The EASIEST Way to Make $1000+ with AI [PROOF INSIDE]

Today I'm going to share with you one of The easiest ways to make money with AI Not only am I going to show you how easy This method is I'll share with you proof I'll also share with you some of my own Results and then I'll share with you Exactly how you can do all of this Yourself because it definitely isn't Difficult and in terms of this you know In terms of difficulty for all this it's Probably one of the more easier and Simpler ways to make money online and Prop Hub and how do I know that well We've been sharing content since 2017 For different ways to make money online And from home so let me go over to the Website and I'll show you this and we'll Basically walk through the process so The website I'm going to share with you Today is this one over here now this is Called now this website over Here is huge and at this moment in time You can see We have got in total 1181 AI tools on here and literally what This this future PD does is every time a New piece of software has been launched Into the marketplace related to AI it Will put that information on here so you Can find things which are literally just Launched and you can also find popular Pieces of AI software and lots more it's Awesome it really is but if we come on

Here we can scroll down and just have a Quick look at this so we can see this Piece of AI software is currently 39 a Month this one over here this chat you PT now everyone's raving about Personally I think it's our great is 20 A month and then we can scroll down here They've also got where let me show you This as well I've also got a newsletter Which is somewhere right in front of me Over here look So they send out a weekly email with new New with new AI software which is Launched into the marketplace so I'd Definitely go ahead and subscribe to That it's free so when we come over onto This website here we can see we can see All of these different AI softwares for Art audio avatars code assistant Copywriting there's lots in here okay And you can come through and have a look At these but what you want to be Focusing on if I just go back over here Is something like this where it's got a Monetary amount on here scroll further On the page here I mean a lot of these Are free but what we can actually go Ahead and find is predominantly if you Come up here and go into Come into the copywriting tab this is Where you can make some really good Money with this so like you can see here Marketing blocks AI this costs 57 a Month this one over here this ad

Creative 29 a month and there's as you Can see look just about over here forty Dollars a month so I'll share with you An actual example of this so you see This one up here this Jasper okay so This is basically it creates content 10 Times faster with artificial Intelligence Jasper is the highest Quality AI copywriting tool and they Also offer a free trial so if I click on Here it will take me over to their Website okay okay so the first thing to Note here is if we look at the top we've Got the name of the software Then we've got a forward slash and a Question mark and then it says source And then you can see here quite clearly Says partner equals future PDF so guess What This over here is an affiliate website Which sounds ridiculous doesn't it They've got all of this on here but Basically they're showcasing this AI Software if anybody clicks on these Links then the earner of that website Will earn an affiliate commission which Is pretty awesome to say the least now For scroll down here you can have a look About what the software is how it all Works and basically all of the good Stuff but this is not how we make the Money the the part where we make the Money is exactly like what they're doing Here but in a different way so we said

It'll be here they've got this affiliate Link which basically means you can Partner up with a company like Jasper or Any one of these of ones whereby they're Offer an affiliate program and I'll show You how simple this all is okay so if I Come back over here to Jasper okay so I Am an affiliate for Jasper I have used It for a number of years and I've Recommended it in a couple of different YouTube videos and it's awesome okay but Basically let me in fact let me show you Some earnings so if I come over here They have an affiliate program look you Can see look ready to promote the Hottest new SAS tool and how you find if Any of these softwares have an affiliate Program it's very simple is you go over To the home page so if you come here Like this scroll down to the bottom You'll always see something like this Here affiliate Partners or affiliate Login or something like that and Basically what you do is you create an Account to become an affiliate for that Piece of software then you get given Your own unique Unique link okay and what that means is Instead of it saying up here Source Equals part of that future media it Could be your name or you know whatever You decide to go with but in terms of This let me just show you this I'll come On to here and I'll show you this so you

