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What's going on guys in today's video I'm going to share with you a smart way You can use Google and more importantly Google translate and get paid over 30 Dollars every 10 minutes literally just For typing on Google now this is Something that anybody can do right now Without actually having any skills or Having any experience completely for Free and more importantly this is Something that's completely unsaturated Because like 95 of people who are doing These kinds of methods are not actually Focusing on the exact aspect I'm going To share with you in this video now make Sure to watch till the end to learn Exactly step by step how to set this up Properly so you can make anywhere from Like 30 up to fifty dollars every 10 Minutes simply by doing this very simple Method and also watch until the end of The video because I'm going to share With you two more websites that are Going to completely boost this so Instead of making like two dollars every 10 minutes which is like the average You'll be making yourself these websites Are going to help you boost the results And you are going to be making those 30 To 50 dollars every 10 minutes just like You see in the headline of the video so It's actually going to work but make Sure to watch until the end of the video Also before we get started don't forget

To please smash the like on this video I Would really appreciate it and let's try And get to 1 200 likes on this video That'll be really awesome let's try and Get there and also if you like videos About making money online don't forget To subscribe and hit notification Bell So I can notify you whenever I upload a Brain man-making video so you can do me First to watch the video and also to Make the most amount of money because The people who are watching the videos For the first time ever they are pretty Much the fastest who implement the Methods and make the most amount of Money and also if you are pretty much Not the first to this video just scroll Down through my channel and check out Some old videos because most people are Not actually watching those anymore and Those methods still work and you can Just pick and choose any method you want To make them very very easy money okay So in today's video I'm going to show You exactly how you can use Google and Pretty much make money online by doing This now once you're going to see this Not only you will think of yourself that This is so simple that you can Definitely do it right after watching The video you'll also think to yourself Like okay this is so smart why I haven't Thought about it before so first of all What you want to do is just to Google

You want to search for Google translate Okay it's going to open up this video You can either go directly to Google Translate or you can just use this Window right here this window for right Now is going to do more than enough and You want to just change the language so We are going to be translating from English for example like hello we are Going to be translating like Swedish for Example hello hello okay so this is for Any of my Swedish fans comment down Below if you are a Swedish fan and we Are just going to be using these little Translate feature to actually make Hundreds of dollars and you're going to See exactly why this is so clever Because whenever somebody is promoting Like products or they are getting Traffic everybody even from like other Countries because it's very easy they Just get English speaking traffic and They make money from English type of Offers but using the translator right Here you can actually leverage a huge Pool of traffic that I will show you in Just a few minutes right now so what you Want to do is you just want to put the Here English or your main language that You speak and you want to put it here a Couple of languages like French okay and We are not going to be using CPA for This one so you want to do something Like this and then you want to search

For like a niche topic so for example Right here I'm going to search for like Not search but I'm going to put here I'm Going to put here best recipes for keto Diet and you can see it's going to write Me this which I could definitely cannot Pronounce I'm not a french-speaking Person but it's going to say Too okay so I guess that is correct now What you want to do with the search Result this is just like a headline you Are searching for you want to copy that Part and you want to open up another Google window and just paste it there And search for that and what this is Going to show you are actually all the French results for the best recipes for Keto diet but in French so what this is Going to do is give you all high quality Content that we can actually use in a Really very legit way okay and the best Part is you don't even have to Understand French because this is not Generated by like AI so you'd have to Like double check it or stuff like that This is something that you can use just Like you see it right here with the Images and all these things as long as You're going to just give them a credit Okay so this is the step number one now Step number two you want to go to ClickBank digistore or any of the Network of your choice I recommend ClickBank for this example but I just

Want to demonstrate it and you want to Go for example like health and fitness Because I search for the keto diet and Then on the left hand side you're going To see all these little Windows right Here now these are categories but they Are four or less filters that you can Actually use so for example if the Product is mobile friendly the product Type like a physical product or it has Upsells then the billing type but also And this is very important you are Looking for languages okay so go with Languages and you can see these are the Languages you want to go for because There's German Spanish French Italian Portuguese and obviously English you can See English is dominating the Marketplace now you can use the same Exact method for German market for Spanish market for French market for Italian and Portuguese without actually Knowing these languages so I'm not now I'm going to just select a French Language and it's going to show me all These affiliate offers that are pretty Much in a French language so you can see English Spanish and French and all of Them are going to be in French as well Because that's the filter that we have Used you can see these are the one now This is like French flat Billy flash 10 Day fat Flash new two top offers if I'm Going to check it out this one looks

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Like a very very good offer I definitely Cannot read that but it's something About losing weight in French okay so This is it and there's also like a Custom keto diet which is a very popular Product and I can get it in French as Well and then you just pretty much want To click on the affiliate page right Here do not use the promote and then you Just want to go to like a French part of The website so this is like the basic Website just click on the French version Or Spanish version or whatever language You're going to choose click on it then You will come right here just use the Default translator from Google Chrome to Translate the page because I don't know This language then click on create your Partner links right at the left hand Side in this case and this is the Standard link French one and then you Just want to replace the XXXX with your ClickBank name which you can find at the Top section right here welcome and then This is your name right here so that's All you need to know about the affiliate Links okay when you click there this is Pretty much the opt-iness what do they Plan yeah I cannot read that for French Traffic okay now that you have these Articles and you have left after how do You actually turn this into Cash okay Now this is actually how you actually Get the Articles and how you get the

