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Step one you want to come over to this Website and register a free account step Two you need to find a high converting Product that's going to pay you as much As fifty five dollars per sale step Three you want to generate the Hop link To promote this product and copier step Four you want to paste your link in here Which is going to help you sell this Product to make a lot of money with Affiliate marketing step five all you Need to do now is watch the commissions Roll in and on this video I'm going to Show you step by step how you can set This up in less than five minutes to Make money with affiliate marketing you Don't need to have any sort of social Media following and you don't ever need To have any traffic this is super simple And anybody can do this to make anything From 55 to a couple hundred dollars a Day and I'm going to show you everything Step by step let's get into it so step One in this strategy I'm going to show You a niche that's blowing up that you Can promote different types of affiliate Offers to make really good money with Affiliate marketing what you want to do Is come over to platforms either like Digistore24 or clickbank.com and you Want to sign up for a free account both Of these platforms have a lot of Affiliate marketing offers once you sign Up to either Marketplace what you want

To do is go over to their category Section and I want you to scroll down And look at all the different categories They have but what we're going to be Doing today is we're going to be going To the self-help section and we're going To be promoting different types of Relationship products okay this Niche It's absolutely blowing up and a lot of People make really good money online With this strategy now before I continue With this video what I want you to do For me is make sure you smash that like Button in appreciation door for the YouTube algorithm and because I Appreciate it so much and in return Don't forget to go down the bottom and Get my free affiliate marketing guide It's yours absolutely for free also let Me know in the comments what type of Content do you prefer is it affiliate Marketing different ways to make money Online other than affiliate marketing or Do you prefer more content about YouTube And how to make money YouTube go down The bottom and comment right now so I Know exactly what content to make for You so once you're on ClickBank and you Go over to self-help you're going to Find all these different products that You can promote in the relationship Niche and what you're looking for is Products with a good gravity something Potentially with a rebuild it doesn't

Necessarily have to be and products Where you can earn over fifty dollars Every single time you promote it like This one over here called The X Factor Guide I like this one because you can Promote it for males and females and as You can see it's got a rebuild as well Folks you can see it's 41 and the Gravity score is over 50 and you can Make as much as fifty five dollars per Sale so what you want to do is you want To click onto this product so you can See exactly what this looks like you're Going to see it's four man click here For women click here when you click onto This it's going to take you over to Their landing page you can have a quick Read of this we're going to use some of This information shortly in order to Promote these products you can click Onto this one as well it's going to be Very very similar but a little bit Different as well so what we want to do Now is we want to promote this product So you want to come over here and you Want to click on to promote once you Click on to promote you want to click on To generate hop link and this is the Link that we are going to be promoting When we go to get this free traffic with The website that I'm going to show you On this video so step two in this Strategy what you need to do is come to This website over here called replug dot

IO this is a link shortening platform That's going to allow you to shorten the Link by promoting content that's Potentially not even yours if you have Your own website that's great if you Don't you don't need your own website so You can use high quality websites using Their content and to promote your link As a pop-up this is an amazing strategy And as you can see there are so many Companies that use this software but I'm Going to show you how to do it so that You can make money online with affiliate Marketing and free this is super Powerful stuff and not a lot of people Are teaching this but I want to show you This today so you can do it immediately After watching this video now before we Continue with this video if you haven't Done so already I do have my new 500 October giveaway that has started all You need to do is Click onto the link in The description of this video and enter This giveaway I'm going to be giving Five winners a hundred dollars each all I ask in return is that you smash that Like button and make sure you get down The bottom and comment let me know that You're in this month's giveaway so once You're on this platform all you need to Do is come up to the top and register For a free account when you come over Here and take a look at their pricing You can register for a 14-day free trial

Which is more than enough to get you Started I'm going to show you how to Create multiple campaigns so you can Promote multiple products if you want or Promote the one product with a different Types of Articles or websites Etc so Once you come over here and you register For a free account it's going to bring You over to page that looks like this And the first thing that you need to do Over here is you need to click onto new Brands we're going to create a brand That you're going to be promoting so What you want to do is come up to the Top and click on to New Brand now this Is where you need to enter your company Name or product or what you're going to Be promoting so I've just typed in Relationship promo one now enter your Website or your url this is where you Can just paste that ClickBank link That's fine we can do that in here then What you want to do is you want to come Over here and you want to click on to Save once you click on to save this is My first relationship promo now what we Need to do from here is we need to come Up to the top and you can see that You've got this manage tab from this Manage tab you've got Brands campaigns Plugins Etc I'm going to show you how to Put all this together so we've recreated The brand now what we need to do is we Need to create a campaign then we're

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Going to link this website to this I'm Going to show you where you can find That so quite simply click onto Campaigns once you click onto campaign Or you need to do is Click onto new Campaign now we need to select your Brand so click onto this and this is the First brand which is the relationship Primer which is what we just created you Want to click onto that and then you Want to click on to next down the bottom Once you do that you can see that now You want to enter a campaign name so I'm Just going to call this uh P1 okay so Relationship promo one now this is where If you wanted to create your own custom Domains you could which would make this Even more powerful so if you have a Domain you could very easily add this or You can create your own domain you don't Need to do it for this strategy though For now what we need to do is we need to Come over here to select campaign type And you can see you've got shortener and You've got retargeting pixel what we're Going to do is we're going to just leave This ticked onto the top one okay and we Can untick that now what you want to do Is come down to widgets now with widgets You want to select call to action okay So as you can see once you select that It's going to give you this call to Action pop which is going to pop up when People are reading this website okay now

