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And you can see right here on this Network just on this network alone I was Able to make 4.6 thousand dollars but Two point two thousand dollars right Here it actually just from one thing Which I'm going to show you in today's Video but using what I'm going to share In today's video you can make five to Ten thousand dollars in the next seven Days but then it's going to die up so Please before we get started with Today's method just comment down below And tell me if making five to ten Thousand dollars one time and then doing It like again and again to actually make The money is okay or you would like to Have something that's a lot more long Term what's going on guys today I want To show you a method that's going to be Super super awesome that I was able to Make 2.2 thousand dollars back in the Day when I was like content locking Genius and yeah this is something I'm Going to show you how to do and how to Make very very easily now you can see I Was able to make two point two thousand Dollars which is not actually a lot I Completely failed with this method Because there wasn't any tutorial that Would show me how to do this properly But I was still able to make 2.2 Thousand dollars but in today's video I'm gonna show you how to do this proper Early and I'm going to show you all the

Hacks all the secrets everybody give you Everything that you need so you can Actually make a lot of money using this Method for free without any investment But the only thing you need to do is you Need to hurry up okay because I will Also share with you a five to ten Thousand dollar opportunity that can Literally make you ten thousand dollars One time but it can make you that's Happening very soon but you gotta act Very fast on it also guys before we get Started don't forget to please smash Like on this video I would really Appreciate it and let's try and get to 1 000 likes and also if you like to see More videos about making money online if You are interested in learning how to Make money online very easily for Beginners completely for free be sure to Subscribe as well to my channel because This is literally what I post all the Time new methods on how you can make Money online without skills without Experience how I was able to make money Back in the day when I was teenager Online all these methods are legit they Work and yeah this is the best place to Actually get them now I want you to take A look at this actually this is a 2022 Worldwide box office and you can see all These top performing movies for example Like top gun Maverick which has like 1.4 Billion yeah billion uh worldwide box

Office value or whatever it is but it's Just been performing very very well the Second one for 2022 is Jurassic world Dominion 1 billion then Doctor Strange 955 million then minions Batman and all These movies now pretty much there's a Huge market for these movies you can Make so much money if at the time that These movies actually went live you Would recommend them and you would share These movies with other people now some Of these movies are going to perform Better than the others like you can see Top gun Maverick 1.4 billion like I mean You can just mess this method entirely And you would still make some money but For some some movies like this one I Don't know like uh the last 10 years Which is like 22 million uh value you You wouldn't really make a lot of money So in today's video guys I want to show You how to actually make thousands Literally thousands of dollars by doing This method and then I want to share With you a hard opportunity that's for Sure going to be in the like top five of These box office movies I hope fingers Crossed I hope it's gonna happen very Well after posting this video because Obviously it's not there but I want to Teach you how to do this before it Actually happens so you have plenty of Time to actually do this when it's going To go out step number one guys you want

To go to CPA Group sign up for an Account and just pretty much do exactly How to do this just sign up for any Account now I was using adwork media Back in the day because CPA Group wasn't Around that's how how all the AdWords Media is and that's how long I've been Doing this myself but yeah you want to Go for CPA grip nowadays it's a little Bit better and also like the the the Lockers they have are just a little bit Better as well now I want to go to the Monetization tools and click on the URL Slash file lockers if you want to go for These lockers I click on create a new URL Locker okay so now this is what we Have now for the style you want to Change the style to something different To just go to templates and you are Really looking for like the captcha or Like the human verification we are not Really going to be doing the download Part okay you can see these are like the Download ones this method is not suited For the download okay we want to use These two which is the capture one or Human verification now let's read the Capture one right here because we want To use this one right here so when People are going to see this they are Going to click on I'm not a robot it's Going to show them these CPA offers they Need to complete it to get to the other Side okay now the next thing what you

Want to do is you pretty much want to go To system AIO this is something we are Going to be using to actually like host The pages I already created them for you They are going to be the first thing in The video description just click on this Link and it's going to open up this page Right here now this is already a funnel That I created for you that you can just Edit okay I don't get anything from that If you're going to use it or not I just Want to help you as much as possible you Can use this method without any Roadblock just click on the link and You'll be at this page right here then Click on this magic wand at the at the Right right part of the page and you're Going to be taken to this part right Here now you can see this one was Actually for Maverick but pretty much This is a template so this is pretty Much like chill out Lounge watch movies For free brand new for 2022 and then This is the name of the movie okay name Of the movie so let's just pick up any Of the movie Let's Go with like four Okay let's go like where is it called The Thor love and thunder so let's go With like this one put it right here Watch completely for free now you want To go to YouTube and you want to search For Incognito just kidding you want to Search for the name of the movie and you Want to grab the trailer because the

