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In the past pretty much seven days I've Been testing this method and I received 305 clicks all free by the way I got 58 People referred to this I made 894 Dollars now all the rewards and Everything 894 dollars because there was no rewards Extract so this is exactly how much made Now paid rewards is zero dollars because It actually takes some time it's like a Week or two to actually process this and Get this paid out but pretty much I made Close to 900 and all this took me was Like two to three hours of doing the Method which I'm gonna show you in the Next few minutes what's going on guys in Today's video I'm going to show you a no Investment a zero cost method you can Make over two thousand dollars per week Even if you have no skills no experience And you are just getting started I'm Gonna show you this crazy way of Actually referring people to this Affiliate program which is completely Free and it's going to be paying you Every single month now step number one What you need to do is you need to go to okay because this is actually How you are going to receive the money This is the only way to receive money From the website which I'm going to show You now don't worry stripe is completely Free it's like PayPal it's actually made To process the payments but for some

Reason they are actually using it to Withdraw the money I don't know how it Works but yeah it works like that now Pretty much just click on sign in or Click on start now right here and you Are going to be taken to this page now Pretty much all you got to do is just Create your stripe account by entering Your email entering your full name Entering your country entering your Password click this so they are going to See that you are a real real person and Click on create your account now then They might ask you for some verification You don't have to actually do it you are Going to have your email address and When you are going to be withdrawing Money from the website you just put in Your email address you are going to Receive the money and then they are Going to ask you for some very very Basic basic verification and that's the Only thing you need to filled out to Actually get access to your money Because if you're going to create your Account you need to enter a lot of Details that's the thing where I don't Don't really like strive for for Beginners because they need a lot of Details but if you're going to just be To withdraw the money they will ask you For some basic information you will get Access to your money and everything is Good to go next thing you want to go to

This website which is called ad and pretty much this is an AI intelligence powered ad and social Creatives websites where you can pretty Much go to and you can create like your Brand size text and image advertisements So you just input your brand you input Your image and it's going to pretty much Create all the advertisements in Different sizes verticals and stuff like That something like this with just few Pushover buttons now pretty much because AI is going like really really crazy Lately you can actually make a lot of Money by using this website but also by Just simply promoting this website Because I just want to show you Something very fast this is the website That I was actually promoting which made Me eight hundred dollars close to 900 so Far all you have to do is just go to the Affiliates right here and you're going To see become a partner of AD create you And start earning rewards become a Partner right here and if you're going To scroll down you're going to see all These earnings you're going to be Getting okay now I told you at the Beginning I haven't received any bonus So far are but pretty much for just 10 Paid signups you will receive 747 Dollars per month every single month you Are going to receive this money then for 100 paid signups you will receive 7400 4

000 paid sign ups 74 000 per month and For 5 000 bytes and paid signups is 373 000 per month also if you're going to Get more than 100 you are getting these Bonuses so a thousand dollar bonus ten Thousand dollar bonus and twenty five Thousand dollar bonus now these are all Just one-time bonuses okay now this is What we are actually going to be doing So you want to click on become a button Right here but also you are going to be Taking to a new website because they Don't have their own affiliate program And this website is called so you'll come to this Website and you shouldn't just want to Create your account because this is the Affiliate like Network they are using to Create the affiliate program track the Sales and also pay out all the Affiliates and this is pretty much Exactly where I was able to get 305 Clicks 58 referred now this is how many Feedback actually like sign up for an Account but they didn't actually create A paid account and then the customer Revenue is 894 dollars now it takes some Time to actually receive the money Because you don't get it instantly you Get it I believe after like 7 or 14 days Of them staying with them so they know People are not just hitting and running And you are not just creating cash out Of thin air but pretty much this is how

It's going to look like okay now I've Been promoting it with different ways as Well I don't want to leak them out so I'm just going to switch to my dummy Account that I use just for my videos so Hold on a second and let me just go to My program right here it should be right Here at create you AI okay and pretty Much this is what you want to do right Now because what most people think is That these programs like they are so Generic why would anybody buy them they Don't have the promotional strategy I Want to show you something very unique In this video that's going to make make Promoting this program very easy and Also the traffic strategy that I used Personally and I also used to sell High Ticket programs without any problems Okay so let's just do that first of all You don't want to be promoting the Default add creative page because if you Go to the links you're going to see that They have actually like a free trial if I copy that I'm going to visit it this Is the free trial if I'm going to visit It hold on a second again because we are On a video it's taking too long this is Where you are sending people okay and It's like I get why people are not able To promote this okay these are all the Payment structures because it's very Generic okay it's hard to find people Who just want to get like AI tool for ad

