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What if you desperately want to make Money with affiliate marketing but You’ve got no money to start with you’ve Got no money for paid ads you’ve got no Money to set up a website you’ve got no Money to do anything but you want to Make that first dollar online well I’ve Got you covered because in this video I’m going to show you what you can do so Regardless what your background is and Regardless how many resources you’ve got If you’re ready to make your first Dollar online today you need to watch This video just before we get into it if You want direct help from me with your Affiliate marketing then consider Becoming a channel supporter when you Become a channel supporter and you sign Up as a mega affiliate you’re going to Get access to myself and other Mega Affiliates via weekly live Zoom sessions And a private Facebook group where you Can get help and coaching with your Affiliate marketing so that you can Start growing your affiliate marketing From today all you need to do is click The join button and this video or the First link in the description sign up to Become a channel supporter as a mega Affiliate and we’re looking forward to Welcoming you on the inside that said Let’s look at how you can make your First dollar online okay so right now I’m in my affiliate account and this

Particular account is a click dealer Account all right and if you don’t have Click dealer already no problem there’s A link in the description click that Link and sign up to become a click Dealer affiliate okay now uh what we’re Going to do is we’re going to find some Products that are super easy to promote And products that we can promote without Having to worry about paying for ads Okay now what are the most easy things To promote well we could promote a Product that helps you with your weight Loss and that’s going to cost you you Know 37 bucks or 97 bucks or 220 seven Bucks whatever it’s gonna cost but That’s going to be harder to sell Because someone’s got to put their hand In their pocket pull out their credit Card into their credit card details to Buy that particular product so what can We do well we can look for products that Are going to be very easy to make a Commission so I’m in the browse office Screen of Click dealer at the moment and What I’m going to do is go down to uh Vertical here click this drop down and I’m going to go all the way to the Bottom and I’m going to select vouchers And Lead gen now what are vouchers and Lead gen well they’re basically lead Generation offers right so they’re Basically offers that pay a smaller Commission but they’re paying that

Smaller commission just to get an email Address right so if someone that you Refer enters their email address you’re Going to make a commission right so the Lead is generated for the offer vendor And the commission is generated from you It’s very very simple and in that whole Process the great thing about it is the Customer or the uh sign opera or the Subscriber has not had to put their hand In their pocket once all right so it’s Much easier to make those conversions All right so we’re gonna we’ve selected Lead gen and vouchers and what we’re Going to do is also select a country all Right let’s uh let’s just select the United it states for the moment all Right like that and then I’m going to Apply All right and you see we’ve got a lot of Offers here now Um we’ve got like for example Papa John’s 100 gift card right so you can Actually be promoting a gift card and People go yeah I want to win a gift card Do I want to get a gift card I’m going To put my email address in to do that You get a conversion whenever they do That right now it’s important that when You’re looking at these offers to Promote the ones you want to go for are The ones that say s o i on the end here Now why do you want to go for these ones Because SOI means single opt-in and what

That means is you will get a conversion When someone enters their email address Once if it’s DOI then that means double Opt-in so that means they’ve got to Enter their email address and then They’ve got to confirm that email Address before you get a commission now As we know if you’ve done affiliate Marketing at all or you’ve tried to do Affiliate marketing at all over the Years and you’ve tried to build an email List as soon as you put the double Opt-in process into an email subscribe Situation you’re going to get much less People opting in so ideally what we want To do is only go for those single opt-in Offers even though the commission’s Likely going to be lower we’re going to Make more conversions and the volume is What we want when we’re first getting Started all right so these are all of The lead gen offers pages and pages of These offers right so this this is Endless for you right what I’m going to Do is I’m going to show you an offer That I’m actually approved for just to Give you an idea of what kind of things We can do to make that first dollar Online today all right so Um I’m going to set the status to active Now what that means is Offers that are active for me so offers That I’ve been approved for okay so I’m Going to click apply and and for the US

For the vouchers and Lead gen Um vertical and four offers that are Approved for me I’ve got these ones here Okay so some of these are older than Others right I’ve been approved for some Of these for quite a few years now And probably they may not uh actually be The same kind of Legion as they were When I first got approved for them for Example this gift card Coke versus Pepsi I think I was approved for this like 2019 or 2020 or something like that okay But one of the more recent ones that um I wanted to show you was this one here This is food stamp support us single Opt-in offer right so this is the lead Gen offer that basically talks about Food stamps and applying for a food Stamp program and when people enter Their email address and uh their name to Apply for this food stamp program gram Or to check what what food stamp program Benefits they’re entitled to you get a Conversion and you get a conversion or a Commission of 1.60 now the reason I Wanted to show you this offer is because I wanted to give you an idea of the kind Of offers that you can promote that will Convert very very easily and this is one Of those offers all right so I’m going To talk about promotion in a moment but Let’s first just look at this offer so Because I’m in Japan I can’t show you Through the affiliate link because the

