Shopify Does It Again

In the last year Shopify has really been Killing it in basically every aspect That you can imagine from collaborating With some of the biggest creators on the Platform like Mr Beast to shipping some Insane features for Builders that are Gonna make their businesses so much Better and in today's video I want to Highlight something that I just learned About Shopify that's a little bit Unrelated to what we normally talk about But there's also some really interesting Features that we've learned about in the Past few months that are now starting to Be applied and completely changing the Game so I'm going to be talking a little Bit about Shopify audiences which is an Exclusive feature from a few months ago That they dropped which allows you to Export your customer data which allows You to get better results with paid Media and you can use these audiences Basically on all paid media platforms Like meta Pinterest Google actually I'm Not sure about Google but I'm pretty Sure you can on Google as well now You'll also see later today an update on Our challenge store that we did on Shopify here with Chad gbt and as you Can see we've been totally crushing it But the thing I wanted to share with you Today this is a really interesting Feature that they just dropped and I saw Toby lucky retweeted this and that's

What sparked up this video and what it Is is basically Shopify checkout UI Extensions and how they allow you to Really do some interesting stuff for Example they're adding some upsells now At checkout which is super cool they've Never had this before look at this so You can actually just add something Right at checkout which is so clever now Sorry to disappoint but this is only a Feature for Shopify plus clients but now I'm starting to see just how much value Shopify is adding to the Shopify plus Program and unfortunately Shopify Audiences the one that I mentioned at The beginning of the video is also a Shopify plus exclusive now I will say With how fast we've been progressing on Our challenge so or soon enough if we Continue this trajectory we'll be Signing up for Shopify plus to take Advantage of these features because it Just allows you to step up your business And take it to the next level really Seamlessly so something to consider for Sure and I'm definitely going to be Introducing this as well to some of our Eight figure clients at Academy that Don't have Shopify plus yet because it Will definitely make a huge difference On the results that we can get some of These clients are near 30k days so I'm Sure this would save them a lot of money And would increase row as significantly

Now I also saw this Toby lucky tweeted Mock shop API so you can actually get Shopify API data for presentations and Things of that nature which is really Cool if you're some sort of developer or You work at a company and you want to Maybe get them hooked up on Shopify you Can do this and as you see they've Created a pretty simple but awesome Looking Shopify store here but here's The main thing that I wanted to talk About with the Shopify audiences so even Though most of you guys are beginners I'm guessing maybe you're just getting Started in your business I know there's At least one to five percent of you that Are at a level where you can start using Shopify audiences and this is why I'm Sharing this with you I want to Hopefully pass down some of the value That I'm taking in on in my brain so Anyways this guy David Herman who is a Media buyer and uh I guess maybe not Agency owner I thought he was an agency Owner maybe he is I'm not exactly sure But he's always tweeting a lot of really Valuable stuff so I suggest you give Them a follow and he tested something Like this and this was yesterday on April's Fool's Day but I confirmed that He's still being serious it's not a joke So let's just read this real quick he Said and for the oddest thing Pinterest Is now beating Tick Tock in performance

At scale for one of my bigger clients Revenue above 50 million how you ask Shopify's audiences I'm as shocked as You are but these audiences are bringing In a higher average order value than Anything we've done on Tick Tock last Seven days we've spent more on Pinterest And less on Creative take Tick Tock We've already cycled through over 25 Pieces by the way we have over 100k Followers on The Tick Tock are verified And have our videos go routinely viral a Couple things I want to mention real Quick before we finish this tweet is how He mentioned that they're getting a Higher aov and how that is directly Contributing to better results so this Is why I wanted to show you also this New Shopify plus feature that allows you To upsell things because clearly aov is One of the biggest levers for actually Becoming more profitable on your paid Media which will allow you to grow your Business faster because you can spend More now let's continue here it's not an Audience thing we do well typically on Tick Tock but since mid of February it's Become our worst performing Channel and Even looking at PPS it's falling despite Being virtually the same I don't know What that means not sure if this will Stick but very interesting to say the Least because we are a product Market Fit for both these channels and alas

Tick Tock just burns out way too fast Versus pin interest we've not updated Creatives in nine days just keeps Improving take for all this what you Will but thanks to these Shopify Audiences and all the news coming on Pinterest lately it's suddenly a very Intriguing Channel right now for direct To Consumer so Pinterest is starting to Make a huge comeback and I believe we're Still significantly early so for example In our challenge store that I mentioned We've only ran meta ads and that was the Goal initially because like he's saying I didn't want to have to cycle through Creatives like crazy like on Tick Tock But funny enough before I even saw this Tweet my team and I were talking about The next channel that we should be Launching which should be Pinterest I've Never actually tested on Pinterest Before I ran retargeting ads on there Maybe at 10 20 bucks a day but nothing Significant so I'm super curious to see What research we're gonna be able to get From Pinterest that will then apply to Some of our clients as well but also the Challenge store so let me know what you Guys think I want to know if any of you Have ever ran Pinterest ads that would Be super fun to know about and yeah yeah Let me know if you have any tips about It in the comments or anything of that Nature but with that said I'll see you

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