Shipt Shopper Review: Everything you need to know before you start. Step by Step Tutorial (2023)

So here is a real life example of how You could earn 230 dollars in just three Hours real life example guys okay so I've done videos on instacart and Amazon Flex and those videos have all done very Well but you can actually make more Money on ships so I have no idea why I Haven't done a video on that yet and That's why we are here today talking About this now I should call this video How to become a ship Shopper or ship Driver whatever I end up calling it it's Going to be about how you can make the Most money with this app in just a Couple of hours and get paid the same Day you guys ready let's go now before We get into this I want you guys to Treat this as a side hustle just as a Way to make some extra money you know I'm all about entrepreneurship but this Ain't it you are still making someone Else rich with this job and you're not Getting the pay that you deserve but I Understand you gotta do what you got to Do and got things have to get paid so I'm all about helping you guys make the Most money with this job but I'm really Big about making your own money because That's how you're going to make the most Money and if you don't know what your Options are grab copy of my free ebook Where I show you exactly all the Different ways that you can make money On your own terms so I'm gonna put that

In the description below so you guys can Check it out and just kind of know what Your options are and I want you guys to Be sure to subscribe to this Channel and Hit that Bell for notifications because My job in life is to help you guys make More money on your own terms and I've Got a lot of good stuff coming your ways You guys do not want to miss it so make Sure you hit that Bell for notification So you don't miss out on a video alright Let's get into it so let's talk about How shipped works so shipped has Capitalized on the fact that people like Me with three kids would much rather pay Someone else to do their grocery Shopping for them so they have created a Platform where I can simply just order My groceries online and can either pick Them up from the store or get them Delivered to my house So when you're working for Chevy you Have two options to make money you can Either be an in-store Shopper who Fulfills the orders in the store and Hands them off to a ship driver or you Can be a full service Shopper where you Do both so you fulfill the orders in the Store and deliver the groceries to the Customer's home now in this video I'm Gonna just focus on becoming a full Service shopper because that's how You're gonna make the most money now the Hiring process is pretty simple and it's

All through the app step one download The shipped app and put in your Information like your name email address Address and all that good stuff step two You just want to verify if you are 18 Years or older step three confirm that You have access to a car license and if Your auto insurance covers ship Services Now if not we have seen where this has Added an extra 10 to 15 per month to Individuals insurance but this will be Different for everyone so make sure you Do due diligence and check Step four if you are a smoker you will Have to agree not smoke during your Shift and then step five you want to Sign paperwork and agree to a background Check and it could take about 10 days For the background check to clear but It's usually a lot quicker than that Step six if you pass you're gonna then Receive your payment card a lanyard and Your ship shirt once you receive all Your stuff then you can get ready to Start so when you're ready to get Started make money you're gonna open the App to see what batch you want to pick Up and just so you know they call orders Batches and this is an example of what One looks like so you can see the store Location item count and batch payment Before you decide to pick it up and just So you know the distance shown is from The selected store to the customer's

Home you can also set the cities you Want to deliver in and set your schedule In the app so you only get orders that Are within your selected region if you Want to go ahead and do the order just Hit claim order and then head to the Store and then you'll want to send the Customer a message when you are studying Your route just so that they know to Have their phone close by them if you Need to contact them for anything now There can be more than one order in a Batch where you will have to deliver Them to two different houses and the Best way to do these are to stay organ Nice as best as you can so you can Either use two baskets or you can use One large basket and then just use the Individual hand baskets to separate the Orders in the baskets just to stay Organized so you don't get things Confused one of the best things about Ship is that you choose if and when you Want to work so you just open the app See what batches are available and you Decide if you want to pick one up or not You know Shoppers are offer batches Based on their average customer star Rating as well as other things like Distance how close you are to the store Delivery time and if you have an alcohol And prescription certification so you Can take a quick quiz on alcohol and Prescription deliveries through the app

