale of a digital product on Shopify Without paid ads yeah Um digital products are pretty cool Literally tick tock tick tock is just The most powerful place to Run organic on I'm posting a lot on Tick

Tock these days Same with YouTube though I'm posting a Lot of content everywhere really Um But that's the best place because then You can Repost all of that content across other Social medias so That's definitely going to be a good Thing to do that's something that we do At Academy now it's like a small service That we have it's literally just Reposting Brands content because it's so Powerful I mean literally like I'll show You an example from my own audience So This video for example right here Has 12.4 K views on Tick Tock right I Posted it as an Instagram reel yesterday And it has 23k views on Instagram so I didn't I didn't do any more work I had That same video I didn't make a new Video and I got double triple almost Um the total reach That's super powerful you can do that For your brand and get a lot of results So just do that Do you partner with other Ecom agencies I do so I do partner with some agencies Like I have a friend that has like an Amazing email marketing agency and We do some sort of like cross Collaboration Messi has a Shopify store yeah you're

Right I'm pretty sure I've actually seen that Before The messy store yeah I have seen the Store the messy store oh man this is About to pop off After this So yeah this is the messy shop And It's pretty interesting right It's literally just Wow okay so this is a classic Drop Shipping product like this wallet and Here is the messy wallet This is so interesting right It seems like he definitely this looks Like the sense theme straight up this is Not even like a very intricate theme Which again goes to show that you don't Need any fancy themes to build an online Business Shopify makes it so easy for You just pick a good template and you'll Be good to go Um your Tick Tock will get pushed more If you reduce the amount of static black Background in them tick tock's Quality Control software probably scans for it I Don't know if I agree with you and Honestly the reason why that happens is Not because of that's not really my Choice it's just that when you do edit Video it this is just the tick tock Format I don't know why it does that but It does but I don't think that's true

Because one of my most viral videos like Some of my most viral videos are like Duets so I don't think that's actually True this one for example 600 000 views And it's literally just a duet So I don't think that's true At least not from my experience are you Buying messy shirt I should honestly I Kind of want to let me see if I can find Something I mean this is just like a Clothing brand called messy That's actually kind of a fire name for A clothing brand In my opinion Wow this is so smart though And clearly you can see that they just Took a couple like These are the same pictures they're just Changing out the color of the T-shirt Pretty interesting right Oh no you're good yeah you didn't know They were Duets yeah I I wouldn't make Those myself like I I'm not gonna lie I'm a big fan of low Effort content that's kind of my Strategy it's like You know I just like to keep it very Practical and simple that's the best way I can explain it Um What's the best marketing strategy for Now you would recommend I still think Running paid ads so I mean the same

Thing that I have even I think I have This on a cami but It's just really leveraging machine Learning which is paid paid ads and then Leveraging organic content if you can do Both of those You can win and I know that's a lot for A business owner that's why we do that For Brands because I know that that can Be a lot to manage for just like a Founder But that's the move that's the best Marketing strategy is content Make content and then run paid media His clothing is also a sold out website Could look better yeah I agree bro I Agree it's not that well done but it's Like It's good enough So for those of you that are just Joining please make sure to like the Video that's a great way to help us Reach more people Grow the community Do you know any automated closed Captioning softwares yeah so well Actually Tick Tock just did a really Cool update okay I'm gonna go to my Tick Tock again because it's uh just good Examples They made it so that now you the Automated captions Are just like this like it's the a nice Tick Tock font that you can add and this

Is all automated so I mean I moved the Text around I like changed a little bit Of the captions but It was all automatic like it didn't take Long to add to the video But yeah so for those of you that are Just joining make sure to like the video Real quick and this is the messy store So this is his Shopify store As you see from the traffic It's not it's actually not as big as you Would expect but I think they just Launched not too long ago but now after The World Cup this is for sure gonna pop Off and as you see the design is not Even that crazy it's pretty simple you Could achieve something almost identical To this with a free Shopify theme But they do have an app and I I think They're just literally doing almost what Amazon is doing with Amazon Basics where They're taking all these basic product Templates from China and private Labeling them or white labeling them With their own logo so this is the messy Logo and as you see you've probably seen This before right you've seen this Wallet before this is there's many Brands that have come out You know in the e-commerce realm making Products like this and they're just Basically slapping their logos on all These products Um it's kind of clever this is probably

Messy probably spends almost zero time Managing this he probably just went into The studio once took all these pictures And then called it a day and this is an Asset that's probably gonna generate Them a couple million every year if not More based on this traffic it's probably Not generating like multiple Millions a Month or anything but Actually it could be because if we take A look at the prices holy these prices Are not cheap these are high prices and If you think about it You know like 90 dollars for a shirt Like this and it's also like a lot of This stuff is sold out You know that's pretty insane they're Definitely printing money right now with This uh and now that Argentina won the World Cup it's Definitely gonna go to a whole new level And wow their Instagram is 1.6 million Followers that's insane Foreign Example of a very interesting Shopify Store from Uh you know one of the greatest athletes Of all time and how simple it is so if His store is that simple it just goes to Show that you guys don't need to Overthink your stories either so shout Out to Messi and shout out to Argentina Boom I'm thinking I might make that into a

Video that's why I was doing that If Messi hired someone from Fiverr yeah Probably He's worth 600 mil sat there before his Games getting motivated with the kitchen Yeah for real that's crazy yeah he I think that's true let's see Messi These things are never entirely accurate But 130 mil um I think maybe that's just his salary I don't know who knows it doesn't really Matter too much I heard a lot about Instagram influencer Strategy what do you think I think Influencers are a great way to Market Your business for sure especially in the Fashion game people really want to see Brands Um famous people wearing You know the brand that they're gonna Buy from Oh yeah I think we looked at this a Little bit The other day Oh yeah this is so weird I after Um after I streamed yesterday shout out Austin welcome to the stream by the way If anyone is joining this stream now Make sure you give the video a quick Like the stream a quick like rather That's a good way to support the stream But I had a dream that Tai Lopez bought G

Fuel I don't know why but I uh like the Burn like the actual brand is the Weirdest dream I don't know why I had That dream but I had a dream that he Bought G Fuel and I was like what that's Crazy I think you should have clips from live Streams on a second Channel and then Keep uploads high quality on this Channel yeah so that's what I was asking You guys about yesterday And Um you know some people said that I Should just keep it all under one Channel And I kind of agree with I mean I would Rather my I would rather upload Everything on one channel because then I Don't have to manage two channels And grow two channels but I do Understand that that could be annoying But I already upload a lot of videos Anyway so I don't think it would be that Much more annoying especially if it's a Lot of relevant content But yeah Check Elon musk's new tweet Uh oh What did he say now should I step down Instead of Twitter I will abide by the Results of this poll oh wow this guy is Going crazy going forward there will be A vote for major for major policy Changes my apologies won't happen again

