SECRET Affiliate Network – Lots of Offers, Good Commissions

Okay guys in this video I'm gonna Introduce you to a secret affiliate Network that you need to check out and This is a secret affiliate Network that Made me money without even realizing so Make sure you watch this whole video now Before we get started if you want direct Help with your affiliate marketing from Me all you need to do is become a Channel supporter click the join button Under this video or the first link in The description sign up to become a mega Affiliate you'll get access to me and Other Mega Affiliates via weekly live Zoom sessions and a private Facebook Group where you can ask questions about Your affiliate marketing you can get Coaching from us and you can make your Affiliate marketing successful in 2022 And beyond all you need to do is click The join button under this video or Click the first link in the description Sign up to become a mega affiliate and We're looking forward to seeing you on The inside that said let's have a look At this secret affiliate Network right Now okay so it's first alerted to this Affiliate Network that I'd previously Signed up for and forgotten about by an Email that I received yesterday and Here's basically the email this is a Invitation to promote a product okay so The product is called mango power and Mango power is a green energy brand

Focused on developing home power supply Solutions all right go through products Home backup battery home battery power Uh portable power station solar panel Etc okay and Etc okay we offer the below Benefit six percent commission average Order value above three thousand dollars So six percent compared to a ClickBank Commission this is very very low but six Percent of three thousand dollars well That starts to look nicer okay our Average affiliate commission is 180 Bucks 30 day cookies multi-rich Creatives etc etc Etc all right so I'm Not here to sell you on this product This is just what alerted me to this Affiliate Network that I want to tell You about in this video so I'm reading Through this email and I'm quite Interested and I'm thinking to myself How did this affiliate manager or this Uh vendor get my contact details that's Very interesting oh maybe they saw my YouTube channel and maybe they are Interested in getting uh Affiliates Involved in their products so maybe That's how no it wasn't because they Weren't using the email address that is Linked to my channel so how could they Find me well I investigated further and I realized they found me based on an Affiliate Network that I'm a member of I Just forgotten I was a member of this Particular affiliate Network so I uh

Logged in and I checked out this Affiliate Network and this particular Product and I realized I've made Commissions with this affiliate Network And I didn't even realize I'd made Commissions with them well that's very Nice okay so maybe I need to start Promoting the products on this network a Little bit more all right so I'm going To show you this network right now and This is a network that I think would be Good for you to sign up with because They have a lot of uh physical products A lot of Ecom type stuff that you can Promote which is a little bit different From the regular ClickBank products that You have been promoting and this might Be another way of adding to your Affiliate marketing Arsenal so let's Have a look right now so you'll see when I logged into share a sale I was very Surprised to say look at that I've got a Current balance here I've got twenty Dollars worth of balance here which is Pretty awesome you know it's nice to Find twenty dollars and you know Finding It in an affiliate network is as good a Place as any to find it all right so I Found 20 bucks and I thought okay this Is great unfortunately I have to get up To uh fifty dollars before I can Actually withdraw anything but you know That's the way it goes all right but in Share a sale uh what can we have a look

At well we can have a look at the Merchants right so we've got uh uh we've Got Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal Merchants we've got we can download a Merchant list we've got uh we can just Search for merchants so let's have a Look let's uh let's search and see what We can find on share a sale all right so We've got our categories here it's laid Out a little bit like the ClickBank Marketplace you know with all the Categories down the left all right so we Could promote clothing business family Financial all right Financial I guess Those will be higher paying commission Ones so let's have a look at those all Right so let's go into let's say credit What's in credit Okay so here we go Checks Unlimited all Right 137 dollars EPC now this is not 137 commission this 137 EPC earnings per click all right so 20 uh per sale program keywords Financial banking business checks Deposit okay Checks Unlimited all right So unfortunately I don't think we can Actually preview the offer this is only For the United States I don't think we Can preview the offer unless we apply For it so what what happens if we get ah Hang on here we go look at that Um average sale 49.51 okay I don't know How that works 137 earnings per click But average sale 49 not sure anyway

