NEW Hack Earns $8,000 Daily With Chat GPT (LEVERAGE AI TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE)

If you think this is risky and you're Not sure if you should try this or Something else to make money online I Can tell you right now that this method Can help you make eight thousand dollars A day with a chat GPT hack that's new That you want to use to leverage AI to Help you make money online and so what Is this well we can utilize chat GPT and AI obviously artificial intelligence but The most important thing here is that We're talking about leverage so Basically normally with a job you work For 10 hours you get paid for 10 hours When you leverage Ai and leverage points You work for 10 hours and you get paid For 20 hours and then 30 hours and then 40 hours and then you get paid next Month and you get paid the month after That and the week after the month after That and the month after that and so on And so forth right so that's leverage Doing work once and getting paid many Times over Now or doing work and getting paid Disproportionately for the amount of Work you do like doing 10 hours of work And getting paid for 40 hours of work so How we do that well let me show you What's possible first this is our stripe Account we have multiple payment Processors but this is a payment Processor it's how we collect payments Right so you can see the past four weeks

Is 226 000 how did I get to our eight Thousand dollars right here I grabbed a Calculator I divided out 226 000. I Divided that by four weeks which is as You can see right here eight thousand Seventy one dollars per day and stick With me I'm going to show you some more Things along the way that help you Understand how you can do this and why You should do this so what is this well This is basically just a system that we Use to make money online right now so we Making that money you solve is what We're making it doesn't even include PayPal and eight thousand dollars a day I'm not saying that to brag right I'm Saying that because I want you to Understand that it's possible and you Don't have to earn eight thousand Dollars a day because because if eight Thousand dollars a day feels impossible That's fine you can earn 500 a day right Because 500 a day is what like fifteen Thousand dollars a month right that Would be massive for a lot of people I'm just showing you what you can earn Up to and you can earn more than this Because we'll you know if you come back In six months and watch the video I'll Be showing like sixteen thousand dollars A day right so first if you'll hit yes In the comments right now if you want More like this that helps you on YouTube It helps me to understand that we're

Giving you the right stuff and then I'm Giving you content that you want Obviously I don't want to give you Videos that you don't want so hit me a Yes in the comments right now or if you Want to see something else tell me that In the comments so how do we start with This well the first thing we need to do Is get some tool Bots and we can head Over to and get a free Checklist what we're going to do is just Pop in our email address at hit grab now and then Go here and get the list of tools now There's two things on this sheet one is There's a lot of companies here and These companies are going to pay you to Promote their products when someone buys Second thing is on the yellow bar here Is the free Facebook group this is a Group of people who are already Successful people who are already Working online as well as new people That are asking questions and you should Go join the Facebook group Just say that you're new and you can ask Questions and people will help you along The way there's well over 50 000 people In the group and there's posts every Single day of people being successful And honestly it's just a great place to Be because you're around like-minded People and you get to see the Encouragement of you know it's actually

Working for people every single day People posting there so if we want to Take a tool and I'm just going to pick a Tool so I've showed different tools here But one of the tools that I'm going to Show today is a lesser-known tool Pick 3 So a lot of times I show Jasper or other Tools and so pick 3 we actually have a Fairly new account on that we haven't Promoted which would look a lot like What your account would look like when You first sign up so when you go to any One of these tools down at the bottom of Course is an affiliate partner program Link usually at the bottom somewhere When you go there you can sign up for a Link to obviously different ones vary But they'll give you instructions on how To sign up for the link so I've already Signed up for Pick 3 Let's log in So we can see here that we have 308 Dollars of earnings 15 customers you Know and some clicks and referrals right So when you sign up for a new account This has some money on it obviously but When you sign up for a new account Everything will be zeroed but you can See I don't even think it has um no it Has a pending payout now so four days Ago right for 295 dollars so a fairly New account and basically we can deploy This method we're going to need this Link down here we'll talk about that in A little bit we don't need it yet we are

Actually going to take a couple of steps First so what steps are we going to take Well we have our tool that we're going To promote and obviously the great thing About this is you're going to promote More than one tool you're going to do One and you're going to set it up and You're going to go back and do the next One and the next one next one and next One right so that's Again part of the Leverage but the next thing we do to do Is leverage video so videos right now Specifically short form video I mean all Video is there but if you look and you Go somewhere like I went to YouTube and I search for make money online and you Can see these videos like so they are The vertical videos and you can even do A filter and pick up videos for under Four minutes because short form are Usually like 60 seconds and we see even More of them right and so for example Here's one's got 1.1 million views two Point six thousand seven point eight Thousand Thirty One Thousand Etc So short form content is obviously very Popular think Tick Tock think Facebook Reels think YouTube shorts think Instagram reels these are all vertical Things that are less than 60 seconds That people get in and they consume some Content and then they get out Well what you want to do is put your Link in there so somewhere in the video

