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Have you ever made money by giving stuff Away for free that's what we're gonna do Today and specifically it's around Businesses and Google local and Bots are Going to do all the work with a Completely automated system my name is Ryan Borden and I've been working with Bots and AI for the past 12 years and I'm working with Chase Reiner for the Past year or so and what I can tell you After working with Bots and AI for that Long is this is a fantastic opportunity And you don't want to miss it in fact We're starting an eight-week boot camp Because it's such an important time to Make sure we don't miss this that we're Going live multiple times a week to Teach this and you can save your seat Now by entering your email address at Fortunebots.com So how does this work well we have a bot Here that is sending messages right now To businesses and I'm going to explain The concept here just a little bit in a Minute so stick with me the short Version of the concept is here we have Local listings for Google local and We're going to look for ones that are Either not claimed or missing Information and the way that we're going To do that is we're actually going to Reach out to business owners so let's go In here and have a look so like I said There's a ton of settings and we don't

I'm not going to go over all that right Now In fact there's so many settings that We're actually developing a tool it's um I guess I don't have it up here it's Contact bot dot Ai and you can just go Here and register for Early Access and Get set up with that and basically what That's going to do is it's going to take Off all the sharp edges so you don't Have to worry about any of the settings You just enter in your keywords and you Go so we have a message and a subject Here so we kind of think of this like an Email but we have a subject are you Still in business and then a message That says Hi I noticed some issues with Your website I'd love to volunteer to Fix them for you give me a call or text And a phone number and I'll show you That in just a minute how that's Connected up so once that is done I'm Going to go in here and I actually need To get some keywords I skipped that part Here let's clear out all these so we can Input appropriate ones we can do that by Going to this tool called shine ranker And it's just shinerinker.com and we're Going to go to the keyword research and I'm going to enter in a keyword I'm just Going to go for some local things like Let's go for plumbers And roofers And dentists

Right those are all local any anything That has like a physical place where you Go is considered local so it's gonna Search for keywords right now and we Came up with 700 keywords I'm going to Go ahead and Export these to Excel and Then copy them to the clipboard here And I'm gonna pause the video and just Save 30 seconds of your time back out of This we're going to go in here and just Add these import them from the clipboard And so now we're going to go out and This program this bot is going to look For businesses related to that and it's Going to send them a message the message That we had there I might just choose do All here and yes and it's going to go do That it'll take a minute to set up and It's going to get started so while it Does that I want to explain what we're Doing here so some of you understand Google local and some of you may not Have heard of this but Google local is Basically for local businesses and what Happens is if you go like this And I pulled up plumbers in Detroit Michigan And so this is like the Google local Right you can actually go to Maps.google.com and see a lot of it or Click here and get into more of it but This local ranking here is where you get To a lot of traffic that comes in and This is where businesses that are local

Get a lot of sales or it's where they Don't get a lot of sales because it's Not set up correctly and that's what We're after so if we roll down here I'm Just going to scroll through a couple of These and look you can kind of see What's going on there's lots of plumbers That come up and so what we're doing is Looking for ones that are Basically we're reaching out to these Businesses because most businesses now Some of them do have it set up but a lot Of them either don't have their listing Claimed so Google knows about them but They don't have it claimed if they don't Have a claimed they don't have control And there's lots of other issues and They certainly can't optimize it and or It's missing information like it just Doesn't even have their hours or it has You know really basic stuff or no Content that sort of stuff so we can go Here and let's just click on one and Come up with it and so this one actually Has a website and stuff so we could go To this one and say hey uh you don't Have hours on here and we can need some Other information because we can make This better right and we can probably it Has one picture and it doesn't really Look like it's anything related to Plumbing so we can do better pictures Because obviously picture sell and some Of them will actually be not claimed

Just like this one where we can say Claim the business where it hasn't even Been claimed yet so they have no control Over what's going on and again terrible Photos so like just the photos alone Have made a difference I've actually Posted photos that have gotten over a Million views on a single listing many Times So you've got to get the right photo in There because that's like as you roll Through it's the huge differentiator Anyways so basically we're going to Reach out to them and they're going to Come back and say hey what's wrong with The website and that's going to look Like this Right so here is like we're getting Phone calls and messages and they're Leaving voicemails and hey emailed me About my website you said are Volunteering to clean up the website Just curious why are you offering this So then you get to say all kinds of Stuff and you get to engage them so let Me pull up something here And so I was actually just rolling Through these here's one where they're Just straight up telling you what they Want I need Google ads so you could go Sell them that service if you want Here's another one that says let's talk Soon basically they say you said we say Hey there's a problem with your website