That's crazy Wow That is insane But yeah g fuel is such a cool brand Um Yeah there are different tabs videos Shorts and streams that's right but if You go to my channel you can kind of see That for example today I uploaded two Videos And one of them was from a stream So today this one was from a stream And I don't know I kind of like this Vibe because it and it's a little bit Easier for me to post content then Um and it also makes it even more Relevant like there's a lot of relevant Content it's a little shorter But I'll think about it I'll still you Know I always want to keep you guys's You know ideas in mind And go from there Um please react to good brands with good Oh yeah but let's let's watch this Luke Belmar video and see what we can learn I Know that you guys wanted me to watch This and I think Luke Belmar is a very Smart brilliant guy so let's see what he Has to say there are two types of pains In life the pain of discipline and the Pain of regret now pain is unavoidable In your Human Experience but one pain Right the pain of discipline weighs Ounces while the pain of regret weighs

Pounds what does this mean oh this means That in life pain is unavoidable it is Undeniable right this idea you can live Life without consequences that you can Instill bad habits in your life and that Is inconsequential to the outcome of Your future is a fallacy The Matrix Wants you to believe that you know YOLO You only live once the question is how Do you live that one time do you live it With regret or do you live it by Instilling discipline and having the Ability to control the source of the Pain and then the outcome of what that Pain wields now a lot of you guys you Know I do think that that is A kind of a flawed statement this you Only live once I mean obviously that's True but I think people take that in the Wrong way I agree with Luke 100 people Take that and say oh well I'm just gonna Do whatever like I'm just gonna chill And enjoy life because you only live Once but I think really what that means Is like You gotta Make It Count you know so it's Almost the opposite of what the majority Of people perceive it as but ultimately I've like you know ultimately everyone Perceives things a little bit Differently and everybody lives their Own life so like you can apply that However you want but I definitely think you'll likely live a

Happier more fulfilled life if you Approach that saying with the mindset of Oh I should you know live a life worth Living rather than just like Not doing anything with your life To avoid pain because you don't Understand that pain is Elemental to Your Human Experience the pressure of Life will crush you now the question is Will it wield a diamond or not and all Of that has to do from The Source by Which that pain comes from now if you Instill discipline it is painful right Not having to hang out with certain People having to establish a routine Having to establish Healthy Lifestyles Having to establish that's true eating Habits having to cut out the in Your life saying hey no I'm not going Out tonight because I got things that I Need to accomplish in order to live a Life that is not full of regret now on The other side you have the pain of Regret this regret usually comes from a Lifestyle that is massively hedonistic a Lifestyle that is massively promiscuous That has no limitations no boundaries And instills zero discipline I will say too one thing that helps me With that is Maybe I'm blessed but I actually find a Lot of fun and joy in doing these Disciplinary tasks like for example

I feel really good after eating healthy Like if I go a full day with like Getting really healthy foods or like you Know whole ingredients and stuff like That I feel really good when I make a YouTube video I feel really good when I Manage my team properly I feel really Good when we're making progress so I think one way to sort of hack your Mind in order to push you towards this Direction Is By gamifying your life a little bit just Kind of treating it like a video game Almost like you're you're a character With stats and everything you do Positively add stats to your life and Everything you do negatively remove Stats like you lose stats and for me That that's what makes it fun so I guess Maybe you gotta get to a point where Like you you figure out how to make it Fun for yourself to do these Disciplinary tasks that are going to Help you live the life you want I don't know that's how I view it at Least and it's helped me a lot I have a Lot of fun doing what I do like it Doesn't actually feel like work to be Honest most people live this lifestyle Because they think that they're never Gonna have to pay the piper that they're Never going to have to pay the bill for The decisions of their life for the

Actions of their life now we understand By Newton's law that every action has an Equal and opposite reaction that for Everything that you input into the Universe you will receive an equal Proportion and output so the question is What are you inputting and what type of Pain is going to come from that are you Going to regret it or you can still Discipline in such a way that you can Control the outcome of your life and Your decisions as I'm here in Phuket Thailand we we have a couple Villas and Mansions here and kind of reminiscing my Life over like the past couple years I Came to realize that by instilling Discipline and suffering in that short Term period right those two hours three Hours of just gruesome intention every Single day I've allowed me to live a Life that I have no regrets and that's Not regrets because I'm an arrogant Person I'm like ah I don't regret Anything that I've done right it's not That it's that the life that I have is a Life that has no regrets because there's Nothing to regret because everything That I've done has been intentional Everything's been done with discipline And dedication And you can do the same so the question Is how do you want to live your life now If I take you to an old retirement home If I take you to a hospital you will

Witness it's very palpable you can you Can feel it in the air it's very dense The pain of regret is real and unless You instill discipline in your life Unless you instill habits unless you Instill Circles of influence friends and Put yourself in a situation where There's discipline that allows you to Live a life of fullness over the long Period that gives you the ability to Have a lifespan longevity full of health Wealth love and happiness you need to Understand that you must be willing to Suffer today to become something Tomorrow instead of having anything you Want today and having to pay the bill Tomorrow and I promise you that bill is Very expensive it comes with Interest and it's very fat so as you Watch this video ask yourself I will say Like I I really want to stress this I Think he's 100 right One thing I want to add to that though Is I think what really helps is finding Things that you love To put in work in and go really heavy Into that every time that I've found Something that I really love doing I Almost by Nature just get obsessed with It and do it all the time so Even though you know the advice of Finding find a passion like you know you Have to find your passion in order to Make money is completely false that's

Definitely not true I've been finding things that you enjoy That you can get obsessed with is really Helpful towards developing those habits At least for me it's been that way what Type of Life do I want do I want to Instill these habits that are going to Push me to the next level or am I just Going to continue doing what I've always Done I'm just going to continue doing What every other fucker's out here doing You're going to have the same results You're going to have the same outcome Now the question is what do I want now You're on the other side of the screen Most likely and that's a good example Too is find people that you like you Know you see Something that you like about their life And kind of dissect their blueprint or Create a blueprint for their life and You can kind of follow along because That's the thing that's really Interesting and this is something I ask People every time I have interviews is I asked them about their journey and the Reason why is because it's always Interesting to see how they got from A To B Because it's almost not at all like what They expected right so you can't see the Path when you're going through it but You can connect the dots once you get to A certain point so I always love finding

People that inspire me that have let's Say a business that I want to like I've Talked about yesterday on stream I've Been watching a lot of Neil Patel Interviews Neil Patel content because His business really inspires me a lot he Does 100 million with his agency I've Never heard of anyone else doing those Sort of numbers with an agency and That's kind of what inspired me to Have my creative agency and want to grow It so I've been consuming a lot of his Content because I I realized that he did Something right and he's doing something That no one else is doing so I naturally Want to consume a lot of his content and I think finding people like that is You know really really helpful towards Getting to a certain point whatever it Is that you want You know be on your phone and honestly The decisions of your life have no Impact and have no consequence to who I Am as an individual so me saying this to You is actually because I care I truly Care and I want you to understand these Principles because had somebody come Into my life and told me these things a Lot earlier I would have been in a Situation where I would have had to make Decisions in a different way and now I'm In a situation where I had to learn Through experience and I'm giving you The opportunity to not learn through

