New Record For Our Dropshipping Challenge Store

Ladies and gentlemen I got some updates We have reached a new record on our Chachi BT plus Shopify Drop Shipping Store and I want to give you some Takeaways that we're learning along the Way that's the goal of this series Really it's just to continuously drop Some nuggets that we're applying to the Business so that you can do the same With yours so as you see on my screen The numbers are becoming more and more Impressive every single week and I'm Really happy to announce that yesterday We actually reached a brand new record 1.3 K in sales in a single day now this Is pretty significant right especially Considering that you know before that 30 Days before that we were at zero so this Brand was literally at zero now here's The first thing that we're starting to See that is a positive I'll give you the Positives and the negatives because it's Not all sunshines and rainbows so one Thing is the returning customer rate It's really bad really really bad Actually however since we just started This store 30 days ago I'm happy to see That it's above zero so we've had people Actually order again which is a really Good sign that people are starting to Recognize the brand even though it's Literally just like a single order still I'm very happy about it now the second Thing is which is basically tied in with

The returning customer right is we've Added a second product now so now we're Not just entirely relying on a single Product we're developing the store as a Sort of Lifestyle brand and the reason Why is because on some of my case study Videos that I've made I've shown you Brands that are basically General Niche Stores that have actually gotten Investors involved and raced over 70 Million dollars for example so I realize It's actually probably easier for us to Just continue to test more products and Build an army of incredible products Within a niche than it is to just try to Maximize this one single product and Make it as profitable as possible I'm Not saying that's a bad idea in any way I actually think that's a great idea Right if you can just focus on one Product you're probably going to be able To improve it make better creatives Etc But I'm trying to build this business as Seamlessly as possible without having to Just pump out an insane amount of Creatives all the time even though I Know that's a big key in media buying I Still think we can push a million Dollars for example this year if we just Build let's say an army of five to ten Products that are all winners that are All making 1K a day let's say that would Be 10K a day and I think that would Actually be a really convenient way to

Be more profitable because then we can Get more returning customers right so That's kind of how I'm thinking through This and I believe that's what investors Are looking for so whenever I look at Crunchbase which is one of the softwares That we use for intelligence I usually Provide a lot of that data on a chemi Lab which is our Mastermind you can Check that out in the description but I Also show you guys whenever I do case Studies the crunch-based data and that's A 500 a year software by the way and you Guys are getting that effort free Through my content so make sure you Subscribe to the channel but it's really Interesting to see just how much money These brands are able to raise and Typically the ones that are able to Raise the most money are ones that have A lot of products it's actually not one Product stores as you would think it's Ones that have a significant amount of Products and I believe it's because it Does diversify the risk right I mean it Allows you to sell multiple different Products to happen to multiple different Segments of people and create a cycle of Returning customers so that's something I'm thinking about deeper that you know Let's say two three years ago I had no Idea about so I'm so grateful that I Have this channel to continuously stay On top of you know investor news also

E-commerce news and all these different Things it really allows me to get a 360 View of the whole entrepreneurship Landscape now another thing is what I Mentioned in a video recently about Shopify which is launching a new channel Right right so we're still going to be Focusing all in on meta to be honest but I do want to start tapping into a few Other channels that are not going to Require a ton of time and the next one That I want to tap into mainly for Curiosity's sake and for research Purposes is Pinterest I think Pinterest Is still extremely untapped and there's A lot of consumer Demand on Pinterest so I really want to tap into it I want to Test it out use some of our creatives From meta and see what we can pull off On Pinterest with let's say a hundred Dollars a day in budget maybe 50 a day To start unfortunately my Pinterest Account is currently on lock because of Security reasons so I'm getting that Unbanned but we already have the Pinterest tag installed on the store so We've actually been collecting some data On Pinterest that we can then use on Pinterest it's going to be pretty cool And obviously I'll be making some Tutorials around Pinterest once we Actually get the hang of it when it Comes to meta I've made many tutorials About it and I always Link in my videos

In the descriptions one of my best meta Tutorials and it's exactly how we've Launched ads for this business so don't Over complicate it don't overthink it Just you know start your business we Have a Shopify brand Builder kid at Academy lab now so that makes it even Easier for you to start your business or It at least lays down a path for twenty Dollars it's only 20 bucks that you can Use to build your business The Mastermind is more expensive it's a lot More exclusive it's for people who Really want that environment that Closed-knit environment where it's kind Of like a mentorship group and it also Comes with our course and we're doing a Call in the Discord in like a couple Hours so a lot of value and we're all Learning together it's really cool so I Definitely advise you guys to join that But the last lesson really here is to Use a third party fulfillment software I Mean this has allowed us to actually not Have any customer service issues so far And I would recommend either Zen drop or CJ Drop Shipping we're using CJ Drop Shipping currently it's just been a Little bit easier to use so far and a Little bit more affordable herbal so it Allows us to get higher margins and we Can continue to scale but as you see They have really good delivery times All Things Considered and you know you can

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Find really well branded products as Well that with good packaging and things Of that nature and there's just so many Different products on here that you Could sell and yeah they also have a lot Of customizable options so you can add Custom boxes custom stickers things of That nature we're not really doing that Yet honestly we're just trying to find Like a massive winning product still Because even though we're we've made Good progress right I want to find a Product that we're spending 100 bucks a Day on that makes a thousand dollars a Day right like a 10 row s products I Don't think it's impossible by any means We just gotta test right that's really What this is all about it's continuously Testing while still making sure that Your business is good right so that's What I mean like the logistics and the Back end have to be unlocked otherwise Your business is going to come at a halt And it's Gonna Catch You by surprise Trust me that's happened to me before But you gotta learn from your mistakes Right so now I believe it's almost a Requirement to make sure that your Business has good fulfillment before you Start scaling before you even get to 1K A day to be honest with you that's Really about it for this update I'll be Continuously updating you on this Challenge maybe every week I'll also be

Doing some more spy videos on some ads Because I do have some pretty Interesting plans with that and that's Kind of how we found these products that We're selling currently and that's about It hopefully you enjoyed this make sure You check out some of this stuff in the Description and I'll see you in the next Video peace

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