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You can even just search for example for Videos that of what you're doing right So we're promoting Victory so we can do Pick 3 And then we can look for videos under Four minutes and here we'll have videos Under four minutes and you just go and You find a video and you replicate it Don't copy it and don't download it and Upload it we're not plagiarizing people Or stealing their work we are getting This as inspiration ideas and then you Create The actual video itself now if you don't Know how to do that I have a video and Fact just yesterday on chat GPT how to Use chat gbt to help you replicate the Video but I can't cover everything in All the videos in fact if you go to there's you can get In here there's live classes that we Have every Tuesday and Thursday that are An hour long and the 45 minute class and Then 15 minutes of questions and stuff Like that so If you get in the live classes then you Can see what we're actually doing and Explain everything and break it down Step by step But back to what we're talking about Here so we need to leverage the video so We've created our short form video and In it is a link so we say hey Pick 3 is This amazing tool right just using the

Same ideas of whatever's there that's Working find a video that has a bunch of Views and say a similar thing to what They're saying don't rip them off but You know say a similar idea in your own Words and again video yesterday how chat GPT can help you with that now we need To pick a title title is the most Important factor For content in general that affects of The things that you can control right That affects what's going to happen Right so when somebody comes in here and They look at the titles of the videos That has a huge impact of course there Are other elements but titles are Important so now we can go over here to This tool right here that we're looking At in the first place which is bot Unlocker so Chat gbt is often busy in fact on the Live classes just yesterday it was I Wasn't even able to get in when I was Teaching the live class And I couldn't show it so there's this Tool here bot unlocker which is Jasper And as you can see up Here it connects to chat GPT via the API So you get the same stuff so it's a way To work around to use chat gbt even when It's overloaded so if we go here and we Say like this And we offer it to give us three High Converting titles for an AI video

Creation tool called Jasper Etc we can See stuff like this so Revolution Revolutionize your video Creation with Jasper create incredible videos with Jasper AI technology and unlock the Whole new world of video Creation with Jasper AI so now we can use one of these Videos that it has given us or run these Titles rather in our video so when we go To title our video we can use that as The title of the video and that will Help people to see a high converting Title that they want to see and then Click on the video and watch the video So when they watch the video you're Going to be telling them right and see Here's all of our titles right here for These for the short videos When they watch the video you're going To say isn't Jasper amazing here's the Link now the link does not link to here Like you might be thinking we're going To get there but we have to do a little Bit of a process because again this is About leverage we could link directly to That title make a few sales and call Today if you want to do that that's fine But that's extra work and the reason why It's extra work is because you're going To have to work harder and make more Videos and constantly be doing stuff in Order to get the same amount of money Because someone goes to that page like If someone goes here for example and

They go here at our link let's just open It up when they go here they can get Started with a free trial and then they Sign up you get paid or they don't do Anything and they just leave right so You get a few sales you get a bunch of People that leave if you get them to a Landing page and capture their email Address then you can send them emails Over and over and over again because Most people don't buy till they see it Seven times anyways and they might see It time number three seeing Pick 3 on Your videos and number four number five And number six and then they might see Somebody else's video that gets time Number seven and that's when they go by And then you lost you did all the work To get them there and then you lost the Sale You want to be in front of them all Seven times and when you're done and They buy Pick 3 you want to go back to The scary toolbots checklist and then Offer them Surfer and Jasper and word AI Right and counterforge and go over here And offer them yellow brick road right So you want to offer them everything you Want to sell to them all year long That's back to leverage with AI we want To do work today and get paid all year Long for it by building a system and Leveraging AI instead of just hoping for The best or sending them over one time

Or working like a job where we do our Hours we get paid and then we have to do Some more hours to get paid so what does That look like well if we go here to This is our CRM it's called system you Can use any CRM this is the one we teach In the classes has a free version and It's really great because it will Capture the lead the lead is their email Address from from someone and then send Them a bunch of emails and sell them Stuff and when you're done selling them One thing you know you can automatically Have it go to the next thing so let me Review that for a second because I'm Sure I've lost a couple of people here So we want to capture their email Address and the reason we want to do That is so we can send them emails over And over and over again to buy this Product and then to buy the next product Rather than them having to click the Link in the video and be done chat gbt Is going to help us make the title for The video that gets them there and we're Going to create the video by just you Know replicating in our own words Another video that's already working and The link that we're ultimately working With is the link so pick 3 the tool that We got from scary toolbots So what is capturing the email if we go That back forward How do we capture the email it's called

A landing page I'm sure a lot of people Know that some people don't this is a Landing page short is a Landing page the point of this page is To offer you some information and then Have you to put in your email address And you can go here and actually get in The live classes but once you do that Then you can hit go and now here's Another free training that's right here That you can do right so you can do that And then you can send them emails so now We start sending them this email which Happens immediately you can see the Delay is zero minutes as soon as they Put in their email address they get an Email about why they should buy and then The next day another and the next day Another the next day another another and Then as soon as those are done you can Have it jump over here and bounce into The next campaign so we can go in here And then we can go in here right and so Here's another campaign that has a bunch Of emails in it we're selling them stuff And so I'm still building out this Account that's why there's only 11 Emails in here obviously you want to Build it so Ultimately you know if you spend all of 2023 building this and just work on it a Little each day by the time 2024 comes You have a whole Year's worth of emails Built up and so any of these leads

