My first business failed and I almost got sued

Many people don't know this about me but My first business actually failed and I Almost got sued it was basically a tax Consulting app that was giving tax Advice on how to charge vat to small and Large businesses based in the European Union and it basically failed for two Reasons number one was because we really Struggled to get backed by a VC there Weren't that many back then in Romania Who were ready to deploy capital in a Business like mine so we kept things Pretty lean we invested our own money it Was costing us tens of thousands of Dollars we hired our own testers and our Own sales people but we kept it going But in a competition and a ton of Complications stepped in my old employer Threatened to sue me because I had the Idea back in the time when I was working For them and then another company not Only copied our solution but even copied Our ads which meant that a year and a Half into it we decided to give up Knowing what I know now as an Entrepreneur I wouldn't have given up I Should have kept believing in the value I was bringing to the market and if I Pushed harder I could have looked for Funding outside of Romania

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