Can see here we've got the date down Here I'm gonna obviously block out the Customers but you can see here 28th of February which was in yesterday I earned 89 dollars 28th of February I earned 17.26 eight dollars eight dollars eight Eight thirty five eighty nine this one Down here 17 and literally look at the Scroll all the way down to the bottom This is page one obviously 23 but if I Come over here and click on the last Page this is going back to 2021 when I First you know I started using them and Recommending it okay so I ran a couple Well over a couple of thousand dollars From this affiliate program over here Now if I come back over on to this Website this is the method this is how We use this free tool to make money We've come on to Future PDF like this And we're looking for different it Basically different softwares and tools That we can become an affiliate for so If I just come back let me just go back To the home page okay and this is how we Would do it so I'm going to scroll down Here now I'm not going to go with chat GPT because it would be extremely Difficult for this but with scroll down And have a look at this so this one here For example marketing AI we can see it Currently costs 57 a month so let's just Use this as an example but you can see On here look there's lots more of these

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Nine dollars a month eight dollars come Down here twenty nine dollars All of these okay so we're basically Gone to any one of these okay and all We're doing here is a little bit of Research so if I take marketing blocks As an example okay I open it up it tells Me about this so when it was added about The paired forms paid plans I've also Got free accounts that again that's Another option volume and then it also Shares with me you know other examples But let's come over to the website and Have a look at this Now we can see on here it'll tell you About the software you can watch all of This and I'd recommend you do but Basically the first step is we scroll to The bottom and we are CNS but I mean They've got a lot of stuff in here Aren't they all of this stuff in here But we need to know if they have an Affiliate program so let's scroll on to The bottom Have they got an affiliate program Can't see one on the page there so this Is taking me over to the sales pitch sir All is not lost here another one thing That we can do is we can take this And I'm going to set Google and I'm Going to put in Affiliate program like this and this is All I'm doing here look scroll down here Let's have a look

Become an affiliate partner for browser AI marketing block look here we go JV Pan has launched so we click on that and Then I can find out all of the Information about this so promote the Number one AI marketing SAS win MacBooks And other gadgets all sounds great Doesn't it and they even give you promo Tools up here let's scroll down And basically it will tell us about the Actual products we can find out Information about this so we can say 20 Pages 20 in one AI tools and all I'm Doing is I'm literally I'll go through This process and sign up to become an Affiliate RK and a lot of the Information on the page here you could Potentially use it so you can see on Here look get your affiliate link swipes Bonuses and other promo material click Here and you can promote this on Thrivecat and JV so so I click on here And then look it takes me over to this Is known as a okay you don't Always get this but a lot of the time You will So if I scroll down here we can see Let's come down here look we've got demo Videos we've got webinars for this this Is pretty cool email swipes ads and Graphics bonuses they're even giving you Bonuses that you can offer if somebody Signs up or texts a free trial with your Own affiliate link

And there's lots more on here but Basically we're like affiliate links so If I click on here it will take me over To frycar and if I click down here look Jvzoo affiliate links it will take me Over to that platform so if I was to Click on here now it opens up into a new Tab takes me over here and I can apply Lock sign up and register with thrivecar To start promoting this products okay so This is the process a lot of these it Would be a bit simpler they normally do Have the affiliate Partners down at the Bottom okay but once you've gone ahead And you've got your affiliate link and You've signed up so there's the next Step in this whole process is we need to Find out whether there are people Actually you know searching for this Product is this you know enough traffic Out there to be beneficial to us to Spend some time on this because Essentially we spend a bit of time in The beginning doing this where and then What happens is because as you've seen Over here I'm sorry over here on this one it is a Monthly recurring payment so you can Potentially do the work once for Something like this somebody signs up to This and then guess what they continue Paying each and every single month I've Got some people over in Jasper that I Recommend back in 21 and even now two

Years later I'm still earning an Affiliate commission from work I've done Previously it's awesome at this well Done one of the best methods that I Always recommend to people is passive Income and affiliate marketing okay so Let's come over here so we know about The software we know we can promote it So now we need to know about the search Tab sir marketing blocks AI so what I'm Going to do on here is I'm just going to Type in marketing blocks Marketing blocks AI And I'm going to hit on the search enter On the search bar now I can see the surge volumes down here Okay now to get this there is a piece of Software which is this one over here and It's called keywords everywhere come Down here like sir let's go to keywords Everywhere now this piece of software Over here it's incredibly cheap it's Literally I'll show you the pricing for This really quickly it costs ten dollars And it gives you a hundred thousand Credits okay and one credit is basically A search on Google now I definitely Recommend this you don't have to go down This route but by using this piece of Software over here you will be able to See how many people are searching for This every single month so we can say Marketing blocks AI 90 people a month

