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And actually the last payment that I Received from this hold down let me Check it out it's actually right here You can see I was sent to stripe the Deposited and the amount is 835 dollars That I received what's going on guys in Today's video I'm going to show you a Crazy AI method to make money by using Completely free brand new AI tool that's Even better than the chat GPT it's Completely free most people don't even Know about it because pretty much Charity got all the fame that this deal Got the best out of chat GPT it's even Better but just doesn't have as good Promotion as Chad GPT so if you're going To use this you can make like 800 just Like I made myself or you can make even More money because I was literally just Testing out this method now as usual I'm Going to show you the entire Step-by-step tutorial on what is this Tool how to use it and couple of ways to Make money by using it but most people Are actually using it wrong it doesn't Work if you use it without a special Hack I'm gonna show you again in the Middle of the video just please do not Skip ahead because if you're going to Miss out on this hack it's not going to Get you you any results ready for that Don't forget please like the video Subscribe to the channel hit Notification Bell comment down below

Something for the YouTube AI algorithm And let's get started with the Step-by-step tutorial okay guys you can See this is the amount that I received 835 dollars and I need a 65 cents into My stripe account which then was sent to My bank account and today I'm going to Show you exact way on how you can make This amount of money yourself but Preferably and hopefully for everybody Watching this video even more money than This now first of all what you want to Do is just go to Google and you want to Search for a ride Sonic okay go to write Sonic and just sign up for the first Account right here this is how it looks Like and it's pretty much says best AI Writer for creating but that's the Problem because it's not just AI writer There's actually a couple of tools in Selfies that they are not even Advertising on the main page okay they Say this is AI writer it's much more Than that so what you want to do is Again go to this website it's perfect AI Writer but also it's much more than that Just sign up for a free account because On the right here start writing for free No credit card required and sign up for A free account when you're going to do That this is how your account is going To kind of like look like now this is The free account version and quick hack You can create multiple of them and

Pretty much use it for a long time Completely for free but what I recommend Is once you make money using these free Accounts pay for it go for it and you're More likely to make more money because If you are really looking just for the Free solutions they are not the best Actually okay they are not the best but If you're going to go with a free one Because you're going to receive 2.5 000 words and this is more than enough To make your money so you can pay for it And use it long term now pretty much These are all the features instead of The right Sonic but we are just going to Be using a new one that's right here Called chat Sonic and this is pretty Much like chat GPT but on the right Sonic so it's their version of chat GPT But the thing is the difference between This one and chat gbt is chat gbt is Using not up-to-date information they Are using information for like 2021 2022 Or something like that this is up today This is the best version of it that's Going to give you new information and it Pretty much has a lot more cool things Like you can actually just write factual Content then create digital artwork so You can create articles it can create Like images also you can give it like Voice commands so if you just connect Your microphone and you select this Option you can literally talk to it and

It's going to do whatever you're going To tell it to you and also you can use It to write ads okay so all of those High quality AI writing tools all in one Now pretty much also you can select the Personality so it's going to be like General AI or English translator Interviewer travel guide stand up Comedian and stuff like that and pretty Much you can see that three generation Left this month is 25 for a brand new Account so 25 is more than enough if You're going to use it the proper way so What I'm going to put here is just an Example for example uh please write me Top five ways to earn the money online Uh using AI tools okay now I always Write like please and thank you to these AI tools which might be weird but that's Pretty much how I'm using English so Yeah I always do that and it's going to Pretty much write you these tools Literally in front of your eyes now it's Going to happen very fast so that's it And pretty much now the problem with This is what most people just do and This also works but pretty much Everybody has been doing it for a long Time so it doesn't work anymore if they Just copy and paste this exact thing That is right here what you want to do You also want to include please write me 200 word paragraph for each of them so It's going to put even more content for

Each of these categories okay so you can See create a chat bot and Bam now it's Going to create it longer okay so it's Much longer than this then the second One offer AI consultancy Services bam It's going to create it longer so again And again and again and it's going to Create it so it's like much bigger much Longer article with more information That we can use now when this is going To be finished I'm going to something That's going to show that I'm going to Show you something that's going to blow Your mind I'm stumbling or my tongue Because I've been I've been talking too Much today but you can see now it's Finished bam this is going to be the Article now just an example I'm going to Use the first paragraph because we are Going to be using this entire article But the problem with this article as it Is right now is like zero but also some So what you want to do I want to show You this right here is when you go to Google and you search for AI article Tester this is like a tester that's Going to determine if the article that's Been generating pretty much like Millions of articles in the past couple Of months using AI are like real or they Are generated by AI I'm just going to Put it right here and click on analyze Text you can see this is like zero Percent human generated content that