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And then they say oh hey what's the Problem with the website that's what all These all these voicemails are they're Asking you know what's up with the Website and that sort of stuff so like Right here they said you sent me an Email about it can you give me more Details and then we said hey yes happy To give you some more details basically So we kind of go back and forth here and So all you're actually doing is sending Them messages and then you're going to Go fix something for them so you can say Hey what's your website and you pull up The website and you find their business You search it on Google And you find one of those local listings And you're like look your listing is Either totally missing information or It's not even been claimed so what are You going to do offer to do that for Them for free people love this they need Your help and they've already been Giving us fantastic responses about how They love the fact that we are willing To help them and so what are you going To do then well if you know how to claim The listing it's like super easy anyways All you have to do is Click claim Listing and kind of walk through it There's also guides on YouTube where you Can go and learn how to do this if you Need a little help and Google has guides Too and if the listing is already

Claimed then you could offer to post Some pictures for them or update their Hours or update information for them And so if you don't want to do this you Do also have the option of just going to Fiverr so there are people out there That will do it you could probably get Someone that's going to do it for 10 Bucks I will claim or set up your Google Business profile 10 bucks right there it Is so you could pay someone 5 or 10 Bucks and then you could turn around and Go back to the business and give it to Them for free now that does lose you 10 Bucks like I said you can go learn how To do this or just follow through like The wizard they have to set it up but if You want to pay somebody 10 bucks and You want to churn through like 10 of These you pay out 100 bucks and you know You get it done if you have the if you Have tons of money sitting around that's A great way to do it because you're Buying your time if you don't have money Just do it yourself and you spend you Know an hour doing 10 of these for 10 Local businesses Right then they're going to be grateful And you're going to show them what you Did and just send them a screenshot you Know they can go look at it right then You're going to offer them local SEO so Now this is where we actually make money So we can go to the business and say Hey

Listen I will do local SEO For you and increase your business Profile and that's how they make money And here you can find there are Different people that'll do it you can Get some citations they'll do monthly Local SEO service here's ten dollars you Can go away high if you want to like Push it but basically you could sell This 10 service for 300 bucks a month And just come in here and pay someone on Fiverr 10 to 25 bucks so here's some That are like 25 and so even if you Choose a 25 option and you charge 300 That's pretty basic We can very quickly see that if we do This 10 times so we charge 300 bucks Minus the 25 minus the 10 if you pay the Ten dollars out in the first place so That the first month you're making 265 Dollars times 10 businesses in the month Is 2650 that's the profit and that's Without you doing any of the work So you got your ten dollars back that You spent and you made 265 profit and You can do this every single month Because it's reoccurring right so Everybody needs local SEO and these Google business listings can be done Every single month and then you can Offer to sell them other things like the Person who said they want to Google ads Go on here and hire someone to do Google Ads or if you know how to do it do it or

You want to learn how to do it you can Start offering them pretty much anything That's on here so you could offer social Media manager and you know because Everybody needs to manage their social Media and they probably don't do that Either especially local businesses They're too busy doing their stuff to Manage it so you could hire someone for 50 bucks a month to be their social Media manager and then again charge them Like 300 bucks or 400 bucks the list Goes on here things that you can sell Them but the value is you give them Something for free That establishes trust And that establishes the fact that You're not a fly-by-night operation and When you give them something for free People automatically want to give you Back things and they want to work with You so far when we called people and Said hey we're going to give you Something for free we'll fix something We'll do something for free people like Almost freak out they're so thankful and So grateful and then we tell them Straight up listen you know when you Want to do paid stuff or do the paid Stuff too and they're like yeah Absolutely before we even get into it we Tell them that and they're ready to go In the actual eight-week boot camp we Are going to give you the scripts to say

So that you can just know exactly the Words to use because that is trouble for Some people so that you can get the Upsells and call them up and it's so Easy to call someone and be like hey I Want to give you something free and They're like okay but it's really easy To give stuff away for free you don't Have to try to sell them or convince Them or anything they convince Themselves because you've given them Something for free so if you want to get Started and sign up for the eight week Class you can do that at fortunebot Dot com and go ahead and enter your Email address and we're going to be live This video is coming out we're going to Be live a couple of days after this Video comes out And ready to go there'll be myself and Chase Reiner and other people teaching In the course for the next eight weeks And we'll see you inside

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