On the left hand side over here you can See that you've just received even more Options on the sidebar account we're Going to go through all these now what We need to do now that you've selected Call to action you want to click on to Next Once you click on to next and now You can see here that you need to Customize this button now this button as You can see has a tab underneath it once You click onto that tab you can choose All these different types of tabs and You can see this is going to change you Say you've got Banner if you want to use Batter Banner you can use this exit Intent you've got scroll box okay and I'm going to show you what this exit Intent is in a second we're not going to Be using it but it's also a super Powerful strategy you've got a bridge Page that can pop up it's entirely up to You what we're going to be using is Either the social classic or modern I'm Going to run with social classic once You've selected what you want now you Want to scroll down and you want to Click on 10x now this is where your Headline is going to go now because the Product that we're promoting is talking About getting your ex back Etc what you Want to quite simply do is come back Over to these two offers and you want to Click onto it let's say we click onto This one over here as an example and

You're going to scroll down you're going To find there's a lot of different Information over here that you can use To come up with your own customize Pop-up Link account I'm going to create One very quickly and show you exactly What this looks like so when you're on This page what we need to do is we need To customize this so your headline goes Here that's what you're going to put in There and then your message goes here Let me customize this and I'll show you What it looks like alright so I've just Very quickly customized this the first One I've got here is how to get your ex Back quickly it's up to you if you want To put male female Etc it doesn't matter That works well then over here she'll be She'll be the one begging you to come Back and give you another chance you can Put heal shoot whatever you want it's up To you then you've got your call to Action now with the call to action this Is that button there all we need to do Is come over here and type in something Like learn how here Learn how now something like that [Music] And then you can put click here Okay just so they know they need to Click now what we need to do is we need To enter the button URL when they click Onto this it's going to take them Straight over to that ClickBank offer so

You want to come over you guys and you Want to paste that ClickBank Link in There now what we need to do is we need To click on to next so once you're happy With this you click on to next Once you Click on to next this is going to allow You to customize this Banner with colors It's entirely up to you what you want to Use you can play around with this you Can change his face Etc it's up to you I'm just going to leave this with the Colors that it's got at the moment and I'm going to click on to next now here Is the remember I told you about that on Exit intent so when people are on this Page what's going to happen is I'm going To put this to about five seconds when They're reading the website that I'm Going to show you in a second After five seconds this pop-up is going To come up now if you select on exit Intent if somebody goes to exit this Page then as soon as they scroll up to Go towards their cursor to exit this Pop-up will pop up okay but what we're Going to do is we're going to leave this For now we're going to leave this on the Five seconds now what we need to do is We need to click on to save campaign so Once you click onto save campaign this Has now saved to our computer now what We need to do is we need to come back up To manage then you want to scroll down And you want to click on to re-plug

Links this is where we're going to make This magic happen so once you do that What we want to do quite simply is we Want to click on to New Link once you Click onto New Link this is where we Need to get a website that corresponds To our offer and to this pop-up that we Have just created so what you quite Simply want to do from here is you want To come over to Google and you want to Type in something like this how to get Your ex back okay and you can see that Google is also going to give you a whole Heap of different types of suggestions Of what is being typed in into Google The most common searches for example how To get my ex back within 24 hours or how To get your ex back after hurting them Or how to get your ex-girlfriend back Etc so all you want to do from here is Scroll down and you want to start Opening up these different types of Websites on the first page second page Third page it doesn't matter once you Open up a few of these websites what we Now want to do is we want to use these Websites and we're going to get this Pop-up on this come up as they're Reading this and I'm going to show you Where you're going to place these Websites so now that we've found this One over here is just one of them that I Clicked on okay so as you can see how to Get someone back your ultimate breakup

Guide and tips and I found this one as Well how to get back with your ex so What you want to do now once you've Found websites that you want to use you Want to copy this link okay so once you Copy this link of this first website What you want to do is you want to come Over here now the first thing you want To do is select your campaign remember This is the first campaign that we've Created now what we want to do over here Is we want to paste that URL of that Website in here now I need you to please Pay close attention because what happens Is if you get an explanation mark over Here it means that this website has ad Blocker or some sort of pop-up blocker On it they're not allowing you to use it So quite simply just go back to Google And find another website I found these Two websites within one minute okay so Once you do that all you need to do is Enter that in there then you can Optimize with tags we don't need to do Any of that as you scroll down over here Guys you don't need to do anything here You don't need to click onto any of this And then all you need to do is Click Onto save link once you save this link As you can see it's creating this link Now what we can do is we can copy this URL remember like I said you can create Your own customized URL which will be Even more powerful but this is the

