Thank You for being the Best Part of… #MyYearOnYouTube 2022

YouTube just sent me my 2022 year in Review which is basically like a Scorecard for how well this channel did In 2022. I'm gonna be showing that to You guys in a little while on my laptop Screen but first as soon as I saw this Email from YouTube the first thing that Came to my mind was to say thank you to You watching this video right now Because you made this possible this Couldn't have happened without you so I Want to say a very big thank you for you For your support right you know um you Watch my videos you engage with my Content you know you comment to my Content you know you follow me around You know and I appreciate that it Matters to me it matters to me that I Put out content and you take your time To actually watch it and consume those Content thank you very much thank you Very much and I want to make you a Promise right it doesn't matter the kind Of value you think that I have created From when I started up until now for you 2023 is going to be bigger I'm going to Be sharing what I'm saying that we're Going to be doing in 2023 as we proceed In this video but first things first let Me go to my screen and let us look at What we achieved together in 2022 So looking at my screen right now you're Going to be seeing the fact that um this Is an email from YouTube it says online

Hustle TV your 2022 year in review is Here and it says um online hustle TV Your 22 new snapshot so we had a total Of 2.5 million views in 2022 right we Had 11.5 million watch time in minutes 11.5 million minutes watch time Basically and we had a total of 74 000 74 100 likes We had a total of 74.1 000 likes all right then 58 000 new Subscribers and August was actually the Best month because it had the most Amount of views now Um your top view the top viewed videos Of the Year videos that you watched the Most is actually Amazon KDP tutorial now This video is a good example of what I've been teaching in my YouTube Trainings it took me about seven days to Make this video I didn't sleep at all For good seven days because I had to Actually write a book on camera document Everything and of course this is like a Full course that people actually sell And I gave it out for free right and Guess what this video did very well you Guys appreciated it but her book that I Did and you watch this video and a lot Of you guys have come to me and said Gerald I have started publishing new Books on Amazon KDP and I'm making sales On Amazon KDP this is a very good Example Right this is a student like you that

Actually watch this video on YouTube for Free and they made money doing this now The second video is how to make money Online in Nigeria with 100 naira you Guys engage with that content you go Value from that content you watched it Right so it's actually emotionally Beneficial business relationship right Because I benefit and you benefit as Well you know so I have learned this Thing to give value for us before I ask Something in return value Trump's Aesthetics at every point in time I Always say this in my trainings now um How to create uh how to create binance Account and verify with your phone step By step Finance tutorial now this is Another video that you guys engage with So much right and of course it's obvious Why because these videos are so very Detailed And one of the things I did in 2022 was I tried out YouTube shots and apparently He made some impact so I was able to Create just five shots in 2022 and those Five shots gave me 9892 views on those short videos that I Made on YouTube right now Um your top the top viewed short of the Year is this app made me six million Naira I will give I'll be giving away Hundred dollars to two serious Individuals on YouTube and make money Online taking and uploading uploading

Photos and all of that right and the top Countries people that I view my channel The most are people from Nigeria Ghana And India and I want to say that I love You guys so very much now if I come down Right here it says um I had live stream I had a total live stream of 430 minutes Right and 23 500 total live stream views You know and um the most watched live Stream videos actually this video where I made a video on how to make money Online answering your questions episode One now this is something that I tried Out I was supposed to continue with it But apparently I had a lot of things That I was doing and I couldn't because The idea is for you guys to send in your Questions that I go come live and we Have an interaction where I answer these Questions in 2023 I'm going to actually Be taking this seriously right so I'm Going to be doing one live video where I'm going to be answering your questions Once every month for the whole of 2023 Right I am committed to that if you are Excited about that let me know in the Comment section guys so that I actually Put it in my plan to actually do that in 2023. Now I'm going to come down again Um okay so you guys gave me 74 000 likes In 2022 Um 11.5 million total minutes watched on My channel and you made it happen so

Thank you I love you thank you I love You so Um all time 2965 days since your first offload Upload I'm not sure what this means Right if you know what this means let me Know in the comment section please I'm Not sure I know what it means I have to Give you some thoughts Um 2002 000 all-time like this is Everything my child I've gotten right so He met he made a lot of progress in 2022 Because if I've gotten 200 light all Time you know and um in just uh 2022 I Got 27 74 000 like so that means that I Got a whole lot more likes in 2022 Because I've been on YouTube for about Three years three years now so I'm 61 000 comments and of course you guys Shared my content for a 160 000 times Over 100 000 that's amazing that's Mind-blowing I feel like hugging you Right now I feel like hugging you that Is watching video right now I feel like Hugging you thank you thank you thank You I love you so and uh let's come down Right here and see if there's something Else okay so in 2023 um Um I'm gonna be doing a lot of uh trainings Both free trainings and paid trainings In 2018 I'm going to be doing a lot of Live videos right and I'm compiling the Questions that you guys keep asking in

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The comment section so if there's a Video that you are you specifically want To see in 2023 let me know in the Comment section of this particular video Right now and I'm going to be putting That putting that on my book so I'm Going to be getting a new notepad I'm Compiling your question so I'm going to Be making videos answering specific Questions that you are interested in Right for 2023. so thank you very much And I want to say compliment of the Season and I want to wish you the best While you are staying staying safe even Through the season God bless you I love You and in 2023 we are going to even win Much bigger until I see my next video Keep winning and don't forget to share Out touch love you guys bye from here Guys

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