Experience but to learn through the Experience of others just like Tony Robbins said yeah the pain of discipline It only weighs a few ounces but the pain Right that comes from regret weighs tons It's a burden because you can't do Anything about it but you can control The discipline that you instill in your Life one of the examples are these super Athletes whether it's Cristiano Ronaldo Whether it's LeBron James they spend Millions of dollars on their body every Single year the discipline that comes Right and they're in their life yields Fruitful results in many aspects so ask Yourself what's the life I want what's The life that I want to live and what am I willing to sacrifice and become Disciplined in so I don't have to deal With the regret and the of the Future it's your life you only get one Ask yourself am I willing to have the Pain of discipline will I deal with the Pain of regret the choice is yours you Got one life it's all on you yeah it's a Good question to ask yourself what kind Of Life do you want to live And yeah somebody said something in the Chat that's really relevant and that's a Good way to put it is fall in love with The process you know so thinking about Who you want to be or like something That you want to be and then falling in Love with the process of getting there

That's a really good way to look at it Because I also agree with the sentiment That following your passion is not Always the best move right and it's not Always going to yield the life that you Actually want So that's a good one was the agency Owner's name again Neil Patel so Neil Patel is kind of a legendary digital Marketer he's he's been around for like Multiple decades I mean I remember Seeing this guy Literally when I got started in my Entrepreneurial Journey but at the time I wasn't even thinking about You know business how I think about it Now So I didn't really pay attention to him But now I'm paying attention to him Because I I find his business really Interesting Um Ari long time no see bro always Spreading knowledge and motivation Hey thanks Muhammad Yup I'm trying to Always spread knowledge and motivation Just checking in with the master of YouTube shorts thanks man I don't even Think that's accurate I feel like My YouTube shorts aren't even that crazy But I am very consistent with them That's for sure Where did you see Luke Belmar for this First time

Uh that's a good question actually it Was I saw him for the first time when Nfts were really hyped up and he was Building Divine Anarchy that was a Really cool collection and I'm pretty Sure he was behind it that's when I First found him love your content bro You point out a lot of different points Of views I don't even notice Hey That's pretty cool that's a cool Compliment I think I'm just naturally a curious Person So that's yeah I feel like I love to Point out all these different Viewpoints And ideas all right what's your why why Did you go down this path Well a big part of it is just I really Wanted to be able to be in control of my Life I guess is a good way to put it I Hate not having control I'm a little bit Of a control freak in a way I really Like to be in control And I never felt really in control at a job Like I remember having a lot of Different jobs growing up in high school I was like Uh first I was a sales associate at JC Penney's and I hated it that was like a Terrible job because you have literally Zero control over your income at all

Like you make I made like seven dollars An hour And that's it you know and even if I did An amazing job or a terrible job I would Get the same amount same as someone else Who could be slacking in the bathroom They would get the same amount and I Didn't like that I felt like I just Really wasn't in control And then The next job was a little better it was Well not better in the sense of like Better work environment but I was making More money I got a I was a dishwasher a Red Lobster that only lasted a couple Months I worked really hard at it but it Was a terrible job like super intense Like super physically demanding And Red Lobster is a terrible place to Wash dishes at because there's so many First of all it smells horrible because It's all seafood seafood scraps and just Like plates and it's just bad as awful They paid me 10 bucks an hour which was Pretty cool and they paid me weekly so I Was able to make more money quicker so That was nice but again I felt like I Didn't have that much control like some Days I would work extremely hard like Way harder than other days and make the Same amount so I was like uh that kind Of sucks So then I moved into a coffee there was A coffee

Um A coffee place in my city that was Pretty cool and that was a really fun Job that was like my favorite job in Terms of actually having fun so I would Go and I didn't make a lot of money but I would make a little bit of money in Tips so I'd make like five bucks at the End of the night in tips additionally From my uh after work Additional from my hourly wage This was like 2014. I was in high school Still And At the time I thought this was it was Really fun I loved my co-workers I had a Ton of Freedom at that job so that's When I started hearing about like Trading stocks for example so sometimes I'd be in the back you know trading Stocks and like not making any money but I it felt cool to have the freedom to be Like while it wasn't so busy I could do Other stuff you know at the job like I Didn't have to just be mindlessly doing Stuff just to keep myself busy I could Do whatever I want because the managers Were really cool But still I've but again I didn't feel Like I was fulfilling my full potential I wasn't really making that much money I Was making like eight bucks an hour the Tips were really bad Um so even though it was a super fun job

I was like well if I'm gonna be working I want to be I want to at least make More money you know Um because that's when I started getting Into entrepreneurship so I was like okay I want I want to build more money so I Can you know Spend more money on a business to try to Like build something So then I got a job at a really nice Restaurant in my city because I figured Okay well I know that tips is how you Make good money at a job But you make more tips if the the value Of the order is higher so then I applied To like a really nice restaurant in my City because I had a friend whose older Brother worked there so I asked him if He could put in a good word for me And he did and it's funny because I Actually applied as a server because I Was like you know what I could serve Like I've messed around at the cash Register I'm pretty good with people Like I'm charismatic I know how to like I'm not scared to talk to people So then I applied as a server and they Gave me an interview because I was I Called them multiple times I like went In to give them my resume and they So they gave me an interview and they Were like well You know we went through a bunch of Questions they really liked me but they

Were like well you don't have any Serving experience like you literally Are not a server right like you've never Been a server you're like 17 like why Would we give you a serving job at this Nice restaurant so I was like well yeah I guess you got a point there but like I Think I could do it So they were like okay well we'll start You out as a busser so you'll clean Tables you know you'll Take the dishes back to the dishwasher And help with customers that way so I Did that for a long time and made a lot Of money in tips like some nights I mean I would work super hard but sometimes I'd make like a hundred bucks in tips so That was a nice come up that was like a Big upgrade And then eventually I worked super hard I learned the menu and everything so They were I applied I told them I was Like well can I be a server now and they Gave me a shot and I did it and that was Amazing because then I was able to make Like consistent money I was working it Was less physically intensive to be a Server but it definitely was more taxing On your mind because you have to manage All these tables and know all the foods And everything so it wasn't easy but it Was way more fun I enjoyed it way more And made way more money Um so yeah that

That's when I you know it was kind of Like a progression that's kind of my why It's like I always wanted to be in Control and I learned my first job was Literally at like 15 so I just learned Quickly like what I didn't like about Working and what I did like and what I I Loved working at places where I had full Control over my income like if I worked Super hard and I killed it I would make A lot of money and if I didn't then you Know sometimes I could get lucky and Still make good money but like I was way More accountable for my income and I Really liked that so that's when I was Like oh well duh I gotta be an Entrepreneur like that's the most Accountable like that's the best way to Hold yourself accountable is by making Your income fully dependent on your work On like your work ethic and Um not on any boss so that was kind of My why long story short I just really Wanted to have the freedom to Control my income that was really it Re learned the art of aov as a survey For real yeah definitely and upselling And stuff like they used to teach us how To upsell drinks how to upsell Appetizers and stuff like that it was Pretty cool actually Foreign Where would you suggest a funny Commerce Case studies of websites and ideas like