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Means this entire article is most likely Not going to be like quality for any Kind of purpose other than just to read It okay it's not going to get you Traffic you are not going to be able to Sell it you are not going to be able to Like get sales clicks traffic with this Only good this article is going to be Good for is like some fluff content but What do you want to do and I'll show it To you right here you just want to go to This website that's called quill bot Quill bot it's completely free and go to The first tool that's right on the left Hand side section called paraphraser and Just put it right there and the free Version has like some limitations but uh You can just get around with them by Using it multiple times and click on Paraphrase and what this is going to do Is going to completely paraphrase this Article as if a human was writing Actually okay so now that it's done I'm Just going to copy it right here just Copy that and this is the part that's Going to uh blow your mind okay now I'm Going to put it back into AI content Detector I'm going to analyze it and Bam Now it's 88 human generated content so You can see this is zero and just by Using the quill bot it went to 88 So yeah I think it's safe to say just Use the AI writing tool then put them Into like quilba to paraphrase them this

Is actually completely free and you're Going to get high quality article now Actually like this you can actually sell It you can use it to get traffic rank It Whatever get traffic clicks visitors It's actually going to work now the next Step what you want to do for this Specific method you want to go to Warrior plus go to affiliate go to Offers and you want to pick up an offer That's pretty much about chat GPT or AI Because there's plenty of them right Here you're not going to find them Anywhere else ClickBank doesn't have Them yet digital doesn't have them but Warrior plus has plenty of them you can See them right here AI smart news then GPT Blaster a high body this is Chad GPT Powered app so this one right here I'm Just going to check it out I'm just Going to check it out view the sales Page you're going to see this is pretty Much words first chatgibility part Google killer app creates high quality Content okay okay now as usual when I'm Promoting products from Radio plus they Are mostly to make money online category In this case they don't need to be we Are using the AI angle so this is going To be product we are going to be using Okay so it's called AI body so request Approval and pretty much you want to Write here hey I'm brand new affiliate And allowed to promote your product I

Have been sent by Eric from Inca into Money thank you and click on the request Offer and depending on the status of Your account you're going to get your Affiliate link or not or you need to Wait for the approval for this case of Me yes I will get the feeling right away So this is going to be my toilet link Okay so I'm copy and paste it later on And the next thing what you want to do You want to please just make sure Whenever you're going to generate the Article using the right Sonic or chat GPD I recommend right Sonic because it's Going to give you more updated data in The article chat GPD gives you older Data you are going to run it through a Quill bot and then check it out if it's Like human generated and then use it Because this will actually get your Result now the next thing what you want To do is you just want to go to Medium.com and click on the right right Here and there's a special hack to use With this exact money making strategy Now for a second video I'm just going to Copy and paste it as it is because I Don't want to basically your time so Please write me top five ways using Online tools so top 5 ways to earn money Online Using AI tools uh For beginners for example and then I'm

Just going to again you want to go with Like the article that you have created Right here in the writer and pretty much Put it right there so Method number one just like this then Put it right there and then you go with Like the number two number three number Four and number five okay so I'm just Going to copy and paste it there because This is not important scrap it paste it There make it look good but this is Actually the hack make money with this AI angle the call to action is going to Be this entire article has been Generated by AI tools see here how to do This yourself and earn money online Using new way of AI technology now this Type of call to action is pretty much Just confirming that the person watching This article right now is that the Method actually works for example Because whenever somebody actually sees This article because it's going to be Traffic from medium or Google search Because you actually spun this article Using the quill bot the person will Already think this be like okay method Number one and then this entire article Has been generated by AI tools see here How to release yourself and your money Online is a new way of AI technology They're like okay like this method has Actually been used on me and they're Like okay I want want to see how the

Person done it so that's where you're Going to actually add your affiliate Link okay so highlight this part add Your refer the link to that and hit Enter and this is actually something That you can put on medium you can put It in other social media uh Facebook Groups you can put it on PDF Apple to PDF sharing websites but it's about Creating the article using chat GPT Whatever it is about even like weight Loss even like I don't know uh Relationships stuff like that add your Affiliate links for those products but Also add this affiliate link or the call To action this entire article has been Generated by AI tools see here how to Use yourself and earn money online using New way of AI technology because when People are going to see this article They're like oh that's really high Quality AI has done that and people are Making money by doing this I want to try It out them myself and they are going to Click there they will come to the page That's about AI tool not just making Money but like the AI tool they are Going to go through that they're going To pick it up and that's how you're Going to make money with this map just Make sure you're going to use right Sonic use their chat Sonic tool which is Really high quality then whatever it's Going to tell you for example like these

Five methods to make money online ask it To write even more paragraphs for each Of them then run these paragraphs Through quill bot so instead of getting Like a zero percent human generated Content you're going to receive like 88 Human generated content and then put Them into different websites for example Like medium ethical to action editor for The links and you are good to go and That's it I hope you enjoyed this method Now please let me know what you think About that who will buy paraphrasing Strategy I'm really really excited to See your results with that but other Than that for next video click right Here I'm gonna see you there bye for now

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