And it will give you access to more Batches and sometimes bigger tips so Each quiz takes about 10 minutes and you Want to make sure that you do check with Your state laws before applying because You have to make sure that not every State will allow you to deliver alcohol And with alcohol deliveries you have to Scan the customer's ID and get a Signature before leaving the order at Their house so it always is a good idea Just to let the customer know that they Have to do that but when you are Actually delivering the groceries so They know that you have to you know Knock on the door get your signature all Right now let's move on to the shopping Process once you accept the order you're Gonna head over to the store to fulfill The order so the app will display your Shopping list and you want to be able to Mark off each item as you go through it Through the app and it will add it to The cart now you gotta know if something Isn't available and it's always a good Idea to send photos of replacement items To the customer and to see if it's okay To replace the item this is a great Opportunity to increase your tip because They see that you're working hard for Them now you got to use ship payment Cards to actually purchase these items That they send you and then you want to Simply deliver the groceries to the

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Customer's home some orders are prepaid So in this case you want to just go to The self-checkout or customer service And then let that cashier count the Items for you you back up the items and Then that's it so when you're starting Out I would recommend not taking on more Than one order per hour the app gives You an estimated total time for the Order but once you get the hang of it You got to be able to complete the Batches in less time but I want to be Transparent about all this that I'm Talking about and I want to talk about The good and the bad so let's cover the Bad first So some of the cons of this job are the Customers dealing with different kinds Of people you just never know what You're gonna get so this is just Something to just be aware of because This can affect your customer rating Which could affect how many batches you Receive and then which will affect how Much money you'll be bringing in so you Know this is just awesome things to Consider another con is that you have to See if your auto insurance covers ship Services if it doesn't this could add an Extra 10 to 15 dollars a month to your Insurance you know this varies you want To check it out but it is a cost Now another potential con is that you Are also an independent contractor so a

1099 employee so there are no Reimbursements for things like gas or Wear and tear on your vehicle but it's Important to know that you can write Things off on your taxes and that is Kind of a pro like your maintenance and Repairs including tires and oil changes Gas car insurance all those things those Are now a tax write-off so you have to Make sure that you are tracking all of This stuff because you want to make sure They can get this money back so Definitely make sure that you're using This app called hurdler or I can I Cannot pronounce it but it tracks Everything in real time and it helps you Claim the maximum tax deductions so you Want to make sure that you have this app I'm gonna put it in the description Below because I cannot pronounce it all Right next speaking of Texas you're Going to want to put around 25 of your Income in savings because you are Responsible for reporting and filing Your own taxes and last but not least Competition now there may be a lot of People doing this in your area which Will not leave you a lot of Opportunities to grab batches so like I Said before I would not depend on this As a consistent source of income but Just a way to make some extra money Okay so enough about the cons let's talk About the pros and then I'm gonna tell

You how to actually make the most money With this and how to maximize your tips So the pros are you can make great money On tips if you take the time to find the Correct items and communicate often with Your customers you know you actually Want to build a relationship with your Customers because with shipped you can Actually have them request you and if They can become a preferred Shopper They're gonna always tip you higher Because they know that they like you They want to keep you and they want to Keep you happy as you give them the Different the groceries that they want And you have the option to accept or Deny this request but if you accept it You will have first access to picking up Their order when it is placed so it's a Good thing to have this because it Increases your tips ship also gives you An opportunity to make some extra money By giving you bonuses so for example Friday morning they might send you a Message in the app that says if you Complete six orders on this specific day We're gonna give you an extra thirty Dollars just for doing that now some Other Pros that you can get some good Exercise shopping for others you have Your own schedule you are your own boss So you really can't beat that and I also Have friends that have done other thing Apps like Postmates and ubereats and