Websites or podcasts to see examples I got just the thing for you my friend So actually I'm gonna show this again I Did this yesterday but we are building a Prod a product that basically solves That exact problem and it's called The Academy research lab So that's exactly what we're going to be Doing as you see here it's going to be a Second brain for aspiring entrepreneurs Um Okay what why doesn't that work Um I should really help make that work But here I'll send you the link Okay that did not work So you can sign up for the okay I'm Actually just gonna add it in to the Video But you can sign up for the wait list It's gonna be lit but before you do that I'll show you how you can actually do This for free Um But yeah I'm very excited about this Product I think it'll be really cool It's It'll be a really cool little community And we're basically just publishing our Research making our research public but Here's how you can do it for free You can go to my channel And on my channel I have playlists so if You go to my playlist I have an E-commerce case study playlist and what

I would recommend is you literally just Watch this entire playlist like Just watch the whole playlist I'll link it so you can watch it later And Like just put it in the background of Your video while you're doing stuff I Don't know Doing that will really help you out even While you go to sleep you could do it I Looked this up yesterday but I confirm that you indeed do retain Information while you sleep so according To a study by scientists from Switzerland's University of Bern We demonstrated that the human brain can Absorb information during slumber So Just do it while you sleep bro pull this Up while you sleep and you'll wake up With some ideas in your brain by the way Anybody who's joining or leaving or Whatever make sure before you leave or When you join to drop a quick like for The video for the Stream That would be very much appreciated I've been binging the case studies Awesome man yeah so that's really going To help you out I swear What Lex Friedman running Twitter that would Be so sick Love that What are we supposed to look at

Um you're killing it all right keep up The good work yo thanks Zach appreciate That bro Appreciate the donation Um Okay so let's continue I wanted to find so this was an Interesting story that I found it's a Pet Supplement brand I've never seen this Before I didn't even know this was a Thing but Foreign It is Okay Solaris Japan this is a cool name That case study playlist is more Valuable than the 99 997 course gurus drop No Cap hey thanks Bro Are you saying that our brains intake Information during sleep yeah bro that's What that's exactly what I'm saying like You do so if you're listening to Something when you go to bed your brain Literally is absorbing that information While you sleep Obviously you probably won't remember it When you wake up necessarily but it'll Just pop up in certain situations I Think that's how memory works it's kind Of like a file storage Um Solaris Japan so this is like a anime Store wow look at this traffic

By the way all the people joining please Drop a quick like on the on the stream That's very helpful for us Um and I want to ask again I know I Asked you guys before but I want to ask Do you you don't mind if I start posting Some clips from streams on the channel I Actually made sure that my webcam is Like a little higher quality now so it Kind of looks like my old camera it's Like 4K almost Um so it doesn't look bad and I do want To stream more in the morning I've been streaming at night just Because like I've been busy during the Day this weekend But I will stream in the morning and That's gonna make the video look even Better so the quality is still going to Be really high from the videos even if They are eclipsed from streams Sometimes I feel like the more content I Consume the more I am unable to remember At all Yeah well that's sort of how it works You know because you're putting you're Pushing in like information back in your File storage right but having good Memory Like if you have a good memory you'll be Able to Kind of find those files even if they're Way in the back you know what I mean Um do you do e-commerce videos yeah

That's almost entirely what I do I'm starting to do more like General Stuff General entrepreneurship because You know I'm really focused on my Creative agency right now even though we We mainly service e-commerce clients so It still makes sense but I do want to talk about just general Stuff just kind of my journey honestly That's really what my YouTube channel is Like it's almost the same as my Twitter which is just like my thoughts a Lot of thoughts a lot of Research that I'm doing publicly So yeah What what's the tool you used to track Website traffic the tool is called Similar web so it's right here similar Web and it's an awesome tool I think This is an amazing tool I try to I tried to get the API because they have An open they have an API that you can Buy or rent rather because I want to Build a Shopify I want to build a Database of stores on a cami or Separately but it's kind of expensive Yeah it's like 1600 a month to rent Their API which is Kind of a lot Wow the Discord merch store is actually Popping off Who would have thought That's interesting

Could you refer a graphic designer I Need to convert a jpeg to Pantone colors Um well you could do this I think that's Color Picker online that You can upload any image and like it'll Tell you the colors I don't know if That's exactly what you're looking for But This is like a pretty cool thing that You can do So if you have an image you can develop A whole color palette through it It's pretty cool Is CJ a good supplier I mean I've heard Good and bad things to be honest I've Never really used them myself but A lot of people in the Discord in the Nets for your Discord Um Uh Use them or have used them and I've Heard a lot of good and bad things about Them so Probably worth testing Oh thanks Zach So yeah this is by the way the chemi Discord it's free so you guys should Definitely join it we're posted we we do Like stock updates in there a lot of E-commerce stuff Crypto You know just cool stuff in general it's A really great community and it's free So might as well join

I'll put this here You can see yourselves in the chat How do I find a good sourcing agent so I have a couple well first of all in Discords a lot of discords you'll find a Lot of good sourcing agents But I think hyperscues are really great Company right now because they're not as Over hyped as some of the other services So they're not as bloated which makes Their service actually a lot better And I would definitely say to test them out I own an agency too what's your best Client acquisition Source I mean I could Start making more videos about agency Stuff my best client acquisition source Is literally YouTube and Tick Tock so Unfortunately I don't know of any like Hacks or anything I think just the best Hack is to Make content you know and show your Show results obviously And share your experience and your Expertise you know that that's what I do I share some of the results that we're Getting I share my expertise I do some Research live and sometimes agency or Business owners see it and they want to Work with me and that's how I get Clients right now but I do want to start Getting I do want to make some sort of Like sales team to do Outreach to really Scale so that's kind of the phase I'm in

Right now it's like okay I build a good Foundation We're doing really good we're making a Lot of cash flow but now I want to Really take it to the next level my goal With this business is to get to a Million a month in profit which is a lot Of money And it's a big ambitious goal And it's not just about and it's about Impacting Millions so the way that we Would do that is by working with like Really big Brands I'm talking like Mr Beast feastables I'm talking like Maybe Apple you know who knows like huge Brands that's what I want I really want To work with Brands like that How do you get your Google home page Like that Um I don't know what you mean oh you're Saying this This is an a Chrome extension called Memento Momentum momentum And it's kind of cool I really like it It gives you like a little quote too Every day so let's read the quote don't Judge each day by the Harvest you reap By the seeds that you plant Bars So yeah we'll start streaming more in The morning I think a lot of you guys Are more active in the morning as well

So I'll definitely start doing that taking That into consideration by this time I'm Also a lot more tired I'm probably not As sharp as I am in the morning Um Wow This guy's crazy One catch you have to invest your life Savings in Twitter and it has been in The fast lane to back or bankruptcy Since May still want the job yeah this Guy must really love paying Elon Musk I Can't believe he subjects himself to This sort of Pain he's running like four billion Dollar businesses or three Good night coach Ed thanks for joining The stream if you're leaving or if You're joining Please Like the video real quick And turn on your notifications so that You don't miss the streams Pirates on the Kimmy ship are high Ticket closers editors and media buying Specialists yeah pretty much but we also Have designers so we're doing design Work that's why it's a creative agency We don't just do pay to Media I mean That's a small part of it actually That's a big part of it well we do Design work as well so we design landing Pages we design Shopify stores

