THE EASIEST Way To Earn Your First +$500 ONLINE | How To Make Money Online 2022

In today's video I'm going to show you The easiest way to earn your first 500 Online without working or without even Having a website now for all what you Want to do is you want to head over to Digistore24 this is actually the website That's going to be making us money then Click on register now and just sign up For a free account if you don't know What is digital 24 this is an affiliate Marketplace where you can promote other People's product and get paid commission For this and this is one of the easiest Ways you can actually make your first 500 online I'm going to show you the Exact product to go for on this network And the easiest way to actually get Sales with this product so once you're Going to have your account you want to Navigate to the top section and click on The marketplace and you will come to the Marketplace of the different products That you can be promoting and then right Here what you want to search for is Going to be the product that we are Going to be promoting and by the way the Method that I'm going to show you is Also going to work with other products As well and I've been using it for a Long time and every single time time That I use this exact method it just Works so if you want to make money with What I'm going to show you right now Then all you need to do is just stick to

It use it and you will get the results Now what you want to search for right Here is going to be keto okay so this is Going to be the product I'm going to Show you how to use for this method but Also if you're going to use it with Other products you are going to be Making money because chances are Everybody watching this video is going To go for this exact product the product I'm talking about is called keto Desserts High converting keto desserts Offer now it's going to have this button Promotes now but I already clicked on it So it's going to have my affiliate link Right there this is going to be my Affiliate link that I'm going to be Making money from if you want to copy it And then save it somewhere into your Notepad so keto desserts affling and I'm Going to add it right here so it's going To look something like this so when I Need it I just have it right there and Then pretty much what you want to do is Just click on this little what do you Call it I don't know uh Arrow so you are Going to come to the sales page of the Affiliate offer and this is how it looks Like okay now this this sales page the Thing that we are looking for on this Sales page is you want to make sure it's Going to be shiny okay it's going to be Shiny it's going to be colorful just Like this one plenty of colors plenty of

Images and actually like the books the Recipes it is tasty okay it is tasty Like this dessert it's not just just Some low quality book it's something High quality okay so this is something What we are looking for so when you are Going to be using other offers which you Should definitely be using because most People are just going to use it for this Product if you are going to use it for Any other product chances are of you Making a lot more money are going to be A lot more much higher because nobody's Going to be doing that so go for it as Well and by the way if you are new to The channel welcome on this channel I Post daily videos showing you how to Make money online completely for free so If you are interested in learning all The new methods and hacks how to make Money online whether you are a beginner Or you are a seasoned marketer how to do This with minimal cast and yeah don't Forget to subscribe and hit the like on This video it's going to be pushing me To the YouTube algorithm and a lot more People are going to see these videos and Also to be actually notified whenever I Post a brand new video make sure you're Going to hit that little notification Bell it's going to send you a Notification whenever I upload a new Video so when I upload it you are Notified and you can be the first person

To use the method and make the most Amount of money and also comment down Below and tell me how much money you Have actually made online whether you Made zero you made less than 100 or you Made more than 100 and possibly if you If you are okay with sharing that share Also the method so other people can also Make money from that as well and the Next thing what you want to do with the Method is you want to copy the link to The sales page the link to the sales Page not your affiliate link copy that And go to this website which is called Webto and just place it Right here and hit at least button now What this website is going to do it's Going to convert the entire website the Entire juicy crispy high quality looking Website into to a nice little PDF and That's the reason why we want to use Something that's going to be colorful Like this one so if it's going to be Turned into the PDF it's going to look Very good because if you were to convert Some something low quality the PDF would Turn out very bad but because you're Going to have a page like this the PDF Is going to look out of this world and Here's how the PDF is going to look like When I click on it bam this is the ebook You can see it's super super high Quality it's colorful it has all these Thingies there the underlines the images

And all this good stuff so this is Pretty much what we have right there now The next thing what you want to do is Actually add your affiliate link to this Ebook Okay because currently it has no Links at all so what you want to do is You want to add your other links to this Ebook if you want to go to a website That's called and just upload It right there this is like one of the PDF free online editors you can use you Can use any online pdf editor I I leave It up to you but the one that I use is Called Seda s e j d a dot com so this is The website that I use all the time it Works super well now to actually add Your affiliate link for example I don't Know let's say we are going to add it Right here what you want to do is you Pretty much want to find a spot where to Add it okay that wasn't really a good Spot so let's edit uh right here you Want to click on the links section click On the links highlight this entire page Or this little thingy and then you want To add your affiliate link right there So I'm just going to copy it and place It right here and hit enter okay so now This part is going to have our affiliate Link ready to go now what you want to do Is just go through this entire PDF and Pretty much edit where it would be okay For people to click on okay so you don't Want to add it just like for example you

