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You can see 113 million views 97 million Views 17 million views 40 million 40 Million 30 million using this trick we Can take advantage of all of these views Offer people what they want and make Money from it just like I've been doing Over here as you can see in the past Seven days I have made around one Thousand two hundred dollars for Absolutely free that is around 150 to 200 dollars per day that I'm making for Free and this will keep on increasing Because we are going to promote High Ticket products and going to collect Emails as well so we can make more and More money as our email list keeps on Growing this is going to be an advanced Version of a method that I showed from Which a lot of students are making money You can do the same you just have to Follow what I'm going to do be Consistent and just watch the full video And we are starting right now Do like and subscribe to the channel for Unique money making ideas in order to Make money from any method we need two Things good traffic and we need to Promote suitable products to that Traffic I was just thinking that why Don't we offer our audience a free bonus That they are already looking for that They already want for that I just came On Google Sorted over here for popular books on

Finance this can be any Niche popular Books on cooking popular books on dating And relationship popular books on Psychology popular books on how to get Sales anything so I've just searched Over here for popular books on finance As you can see there are a lot of books Over here Rich Dad Poor Dad I am sure You must have heard about this book so Why don't we offer these ebooks as a Free gift to our audience because people Are already searching for it there is Already a demand for these particular Books and we can get a lot of good Traffic from promoting these popular Books and along with that we can also Offer our product in the middle so for That I've just searched over here for Rich Dad Poor Dad PDF download now the Easiest way to see that which ebooks you Can promote is that if there are a lot Of download versions available that Means that this books owners they are Not that strict with copyright so we Won't have any issues so you can just See if you just if I just go on the First link itself you can see 2.5 Million downloads So rather than offering our audience Some random book why don't we offer them This book that they already want to read That is already popular that already has A good reputation as you can see over Here 2.5 million downloads so it is

Super simple just click over here on Download after loading just click over Here on download And it will automatically start Downloading so this way we already have A PDF that people are looking for now we Need to see that which all products we Can associate with the ebook because we Will be making money by promoting Products regarding that particular niche Of the book so for that you can just Look for affiliate products on different Affiliate networks ClickBank is the World's biggest affiliate Network you Can come over here you can go to Digistore as well jvzoo Warrior plus Amazon affiliate share sale Siege Affiliates there are n number of Affiliate networks where you can go and Find different different products so I Have just come on the marketplace of Digistro 24 and you can see that there Are so many different categories in Which you can find products so whatever Is the most suited category for your Book for example you averaged at Poor Dad so it is regarding personal finance Stock market making money so we can Promote those kind of products so let's Say we go over here on digital marketing Making money online we can promote High Ticket products I like promoting High Ticket products in this method because We are going to collect emails from the

Audience we are going to do retargeting That will be the main money making Method that is retargeting so we can Promote High ticket products as well all You need to do to promote the product is Click over here on promote now and you Will receive the affiliate unique link That you need to start promoting then to Promote that link you can either paste That direct link inside the ebook that Will take the people straight to the Sales page of the product or we can set Up a landing page where we can collect Emails from the audience so that we can Do retargeting as well for that we can Use systems.io getresponse convertkit There are hundreds of email marketing Softwares and all of them have a free Plan that we can use so let's say we Come to convert get just sign up for Free once you create your free account Come over here on grown click over here On landing pages I have made this video Talked about this earlier as well click Over here on create new click over here On landing page you can select any Template from over here click over here We can choose this we just have to write Some catchy things about the product you Are selling if it is about dating so Learn how to get the love of your life Just with a few steps learn how John Found the love of his life in just a few Steps if it is about making money online

Learn how 10 000 people are already Making money with this new special Method so this way we can write a few Catchy lines about the product Niche That we are promoting once we have done That Come over here on the settings and once The people have submitted their email Then where should they go so we need to Send the audience to the affiliate sales Page of the product we are promoting Once the people have submitted the email So we can just click over here on Redirect to external page and over here We can paste our affiliate link so that Whenever someone will submit their email Over here click over here on subscribe We will get the email and they will go To the affiliate sales page they can buy The product directly in the first go as Well we will make money or else we can Also set up email marketing in the Background so that we can make money for The long term for doing that you can Just click over here on publish this is Your landing page link that we need to Paste inside the ebook We will do that but first if we just Come over here on send click over here On broadcast this is where you need to Send the email click over here on new Broadcast and this is where you can set Up your email that you need to send Obviously this email will be promoting

