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Did you know that with pinflex Pinterest Allows its employees to work from Anywhere in the world for up to three Months during a year I know Pinterest is One of those companies that most people Don't even think about when they're Looking to get a job but that is so Surprising because Pinterest is one of Those companies that consistently Reports revenues of multiple billions of Dollars every single year so I thought Today I would take some time and show You step by step how to get a work from Home job with Pinterest and I'm going to Show you how to find it how much you can Expect to make and also how to apply so That you can bypass the screening so It's live streaming so all you need to Do first is go to everything you need Is right there once you've come to Pinterest you'll see here at The top you have all the details you Need about pinflex which is the program That I talked about the one that allows You to work from anywhere in the world For up to three months but what you do Need to do for first is check the Locations because you will need to be Allowed to legally work in one of these Locations in order to qualify for the Jobs that they have open so you need to Be able to work out of the Netherlands Out of the US Germany Belgium Ireland

The UK France Italy Mexico Brazil Singapore Australia Japan or Poland if You are legally allowed to work out of Any of these countries then the location Is less important because you can go Ahead and pick remote which means that Your job will allow you to work from Anywhere for up to three months in a Year so you can go ahead and click Remote here already or you can go to all Jobs once you click all jobs you can go Ahead and scroll down and it'll show you All the job opportunities that are Currently available what you can also do Is where it shows location either select The locations where you are allowed to Legally work in or just click show Remote jobs only in this case they have 25 results for currently available and Open jobs that allow you to work remote The level of seniority varies a lot and Obviously based on Department it'll be a Different type of role so let's explore What they have available and then you Can get a sense of what you can focus on Or what kind of job would be available For your specialty and then the other Thing that's relevant is that when you Looked at employment type they also have Temporary or fixed contract but I think Right now there aren't any available so That's why we will take a look at the Regular job opportunities if you go here To departments you will be able to

Select if you want something for Engineering in the finance department in HR in it or marketing Philanthropy product sales Recruitment And so forth I an important note here is That they also have opportunities for University students and graduates so if You are just going through your University studies or you're looking for An internship there are opportunities With interest that you can consider so Here you would need to go to their early Career opportunities and check out Whatever applies to your specialty so You see there are so many very diverse Opportunities from sales to engineering Either iOS or Android developers machine Learning data scientists product Designers product managers treasury Managers tax opportunities for tax Operations let's take a look at the Treasury manager one if you have some Sort of Finance background this could be A great opportunity for you to consider You see it says what you will do as a Treasury manager will be to oversee the Global cash and bank account management With a focus on Improvement Opportunities because you know many Companies don't have the cash flow Operations optimized for themselves and Sometimes they will pay bills later and That means they'll need to either pay More or they cannot take advantage of

Discounts or they will cash later which Doesn't allow them to use the cash as Early as possible so you're basically The steward of Pinterest investment Policy you will manage Investment Portfolio monitor asset managers Performance and compliance and you'll be Responsible for the global corporate Insurance programs So if you are somebody who has at least Three years of experience in capital Markets and if you've worked in treasury Before then this is a really good Opportunity for you to consider because It allows you to work across the Departments within Pinterest and then Learn what else you could be doing and Maybe grow as you're once part of the Company what I believe will be really Important for you to mention in your Application and in your resume in order To get through the first screening is Highlight in your experience all the Cash management opportunities and bank Account management experience that you Have so if you've maybe worked in an Accounting job before those will be Things that you've probably dealt with Talk about a foreign exchange policies That you have dealt with so if you've Worked with bank accounts and multiple Currencies and you know the implications Of foreign exchange rates that will Impact your different bank accounts talk

About the relationship with strategic External Partners so if you've worked With multiple Banks then make sure you Highlight that in your resume in order To show Pinterest that you really know What you're talking about and you've Done this kind of work before as well if You've worked with socks compliance and Integrity or with SEC and statutory Reporting again if you've worked in any Accounting job then those are things That you've probably come across make Sure that you mention those in your Resume because there will be very very Key in you getting through the first Screening process if you are successful In the recruitment process for the Treasury manager opportunity then you Are able to get as a salary somewhere Between 121 thousand dollars all the way Up to a hundred and eighty two thousand Dollars depending on your expertise and Your level of seniority so obviously if You have more than five years of Experience then you are able to ask for More which I think is an incredible Opportunity but as you see they say Us-based applicants only so you need to Be allowed to work out of the US and you Need to be legally entitled to have a Job in the United States another great Job opportunity that I think you can Find right now on the Pinterest website Is Partners success specialist this one

