Okay guys I'm gonna get straight into This the other day I made a live Campaign build video and I wanted to Give you an update on how that campaign Is going so you might remember that we Were promoting the skin cell offer on uh Click dealer and that pays out 125 CPA all right so how did that Campaign go and what's happening right Now well let's go over to my propeller Ads and I will show you and here we are Inside the propeller ads account and as You can see it got rejected so after Being in moderation for some time I came Back to find out it was rejected so what Did they say about this particular Campaign Okay the landing page contains or Promotes materials products prohibited For advertising drugs medicine Alcohol Tobacco violation of rules on landing Page check out policy guidelines all Right so I think that we can still Promote skin cell but we might have to Do it in a different way using a Different kind of landing page and so The one that I ripped from and Strikes Probably is not one that is compliant With uh propeller ads policies and you Know remember that was not running Actually on propeller ads the one I Ripped it from that was running on Rich Push I believe or Rich ads so um we can Try changing over to Rich ads or we can

Modify that landing page and we can try Running it again or try submitting it Again to propeller ads which is I think What I'm going to do so guys in the next Video that we have coming out I've got Another live cam campaign build video Where I'll actually show you the same Kind of promotion but using a more Compliant landing page thanks for Sticking with me for this update if you Watched all the way through that's great I really appreciate it please consider Clicking like and also subscribing to The channel and if you want more videos About affiliate marketing and how you Can make your first sale today check out The video that's on the screen right now

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