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Can be on the keto diet that's not Really a call to action you want to add It to some some call to action actually Like these bonuses so I'm going to Highlight this bonus and add it right There hit enter then I'm going to add it Right here then right here as well and Then right here as well just click on Claim now now sometimes the the main Images are not loading because I'm Recording the video but it shouldn't be A problem and you're going to do that so This is where the links are going to be Added also just take your time maybe Finding better places but you want to Add it to where it's logically for People logical for people to click on The links okay and once you're going to Have that click on apply changes and It's going to apply the changes to this PDF document now the next part what you Want to do is it's going to be right Here you're going to see you can Actually click on the spots where you Have added the affiliate links and it's Going to take us to the sales page with Our affiliate link now you want to Download this PDF click on download and Now go to website that's called doc Droid okay search docdroid and go to This website it's called Click there and you want to upload your PDF right here then complete the captcha As they are going to ask you to do and

You want to upload it right here now the Reason for this website to upload it is When you're going to upload it right Here I'm going to copy this link and I'm Going to go to it you're going to see That this website does not disable your Links in the PDF documents most websites Are going to do that but Does not do that and this is important Because if there are no affiliate links You are not going to be making money so This is how the PDF looks like and we Can find the link uh I guess it was like Somewhere around here you can see it's Going to be yellow like this people can Click on it and we can actually make Money so this is the reason why we are Using the website and I Pretty much you just need to send people To this PDF ebook make sure they are Going to read it and if they're going to Do that then the sales page because this Is literally a sales page it's going to Sell them the book of the keto desserts And you are going to be making money and Now here's exactly how to do that using The value first module which is one of The methods that I use to actually get Traffic is to provide Value First with These PDF documents then give them out And then the document is going to the Selling because it's literally a sales Page at this point but it's really high Quality one okay that's why why we want

To make sure we're going to pick up Something high quality so now the next Thing what you want to do is go to Website that's called Reddit keto Desserts it's like a sub Forum on the Reddit and I'm going to show you how to Actually get thousands of visitors from This sub Forum on Reddit so when you are Going to click there called like Reddit Keto dessert it's like a sub for sub Forum for people that are interested in Getting keto desserts but hold on you Don't want to be just posting this PDF Right here like hey check it out buy it No that's not how you want to do that so First off click right here on join and The way I'm going to show it to you if You're going to do it this way every Single time you're going to get plenty Of traffic plenty of sales and your Posts are not going to get ghosted Because you are going to be doing it the Proper way then click right here on Create post click there and it's going To bring up this page right here with The title and the text now here's what You want to put in this first off you Want to go to Google and search for like Keto dessert recipe or anything that's In your Niche our Niche is our keto Desserts so we are going to find them Then you want to check out the headlines Of the product not all the product but Of the websites that are actually

Showing up on the first page you can see This is like top keto these are recipes We don't want to be using that we want To be using something like this 40 keto Desserts that are that will actually Satisfy your sugar craving but we only Want to use one okay so this is the one We want to go for we want to go for Something catchy like desserts that are Actually that will actually satisfy your Sugar Cravings to go there you're gonna Accept and then you're going to copy This headline and paste it right here And call it my favorite keto dessert That will actually satisfy your sugar Cravings and cravings and full dessert Recipe and now you want to pretty much Share a recipe of this dessert so you Can just find one of them so pretty much There's like photo gallery and you can Just go right here to get to the recipe And you can find the recipe right here And you can just copy and paste it into The post because it only has like 101 Calories that's very good selling point That you can actually put into the not The sales page but on the headline to Call it only 101 calories okay because The less calories the better in in the Fitness world and then you also want to Ride you just don't want to copy and Paste the recipe a few moments later so You want to put there hey just wanted to Share my favorite low calorie keto

Dessert but then you want to also put Their calorie breakdown at the bottom so Something they can find at the bottom so People are going to scroll down because Most of them are not going to read Through the entire recipe but if you're Going to announce something is at the Bottom they will check out what is at The bottom so just like with me if I'm Going to announce there's a hidden bonus At the bottom of the video description Yeah you are going to check out the Bottom of the video description but not The entire video description so yeah I Think it works right then you're going To scroll all the way down and then Right below the nutrition and calories You want to put there I found this one In this ebook there is like 50 more of Them you can check it out here and then You want to highlight this part and add The link to the doc Droid where is going To be your ebook and if you just want to Post it and check it out this is going To be the pose now this is it this is How it's going to look like and this is The cool thing it's completely value First post then it's going to go to the Free PDF and then the PDF is going to be Doing the selling you can do this for Any product any Niche and it's always Always going to be working because you Are literally providing value first then You are recommending a PDF that's

Selling a product that people are Interested in otherwise they would be Not reading this post and because they Just randomly stumbled upon it they are Most likely going to purchase it and you Can make anywhere from five up to even Thousand dollars online by doing this I Hope you liked it if you'd like to see Another Zero cast method for beginners To make over two hundred dollars and Check out this video right here and I'm Sure you're going to absolutely love it Click here and I'm going to see you There bye for now

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