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How SEO Should Be Done Today As a Part of Internet ">Marketing for Small Businesses

The question that we want to answer in this article is not whether ‘why’ local or small business owners should consider investing in SEO or search engine optimization as a part of their advertising and ">marketing strategy. The most important question is ‘how’ it should be done and who will be right company to help them in their SEO strategy.

7 Tips for Shooting Interviews

The Talking Head interview… seems so simple, doesn’t it? Looks can always be deceptive! Like all apparently easy things, the devil lies in the detail. We’ve come up with 7 handy tips to ensure that your talking head works smoothly – and looks as professional as it can be!

3 Mistakes Spa Owners Make With Referrals

Referrals are the best source for new business for your salon or spa. People trust recommendations they get from friends or family over advertising hands down. Even better, referrals feed on themselves: your happy clients refer their friends building your base of happy clients who refer their friends.

Photo Booths for Business Promotion

The growth in party photo booths at weddings and other private functions continues to rise at a pace, with it becoming the ‘must have’ entertainment addition, the popularity of which can be attributed to the fun factor, suitability for all ages and not least of which the memories that they naturally provide. What are party photo booths?

How to Stop Wasting Time

I’ve come to the conclusion that wasting time is the biggest obstacle for entrepreneurs in getting things done. You don’t get results from things you don’t implement – and these four time wasters are the biggest culprits.

What Product Managers Can Learn From The World’s Best Advertiser

So who was the most successful ad man in history? I’m not 100% sure, but if you had to line them all up, David Ogilvy would be close to the front of the line. In fact he was so good at what he did that he was often called “The Father Of Advertising”. Clearly this is somebody that product managers can learn a thing or two from…

Office Parking Structure Car Detailing – When Can I Raise My Prices?

Let’s say you are going into business for yourself as a mobile auto detailer, or a mobile car wash entrepreneur? That might be a good business for you, although I must warn you; it is hard work. Yes, but one thing is guaranteed; if you do the work, you will lose weight. Perhaps that’s an added bonus if you have a few extra pounds on you? But that’s beside the point, what I’d like to talk to you today about is pricing.

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