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What's the one thing you hear over and Over and over again about Building Wealth and creating a passive income It's to get into real estate right But what if you're like me and you don't Want to be the landlord you want to have To deal with tenants Well thank the Lord there is a way that We don't have to and we still get to Make a passive income and I'm talking Five to six figures per deal Today we get to talk to coach Rosie who Is using one of the best kept secrets in Real estate and it's dealing with Mortgage notes have you guys ever heard Of this well let's get into it and so You can see if this is something you Guys want to do you ready let's go hi Coach Rosie thank you so much for being With us today Hey thank you Whitney it is such an Honor and a pleasure to be here I am so Happy to um have this opportunity with You today yes so before I get started I Want to just know a little bit more About your background and how did you Even get into this mortgage notes Yeah so um I am a real estate uh Mortgage note investor and Um I started this journey some years ago Just sort of seeking Um another way of doing real estate I Didn't like being a landlord and um that Never turned out really well for me uh

It's good for some people but it just Wasn't good for me and I was looking for A way that I could do something a bit More passively and I ran across real Estate mortgage notes and once I found That man I was just like off and going To the races I I had to do it it was Um I believe a godsend for me Awesome okay so the next question is What are mortgage notes I have no idea Yeah so most people have a lot of Experience with mortgage notes however They are on the opposite side of it Right so what I teach is for people to Be on the side where they're actually Collecting the mortgage opposed to the One paying the mortgage and um so Mortgage notes is if you've ever had a Student loan or car loan or a mortgage Itself on a house your primary resident You have um gone into an agreement on Paper to say that you're going to pay That company that bank x amount of Dollars every month at this percent you Know interest rate Um for the next 5 10 20 30 years and Um you sign on the line and then you Start to make those payments each and Every month now the bank is the one Who's selecting those payments so Mortgage notes in the way that I talk About it that anyone can become a real Estate mortgage note investor is the Flipping of that so instead of you being

On the end where you're paying the Mortgage to someone else you're now Financing a property And then you are being paid the mortgage Everyone so you become the bank okay now Can you walk us through that process Then on how we can become the bank yeah So Um the way that it works is you what I Like to do there's many ways of doing Mortgage notes so you can buy an actual Mortgage note that's already in Existence from someone else or you could Create or originate your own mortgage Note now I like the creating and Originating because it gives you a Higher return on your investment or Roi So if you then create that mortgage that That node Um you're going to then finance that Property to a family that family is Going to then pay you the mortgage every Month That's really it so how would I go about Creating a mortgage do I have to have a Property first or how does that work Absolutely so the mortgage is all about Assets right it's about having a Property that you can turn and finance To someone else the same way the bank Finances a car student loan or anything Else so you're the bank that's the Hardest part for people to get is that You become the bank right so think of

Yourself as a bank you own an asset a House you're then going to finance that House To me I then for 30 years at say 10 interest Eight percent whatever that interest Rate is will now make that mortgage Payment to you the bank every month and That's how you're going to create that Mortgage note okay now guys I have so Many questions all right so first I have To go out and find a property that's the First step correct Correct and is that something that you Like help us do because I'm like I don't Know how would I even find a property I Wouldn't even know what to look for it's Like what would you suggest that I do First on my first step Well your first step will certainly be Um on the mortgage side it's going to be Uh finding that property and I mean There are properties everywhere the good Thing about mortgage notes is you can Buy anywhere in the country right I Teach people how to buy all over Um so it doesn't necessarily have to be Where you live and depending upon where You live Um you know the value of of homes is Different right so you'll go out you'll You'll seek for property you can use Craigslist you can use uh Facebook Marketplace you could use trulo you

Could use a a Um a realtor to help you with that I Mean there's so and there's tons of Other ways that we look for properties But you can do all those things once you Have solidified a property that you Desire then you're then going to go into Contract with whoever owns that property Of course right you'll buy that property From them you'll fix that property up if It needs needs you know some sort of Repairs which again if you're doing any Sort of repairs that's considered Originating or creating this mortgage Note because now you're bringing up the Value of that note Now once you've done that you're going To advertise and find a buyer right so Once you find a buyer you're going to Give them a purchase agreement they're The same way you buy anything they're Going to do inspections all of that Stuff and then they're going to begin Paying you the mortgage but definitely The first thing is you got to find a Profit now when you're buying these Properties out of state you obviously Have to go out of state too to go fix Those properties up right No what Oh and that's what I love so what we do As part of our our uh our mentorship Program is we teach you how to build a Team right so you have to build a team

