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A maze wallet is a mobile app Integrating a number of features which Include a self-code studio multi-chain Crypto wallet a messaging function an Nft Market play and an in-app browser it Is powered by a mesh token which is a Native token and smartphone users act as Validator mining nodes for all Transactions within the Amaze wallet Ecosystem this app is available on Android and iOS it supports thousands of Coins and token and meets the highest Standard of security encryption and data Protection private keys are kept safe Through Quantum resistance cryptographic Now let me show you how this works so What you need to do is to click on the First link in this video description and Once you click on that link it's going To bring you to the Amaze wallet Um website so right here it says Android And iOS right so I'm going to do right Now because I'm using on an Android Device I'm going to hit Android if you Are on an iPhone what you need to do is To click on iOS right so I'm going to Tap Android right now and it's going to Take me straight to my Play Store and Prompt me to actually install the Amaze Wallet app and that's what you need so I'm going to hit install right now and This installation process speaking That's you can right now on my screen Right here you see right so this is

Installing right now and what you need To do is to wait for installation Process to complete and once it's Complete they're going to set up an Account on a maze wallet and start using This wallet it is that simple and I'm Gonna be showing you guys exactly how to Do that okay so the app is done Installing as you can see on my screen Right now so I'm going to hit open and Just a normal ritual right so you just Go to uh click allow and Next Step Next Step Next Step Next Step done these are All the coins available on the app card Yes Everything everything actually is here Right here right here right now so I'm Gonna go to wallet and you already have An account just gonna put your email Address right here and your password Right here to sell it to to sign in and If you have an account you're going to Click on do not have an account to set Up an account it is that simple right so Gonna your email address your email Address your password you confirm your Password verification code provides then Invitation code visual code cozy right Here and this is actually optional and Hit create some account to actually set Up an account on Amazing wallet that's How simple it is one of the amazing Chief kiachibles of the Amaze wallet is That it is self custodial multi-chin

Crypto wallet and this security system Is Top Notch right it's one of the best Security systems I've seen in all the Wallets that I've actually used the Amaze wallets have some features are Actually currently available and these Features are things like the NFC Maintain our messenger Swap and Multi-chain while other features are Still in development like mobile mining Payment taxis in a browser and Fiats on Off-ramp join the community to Participate in the Amaze wallet airdrop And of course there are lots of rewards And fun activities over the next few Weeks and here's what I need you to do Right now go ahead and download the Amaze wallet right now yeah download it Right now using the first link in this Video description and once you've Installed it on your phone and set up Your account click on the second link in This video description and join my Telegram Channel if you're not there Already right I won't share gold now Give me your PTC one Edge address right You're going to be giving it to me Inside my telegram Channel and I'm gonna Be sending a little token of Bitcoin to Actually help you test out your Amaze Wallet how does that sound so I'm going To be choosing 30 persons randomly and I'm gonna be sending a small amount of BTC to each and every one of you right

So it's important that you add you take Action right now because of course I'm Gonna be doing this like immediately Right so as soon as you see this video Online you're watching video right now Take action right now right and then let Me know um and of course let us know if If you are part of the people that Actually choose that actually send this Uh Bitcoin so it's actually going to Make money online Bitcoin trading I mean Quickly cryptocurrency trading basically It's something that you should do and Amazing left is one of the best Runners Out there to actually help you achieve That so go ahead download this wallet Set up an account you know um like I've Shown you guys in today's video I'll of Course get cracked guys so if you have Any questions let me know in the comment Section as I'm going to be here to Answer all of your questions guys until I see my next video keep waiting and Don't forget that generous those love You guys bye from here yet

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