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Affiliate link is going to redirect Somewhere else because I’m not actually In the Target country right so we’re Just going to look at the preview of This all right and this is what it’s Like okay we’ve got food stamp support Average amount claim one thousand Dollars get immediate access to our food Assistance benefits complete the Information below all right so this is Uh to help people find food Stamp Benefits if someone’s looking for this Kind of thing then they’re very likely To sign up because they want to know What is available to them okay so let’s Go back what we want to do is we want to Promote this but we want to promote this In a way that we don’t have to spend Money right remember if you’re starting From scratch and if you’re thinking well You know I need to get started with Affiliate marketing but I don’t have any Money for paid ads what am I going to do Am I stuck unable to do anything is Affiliate marketing going to pass me by Well no what you can do is you can look For offers like this all you need to do Is grab your affiliate link and you do That by getting your link here all right And what we’re going to do is choose a Creative all right so we’re just going To go for the standard one okay which is The landing page you just saw and then What we want to do is select the media

Type how we’re going to promote this Right now what we’re going to do is We’re going to go down and we’re going To select either social media Facebook Or social media other than Facebook Right so you’re gonna have to choose two Different uh affiliate links based on How you’re going to promote this right But uh we’ll choose social media in Either case right and let’s go other Than Facebook and then all you need to Do is you can’t see it so we move down Copy URL to clipboard and we’re done all Right now all we need to do is take that Affiliate link and we need to create Some social media posts where we’re Posting that whether that’s on Facebook Twitter Instagram Uh LinkedIn what else we’ve got Tick Tock whatever it is YouTube whatever you Want to do you want to create videos you Want to create image posts you want to Create polls on maybe forums that you’re A member of whatever it is You need to just create those posts and Put your affiliate Link in there and the Great thing about this is again someone Clicks on your affiliate link they don’t Have to get their credit card out they Don’t have to make a buying decision They don’t have to think about anything All they’re doing is entering their Email address when that’s entered and Submitted jobs done you get your

Commission so if you don’t have any Money to get started if you don’t have Any money for paid ads that’s okay all You need to do is register with a site Like click dealer and you need to look For vouchers and Lead gen type offers And you can promote those through social Media of course for every individual Offer you need to check if in fact You’re allowed to promote on social Media and if you are no problem if You’re not there’s there’s thousands of Offers out there okay some offers but Based on what type of offer it is might Be a little bit picky about how you Promote like you might not be able to Promote on Facebook or something like That okay now the other thing you might Be concerned about is is this just U.S Stuff no it isn’t let me show you so Let’s go back to our offers and let’s Unfilter the us all right and then we’re Going to go back to apply and you’ll see Here what we’ve got is look find your Job we can sign up for job alerts that One’s for the UK and look at this one Philippines uh we’ve got win an iPhone 13 get a McDonald’s voucher get a gift Voucher iPhone 13 Supermarket gift voucher we’ve got Germany Um this might be a supermarkland voucher We’ve got Brazil what’s this Electronics Voucher we’ve got Thailand we’ve got a

7-Eleven gift card I’ve promoted that One before I’ve got videos on that on my Channel I’ve done that via paid ads but You could do that on your social media If you’ve got mainly uh for example a Thai audience on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook then you could be promoting This 7-Eleven gift card giving that away So there is a massive amount of these Offers there’s no shortage of these and If you’re willing to put in the time Then you can make money with this method And if you want direct help with your Affiliate marketing from me all you need To do is become a channel supporter Click the join button under this video Or the first link in the description Become a mega affiliate and you’ll get Access to myself and other Mega Affiliates and we can help coach you Through getting started with your Affiliate marketing and making your First money online and we can all be Successful for the remainder of 2022 and Into 2023 click join under this video or The first link in the description become A channel supporter as a mega affiliate And we’re looking forward to to Welcoming you on the inside and if you Want more videos about affiliate Marketing and how to make your first Sale today check out the video that’s on The screen right now thanks for watching Guys don’t forget to click like And

Subscribe and I’m looking forward to Seeing you in the next video

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