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Of people that you're going to work with In other states to help you with Creating that mortgage note and doing The renovations and all of that oh wow Now okay so once you find a property and Then you um fix it up and you're ready To sell it you find people who want to Buy the house but what makes them think Or how do you get them to say now Finance through me like when they like How does that process work well um it's Advertising so you're going to do photos You know the same way that Realtors do It I'm not a realtor but the same way That they do it you're going to Market That particular uh property right so You're gonna Market it you're going to Show pictures of it Um you're gonna you know you're gonna Tell them call you're gonna say they can Own this property at say eight percent Interest and I'm making up numbers but Let's just say Um the property is a hundred thousand Dollars uh they're going to have to pay In total twelve hundred dollars a month Right you're going to put all of that in Your advertising and you'll believe me You'll start to get people who will call Your company and and Um become interested in that property oh So when they're calling you they're Calling you as if you are the bank Not calling me as if I'm the bank

Because I am the bank and all right There you go Who normally handles all of that so Don't get the administrator who's going To handle you know from A to Z all of The process I am the bank I am financing This home to someone the good thing About being the bank is I like to call Myself a bank with a heart You've never known you know the large Banks to call you up when you've missed A payment and say hey is there something Going on is there something we can do to Help you Um we want to make sure that you stay in Your home I know you and your family Love your home whatever We're back with the heart so we can Actually when people have you know Hardships and those things do come Sometimes we're able actually to help Them maybe lower their mortgage a little Bit for a term right for a short period Of time so that they can afford to still Be in their home Um and then on the other side to that Once that term you know once they found A job and they're back on their feet Then we go back to the original terms of The law so we're you become a bank with The heart you're able to also give People a place to live who may not have Been able to get a traditional loan so We don't look at your credit score as

Much as we look at the fact that you can Afford to buy a home right but you have The income That's coming in every month you can Afford the home we can put you in that Home and then hopefully that that same Family will begin to build their credit And get their credit straight as well Now this is completely different than Being a landlord right Absolutely so you know my main reason For getting involved was because I did Not have to be a landlord so when you Become a the bank in mortgage notes you Do not have to worry about the sinks the Toilet leaks the the faucets right you Don't have to worry about the roof or The driveway the owner of that property Like when you finance your car who's Responsible for the oil change who's Responsible for the new tires right you Are the person who by who who uh bought That car from the financers right so you Bought it you take care of it so that is Exactly how mortgage notes work I never Have to worry about a tenant right I Never have to worry about kicking anyone Out as far as you know being a landlord Is concerned also the turnover generally When folks are renting they don't rent For very long so every year or two You're probably you know uh flipping Um you know renters I know for me that's That was what was happening however when

People own they're going to keep it They're going to take care of it they're Going to love it right they're going to Nurture it and um so in in uh real Estate mortgage notes they're owning That property and as they paint outside Put up new offense Um you know do landscaping they are Actually increasing the value of your Asset right as the bank right when they Do those things they're increasing the Asset Of that property right they're Increasing the value I should say of That property and so they're going to Love it a lot more than when someone Who's renting exactly now this seems Great but it seems like a lot like can Anybody do this or do you have to be at A certain income level or how does that Work like who is this type of Opportunity good for So this opportunity is actually good for Anyone who want to get into real estate So when we talk about income level I Like to show people how to buy with Other people's money right so if you Have great credit that's awesome you can Get in without any issues right no Problem at all if your credit is a Little you know on the shaky side then We need to go ahead get you in the Program but also get your credit to Where it needs to be now that's your

Press personal credit the other good Thing is what I like to do show people How to do this in a business right so When you when you apply for credit in Your business it's different than when You're doing it in your own personal Name and so by doing it in your business In many cases you do not have to be a Personal guarantor Right so it all counts against your Business entity and not against you Right now and then the next question so If you are the bank for for me so I Would actually apply for a loan from the Bank right to be able to finance this Property but then they are actually Paying me so I get to increase that a Little bit so I get to profit all that Off of that is that how this works right So so let's let's do it this way so There's several ways of course right so If there's someone who already had money And they want to use their own money They can certainly do that right Um I don't recommend that because you Want money that you can keep reusing Right Um you want credit lines that you can Continue to reuse so the idea is this if You have to finance say get a loan to Start and many people have to do it that Way they they start out by getting a Loan and let's say they get a fifty Thousand dollar loan well what we teach