Standard one that you get on the free Plan now what we can do is we can copy This once we copy this we can come over To our own empty browser V hit Ctrl V Paste that in there okay and as you can See now this is going to pop up with This so I'm going to click on telegram Once we scroll down after five seconds You're going to see this pop up and this Is our call to action so if somebody Clicks onto this it's going to take them Straight over to this product and then They can click onto the relevant one That they want to go to once they do That if they purchase you're going to Make as much as 55 per sale now the Other cool thing about this is is that If you don't want to use this website You can create multiple of these very Very quickly so quite simply you come Straight back over to here and as you Can see down the bottom over here says Create another replug link so Everything's going to stay the same Everything that you've done is going to Be exactly the same all you need to do Is click on to create another replug Link and now you want to enter another URL so all we need to do is come over to This website we can copy this so you can Test out different ones to see which one Works best but you don't need to do all That work again so once you've copied That come straight back over to the site

Remember to select the campaign name Which is that one there now all you need To do is paste that second website in Here and as you can see you're going to Get this tick leave all this the same And then click on to save link once you Click on to save link now you've got two Websites with the same offer that you Can potentially test out now if you copy This and put this into a new browser Okay hit enter now what's going to Happen is this is going to come up with This website and as you scroll down After five seconds you're gonna hear That pop-up as you can see there you go That's popped up anybody clicks onto That again it's going to take you over To that product now what you want to do If you come back over to this website Okay if we close this okay what's going To happen is now you can see you've got These two pop-ups okay that as you can See you can use either one of these and I'm going to show you where you can use These free traffic so if you're enjoying This video up until this point please do Me a favor smash that like button Enterprise appreciation for the YouTube Algorithm and just let me know that you Got to this point and that you Understand exactly what we are doing up Until this point and don't forget to Enter my 500 giveaway now what we need To do is we need to get free traffic

There's a number of ways you can get Free traffic with this and I'm going to Show you exactly what they are the first Thing that you can potentially do is you Can come over to Google and type in Something like relationship forums Relationship forums are really really Good if you go there and find good Forums what you want to do is you want To start communicating with different People you don't want to spam anything Straight away you don't want to upload Anything even though this is going to Come up as a website it's not going to Be a landing page or an offer or Anything like that you can very easily Tell people take a look at this amazing Website it's going to give you 10 tips 20 tips on how to get your ex back Because that's exactly what you found With these different types of websites They're going to read it and your pop-up Is going to come up so you want to go Over here you want to establish some Trust on these different types of forums Then once you have put up a few Different types of comments then you Want to maybe tell them take a look at This website and then you can just pin That link and then people will read it And then they'll more than likely click Onto that link as well so you want to Look for different types of Relationships forums the other thing

That you can do is type in get your ex Back forms as well and you want to Scroll down you can find a whole heap of These some people are running ads to These different types of forums as well Which means they're getting a lot of Traffic right now so I'd highly Recommend that you click onto the ones Where you can see that people are Running ads to these depending on what You type into the search term in Google Will depend whether or not you're going To see different types of ads that's the First way that you can do it the second Way that you can do do these guys as Always you can come over to Facebook as Well and you can type in relationships Under groups and you're going to find a Whole heap of different types of groups What you want to be looking for is Different types of public groups and Groups that allow you to post multiple Times a day again with these different Types of groups you want to come over Here you want to click onto these and You want to start establishing you know Some sort of credibility on there so Again you only want to put up your link With every maybe one out of five Comments that you make you want to put Up your link say that you're not getting Banned you're not getting removed and You also want to establish some type of Credibility so as you can see this one

Over here is a public group it's got 92 000 members 10 posts a day this one's a Private group so you may need to ask the Person that owns this group whether you Can get in until be honest let them know What you want to do find out whether or Not that'll accept you I mean look at This relationship quotes guys 250 000 Members 10 posts a day so there's a lot Of opportunity for you to get a lot of Traffic and the other thing that this Platform is going to allow you to do is You can also collect emails as well on The back of this so if you wanted to Build your own email list as well you Could absolutely do I'm not an affiliate Of this I'm just showing you exactly What you can do and like I said you've Got a 14 day free trial to get started With this so coming over here signing up To these different and types of Relationship groups is another awesome Way that you can do this the third way That you can do this guys is you can Quite simply create your own Instagram Profile and relationships Tick Tock Profile on relationships whatever you Want to do and start posting different Types of content on there and then pin These links in the description of these Videos or inside the buyer of these Different types of profiles and when People read these different websites They can click onto that link it looks a

Lot more credible and you can start to Make some really good money online with Affiliate marketing by creating this Amazing content now all that's left to Do is to to rinse and repeat you've got 14 days to test out different products Different types of websites and Absolutely crush it once it's 14 days Exposing you've made some money it's Only going to cost you 20 a month to Maintain this platform and you can Absolutely crush it in multiple Nations Now don't go anywhere like I said if you Haven't done so already make sure that You signed up to my giveaway grab my Free affiliate marketing guide and smash That like button in appreciation then go Over to this video that's going to show You exactly how you can get paid daily And earn hundreds of dollars absolutely For free I'll see you on that video Until next time take care of yourselves And goodbye

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