My Best Virtual Debit Card for Dollar Payments in Nigeria (No Restrictions)

Pioneer has a virtual card which they Implemented recently but you are going To have an issue with that let me show You so on my screen right here this is a Virtual card that I already ordered you See the AC is approved right and if you Click on it it's going to show me the Detail this is the name the card number This is the name of the card but this is The expiration date of the cards right And if I actually want to see the cardam Can just click on view card details to Actually see this card and I can also Click on activate to activate this Virtual card because I actually ordered It and it has been approved now let me Show you the problem with this if you Try to click on order right now it's Gonna say you will be able to order a Billionaire card once you've received Payment of at least two thousand dollars Or equivalent to your account in the Previous six months and you might not Have met this criteria and that is a Challenge for you right I want to Challenge the period has is the fact That you cannot fund your payoneer card With naira now that is a very big Challenge so you have to M morning from All this online stuff online platforms Before you can actually use these Pioneer cards now my for me it is Different because I actually make money Online if I come to my home page right

Now I'm gonna be seeing that I have over Three thousand dollars balance in this Pioneer card and about 83 pounds in this Periodical so I make money online and at The end of this video I'm gonna be Showing you guys exactly how I can make This kind of money on the internet so It's important that you stay with me From beginning to the very end as I'm Going to be leaving no students on now I'm going to be showing you virtual Cards that you can fund with naira right Here in Nigeria what this means is that You can take your naira and put it Inside this card and you can use this Card to actually make payments on the Internet and these cards are not like Your physical card right these are cards That are online and easily copy out the Card details and you can use it to pay For Netflix pay for your hosting pay for Your Google ads your Facebook ads your Instagram ads and all of that I'm gonna Be showing you guys all of that in Today's video so again it's important That you stay with me from beginning to The end of this video so I'm gonna be Leaving you soon on and if you're new to My Channel I want to encourage you guys To smash the like button on this video So that others who are looking for cards For virtual cards that can use to make Dollar payments on the internet can see This video and actually I'm sure they

Will appreciate you go ahead smash the Like button on this video subscribe to My channel most importantly turn on the Bell notification button and also click On the share button and share this video With your friends on Facebook on WhatsApp whenever right copy the link And put it to your WhatsApp status so That I can help your people in your Contact list who are looking for this Kind of cards they can use to pay for Things like Facebook ads mobile ads Instagram ads and all of that I'm going To introducing to you two different Cards that you can use to make online Payment so let's go to my screen and get This video started now the second card We're going to be looking at is a right I believe I made a video About Grace or CEO in the past but if You want me to make a detailed video on How to actually create a a big credit And verify it's good to see your account From subscribe let me know in the Comment section and I wouldn't mind Making that video as a matter of fact I'm going to be making a lot of credit And verify our account videos you know Um very soon right so if you're Interested in green let me know in the Comment section and I will prioritize The one that a lot of persons actually Interested in so gray Pioneer Um geek pay you know all those platforms

I'm going to be making videos about all Of them how they actually create and Verify those accounts and mostly you can Do it with just your mobile phone right So I will right now And let's say I want to um I want to get A virtual card basically but I can just Come here where it says virtual cards Right I click on Virtual cards and I hit Create virtual card that's all you need To do create a track card so it's asking You I said do you want a virtual debit Card which is what we want or do you Want the physical debit card now this Giving card is not that they're not Issuing it out yet some that they're Still working on that's why it says Coming soon so right here you have um Virtual debits card and I'm gonna hit Get started right so it says enter your BV I'm gonna put in my BV and I do bvn Right here PNC is confirm one-time fee You will be charging a one-time fee of One dollar for card creation also an Additional two dollars to be deducted From your balance to fund your card do You agree to continue I'm gonna say yes Create my virtual card so I hit yes go My virtual card and it says insufficient Form because I do not have funds inside My account that is why it says Insufficient for us I said earlier that I can actually Foreigner so let me show You guys how to fund your good SEO

Account with naira so I'm going to close This come back to home right now this is Um this is naira here there's your Narrow so I'm going to click on this Right and it says the balance on error Is 0.00 so I'm going to hit deposit Right and let's say I want to deposit uh I want to deposit uh select payment Method you can pay via model or pay by Via bank transfer so I'm going to hit Pay verb bank transfer then I come here And say amount to top up one more that I Want to actually deposit next I want to Deposit five thousand naira right so it Says the amount you receive is 4930. Guys if P of 17 naira that's gonna be Deducted by and I think it's Fair I think it's fair if you think it's Not fair let me know in the comment Section but I'm sure I'm sure you also Think it's bad so I'm going to come here And say I confirmed to be debited 5000 Naira for balance top up and I'm gonna Hit continue so right and okay so this Is loading up right now let's give it a While Chase bank transfer so I'm going To say uh pay click on the pay button I'm going to click on pay and what's Going to happen is that it's going to Prompt me to make this payment it says I Should make it transfer to this account Number right when my bank and this is Beneficiary about carefully unlimited The account detail is only valid for

