Rank #1 On Google in 60 Seconds

Hi friends today in this video I will Share with you three steps to rank your Website on top of Google to get millions Of Impressions and sounds of clicks and Freeze Graphics so step number one is to Install a Chrome extension it's called The most bar extension now after you Install it go here and make sure the Moss ball extension is pins step number Two is to do some keyword resili concert And you will see now this awesome tool Will give you a lot of keyword ideas Find a keyword with a search volume like 500 600 and more I'm using here 8 Super Tools free keyword research tool so what You have to do now is to find the Gateway website the Gateway is the Website that you can break through and Put your website on top of Google like This one a very good example Pa24 and da11 step number three is Simply analyzing this web page here and Creating a better version

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