Offers you can do it for like a six pack For whitening teeth or any kind of Niche You're going to find on ClickBank right Here so if you just go to the Marketplace defaultly and we're going to Go with all offers and we click right Here on view all offers and then I'm Just going to change the category to Like range for example and I'm going to Store them by gravity these are all the Niches you can use so this is custom Keto diet is like gluco trust super Affiliate system then this is I don't Know what it is I don't know this is Something about diabetes then this is I Don't know what it is baby sleep Miracle So all these offers you can use them Okay so this is what you're looking for And then you're going to find an article Something like this and I want to show You how to actually turn this into real Cash just head over to this website That's called and I'm going To show you how to actually use it to Get plenty and plenty of traffic just go Right here and you want to click on Start reading right here or sign in or Get started at the top section or click On right and just sign up with your Account and then just want to create Like a very simple post now this is all You got to do first of all you want to Go to Google and you want to copy pretty Much the search string that you've been

Searching for okay so this this search String right here copy that because That's like the headline of the whatever How do you call it a story okay so you Want to put it there and then for the Content you want to copy and paste this Entire article and if there's like a lot Of recipes right here all we got to do Is just copy the top five for example Okay so just like this and then you just Want to paste it right here okay and This is pretty much it okay and also to Make sure that this is going to be legit I'm going to copy the link of the Website and then at the bottom I'm going To put their credits and I will put the Link of the website okay so just to make Sure that everything is going to be Gucci and I'm going to make it like just Like this like this little what do you Call them italics but more importantly What you want to do is want to go to ClickBank again go to ClickBank and we Want to get our affiliate link okay so For this page right here now I don't Really know what the headline means but I'm just going to copy that right here And then I want to get the affiliate Link so what you want to do you want to Replace this affiliate link so I'm just Going to copy that but before that Actually I'm going to go to Google Translate first I'm going to right here In the translator click here to get your

Customized keto diet okay something like This I'm going to copy that and I'm Going to put it right here okay so after The first paragraph put it right here And also after the let's say the second Recipe right here and now I want to get My affiliate link from this part so I'm Just going to copy that and also I'm Going to highlight this part but make Sure when you are adding the link you Will change this part okay the first Part you're going to change it to your ClickBank username okay just like this Because otherwise the link is not going To work so put it there so I will click On it I need to change the entire part Link or like you need to do it again so I'll put it there and then the part Right here is pretty much Ewba214 I'm going to copy this link Which is actually the one that works hit Enter and just like this okay and then Before we can also add these two arrows So I'm just going to copy this entire Part and pretty much add it as a call to Action here and also let's add it as a Call to action right here okay so just Like this and then there's also the read It so it's going to be all legit so this Is how it's going to look like now click On publish and then you pretty much want To add an image and also add couple of Uh keywords it says like add a topic but This is like a diet and also keto

Recipes this can be also in English Because they are like very broad but Because the language of the article is In French is going to show to French-speaking people now if you can Publish and send now and pretty much Right now where I want to show you how To do with this article it's not like How to get traffic but more importantly I want to show you how to actually blast This article into like first search Result okay you can see this is my Article on medium if you're going to Search for it called holiday Gold Rush You're going to see that my article is Right here and now I want to show you What I have done with an article like This to actually get it on the first Page position so first of all you want To copy the link of the article and now I'm going to show you exactly pretty Much what you need to do to actually get It to the first page position so when People are going to be searching for the French keywords it is going to be Showing right away because not only you Will get traffic from medium you are Also going to get traffic from search Engine if it's showing up on the first Page position and these are the two Websites that I was talking about at the Beginning of the video which are going To boost your earnings because just like This you're going to make like three

Dollars every 10 minutes on average but If you're going to use these two Websites you are going to be making like 30 to 50 dollars because of the search Engine traffic now the website you can Again just Google them they are called This is the website pause The video now rewrite the website and Then the second one is called okay this looks like this And these are my two ping websites which Are going to build like a tons of Backlinks like for example if I put the Link right there and I will click on Mass pink you're going to see this is Going to be like one backlink but the Second one if I put it there make sure To come to check complex URLs because Other than that if you're not going to Check this it's only going to uh it's Only going to index the last part the Main domain but if you're going to the Complex URL it's going to index the Entire website just like this okay so if You don't check it it's only going to Build the back link to this or maybe to This part which doesn't really help us But we want to make sure it's going to Build it back into the entire link like This and then click on rapid index and Then you're going to see this is Building backlinks as there is as I Speak right now as you are watching this Video this tool is building me backlinks

And you can see it's going to submit to 577 sites completely for free and this Is going to help it to rank in the Search engines and that's it hope you Enjoyed this video let me know what you Think about in the comment section below And also if you'd like to see how I make Over thirty thousand dollars per month Without using my YouTube channel or Without showing my face online check out This video right here

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