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Last year in November 2021 my traffic Was around 59 000 visitors per month This year in 2022 in November last month My traffic hit around 114 000 visitors a month so in one year I Doubled my website traffic but in 2023 In November my website will hit a Special Milestone 500 000 visitors per month how I will do That simply by following these special Tactics let's start with number one Quick wins llps and easy breaks simply Quick wins is to find keywords that you Are ranking 11 to 100 on Google simply You find those keywords and you push Your website to rank on top 10 results With some optimization what about easy Breaks it's simply discovering keywords That we can rank on easily and directly It's like zero competition keywords how To find them let me share with you two Tactics number one is to find keywords Where Google is showing websites like Quora Reddit 4M the top 10 results when You find this this means that this Keyword is an opportunity for you to Rank on the second way is with Competitor analysis put your competitors Website in any keyword tool like spyful You will suggest some rush they had Shifts any keyword tool and search for Keywords with very low difficulty I do This as you can see now I have a list a Big list of keywords I'm targeting in

2023 and I'm sure I can rank on top of Google in a couple of weeks with these Keywords you can do the same also what About without llps or what we call long List posts it's simply crafting a blog Post where you mention and list almost Every aspect of a certain topic it's not A guide it is a list a long list let me Show you an example I'm writing right Now I'm creating this LLP 27 plus ways To get traffic to your website you can See a long list of methods and in each Title I will explain in depth how it Works so it will be like an ultimate Guide but in a form of list it has a lot Of value and somehow easier to create Because you want to list things and Explain each in a paragraph number two Is the traffic explosion method version 2.0 this strategy maybe requires a full Course but now let me give you the main Idea and like one minute it's simply About exploding your content all over The entry for example you create a blog Post you repurpose into a medium story Then and into a YouTube video then into A tick tock short Instagram reel and YouTube shorts then the same piece of Content can be spread over social media Instagram carousels stories May Pinterest pens infographics and so on so It's one piece of content distributed Exploded all over the entrance in Different shapes and styles okay this is

The traffic explosion method what's Special about version 2.0 and my Experience applying this strategy for Almost 16 months now I found that it's Better to focus on special platforms That fits your audience and your content And your style and your business so in My case for example I found I have to Focus on mainly four platforms Cobra so I almost answered questions once or Twice per week and post in course spaces And you can see that my quota stats in The last three months on only increased Almost 3 000 views per month the second Platform is medium I repurpose or create Special stories on medium and you can See in less than one month I went from 8 000 views to 22 000 views a month and of Course YouTube thanks to YouTube and you I passed the 8 000 subscribers Milestone And number four is email email marketing I believe it's one of the best channels To promote and grow online and number Three is what I call magnetic resources Forget about link building in 2023 Forget about writing a blog post every Week consistently forget about this just Create a magnetic Resource One magnetic Resource will help you get hundreds of Thousands of backlinks did you hear About chat GPT It's an AI bot that can help you in Almost anything in some cases it can Take over Google forget about writing a

Lot of content we have ai today that can Answer almost any question you need to Create something special that attracts People's attention like what let me tell You the main two examples case studies And data studies and you don't need to Be an expert to do this let's say you Decided to learn programming in 2023 or Any other course you can simply document Your journey while learning this new Skill and share this journey with people People love to see real things and data Studies is the big hidden treasure if You want to grow in 2023 you have to Think about data studies Let Me Show an Example I'm doing right now I'm Collecting hundreds of thousands of Google serp results with a lot of Metrics more than 60 metrics and then I Analyze this data as I start picking What are the best metrics to rank on top Of Google it's like hacking the Google's Algorithm or reverse engineering it it's Really super important results based on Real data this is what people need in The future not just writing articles Here and there optimizing for SEO forget About this do real key studies real data Studies this is called magnetic resource In this video I'm talking about planning Please don't tell me that you are not Planning your next years we are in December 2022 it's the best time to Start planning setup plan set goals I do

This every single year if you remember Last year following I mentioned my Target was 1 million page of views on my Website and I did it and this year my Target is 5 million page of views I will Do it I'm sure I will do this because I Plan I take action and you have to do The same muscles so go right now in December put a plan put your goals for Next year and make sure if you don't Have an online business yet to set a Goal to build a stable online business And you can do simply this for free by Following my free online business series Here on my channel I hope you enjoyed This video if you found it helpful smash The like button if you have any Questions I'll be waiting for you in the Comments section below see you later

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