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Creatives but if you're going to click Right here on the get 500 free Google Ads credit you will come across this Page not this one that's like a malware I'm not able to get rid of for some Reason you will come to this page and This is where people actually can get 500 for Google ads credits when they are Going to sign up to add creative and if There's like a way to find to sell send People here with your affiliate link and They sign up just to get a credit you Are going to get paid and there is a way And I will show it right now you just Want to copy link to this page just copy That go back to Partners tag click on The links section and this is a very Underused option but it's super powerful Create a custom link and then want to Make sure call it something like 500 Voucher link Incognito this is just for Your reference then description you can Just put there like a 500 voucher Landing page and then customize the link You pretty much want to make sure that This is the customization you cannot Change the domain because you can only Promote a program with their own domain And their own links but any link that You're going to find but just don't use The default one because it's like so Wait so link customization I'm going to Put their 500 voucher sign up sign up Just like this and then set up link

Destination that's where you actually Put the link for the for the 500 Tutorial and you click on create a link And then link created successfully click On dismiss and now we have the link Right here I'm going to copy that and This is my affiliate link and these are Just some of the links I've been testing Out as well you can see the traffic I've Been getting to these all of them M are The same links as well by the way if I Go to this link you're going to see that It's going to actually land on this page And this is going to be my affiliate Link which I'm going to be promoting and Now whenever somebody goes to this link And they are going to just like sign up To add creative even just to get a Coupon because they can actually see how To do it right here you are going to get Paid and if they're going to stick with The program you are going to get paid Every single month because the again the Program only pays you after a certain Period but there's a very easy way to Promote this I made over 900 almost 900 In like two to three hours of actually Promoting this and when I was doing this Method with other programs my own high Ticket program I made couple thousand Dollars from this exact traffic source And most people again are not using it This way so I want to show you how to do It right now and also don't worry about

The competition because like 95 of People or like 78 of people already left The video so if you are part of the 2020 To 2020 22 Club comment down below 22 Percent and yeah let's get started with The traffic Source now first of all what You want to do is you want to go to this Website called go to quora and Just sign up for an account okay create Your account and that's pretty much it The next thing you want to search for a Question related to Google ads now there Are two questions related to this one First one is obviously how to do Google Ads second one is something about like Affiliate marketing or making money Online I'm going to go with the Google Ads just search for Google ads just do That and then pretty much you're going To see all the questions right here Results for Google ads and pretty much Which one is effective Facebook ads or Google ads do people really click on Google ads how obviously they do what is The importance of Google ads stuff like This but more importantly you're going To find all these follow things right Here and there's 217 people are Following this question okay now what You want to do you are also going to Find like last fall of the 16 hours ago So this is very very fresh traffic you Want to click on the question just like This then go to these three dots right

Here and you are looking for this view Question log click on that so just click On that and then right here on the right Hand side you're going to see questions That 217 public followers 140 000 views So now pretty much what you can do is Create a question just like this and you See it has over 140 000 views from which Like one percent of one percent if they Are going to sign up that's over a Thousand dollars you can make but also Click on the public followers right here And you're going to find all these People who are interested in learning More something about Google ads and now All you really have to do is just follow Them first so they are going to receive A notification and then without sharing Anyone's details you want to go to their Profile and there is no way to like DM Them or message them just click on ask And you just want to write there hey Name I saw your following question Related to Google ads I just found a way To get a 500 coupon that works right now Would you be interested in learning more About it don't put them the link right Away ask the question first if they are Not interested don't bother these people Because again you are just sending them A message you don't have to be spamming Them just ask the question if they are Interested then you're going to send Them your affiliate link which is

Actually the affiliate link to that Google ads coupon page so they can Actually see the coupon if they are Interested they can just sign up and if They're going to sign up they are going To receive the coupon the one that they You ask them for if they are interested And also you are going to receive a Commission because they sign up to the Software if they don't like it they can Cancel that there's like no hidden fees They are not going to get charged Without them actually knowing about it But this is like a very cool way to get A very targeted traffic you might get Like 20 30 people per per search term Which is not a lot but all of them are Real people interested in what you are Actually selling interested in what you Are recommending and the conversion rate Because you are asking the question First you are not giving them the link Right away it's going to be super super High and that's pretty much exactly how I was able to get this amount of clicks And this amount of people I was just Messaging people for like two to three Hours on quora asking questions and the Thing is most people are are not going To reply to your questions which is Completely okay but those that are going To reply the conversion rate of those Actually clicking on your links and Actually taking action is very high so

Even if you're going to message thousand People you can literally just copy and Paste the message maybe a lot of them Are not going to reply but let's say Just like 200 are going to reply out of Those 200 you can get a lot of paid Signups and you can make a lot of money Because for every single person on Average you are making like 70 dollars Now you can see a lot of them are just Going to sign up and they are not going To pay for the software right away Because if they paid right away I would Make like 3.5 000 but so far I just made 900 but Literally I don't have to do anything at All and the earnings are going to come Into my account and also a lot more People can actually sign up later on and That's it I hope you enjoyed this method Now please let me know what you think About it in the comment section below And for the next highly recommended Method by YouTube algorithm click right Here and tell me it was a good Recommendation or I should switch the Video to something else

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