They have all said they have made more Money will ship by far and one last Pro That's really cool about ship is that You get their service for free if you Are a ship Shopper so you can actually Order through the app like every other Customer and you get your groceries Delivered to you for free no of course You still want to tip that person Because you know what they're going Through but you get it for free and That's like saving 99 a year so that's a Nice little benefit that I don't think The other apps offer all right now here Is how you can maximize your earnings And some good little known tips for Beginners all right when you're getting Started start by taking small batches For at least a few days you know now These batches are easier to complete and They're going to help you learn the app And just without getting too overwhelmed Once you are more comfortable then you Want to be able to take on larger Batches so just really analyze each Batch to see if the earnings tips and Distance are even worth your time and Make sure you give yourself enough time To fill and deliver the orders because If you're late your rating will go down And it can also affect your tip so you Also want to make sure that you guys are Shopping stores that you are familiar With you know it's easier to shop the

Same stores because you know the layout You know exactly where items are and it Makes for an easier faster trip which Can increase your hourly rate now when You're shopping you always want to think About yourself if you wouldn't buy this Item for yourself you shouldn't buy it For the customer you know don't be Afraid to refund an item if it's in poor Quality just take a picture and let the Customer know why you know let them know And say hey these bananas don't look Really good I don't think I should get These for you because they will really Appreciate that and that can increase Your tip you want to communicate as much As you can through words and pictures Also pay attention to expiration date You know one time I received milk that Expired the exact same day I was so mad About it so when you guys are shopping For others you know look at the Expiration days try and get the ones That are the furthest away and when you Deliver the items be sure to smile and Act like you are enjoying what you're Doing you know people appreciate happy People and just that are giving good Customer service you know doing these Things could really result in getting You a bigger tip and keep you having a High rating now if you find that you Really like doing this and you want to Do this more often definitely consider

Getting these things right here that I Want to show you just so you can have a Better experience shopping and I'm going To link all these in the description Below so you can go ahead and purchase These because this will be very helpful To you now another thing that you can do Is use other apps simultaneously like Instacart doordash even Amazon Flex you Can do all these to increase your Earnings you know find the highest Paying order and take that one another Tip to earn more is to tell people about It you know by referring others to join Ship you can earn 10 is every time you Refers to one so if you guys want to Sign up use my link in the description You know so what I would do is just Start doing this and then show my Impressive earnings on social media Networks and then I would encourage Others to sign up using my unique Referral link so you guys gotta try this All right now let's talk about what You've been waiting for and this is how You can make the most money There are several factors that play a Part in how you can make more money with you know it there are things like If you are living in a well-populated Area you gotta get more access to orders Which means you gotta make more money Also the number of hours you work the Types of orders you receive all matter

You know you earn more for batches with A heavier load so if you have cases of Water in your order you gotta make more Money so it's hard to say how much you Can make per hour but you can make over Two hundred dollars in just three hours And I'm gonna give you an example right Now on how so here is a real life Example of how you could earn 230 Dollars in just three hours real life Example guys so look at these orders Right here so order one these are small Orders but they add up so don't Discriminate with these orders because You get a hundred percent of the tip so As you can just see these right here you Can see how just added up and do you see That forty dollar tip that was a regular Customer so that was a recurring Customer I would like to use that ship Shopper and because of they have built a Relationship she tipped very well so That is the advantage you have with ship To get great tips like this and if you Are a ship driver and you're watching This video let me know in the comment Section how much you the most that You've ever been tipped you know people Want to see stuff like that and then she Took advantage of a bonus that ship was Offering which was thirty dollars so the Total was two hundred and thirty dollars And fifty four cents in just three hours For eight orders now of course this does

Not happen all the time but it is Possible some days people tip well some Days others don't all right so do you Guys think this is something you want to Do let me know in the comment section Please do because I need to know is Someone still here watching this video At the end of this video I'd love to Hear from you guys so let me know if you Want to try this or if you don't want to Try it let me know something and if you Guys want to know more of your options On how you can make money on your own Terms definitely check out my ebook and I'll put in the description below and Make sure you subscribe and if you want To know how I make money blogging Definitely see how I do it making over Ten thousand dollars a month all right Thanks for watching guys have a great Day

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