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This specific transaction I would expire Today by 11 41 in one hour it will Expire so I'm going to see after you've Made the payment you're going to click On I have made this transfer and this Money is going to come into your balance almost immediately Right this is like almost instant so Once you've done that you can you have To go back to Virtual cards and actually Create a virtual card with great.tu it Is that simple if you have any question Let me know in the comment section and If you've got any value from this video So far I want to encourage you again to Smash the like button on this video Subscribe to my channel most importantly Turn on the notification button if you Have not done that right so now when I Drop one amazing video just like what You're watching right now YouTube gonna Send you a notification instantly so the Next question I'm going to talking about Is cheaper cash right and I'm gonna be Guiding you guys on exactly how to Actually set up an account on cheaper Cash and you know do all the rituals That you're supposed to do I'm gonna Come to my screen right now right so and That's actually the third link in this Video description if you click on it It's gonna bring you to this interface That we're looking at right now so I Come here and you're going to say you're

Going to see the fact that it has Cheaper card right here right High Cheaper card and this is a digital Virtual card for you that you can use to Actually pay for things on the internet So there's no physical card it's not Like you're gonna wait for them to ship A physical card to you and what this Means is I can actually create this card Right now fund it right now and start Using this card right now what I'm gonna Do is to go to cheaper card on my phone Right I'll show you guys exactly how This they are how this works on your Phone just click on the third link and Leave your description it's gonna bring You to this interface that we're looking At right now that's this interface You're in right here right now so it's Gonna bring you here so I'm going to Click on download app right where it Says download app right here I'm going To download app I'm going to click on it Right so I'm going to hit download app And it's going to take me to my Play Store if you are on an iOS it's going to Take you to your app store you know for You to download install and download so I'm going to click on install right here I'm going to click on install The installation process starts it's That simple right I click on install the Assertion process actually starts and Okay so it is done installing it says

100 and the file is actually the app is Actually very small just 3.5 MB right so You don't need to have a lot of space on Your or your phone or mobile device Basically for you to be able to run this Application it's done installing it Right now so we're gonna click on open Right here so I'm going to tap open Right and the app opens on my phone so Right there you see it's open a free Account or I have an account For me I I don't have an account on Cheaper cash right so I'm going to be Creating that account right now so what I'm gonna do is to hit open a free Account at the bottom of my screen I'm Going to put in my email address right Here right uh Gerald file 705 Right then I'm gonna hit uh next it says Enter the six digit code that we have Sent to your email right so let me find That CG code I'm going to go to my email The code is right here in my email so I'm going to put it here it's 93168 right okay so it says what's your Primary purpose for using cheaper cash Savings or investment buy or buy or sell Goods and services buy or sell property Support family family or friends abroad Support family of friends locally so I'm Going to say buy goods and services Savings and investment and support

Friends and family right so I'm going to Select support friends and family I'm Gonna hit next so your your your your Aim could be different so you choose What is appropriate for you it doesn't Mean a damn thing so I'm gonna put in my Name here Gerald my last name right I'm Gonna hit next write my date of I'm Going to select my little bit from this List cheaper cash is also available in Countries UK Ghana Rwanda South Africa Tanzania United States Uganda and all of That right so if you're in any of these Countries you can actually create an Account on cheaper cash as well so I'm Going to hit next at the bottom of my Screen right setting up your account and My account is set up right my account is Set up easily right so for you right now You want to add funds into your cheaper Cash account so I'm gonna say where it Says um add cash right where it says at Cash right here that's where you need to Go so click on this and see the amount That you want to put in and like I said You can fund this with naira so put it The amount that you actually want to Fund this with let's say you want to Fund it with a 10 000 naira right put it Right here and hit continue right hit Continue like I said we're going to be Creating this card right now so hit Continue okay let me just do five Thousand five thousand right and hit

Continue Right so this is loading as the payment Method I'm gonna hit the cardboard debit I want to play with my cards right I Want to use my card to actually pay We'll be charging you 10 there right in Order to link a card to your account I'm Going to say add card right so this is Loading up I'm not just going to give it A while so guys while this is loading if You're getting any value from this video I want to encourage you again to smash The like button on this video subscribe To my channel most importantly turn on The notification button so that when I Drop my amazing video just like what You're watching right now YouTube is Going to send you a notification Instantly so that's it let's come back To this Um okay so it says Merchant logo the Black card number I'm going to be Linking my card to cheaper cash and it's Completely safe right it's completely Safe for those of you who's gonna Comics Comment section I sent you around are You sure is it safe yes it's safe and I'm sure I'm doing it right now you're Watching me do it so go ahead and do the Exact same thing get the exact same Result so I'm going to be linking my GT Bank cards to cheaper cash right my Gtbank naira card that's what I'm going To be linking right here and like I said