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Trailer of the movie is obviously going To be on YouTube before the movie goes Live this is how they build up the hype So I'm just going to go for this movie Right here copy the link address then go Back to the editor click on the video And then right here it's going to say The URL just put the YouTube url right There and it's going to change it bam That's it okay so this is the trailer Now the next thing we want to add is Pretty much this image right here this Image is where it can people actually Watch the movie so for this one you want To go to website that's cool like Cmovies. so and be be aware there's Plenty of advertisements on this on this Page so if you're going to go through That just just be aware of that please And you want to find the movie right There you can see there are all the top Performing movies right here and this is A third love and thunder and then this Is where you can watch that now again There's plenty of advertisements now What you want to do again add again Advertisement you want to take a Screenshot of the of the player and make Sure that there's like some power of the Movie okay like throw right here some Captions and 31 minutes and then you Want to pretty much just upload it and We have the image right here and now What you want to do is want to click on

The image on the system I O and you just Want to upload it right here so I'm just Going to delete this one then you want To download this one and upload it to System AIO just like this and it's going To be there and I'm going to be going to Insert and Bam now we have it right here So now the page is customized to the Thor love and thunder but we need the Last and most important parts you want To copy the URL of the C movies copy That then go back to CPA grip and and go To the general and this is where you Want to put your locked URL so we are Going to lock where people can actually Watch the movie so we are essentially Liking the movie so if people want to Watch that they need to go through the Content Locker so this is what we want To do and then the right here you want To write complete the capture below to Continue and you want to add the name of The movie Thor loud and thunder just Like this so complete the captcha so it Actually is congruent so complete the Captcha to go to the continue to load The Thor loud and thunder and that's Pretty much it and then you just want to Click right here on the sale now just Click on the get links part right here And you just want to copy this link Right here so just copy that go back to System audio and then right here this Part right here click here to watch a

Full movie which is right here click on That highlight the entire part click on The link right here and you just want to Change the link just paste it right here And then you want to click on this Little icon right here so it's going to Save it and then that's pretty much it Now click on Save changes and now you Can pretty much exit the editor and you Can view the page right here and Bam This is going to be the page so third Love and thunder then this is the image Then this is the view part so they can See the proof they click right here they Are going to go through this part to Complete the capture below to continue To third love and thunder they can click On here they can complete the offer we Get paid and they can watch the movie Because they are going to be redirected To this part right here where is it and Where they can actually watch the movie Now what I want to show you is actually The traffic source to use and also the Movie to actually use to make five to Ten thousand dollars online by doing This method if you're going to do it Just the way I'm going I pretty much Just the way I showed you now first of All the movie you want to use is pretty Much black panther wakanda forever so This is like the movie you can use it's It's going to be popular I'm telling you Just just go for it use the same exact

Way that I showed you and pretty much The traffic stores you want to go to Just go to Google and search for AV Forums.com forums then the first result You want to go to this page okay it's Like a very huge firm page but the thing Is all all these movies are from Marvel And you can see they hear like a movies Slash TV shows and music forums but they Have a specific one dedicated to Marvel So now all I really have to do is just Create an account at AV forums add your Link to the signature of your post and Then just post couple of times edit this Forum and because there's a lot of People that are going to be watching This movie they are going to check out Your signature they are going to see the Page that you have created using the the Template that I provided you and because It's going to be looking legit they're Going to complete it and that's how You're going to get paid and that's it Guys that's exactly how I was able to Make 2.2 thousand dollars I use some Other movies back in the day and it blew Up and made me like 2.2 thousand dollars In like three days and then nothing After that so this is the same exact Method if it doesn't make you anything For the next like years it's because It's like a very shorter method that can Make you a lot of money though so let me Know if you like these methods or you

Don't like these Methods at all and That's it thanks for watching and if You'd like to see another Quick Cash Method to make over 600 this week then Check out Disney you're right here I'm Going to show you another method on how To make some quick cash this week click Here and I'm gonna see you there bye for Now

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