But yeah it's the academy crew is not Big and I never want it to be huge so That's kind of the goal like I would Love to do a million a month But with like Not more than like a hundred employees Which is still a lot of employees Yori what's up bro how's the cat The cat so I have two cats now and they Are both good they're chilling They're doing quite well they're living Their best life I mean I got a new Apartment we got a lot more space now And they're very happy as am I What website do you use to look at shop Other Shopify stores so I use which is a it's kind of Like similar web but it's More of a database Um And you can search by Shopify hosted Websites or Shopify hosted domains And then I just look them up and see if They're interesting or not and if There's something I can learn from it or Not Thank you All right did you get your YouTube play Button do you have it nearby it's at 100K Subs right yeah it is so If you take a look closely actually you Can see it right Here That's it right there it's on the ground

It's on a stack of books I have still Yet to hang it up but I do want to hang It up soon Would you keep it all remote yeah bro Foreign I would keep it remote because I just don't want to get an office to be Honest with you It would be tricky to manage all that Remotely but it's not impossible I mean I think Iman for example has like a Hundred employees and I'm pretty sure They're all remote because he doesn't Have any offices so I would keep it at Remote yeah for sure And that's why we're always hiring as Well because Um Because I need people you know we need Talent If you scale oh yeah Um What about your girlfriend not many Videos you always said about going out With your girl she's um she's doing Really well so we've Um yeah I mean we're doing really well As a couple She's doing her thing she's not really Too into being in the videos but Maybe I'll convince her to be in a Couple videos I think that could be Interesting that'd be an interesting Angle This store is crazy

Look at the traffic on this 700 000 Monthly visitors wow Akemi is mostly for tick tock right have You thought about expanding to multiple Platforms or just staying with tick Tocks for now no I we actually don't Just do Tick Tock we do meta Google and Tick Tock so we do the trifecta So the trifecta is really where the Magic happens in my opinion What books do you recommend uh oh yeah Top three books I've ever read Top three books I've ever read Um 1984 was a really good one because they Never made me read it in school I read It on my own but it just kind of it was Just very thought provoking obviously if You've never read 1984 I definitely Recommend it It's basically about a tyrannical regime And you could see some Trends in the Current world that could lead to a Future like that so I think it's good For everybody to read I don't think we'll it'll happen Hopefully uh but it could it's always a Possibility so that was one for sure Another one So it's a pretty basic one but it's Called the richest man in Babylon I read That that was like the first book that I Ever read getting into entrepreneurship I remember I had I took my girlfriend to

A trip to New York This was so long ago I was like 19 years Old I was just getting into Entrepreneurship and I had like a Thousand I had like fifteen hundred Dollars in my bank account from like Working jobs And that trip costed like 500 bucks So that was like a significant chunk of My money and I was reading that book and It taught me a lot of money principles That really helped me a lot it was just Kind of a cool way to read about money Principles because it it showed you Stories from ancient Babylon and I just thought it was cool how those Things could still be applied till this Day so I thought that was a really cool Book I really loved it Um Let's see I'm trying to think hard about it I've read a pretty good amount of books But I'm trying to think of like one that Really impacted me a lot I guess the Last one I would say is the slight Edge So that one had a big impact on me Because It just was able to articulate something That I've had in my life for a long time Which is just I've always been passionate about Progression in whatever I get into like

Skating video games entrepreneurship YouTube I'm very big into progression And that's what that book talks about It's just how the compounding effect Works when you're doing something even If it's something really small every Single day for a long time so for Example even when working out like it's Actually a really good strategy to just Do Start by doing 20 push-ups a day like Literally just do 20 push-ups today 20 Push-ups tomorrow 20 push-ups the next Day then do 30 40 50 and then eventually You'll get in pretty good shape And I just really like that concept Because it's really hard to push Yourself to do something whenever you're Thinking of like this whole big picture Idea and all the work that goes into Creating for example a business or into Getting in the dream shape and you're You know in your ideal shape but by Thinking of it in small little steps it Just really helps With getting the ball rolling and that's What that book is all about it's just Getting the ball rolling So those are probably the three books That have impacted me the most but Um even back there there's a book that Is I don't recommend I mean it's a good Book it's called 1q84 and it's like a Japanese iteration of 1984 but it's like

A totally wild take on that book and It's probably the longest book I've ever Read but it was really good it was just A good story I I was very drawn to it But it's not at all like 1984. so I Don't know why they say that it is Because it really isn't it's not about Like any sort of tyrannical Regime but it it does touch on some like Cult Like Concepts and it is really Interesting I really love the book I was Really drawn to it in that stack as well Is Republic Republic is like right there So that's one q84 the second one there Is Republic that's also a really good Book it's a super challenging book so if You're just getting into reading I Definitely wouldn't recommend that book But it's Just about philosophy And it's by Plato Plato was like you Know a Greek ancient Greek philosopher And it's super good because a lot of the Stuff they talk about is still Applicable applicable till this day so That's what I find fascinating and That's also why I really loved the Richest man in Babylon because all those Money Concepts still apply now same Thing with that it's like some of the Conversations that we're having are Literally like the ancient version of The some conversations that I have with

My friends now or or some conversations That we may have on stream So it's pretty interesting Um and then also in there is Uh Inferno So that's a crazy book it's Pretty gruesome it's like it was written In like 1500 or whatever like the Renaissance period by it's Dante's Inferno And it's just gruesome it's kind of Mo It's one of those things where You don't really No you don't like if you know that You're gonna go to heaven You may not do all the things that are Required to go to heaven right but if You know that if by doing certain things You're gonna go to hell you're for sure Not going to do those things that's what That book is like it doesn't talk about It's literally just Dante going through A journey of hell like he's getting Shown what hell looks like all the Layers of hell and it's just you know It's pretty compelling right it's really Compelling Because it's super gruesome Um I'm not super religious but that book I I still love studying those types of Things because I find it really interesting and Again it was really compelling and I do

Think more people should read it and I Think if more people thought of Heaven and hell they would probably do More things that lean towards heaven Which would make them better people so I don't think there's anything wrong With that But yeah Oh oh no There you go Streaming is still a little complicated You from Toronto nah I'm from Minneapolis so kind of close to Toronto We're only like an hour away from Toronto It's like six degrees Fahrenheit here It's super cold Uh how old are you and how long have you Been doing this I'm 26 right now and I've been doing this for like I guess I was 19 whenever I started Doing like entrepreneur stuff so that's When I started I started like flipping Stuff on eBay that was like the classic Thing Um and I was 19 so seven years ago Pretty crazy to think about I'm a big extrovert plus don't want Capped earnings Foreign yeah so that's basically I'm not I'm kind of in between an introvert Introvert and extrovert I would say I Lean slightly more towards introverted But yeah I feel you bro I hate the idea

Of capped earnings and that's why Building a business is like the perfect Path for me Good night bro I'm off to bed awesome Good night Zach thanks for the donation Again bro that was really nice of you Um What up Ari I've been following final Mouse for a while what are your thoughts On their brand it's hard to figure them Out Let's see Final Mouse oh Well first Things first I feel like their website Is kind of trash Um I I don't even know how you buy Anything Oh it's because everything is sold out Oh well okay that makes it a little Cooler I guess But Yeah I think they definitely need a Website redesigned so if you know the People running this tell them to go to and like apply for a website Build because we do some creative work Like that right now we have Some websites that we're building and I Would love to build these guys a better Website this just looks bad Um What would you oh friendly reminder that Morocco had one of the best World Cup