You're getting in 2024 like you just Have to get the the person to enter Their email address and the system sells Them stuff all year long now Obviously I just said if you spend all 2023 building this and it doesn't take Massive amounts of time to build it you Just work on it a little each day work On it once a week and you know do a Bunch of emails at once once a week and Set it all up you can't get to eight Thousand dollars tomorrow you're not Even gonna get to eight thousand dollars A day next month you know you could get To eight thousand dollars a month you Know in a few months or maybe faster if You have a lot of time to devote to this It depends on how much time you put in It it's work right it's not showing up At a job working 40 hours a week and Then getting paid for that 40 hours and Leaving that's not what it is what it is Is showing up doing work now and then Getting paid later for that work and Then getting paid next month for that Work and then getting paid next month For that work and then you paid next Quarter for that work and then next year For that work and then the year after That for that work I mean you can do Work today and still be getting paid for This work that you've done in 2025 2026 Etc how many jobs have you had that Three years later they're still paying

You for the work that you did today I've had zero actual job jobs because I've had jobs right I worked for ATT I've worked for grocery stores I've Worked construction company and putting On roofs and all that jazz they all pay And when you're done none of those Places pay me anymore right but this Does and I've been at this since 2011 Which is why I'm still at this because I Still get paid for stuff I've done years Ago so what does that really mean for You well you keep offering them the Email Sending them the email offering them the Deal and that's how you start to Leverage up to get from you know make Your first dollar to then 100 to 500 to A thousand to ten thousand to twenty Thousand and so on so if you wanna Continue to push like I'm at this seven Days a week basically all day you know I Have kids and a wife and when I'm not With them I'm at work simple seven days A week So if you want to push hard you can get Here if you want to quit early you can You know imagine if you only got to Twenty thousand dollars a month right so I'm talking about eight thousand dollars A day which is 200 000 a month what if You quit at twenty thousand dollars a Month imagine what that would be like You know some months down the road just

Stop for a minute and a month comes in And you have twenty thousand dollars More than you have today What would that mean for you would you Quit your job Would you buy a new car would you make a Down payment on a house would you go on Vacation would you go to another country Maybe you would you know just get a Second home or a cabin somewhere I don't Know what would it be like for you Imagine right now I can't imagine anybody out there saying Wow this would be really painful you Know if I had an extra twenty thousand Dollars because I don't even know what Pain point that would be I guess there Is a point where you make so much money That you don't have time to spend it but Um I think if you have that problem That's a good problem to have right so I Actually have no time to spend money Because I spend all the time working or With my family right but that's a good Thing spending time with family so Here's the deal You got to take action you're not going To get there by just watching this video I mean this video is important right But if you just now go on about your day And you do nothing You're going to get the same thing Tomorrow right whatever you got today You're going to get tomorrow if you like

What you got today that's great if you Don't like everything you got today then You have to change something and the Thing that you need to change is start By just joining the free Facebook group Go to enter your email Address get right here the yellow bar And join the free Facebook group we let People in every day just join Um it might take a few hours before you Get accepted but uh just join and take Step one so that's step one step two is You post in the Facebook group hey I'm New here or ask a question or say how do I get started or whatever right so That's step two is post in the Facebook Group and even if you don't post in the Facebook book group just join it and Read and see what other people are Saying because You're gonna get there anyways and you Want to be among like-minded people who Are being successful and taking action So that's step one step two if you want To accelerate it is to go to short form Riches Which is just and Enter your email address and then come Over here and take the next free Training that's here and then if you Want to get in the paid classes which Are the live classes the price is Actually going up so I like to pay less You can see here you've got about eight

Hours left it depends on when you watch This video how much time you'll have but At any rate and so then the price goes Up right and then the timer resets once The price goes up so you have the next Timer is the next price reset and by Price reset I mean goes up so we Constantly raise the price because we Want to we're constantly adding more Value the live classes are every week Tuesdays and Thursdays but Um the price also goes up because it Helps people to realize that they can Get in now for a cheaper price like it's On sale right now it's cheaper than it's Going to be later so I like to grab the Sale and get the same deal because you Get the exact same stuff either way if You pay the higher price at the lower Price do what you want I like to pay Lower prices when I'm going to buy Something if I get the same thing and You do so is the Live classes if you want to get in there And expedite the process and learn in a Live way twice a week and of course There's replays if you can't make the Live classes but you can make ask Questions and all that sort of stuff too So that is your path forward to making Eight thousand dollars a day or twenty Thousand dollars a month whatever you Want to make wherever you want to quit is step one and is step two and Until then I will see you in the Facebook group and then if you join the Live classes I will see you in the live Classes when you join there and happy Money making

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