Reversal rate 569 com average commission Five dollar okay I think this is a bit Dodgy anyway average commission 5.44 UH 60 day cookie okay so this is Interesting the vendors can decide how Long the cookie is individually all Right so credit Pros uh this one looks a Bit maybe that's because it's a Sponsored listing that's why that's a Bit weird just to get your attention Okay so the credit Pros what do we got Here average sale 29.78 average Commission 26 bucks uh 365 day cookie You can't say fairer than that a One-year cookie right Um Um so we're going to be this is online Auto approval by Country Auto deposit Yes Um okay so uh does this tell us what uh United States okay and what does this Mean Stores connect no idea okay Um but let's uh let's keep having a look So we've got all these nice products That we've got uh this this one's pretty Cool okay 27.50 per lead let's look at More details here so this is not per Sale per lead all right average Commission 29.85 right 60 day cookie so What's going to happen here I guess is When you get a lead and I'm not sure how The lead is uh going to be generated but That could be they leave their phone

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Number or they do a single opt-in or They do a double opt-in or something Like that we'd need to investigate Further but you get 27.50 not too shabby All right so we've got those credit Offers what other things do we have all Right so we've got you know web hosting Let's have a look at that let's have a Look at some web hosts Um this is pretty competitive uh web Hosting and you know going back as far As like Um almost 20 years ago now it was Competitive so you know but Um it's competitive for a reason you can Make money all right so look at this one Web hosting 65 bucks for sale easy ASP Hosting Um Zero dollars epcs what does that mean Um okay our program status low funds all Right so we're probably not going to go For that one all right so we've got Um host Ned what's that 20 bucks a sale Okay that's not so great Um 35 to 200 per cell that's better WP Engine okay and 180 day cookie that's Nice all right so I would be looking at Going with um if I was going to promote Hosting offers WP engine or maybe Um one hosting okay that's uh that's a Pretty good uh solid Commission All right and okay so what else we got Education let's have a look

Okay grammarly okay you can promote Grammarly okay if you've been on YouTube You probably know grammarly because They've got ads everywhere on YouTube Um Okay so we've got uh 10 simple sale Um seems that the sponsored listings Have this weird epcs Um Okay so Um 25 bucks for sale what's that uh Let's have a look see if there's any Information low funds that one's not Available for promotion anyway uh One World Learning okay English for today Hang on let's have a look at this English for today okay so we can learn English here okay again that one's not Available for promotion so let's go Somewhere else let's have a look at uh Something that's more shopping related Let's go computers Electronics what do We got here okay so maybe Electronics Okay so you want to promote physical Stuff what have we got Um okay so this is actually online Stores I guess my music my manager Um Okay that one doesn't have much Information so maybe that one's not uh Selling very much at the moment okay Let's have a look at this what's this Medic batteries what's medic batteries Okay Um well computer batteries I guess uh

Electronics headphones audio wireless Video average sale 949 so average Commission twenty four dollars seven Days only three percent of sale okay got It let's go to shopping malls okay what Do we got in shopping malls okay it's a Bit jumpy let's go to say beauty okay Beauty is usually uh make some money all Right and let's have a look we've got Korean style uh seven percent per sale 10 for this light in the Box okay 12 to 20 percent so there's a lot of stuff you Can promote you've got a lot of choice Here so check out and register with them Again if we look at my balance without My knowledge uh I made twenty dollars in Balance and look if you're interested I'll tell you exactly where I made this Money all right Um I promoted sem rush in one of my Videos about a year and a half ago I Just left a link in the description and Some people have signed up for us for a Free trial of sem rush and for a free Trial of SCM Rush Um I get a few cents commission per sign Up and um it ended up being 20 bucks Right so for a few cents per sign up you Can still make good money right you know If I'd been promoting sem Rush heavily Again it was only one video in the Description if I'd been promoting it Heavily and you know from one video I

Can make 20 bucks when the sign up Commission is like five cents or Something like that you can make pretty Good money so check out And let me know how you go and remember If you want direct help with your Affiliate marketing from me all you need To do is click the join button under This video or the first link in the Description sign up up to be a mega Affiliate and you will get access to me And other Mega Affiliates via weekly Live streams and private Facebook group Where you can ask questions you can get Coaching about your affiliate marketing And you can make money in 2022 and Beyond and if you want more videos about Affiliate marketing and how to make your First sale today check out the video That's on the screen right now thanks For watching guys don't forget to click Like And subscribe and I'm looking Forward to seeing you in the next video

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