Runs ever facts facts How did I find the World Cup final I Thought it was like in I mean I thought It was a Legendary game obviously and Super satisfying finish in my opinion Like I couldn't I couldn't think of a Better ending because Messi Got His World Cup win which is Just it's nice man it was a wholesome Win and then also The game was like insane it was so close You live in the US yup I live in Minneapolis Uh please tell me you're not a liberal I actually did take a political COMPASS Test And I'll show you basically what I Ranked I was literally right here I was in this Box right here So technically that is liberal but I'm Like barely liberal and mostly Libertarian But it doesn't matter bro like it Doesn't matter I mean those are who Cares I'm willing to discuss anything And I have friends across basically the Whole entire span So I think that's what it's all about Um What would you tell your 20 year old Self Honestly nothing bro like how would you

Say keep well actually yes I would say Focus more don't pivot so much but at The same time I'm glad with how Everything turned out because Yeah bro I just feel like everything Happened for a reason or everything led Me to exactly where I needed to go But I do Like I feel like focus is underrated and I didn't focus on one business for a Long time the only thing that I've Focused Like consistently for years was YouTube But I always switch businesses like I'd Get I had multiple successful e-commerce Stores but I never built like a brand That I was able to really stick to I always pivoted away from it somehow Um And I that kind of sucked in a way Because then I wasn't really able to Build anything tangible even though I Was able to make money in an income I Wasn't able to build anything tangible So that's why I'm really grateful that I Was able to like continue to build my Channel Because I have something to show for it you know Besides just some like 100k a month Screenshots from a store Which is cool but it's not that cool if It's not still alive you know If you had a time machine what would oh

Wait I just answer that They do it through their disk or they Announce their new mouse yesterday on Twitch and had 7K viewers do that is so Cool I love brands that build communities Like that I think that's just like The best kinds of brands are the ones That build communities What are your pronouns He and him because I am him Did you manage to exit any of them no so I also didn't manage to exit any of them I just let them die which was probably a Mistake as well but You know It is what it is Would you do a Consulting session in 15 To 20 30 minutes I would but I would Probably charge a lot Because I'm very Conservative about my time I mean this Doesn't count because like I I don't Know this feels productive to me I feel Like I'm getting stuff done I feel like I'm hanging out with you guys we're Getting some content It's pretty productive so this doesn't Count but I'm right here bro so you can Ask me anything by the way anybody Coming in or going out of the stream Make sure you drop a like on the video Much much appreciated So do you recommend starting Drop

Shipping in USA from India is it Profitable yeah bro it can be I mean There's so many things that you can do But my best Piece of advice is just focus on Whatever you're going to do just really Try to stick to it for at least like six Months to a year so like if you're gonna Build a brand stick to it For six months to a year at least And if it's e-commerce that's fine you Know like fine that's if that's how You're going to fulfill your products That's fine use something like hyperscu To do it Or if you're gonna sell services Like let's say you're a really good Editor and you want to sell editing Services to people that's not a bad gig Right because there's tons of people Making content Just stick to it for a long time That's probably some of the best pieces Of advice that I would give because That's how you're able to capitalize on Compound interest that's the big thing Is like you want to use time to your Advantage and the only way to do that is To really stick to a business Foreign Videos brother you're one of the real Ones hey thanks man from Toronto I'm trying to find some more cool Brands To review

But This one is really cool But they're all sold out they must have Made so much money that's Pretty insane these are not cheap prices By any means And they're all sold out I wonder why They're so Foreign demand Maybe one of you guys could enlighten me On why this is so successful Yeah this design is god-awful I agreed Can you do a review of my new shop Sure If you drop it in the chat but it might Get It might get moderated because YouTube Doesn't allow you to post links So don't post it as a link Glory So this is a clothing brand Whoa holy what they're popping off Three million monthly visitors that's Insane Wow A New Perspective on performance apparel Built to move in style for life They're doing pretty decent on Tick Tock These are for sure spark ads though Cool Foreign By this story I just think it's I think It's actually cool that they're able to Succeed like that with such a simple

Store design it's almost like nostalgic Heat Press Nation let me guess they sell Heat presses yup And this is one of those things you just Would never think to start a business Around but there's a Shopify store out There that literally sells heat presses That's pretty cool Damn Wow this is an interesting one I don't know how people get the licenses To sell Designer products like this Like how do you get a license to sell Burberry stuff You know And this is indeed a Shopify store like Literally they don't even have this is The default checkout on Shopify Okay well so there's a lot of Brands to Do reviews on here that's pretty cool I'll definitely be checking these out Further So yeah you know this is I love doing This Um it's fun and I feel like I I'm I Learn a lot because I've never seen Stuff like this before This brand for example I can't believe How much success they're having With such a simple concept and I'm I Guess it's just their community Wow But yeah shout out to all you guys

Joining the stream it's honestly so cool That we can just hang out and Have a good time And learn and chill So apparently Elon Musk is thinking of Stepping down a CEO Damn That's kind of a big deal I don't blame Them Hit the like button yeah guys hit the Like button if you're just joining Light button hit oh dope Here we got a general store So this is just the normal Drop Shipping Store Just very clean you know nothing too Crazy This is the sense theme clearly It's one of the best themes And they're doing really well so You know you definitely don't need to Reinvent the wheel This is such a classic product so it's Surprising that they're actually doing Quite well still But It just goes to show you really don't Need a Reinvent the wheel I can't see your idea I don't know what it is Foreign What is your motivation for starting and Running this channel Well I started it because at the time I

Was I had a Drop Shipping Store that was Doing At the time it was doing like 20 30k a Month and at the time I didn't see any YouTubers this was like 2018 keep in Mind so there wasn't really any YouTubers doing numbers like that like That was a lot back then and then I Scaled it to six figures a month Um with my partner and I was like okay There's definitely nobody doing this now So I was just sharing I mean you can Even see that on my channel there is no One doing that And sharing it so I was kind of the First one to do it in a way all the Other people on the in the space were Not doing numbers like that so I Remember it very vividly Um and that's what kind of gave me my Edge and then I just kept doing it so Then I kept doing it I kept doing it Kept building stores stores kept failing Kept building more and blah blah blah And I went through this cycle for a very Long time Um Yeah I'm disappointed because Elon isn't Spending all oh yeah sorry but yeah my Motivation to so that was my motivation To start but then my Um motivation to keep going was that I Just simply really loved it bro so I

Kept doing it and that's what I was Mentioning is that I'm really grateful That I kept doing it kept making videos Like I wasn't as consistent as I am now But I kept making videos like every Month for sure every week A lot of times And my motivation was that it was just Really fun to be able to connect with People to be able to learn and just Share what I like some of my thoughts And have some people be able to actually Like Find it valuable so I kept doing it in Now I'm here and that's really The only thing that I Was able to build kind of like a Business till now so Yeah it's pretty cool I'm really happy That I continue to do it I feel like Elon is thinking of stepping Down for something it's because it's a Sinking ship I feel like he's just way Too busy you know it's just probably way Harder than he thought it would be Did you ever get a mentor yeah I did so Actually that was one of the when I was To scale from 20K a month to 100K a Month I got a mentor that had already Had a store that was doing like 90k a Month or something so basically I just Paid somebody that was like a step above Me to teach me what they were doing to Get there Um it wasn't anything too complicated