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Right now is open only for candidates Out of Ireland so it says Dublin based But I'm pretty sure you can find if you Continue checking opportunities that are Similar to this one open in other places And if you're curious to see what you Would be doing as a partner success Manager what it says here that they Expect you to manage operational Workflows and processes to ensure that You prevent policy violation from Partners and provide additional support Where needed you would act as a point of Contact for partners for policy and Enforcement inquiries and lead the Partner training where needed you would Be leveraging qualitative and Quantitative data to identify Enforcement pain points and or gaps Within policies and also identify Opportunities to drive that efficiency With existing workflows so you need to Be somebody who has worked in the Partner space within pretty much any Company because all companies have Partners that they work with Channel Partners is what they're called Typically and you need to be somebody Who has some experience in dealing with These partners and making sure that they Follow the policy that is enforced and In place between the company you work For and those partners and sometimes you Need to train them in order for them to

Understand your product portfolio or Understand the way you work for them to Be able to continue the collaboration so These are things that you definitely Want to include in your resume or cover Letter once you apply so things like Working with operational workflows and Looking for efficiencies and Opportunities when it comes to Operational workloads you would need to Talk about policy enforcement or partner Inquiries that you will have dealt with If you've done any partner enablement or Partner training those are really Important keywords to mention in your Resume and in your cover letter last but Not least when it comes to internal and External documentation I'm pretty sure You will have done something like this If you have experience working with Partners so if that's something that you Want to include and mention in your Application or in your resume as you can See here they are not specifying how Many years of experience you are Expected to have in order to apply to This position which tells me that They're not necessarily looking for Somebody with 10 plus years of Experience or maybe not even five so They're basically looking for somebody With some experience in an operational And or support role somebody who is Customer focused individual and who

Shows curiosity somebody who is looking To put the company and partners first And propose solutions to make the Collaboration better somebody who has Critical thinking and ability to Evaluate issues and somebody who's Demonstrated experience in working with Multiple project cells simultaneously Which essentially means that you will Probably be covering a number of Different partners at the same time and You should expect that there will be Inquiries and questions and requirements To train them potentially at the same Time which is probably something that Everybody does in their job so you can Give examples of how you will have dealt With multiple projects at the same time In any other kind of job last but not Least least another opportunity that is Totally remote is that of the Integrity Analyst and while this is part of the Engineering team within Pinterest it Does not require that much experience as An engineer so what you can expect this Role to do as part of the trust and Safety team is to help protect users on Pinterest from Bad actors so you have Probably seen that all of these social Media platforms have very strict Policies in terms of the type of content That is allowed on that platform as an Integrity analyst your job will be to Always be paying attention to the

Content that exists on the platform to Any flats that are being raised by users And making sure that you evaluate the Type of flags and bad behavior and re Those if necessary so what they see is That you will be analyzing the new abuse Trends and develop new signals and Features you will be partnering closely With the product managers the engineers And the policy and operations Departments or teams to devise and Execute on new strategies and you will Recommend product adjustments to reduce The likelihood of abuse so as long as You have some experience in this space So you have maybe worked for another Platform or you've worked in the Integrity team of another company even As an intern that will give you a good Amount of background and experience to Bring forward and they're saying here That they're looking for somebody with Two years of experience in working and Analyzing data so that can be done in Any kind of role it does not have to do With Integrity necessarily you should Have some sort of technical background Or relevant work experience but you Don't need to be a software engineer Necessarily even though you will be part Of the engineering unit you need to be Proficient in SQL and at least one Programming language language so you do Need to understand how these programming

Languages work because they will Probably require you to take a test or Have some sort of certification that Proves that you can work with SQL and or Python as an Integrity analyst despite The fact that you're only expected to Have two years of experience you are Able to make between a hundred and Seventy two thousand all the way up to 258 000 in this position specifically again This is one that is only open to Us-based applicants but if you're Allowed to work in the US you are able To do this job remotely and even travel Outside of the US for up to three months During the year alright you guys that Was it for today thank you so so much For watching I hope this video was Helpful and that it allowed you to see That working for Pinterest can open the Door to so many opportunities and Possibilities for you not only to work Remotely but to some really high paying Job opportunities thank you again for Watching until next time go ahead and Watch this video over here like this Video if you liked it and make sure to Share it with anybody who's looking to Get hired these days thank you again and I'll see you next time bye

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