Actually searching for this on Google And YouTube okay and we can see we've Got different search volumes up here This again is from keywords everywhere And then if I scroll down here we can Say look marketing blocks review 140 People a month as searching for that Marketing blocks price zero marketing Blocks unlimited and then basically all I'm doing here is I'm just scrolling Down to see if there's any different Keywords whereby I could you know create A content for this and then start earn a Passive income so if I click on marked In blocks review like so Scroll down here we can see we have got A YouTube video on here we've got a Couple of YouTube videos haven't got any Articles so we've got this one here and I think that's a LinkedIn article So looking at this marketing blocks Review button blocks review these are All business news is but all we're doing Here is once we've figured out whether There is an an AI software that we're Going to promote with an affiliate link We're looking to see whether there is You know a decent amount of search Traffic going into this each month and Realistically how easy is going to be For us to create content in terms of the Content we do this in so many different Ways we can create YouTube videos we Could create a free website on Google

And write an article about this you know This piece of software we can do Tick Tock videos we can do on-screen off Screen there's lots of different ways That you can do this personally I've Said YouTube is an easy way to do this Because what you can do is when people Are searching for you know marketing Blocks review or even just this Marketing blocks AI like sir They just want to learn a bit more about This so if you was to go over to this Marketing blocks and sign up and get a Free account you can literally just do a Screen recording walking through you Know literally walking people through The process of you know what is inside Of the software how the software works And and that's and basically just using It and that's all I did with this Jasper Software over here I did a couple of YouTube videos where I assured people The inside of the software how simple And easy is to use and literally I'll Put a link in the description and I also Put a link in the comment section for People to you know go and take a free Trial now the thing I would say as well Is when you are going down this method Look for companies who offer a free Trial because that's the one of the Easiest ways to get people you know it's Known as the foot in the door method People you know try it they'll love it

Then they continue using it in one Faster month and I can tell you now a Lot of these different softwares will Offer you know a free trial without a Doubt I mean this one over here they've Got freemium this one here look you can See 29 dollars they've got a free trial We've got this one so I'll tell you what I'm gonna do I'm going to click on this One here this add creative Ai and I'd Just do the same process so I'd go over To Google like sir I would oh I'm on the website here sorry This is the website scroll down and see If they have an affiliate program Which I'm sure they will do yeah look Affiliate program over here so I can Sign up and become an affiliate for this Pretty good the next step is I'm gonna Do this I'm just gonna paste that in Again oh I'm gonna type in let them get Rid of that sorry I'm gonna come back up here and I'm Going to paste this same search Into Google so I'm going to type in add Creative AI And have a look at this Now I can see here look at that 2 900 People a month are searching for this AI Software scroll further on the page here We can see look yeah I generated at 320 Add creative examples 260. this one this One so again what I would do is I would

Sign up to the affiliate program I would Then use keywords everywhere to come on Here and literally get these different Keyword ideas and then like this one Here look at creative examples add Created affiliate program this one I Would just do a YouTube video for all of These different Search terms down here And then I would put a link down below Saying if you want to go ahead and try This out completely for free click the Link down below and here's the cool Thing as people are trying you know Trying out this software and giving it a Go and what we've learned from the Beginning part is these are all as you Can see here monthly recurring payments And the payments what they will pay you Will range anywhere from 20 up to 50 but The method is obviously with doing the Work once and we're adding a passive Income a Harley Harley recommend it and AI obviously is on everyone's lipstick This morning time lots of people are Talking about it it's not going anywhere It's a great way for you to get your Foot in the door and start generating a Passive income so that's today's video If you've got any questions let me know Thanks for watching have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow [Music]

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