Really it was just fake like scaling Facebook ads so he taught me how to Scale Facebook ads or taught us how to Scale Facebook ads rather and That's really it and then I bought like A Sam Evans course About how to build like a Consulting Business and how to build like a like a Course business so then I did a little Bit of that Um I built a course and then I stopped Uh selling the course Because I didn't really want to work on That anymore and then I was like and That's when I built my agency that's Kind of the timeline But I never got a mentor ever since then Maybe I should honestly I don't know But I feel like I'm fine I feel like I'm Just I narrowed down what I need to Focus on and that's it now I'm just Focused on meeting people Um having interviews with people you Know if you look at the podcast here We've interviewed some pretty incredible People so I feel like my mentors are Kind of my friends now which is awesome That's a That's a pretty blessed position to be In and I'm excited to continue to meet Even more people and meet more mentors I thought of starting a brand on Nintendo switch accessories Nintendo Cartoon stimulator or simulator I feel

It's good since I was leveraged my idea Demand For a Nintendo switch my idea I still don't see that's a good idea That's not or that's not a bad idea Let's take a look at this Oh wow okay well obviously that makes Sense it's the holiday season but yeah Nintendo switch is a good Niche to be Honest with you it seems to be very Consistent Did you go for Trend products or problem Solving products the most success I had Was with problem solving products Not not trendy products Um But the products that I've always had Success with were products that were Being sold already so I didn't really Reinvent the wheel I just branded things Better But again I didn't want to keep going in That cycle of just like creating this Store and then making another store so That's why I decided to create my agency In the end because I was like okay well I really love e-commerce as a whole But I want to be able to build something That I can leverage my YouTube channel With because that was the one thing that I was building the whole time as well And the agency kind of just fit Perfectly because I was able to build

Like a creative agency Um I was actually very inspired by donda Which was actually Kanye's Consulting It was a Consulting before he made it Into an album it was a consulting Company so when I saw that I was like oh okay so I can a Consulting slash Agency doesn't have to be this like Boring dull business like you can make It whatever you want right so that's why I decided to do that and I made it how I Want it like I didn't make it shearson Consulting it's called it's Like clean I feel like now we can build Products under this and I can you know Leverage the personal brand that I've Built to help grow it I can build it in Public whereas I can't really build an E-commerce brand in public because People copy it and You know but you guys wouldn't buy like A random e-commerce product unless it Was super relevant to you I don't think I'm I'm not closing myself off to that Possibility though like I think for Example with Prince I thought I had an Idea Um and I built it a little bit I built This store because I thought it was cool It's called akari designs and it's anime Inspired Fine Art so this is all AI Generated art I made this store like in Like a like a week I never tested it

Because I don't really have time But You know things like like I don't I'm Not closed off to possibilities but I am Trying to focus like you know I I think There's so much value in just focusing In on one business so that's what I'm Trying to do it's like I'm trying to Just close myself off to everything Besides akemi and YouTube YouTube I still think it's like that's The one thing that I always worked on in My journey that has You know it still continues to grow till This day so I don't think I'll ever stop Making YouTube videos I mean I love it Um should I start with Ecom first or Smma drop service that's a good question I think the meta is to Start with e-commerce bro because it Doesn't really take any money and same With smma but you you do with smma you Need to know what you're doing bro Otherwise you're just gonna lose clients Right away and you're going to Disappoint people so the best way to Learn how to The Run ads for example is to just try To build a business even if it's like Through hyperscu which is a Drop Shipping platform you're still able to You know create a pretty decent brand Experience if you follow the channel Um I think the meta would be to like if

You you if you could pull off doing some Freelance work for like some extra cash Flow that may not be a bad idea because It still is helping you grow skills But Ultimately if you're just starting you Need to focus on building skills like Whatever that is I mean some people do Like remote closing that's not a bad one Either you know everybody always needs Sales people but I think by building an E-commerce store you you build a lot of Relevant skills bro and That's why I really love that approach That's what and that's what I did so I'm Biased towards it And that's how I was able to build all The skills now that we're applying at Academy even though I'm not the one Necessarily running ads now I've hired People that are better than me at Running ads I'm still I'm applying all My creativity and my creative juices to Like build this business and just Getting all the best people possible in Place And it's pretty dope So yeah I Feel Like These are nice I'm Able to kind of share deeper stuff about Myself with you guys and I really like That it's it's kind of like lifting away Off my sh like I don't know it's like Lifting a weight off my shoulders or Whatever people say Because then you guys don't really have

Any like you guys can't really question Anything I guess it's nice Black and white always looks super clean All my stores are black and white facts I love black and white it's just like a Classic color palette that's why stores Like this you know this is a luxury Brand store It's kind of like a luxury General Store Black and white baby Yeah what do you guys think should I Pick this project back up should I hit At least test this out would you guys Buy prints like this these are all AI Generated I thought it looked pretty clean I'm not Gonna lie I think this store is pretty Damn clean This one's super cool Would you guys buy one of these probably Not so yeah that's why I was like I Shouldn't just build an independent Brand that is completely separate from My YouTube channel because It just feels like a waste of time you Know It feels like I'm I'm not building any Ecosystems whereas now I feel like I'm Building an ecosystem But yeah that this is what actually Inspired akemi at the beginning was uh Kanye's danda He built a Consulting business that's What danda was before it was a

Um before it was an album it was a Consulting business and this is actually Uh he worked on this with Virgil ablo Who is one of my he's I consider him a Mentor One of the books back there Um hold up One of the books down there this one That's Virgil ablo's figures of speech That was a super inspiring book as well Just lit hearing or reading about Virgil's Journey It was super inspiring And yeah him and Connie did a lot of Design work a lot of Consulting work Through danda back when it was a Consulting business so that's kind of What inspired akemi in a lot of ways That's when I was like oh wait I need to switch this is actually the Perfect business for me right now Because I'm building this YouTube Channel And I want to work with more e-commerce Businesses and businesses and I think I Could provide a lot of value for them Through my creativity All right thank you sincerely this is Basically free live session with someone Successful these casts like hundreds With our finance Finance influencers Yeah bro well I'm making content out of these so Um

It's not solely out of the kindness of My heart you know I'll be honest but I Do really enjoy these a lot too so Um yeah I'm trying to figure out Basically I listened to Mr Beast say Something that actually intrigued me a Lot he said that When he started so Mr Beast if you don't Know he actually popped off really big When he started doing these sorts of Videos like You do like counting to like a million Or something I counted to a hundred thousand uh or You know just random stuff like that Um Money no Oh yeah or like he spent Spending 24 Hours underwater so he did these kinds Of videos And what he's he said in an interview Recently that one of the reasons why he Did these things is because he really Wanted to binge watch anime but he Didn't want to not work so he was like How can I binge watch anime while I work So he thought oh well I'll just make a Video doing something stupid for like 24 Hours which no one would ever do and Would I could make a video out of it and I can binge watch anime in the Background so that concept really Inspired me because then I was like oh