If I actually found this virtual dollar Card with naira so it's that simple so I'm gonna come here and put in my card Information so it says remember this Card next time you can say yes or no Right I want to remember it and my phone Number I'm going to put my phone number Right here put in my email address right Here okay so it's um I'm gonna say pay Ten dollars right so enter the four Digit card pin to complete so I'm gonna Put in my ATM pin for configure Transactions so if you want me to make a Detailed video where I show you guys Step by step how to create and verify a Cheaper cash account another for your Card just like I'm showing you right now I'm gonna making a detailed video where I'm going to be leaving no Stone from Beginning to the very end everything you Need to know about and keeper card itself If that's episode you want to see let me Know in the comment section and of Course I might prioritize making it as My next video so comment section please If you are interested in that video so Right now it says identity documentation Document approved [Music] Um address address confirmed phone Number phone number confirmed so we are Good to go right so what I'm gonna do Right now is to tap this place uh this

Place where it says this this box here I'm gonna check this box right then I'm Gonna hit claim your card at the bottom Of my screen so I'm going to hit claim Your card right so it's asking me which Card would you like to create is it NGL Which is Nigerian naira or USD which is US dollar card so which one do you want To create so I want to create a USD card A US dollar card so I'm going to come Here and tap USD right so it says with This I can shop globally you know do Everything that I want to do so right Now A USD card offers additional benefits Such as convert from naira to USD at the Lowest rate and higher transaction limit Access to higher transition limit than The Nigerian card and there are zero Fees on International payment one USD is Used as transaction currency that's the Benefits you get with the USD card which Is a dollar card USD means US dollar United States dollar card right so I'm Going to hit next right here and okay so This is loading up right now it says Your cheaper card is being generated it Says your cheaper card has been created Successfully that's how easy it is for You to do so it says a brand new card Just for you so I'm going to hit Continue right here our top of my Although on my screen here you see ngn You see USD so I'm going to tap USD

Right and this is my card right here Right so if I click on showcat detail Details of my card is going to be shown Right now or I don't want to do that Because I don't want you to see my card Actually obviously going to be using This card you know I don't want you to See this is my card because I don't Trust you haha You want to see my Academy The Limited Comment section so if I click show um Show card details it's going to show Here right and this is the current Balance on this card right now so you Want to add fonts to your card this is What you're gonna do I'm going to click Here click on ADD points at the bottom Of my screen Google I'm putting the Amount that you want to add in naira Right because I said that the Interesting thing about this card is That you can fund it with naira so let's Say I want to put 5 000 naira equivalent Of dollar inside this car right now I'm Gonna say Um 5000 uh five thousand you can only Deposit the amount you have in your Cheaper cash so you have to have this Card this naira inside your cheaper card Before you can put it here deposit so Right now I have about ten dollars Inside my super cash which is 0.01 and I Can say add phones right and it's going To be converting the amount that I have

It says you have added 0.01 dollars to Your cheaper Visa USD card I say 32 10 Naira has been deducted for your cheaper Wallet so the money was taking for my Wallet into my card right into my card So before you can do this you have to Fund your cheaper cash with naira they Can actually move it to your dollar and Actually use this dollar card to pay for Whatever it is that you want to pay for On the internet if you want a detailed Video where I guide you through how to Set up an account step by step right on How to actually set up an account on Cheap archive everything step by step How to fund your account how to do Everything that you can do with this Card let me know in the comment section That will not hesitate to actually make That videos for you guys so these are Actually the best virtual card that you Can use for dollar transactions right Here in Nigeria with this you can Actually fund your um you can pay for Your Netflix pay for your Amazon Prime Uh pay for stuff on Amazon Um pay for your ads Facebook ads Google Ads Tick Tock ads Twitter ads everything They want to pay for online in dollars Can actually use this card to do all of That right no restrictions No Limits Guys so if you're getting everybody from This video I want to encourage you guys To hit the like button and of course

Subscribe to my channel and of So that when I drop more amazing videos Just like what you have just watched Right now YouTube is going to send you a Notification instantly also important For you to hit the share button and Share this video with your friends right Somebody is going to appreciate you Doing that because they need this card For their business or you know for their Personal pleasure you want to watch my Video on how to actually get a physical Card a physical card that you can use For online online payments in Nigeria This video showing up right here is Going to show you exactly how to do that If you have any questions at all or just A video you want me to make for you Specifically let me know in the comment Section and I will not hesitate that you Make that video for you until I see my Next video guys keep winning and don't Forget that share out does love you guys Bye from here guys

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