Quick Clickbank Money Method – Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2023

Okay in this video I wanted to share Something vitally important that you Must do when you are promoting ClickBank Products this thing separates you from The people that make a lot of money and The people that make okay money and the Best thing is it's really really simple And doing it makes your life easier just Before we get started guys don't forget That you can get all five of my Affiliate marketing and make money Online courses for one low price each of These courses is valued at one hundred And ninety seven dollars each that is a Total of 985 dollars but for a limited Time I'm offering all five of these Courses bundled together for just Seventy seven dollars seventy seven Dollars for Lifetime access to all of These five courses so if you want to Take advantage of this offer you need to Act now click the first link in the Description and enter coupon codex X77 at checkout and you'll get nine Hundred and eighty five dollars worth of Courses for just seventy seven dollars With that said let's get into it okay so I'm in my ClickBank marketplace right Now so uh what we're gonna do is we're Gonna go let's just look at the uh top Offers first all right so we're gonna go To the top office now let's say you're Just coming to ClickBank okay and you're Just getting started with your

Promotions now you might go okay well What's the top product well it's Alpilene and let's have a look we get an Average conversion amount of 138 bucks That sounds pretty good gravity 1 394 so That means that a lot of Affiliates are Making sales with this that's good and So why don't we go ahead and promote This one well you might not go ahead and Promote this one because at this point With a gravity score this High there's Going to be a lot of competition right So instead what we're going to do is We're going to do something else we're Going to go to the affiliate page right We're gonna go here okay so there isn't Much of an affiliate page for alpi Lane But that's okay one of the important Pieces of information that we need is Here and that piece of information is Their email address right so it says Email this address to get your affiliate Tools right now this is exactly what we Need we've got their email address so What you're going to do is you're going To sit down and you're going to write an Email to them and you are going to say I'd like to promote alpilene and I would Like you to send me the affiliate tools Or the link to the affiliate tools for Alpilene and what I'd also like you to Do is put me on a list and let me know Whenever you have another product launch Because when you have a new product

Launch I want to jump on it and start Promoting that straight away because Your products look great all right so That's what we're going to do now There's a reason for this and I'm going To get to this in a moment all right so Let's go and look at another example all Right so let's look at glucotrust right This is also doing well 142 bucks Average conversion 300 and 140 gravity Score Affiliates are obviously making Money with this let's go to the Affiliate page Now uh we've got introducing gluco trust All right all this is very nice all this Nice affiliate tools etc etc right and What we want to do is we want to go down And we want to uh do the affiliate sign Up now this is really important and this Is the reason we sent the email to the Previous uh vendor the alpalene vendor We want to sign up because what we want To do is we want to get notification as Soon as a new product is released by This vendor right now why do we want to Do that because if you are a first mover Whether you are promoting by brand Bidding if that's allowed or you're Promoting on push or you're promoting on Native or you're promoting on Facebook Whatever it is whatever methods you're Using if you're the first mover you're Going to make money all right now why Are we signing up with these particular

Vendors because these particular vendors Know how to write copy these vendors Know how to design products that are Going to be very successful on ClickBank Right so when they have a new product Come out you want to be one of the first To know about it right because you want To be able to know that you can promote A product with confidence it's from one Of these vendors and also you are going To be a first mover first mover makes The most money all right so again we Need to sign up and they will notify us Of product launches let's just have a Look at one more we'll go to metabolflex All right gravity score 287 okay good Score good average conversion all right Let's go to the affiliate page all right Uh Affiliates okay this looks very Similar to the Java burn type affiliate Pages so all right uh again uh there's a Sign up box here right so put your first Name last name and email address in There and they are going to send you Emails whenever they have a new product Right and that means you're going to be One of the first people promoting it Right so you're going to be able to take What you know about promoting other Products whether that's by brand bidding If it's allowed whether that's with push Whether that's with Native And you're following all the ads and Spying on all the ads that are uh that

Are in your anstrax account and uh so You know what's working and suddenly you See this new product release you can Jump on it straight away okay this is Super important so sign up except that You're going to get a lot of emails Every day just treat it as the more Emails you're getting the more informed You are about what's happening with the Products and the type of products that You want to promote okay guys this has Just been a quick tip about how to make More money with ClickBank and how to Stay informed in the affiliate World Remember I'm running a limited offer you Can get all five of my courses normally Priced at 197 each and a total of 985 For all five courses you can get it for A limited time for a flat fee of 77 but You need to act now go down click the First link in the description and enter Coupon code x x 7 7. thanks for watching Guys please don't forget to click like And subscribe and I'm looking forward to Seeing you in the next video

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