I should just do the same thing on my YouTube channel like I should just do Research because I'm like I do a lot of Research for You know achemy purposes right And I might as well just make a video Out of it so that's kind of what Inspired a lot of the content that I Make now and that's what inspires a lot Of these streams is that how I can Actually make content through this so I Can build a connection with you guys I Can Have us learn stuff together And like that's pretty dope right I can Make content out of that so it's like Shooting two birds with one stone and That's what Jimmy did for a long time And still does so he also said for Example he really wanted to travel so That's why he did this video where they Traveled to like basically everywhere in The world Um I don't know I thought it was cool I Thought that was a cool concept It's interesting Fellow agency owner here yo shout out Bro shout out to all the agency owners Out there It's not an easy business you know It's definitely not an easy business but It's fun I I've been having a lot of fun Growing this agency and you know putting All the pieces together it's really fun

I really want to work with Brands like Mr Beast feastables I want to work with A lot more influencer Brands so if any Of you can help me reach those people That would be super helpful Um and that's kind of what I'm hiring For that's the type of sales team I'm Trying to build Is people that can really think of Creative ways to reach these influencers That have brands that could use our help E-commer wrestleman I think Ecom to start personally I'm not Gonna lie I don't think smma is a Beginner business model by any means I Think it's not Because you don't know any skills so That's you know it's tough to really Sell yourself at least that's what I Would think like that's not how I Started So that's why I think e-commerce is a Better place to start Because you learned so much and like You're not you're still behind the Scenes so you're not building a Reputation for yourself you're building Your reputation for your brand but if That collapses I mean as long as you're Not scamming anyone which you shouldn't A lot of people have been getting Exposed nowadays for their scammy their Scamminess that they've done in the past So that's why you never want to scam

People because it will come back to Haunt you But Um But that's why I like Ecom if you're Just starting And I can really only speak from Experience that's what I did and it made Me so much more confident now because I Know what I'm doing I know how these Things work from firsthand experience So Now I and it also helped me learn my Limitations right like I was able to Learn that maybe I'm not the best media Buyer out there you know maybe there are People that are even more analytical That are more consistent at it so I can Just hire those people Um and then also just leveraging my Personal brand I That's why I built an agency so that I Could also leverage my personal brand to Grow the business e-commerce it doesn't Really make sense to build a personal Brand unless it's tied to the brand like Let's say you haven't an e-commerce Store building a like around like Skateboarding it would make sense To build a personal brand around skating Then because you know the audience is Hand in hand But that's the issue that I was having For a long time is I was building an

Audience around e-commerce while Building a store selling beauty products Right so they don't really mesh together So I was doing two totally different Things whereas now my YouTube and my Business can grow together and it's a Beautiful thing Anyone doubting to start smma or Ecom I Definitely say Ecom to start and then Smma smma is hard you need to have very Valuable skills and offer great services For your clients it's not easy exactly So and not to say that Ecom is easy Either everything is hard guys like life Is hard that's why that's what that Luke Belmar video was kind of saying it's Like Um Would you rather have the pain of Discipline or the pain of regret Definitely the pain of discipline is Easier to to manage so just do that but Yeah building an e-com business also Hard everything is hard but you just Gotta take it one step at a time things Take time to grow you know just like a Plant right you gotta water it you get It take care of it daily make sure that It's all good to go Um Oh look up how DJ Khaled got famous and Copy it for your agency Ah that's a good Idea DJ Khaled come up story

Oh okay I will check this out actually Thanks for that tip Um I'm not gonna talk I don't wanna Reveal some of our clients but I have Accomplished a little bit of that Vision We do have A celebrity client someone with a Millions and millions of followers so it Has been working A bit you know but we're still just in The early stages of that Something I hate about stocks is I find It super lonely what about trading Stocks Facts exactly and well what I don't like About trading stocks is kind of what I Didn't like about building drop shipping Stores and not building them up as a Brand is that you're not building Anything tangible it's like you know Let's say if you stop doing it you don't Really haven't like you don't have Something that you can show for it Whereas now I've really internalized the Idea of compound interest compound Interest and letting time work for you And help you so for example with a brand If you're doing something let's say You're posting content for your brand Every day that will amount to something Um Whereas trading stocks you're building Up your cash but you're not really Building any sort of business right

And I find that unappealing that doesn't Mean people can't make it work there's People that make tens of millions of Dollars doing that but For me it never worked that well so I Guess I'm just not that good at it and I Never put the time in to actually do it But for a while like I was saying Earlier I got in the Trap of doing all these Little things right like moving all These different pieces trying to trade Stocks trying to build a Drop Shipping Store trying to make YouTube videos Trying to sell the course trying to make Affiliate money trying to trade crypto Trying to trade nfts and it just like Does not work you know what I mean like You're not you're gonna make 2K here 5K There 10K here but Now I'm in the mindset of I just want to Make 100K a million a month from one Thing you know Or at least one business and just like a Get A lot of value behind that business Actually Alex Becker really inspired That as well because I saw that he did That too with highros and now he was Able to exit for over 100 million Which is just so significant But yeah All right guys I do gotta go I gotta Help my girlfriend with some

Shelves that she's trying to put up And then we're gonna hang out a little Bit So this has been real as always we've Been having so much fun doing these Streams So I'm gonna keep doing it Um I'm gonna keep doing it and we're gonna Be posting stream Clips kind of like What sneako did I don't know if you guys Followed sneako but his strategy was Pretty fire for YouTube Um and personally I really love Streaming content because it's so Authentic and raw like you can't really Edit it so it's like you're you're most Authentic form Unless you're some sort of good actor or Something But that's why that's what I want to Focus on is streaming more because I Really like the idea of being as Authentic and real as possible because Then there's then you have nothing to Hide right so it's actually like you Have actually more freedom And Then we also can make a ton of content Around it and we can post more post more Relevant content the quality is still Fire so now I'll start trying to stream During the day so that the so that it Looks even better because right now like

The qualities doesn't look the best Since it's night time but it's still not Too bad this is like a pretty good Quality camera right what do you guys Think do you think this quality is good Enough for YouTube I think it is And also before you guys go make sure You give the video a like that's always Helpful For the channel Dropping a like for the YouTube Algorithm asked Graham Stefan would say You should check also Alex fetitov he Shares the same vision yeah that guy is Awesome I know of him and he's uh He's a beast Slow on strategy fast on tactics facts Foreign Builds trust with authenticity facts so Yeah that's kind of like my Thought process behind it True well glad you guys think so I'm Gonna keep doing it until we're getting Like a thousand viewers so it's gonna be Pretty cool one day one day it's gonna Be hard to keep up with the chat which Will be kind of sad honestly because I Like seeing each one of you guys as Questions and comments But you know that's just the nature of Growth We'll get there All right

Thank you guys for joining thank you Guys for being you and for continuing to Watch the videos it's very much Appreciated I'll see y'all in the next one let's Continue learning All right peace

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