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The product that we are selling for Finding these emails you can just come Back on digistore or ClickBank you can See all the different products have Affiliate support page affiliate support Page affiliate support page so you can Click over here and you will find plenty Of helpful things like email templates Email scripts subject lines each and Everything that you can use in order to Create your Emails once you have done that what I Did was I sent out one email per day I Fixed a time around six to seven o'clock I sent out one email per day now to Simply insert our link inside the ebook So that whenever people are reading Through the ebook they can click on our Link and we can make money as I said That link can be your direct link as Well or like I have said we can set up Email marketing and landing page as well For just pasting that link inside our Ebook we can come on PDF editor we can Search for any PDF editor there are Plenty of them available for free so What I did was after every five to six Pages I just found some empty space over Here like this and I just wrote a catchy Thing the same thing we have done on the Sales page on the landing page learn how John made ten thousand dollars in just 10 days learn how ten thousand students Are making ten thousand dollars with a

Few steps this way you can write a A catchy call to action once you have Done that click over here on link just Drag it like this on top of your text And over here paste your link wherever You want to send your audience either Either to the direct sales page of the Product or the convertkit landing page Or systems.io landing page or any Landing page that you have set up once You have done that click over here on Apply changes and save your ebook now That you have set up all of that now we Need to start getting traffic on our Ebook and like I said the special trick Is that rather than using some random Ebook we have already used a eBook that People are searching for people know the Reputation of that ebook so they will Download that they will search for that They will read through the ebook so we Can get clicks on our link Now to get traffic on our ebook many People ask me that how do I find such Websites where we post ads or post Ebooks or all of that it is super simple You just have to look for it I just come Over here best eBook publishing Platforms best giveaway publishing Platforms best ad publishing platforms a Video for giveaway and coupons also is Coming up and I am doing some research On that if you want a video as soon as Possible on that topic do leave a

Comment I will make a video as soon as Possible but for ebooks just search over Here for best eBook publishing platforms You will find plenty of examples and After that the special way the special Trick that I do is that I just come on a Website called similar web similar web Is very good for analysis of different Different websites so let's say I found A eBook publishing website that is Scribed I just search for that over here And the best part about similar web is That if you just scroll down below you Will see that it will give you a whole List of similar websites where you can Publish your ebooks and as you can see 60 million views for 17 million views 40 Million views 30 million views millions And millions of views are coming on this Website like I said that this method is An upgraded version of an earlier method In the earlier method I showed you this Website that is Academia Dot edu so how Did I find about this website by just Looking for other ebook publishing Websites and I just found it over here Similarly you can just click over here And it will open for this particular Website as well scroll down below and You will find some other ebook Publishing websites as well like this One is new uh this one is new this one Is new so this way we can find a whole List of similar websites where we can

Get a lot of traffic and we can start Making money if I just show you an Example of how to upload an ebook it Will be super simple for any platform I Have just come on SlideShare create your Free account click over here on upload Then the title of the ebook will Obviously be the name of the ebook like Ridge.orad in the description you can Just go on Google search over here for Your ebooks introduction so you will Find an introduction you can just copy Paste two to three lines over here for The category you can select whatever is The category of the ebook tags as well Whatever is the niche whatever is the Category of the ebook like business Making money online stocks like that Then you can set the Privacy to public And click over here on publish the same Process you can apply for all the Different ebook publishing websites it Is super simple I uploaded around one to Two ebooks per day on all the different Platforms that I told how you can search For on similar web as you can see Awesome we are all done so I have Uploaded the ebook right in front of you Without any issues an additional thing That I did was as a special trick you Can say that whatever is the URL of your Ebook I just copied this and I used Different pinging websites in order to Create a a few backlinks for our URL so

That it becomes a bit unique from the Competition it starts ranking your Search on Google for pinging websites so You can just paste your url over here of The ebook uh you can select business And you can click over here on PING now There are plenty of such websites that You can use so these are a few tips and Tricks that I used in order to make Money from the ebooks that people are Already looking for so you can also use This as I said just to be consistent and You will be able to make money from Email marketing again and again for the Long term along with this if you like my Money making methods and want me to Personally help you set up your digital Empire like I have done for myself I Built a seven figure digital Empire for Myself so if you want to get personally Trained by me do check out my website From the first link in the description Box below you will find plenty of Student results my students are Absolutely crushing it high quality Training videos WhatsApp support live Sessions group sessions each and Everything will be done to personally Help you by me so if you want to get Trained by me do check out my website From the first link in the description Box below and if you want to learn Another method to make money online from The first week itself click on the video

That is flashing on your screen each and Every detail all the steps are provided In that video

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