Is this you're going to take that loan Partner with someone else the strength Of partnership is awesome because if you And I partner and we find a property That costs 50 well the two of us are Probably putting in and I'll say 30 each Mainly because we're going to create This mortgage note we're going to do Some some um Renovations on that Property that may cost us ten or twenty Thousand so now we're all in for let's Say sixty thousand dollars right so now We've teamed up we're going to collect Depending upon what state this property Is in we're going to collect that Mortgage now we only use 30 000 of that 50. the remainder of that 50 is held in An account Where we are now paying that lone person That we got the loan from we are using That same money that they gave us to Start making payments on that loan right On that fifty thousand dollar loan now We've invested the other part of it once That property is done we're then going To collect mortgage from someone at Let's say you know a thousand dollars a Month Right so they're giving us a thousand That's 500 each the only expenses that We're going to have after this property Has been sold is a Servicing Company Which costs us about 25 to 30 bucks a Month that's it wow that's amazing now

In your I know you have a mentorship Program and I know sometimes people like Well I don't know who to partner with is That something that you help people do As well find Partners qualified Partners Not just their Uncle Joe or something Like that right absolutely and there are Many ways of doing a partnership as well So we teach that Um Uncle Joe might be good if Uncle Joe Has some money that he wants to invest Right so um so we we will definitely do That we we team you up with other people That are in the program who are also you Know looking for partners people to go In with uh to take down some properties So we definitely do that Um and as part of our um our mentorship You're going to learn about contracts And how to look at those contracts how To buy in the best state what's the best State to buy in of course how to build That team so there's so many things that You're going to learn you don't have to Do it all on your own right now the Question I know everyone wants to know Is how much can you make with this type Of business Well you know it just depends on your Investment into the asset that you are Taking down right so Um but easily a five six figure income Per deal that you do per deal per deal And it's all passive because this is not

Gonna be like a lump sum it's just like Over time you're just constantly getting Money is that how it works so you could There are several ways to do it so you Know the space of mortgage notes is not Just like you know a one lane there are Many lanes to it there are many Strategies for Um mortgage nodes so one thing that you Can do is just collect them the mortgage Every month right so you can do that or You can turn around and basically flip That note So once you've you've seasoned that note To that buyer Um for say three four months you can Turn and sell that note which is now a Really a grade note because they've been Making their payments on time that a Grade note is now going to sell to Someone else they're going to pay you Out So if you sold that property to someone You bought it at 60 you sold it at a Hundred Now you've got sixty thousand dollars in Equity right so let's say you were able To collect that entire 100 000 you just made forty thousand dollars Off that one profit wow all right now I'm getting three to four months in Three to four months okay to four months So you're gonna be back three to four Times a year if you can find the

Properties right away Okay all right so you have a challenge Coming up I gotta know more so can you Tell us a little bit about what is going To be in this challenge that you're Having Yeah so I have a challenge coming up it Is January 9th it's a three day Challenge the 9th 10th and the 11th of January Um what's going to happen in this Challenge is we're going to drop so many Gems on how you could become the bank And real estate mortgage notes talking About the contracts talking about uh Buying in judicial and non-judicial States and what the benefits are to that Talk about how you build a team when you Are actually going to buy out of state How do you do that then we're going to Talk about where are the best places to Find those properties right so we're Going to give out so many gems that's Going to and if there's people if people Out there part of your community who are Interested in real estate this is the Best kept secret around I promise you Most people don't know about it yeah Yeah I don't know I've never heard of This before and I'm I'm this is like What I do I'm always looking for Different ways to make money and I've Never heard of this so I know this is The best kept secret and just hope for

My audience to know that I don't do Anything new without a mentor and Coach Rosie has a mentorship program where She's offering my viewers an exclusive 20 discount off of her mentorship Program so if you guys are interested I Highly recommend taking the challenge First making sure this is right for you And if you want to take the next step Further then contact her to set up an Appointment with her to have a One-on-one to see if this is right for You and for her to be in her program and That's when if you do move further you Can get that 20 discount just make sure You mention that you got it from Whitney's uh YouTube channel yeah and um Rosie this was awesome and I'm Gonna Leave the link um and it's going to be Your email address where they're going To contact you on how to get access to Your free challenge is that how we're Going to do this one yeah that's Absolutely fine they can do that Um that's probably the best way to do it Yeah okay and then I'll end it with any Last words you have for anyone that's Interested in something like this For anyone who's interested in getting Into real estate and want to become the Bank uh opposed to being a landlord they Need to contact me I love it all right well thank you guys For watching and I hope you enjoyed this

Video if you have any questions leave Them in the comment section below and as Always thanks for watching guys have a Great day

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